You'll forget it uses batteries! - SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Mouse

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Thanks to SteelSeries for sponsoring today's video! Check out the SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless at
What makes a wireless gaming mouse great? Is it because it's lightweight, offers great sensor accuracy, or maybe great battery life? What happens if you found all 3 and it's comfortable to hold. Also, yes David shaved his beard. We're all sad about it.
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  • Akhil Rana
    Akhil Rana3 måneder siden

    He looks so much like that other "always over-excited" guy with a beard.

  • Laurens Franken

    Laurens Franken

    25 dager siden


  • W.D. Stevens

    W.D. Stevens

    3 måneder siden

    I feel like you just described at least half of the LMG staff.

  • Pelle Sanders

    Pelle Sanders

    3 måneder siden

    But hoe does it compare to the g305 which is the same price where i live and i have the feeling the battery lasts longer on the g305

  • Not Paul McShane

    Not Paul McShane

    3 måneder siden

    It could be a deepfake version

  • Parv Jain

    Parv Jain

    3 måneder siden

    Wait... Who is this guy?

  • ITzRecklesss
    ITzRecklesssDag siden

    I recently got this mouse on sale for $40 and I know it's on Amazon right now for $45 and I gotta say it's the best mouse I've used. I don't usually spend too much on mice because I don't see it a worth it but I decided to give myself a budget of 50-70 and I ended choosing this and it's worked out really well so far. I have a little larger than average hands and it fits perfectly fine in them so people with little large hands should be fine. also, I've been using it for 2 weeks so far on 1000 polling rate and batteries haven't depleted yet (I'm on my pc an average of 6-8 hours a day for homework, classes, and gaming). id say I have easily put in 90+ hours so far into the mouse and batteries are totally fine. this is just my overall experience with the mouse. I don't know how others feel about it but I say it's worth a buy and if you don't like it then you can return it. btw sorry if my English is bad, I was born and raised in the united states but my parents are immigrants and English is my second language.

  • Star Du5t
    Star Du5t2 dager siden


  • Kerem Özkan
    Kerem Özkan5 dager siden

    long battery life

  • M4z1e The Great
    M4z1e The Great13 dager siden

    Can I change the color on it? If so how can I do that?

  • Armanec
    Armanec21 dag siden

    it's a lie I got the mouse and 2 weeks max

  • Kamaljit Dhindsa
    Kamaljit DhindsaMåned siden

    Does it work on mac

  • solospits
    solospitsMåned siden

    What’s the monitor you are using in this video

  • CarterIsPHAT
    CarterIsPHATMåned siden

    Can we talk about him using the G36C with Ash for one second?

  • Jackson K
    Jackson KMåned siden

    Ok but, g305 is lighter, has an insanely good reputation, COLORS (jokingly), and has one of the largest modding communities for any mouse, not to mention you can last 250 hours with 1 AA. Also you can get a AAA to AA adapter making it way even lighter.

  • Bulletproof Samurai
    Bulletproof SamuraiMåned siden

    Imagine if he's talking about real mice (animal). Then rewatching the video with that in mind.

  • Butler Gordon
    Butler GordonMåned siden

    Wireless mice that need batteries are pointless.

  • Vuong Tran
    Vuong TranMåned siden

    3.5 mile is not running that fast walking

  • Rugged_Cirkles
    Rugged_CirklesMåned siden

    Seems lile the g305 is priced very differently between countries. Mine costed 30$

  • vlatko stojmirov
    vlatko stojmirov2 måneder siden

    Is Bluetooth good for gaming?

  • g6rcon
    g6rcon2 måneder siden

    David can make me buy anything.....

  • joe w
    joe w2 måneder siden

    No acog smh

  • Luke Simmons
    Luke Simmons2 måneder siden

    i have this mouse, but i can’t get it to show up in the steelseries engine software, does anyone know how to fix that??

  • elpadre poe
    elpadre poe2 måneder siden

    WTF is that monitor stand? please i need to know so i wont buy it. its wobbly like crazy

  • Kyqoz
    Kyqoz2 måneder siden

    thats funny i bought this thing and it died after like, 5 days. it keeps turning itself off, and i have to switch it off and back on again for it to work for another couple minutes before repeating the process. what am i doing wrong

  • ling yan
    ling yan2 måneder siden

    这鼠标设计出来就是搞笑的 要重量100g 要无线 2.4g?呵呵 要磨具 r3?

  • mazz's maker space
    mazz's maker space3 måneder siden

    what keyboard is that? a wireless mechanical keyboard that's good for gaming?

  • mazz's maker space
    mazz's maker space3 måneder siden

    Nice, this will be a good addition to my white G305. EDIT: scratch that, battery operation time is trash in comparison. to 6+ months G305

  • hetmoss
    hetmoss3 måneder siden

    anyone modified it like the g305

  • martinman04
    martinman043 måneder siden

    What game is that????

  • J Wohl
    J Wohl3 måneder siden

    I want one! And NOBODY has one for sale. Not even used. WTF?

  • Sotzrem
    Sotzrem3 måneder siden

    Said GAMING 16 times, and NICE 9 times... so is gaming nice?

  • K7RIE
    K7RIE3 måneder siden


  • Varun M
    Varun M3 måneder siden

    you'll forget it uses batteries!----- so, 5 hrs of average everyday use , have to change after 2.5 months. you can forget that that it uses batteries because over your head the brick is falling for 2.5 months, only then it will hit hard enough for some one (the title maker) to realize that batteries run out eventually.

  • Syed Rehan Fida
    Syed Rehan Fida3 måneder siden

    Watching the vid for David, he's so cool! :)

  • Wellington616
    Wellington6163 måneder siden

    Legal ter legendas BR.

  • russell
    russell3 måneder siden

    All along I thought this was Jake until I read the comments

  • MOTH3R
    MOTH3R3 måneder siden

    BEWARE: Specs are all wrong and all none of reviewers are mentioning it that in real life, a single battery lasts only 3-4 days. All tested on a single battery, 1000hz polling rate, LED completely turned off with 8h-12h of daily use. In comparison, I get more than month on my old G305 on the same USB port. Btw. Logitech G305 has way worse specs. Realistically battery life should be compared to the old G900. Anyone gaming would be most probably use a single battery so hope this helps.

  • Den nis
    Den nis3 måneder siden

    If this scale has its sensors in the feets: You do not weigh on a soft pattern. You also need to tara.

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat3 måneder siden

    That desk shake is horrible.

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H3 måneder siden

    Or, if you use your mouse 6 hours a day, a touch over 2 months.

  • FangerZero
    FangerZero3 måneder siden

    Get back to me when there's a wireless gaming mouse that is around 34mm in height. Because 37.9mm is just too tall.

  • Brian Wustmann
    Brian Wustmann3 måneder siden

    You'd think reaching a million subscribers would allow them to afford a sturdy desk

  • bromista
    bromista3 måneder siden

    Why is your table rocking ? . . wait is it the camera moving or the desk...

  • Ahed Fares للتقنية
    Ahed Fares للتقنية3 måneder siden

    125hz is not even fine

  • defic
    defic3 måneder siden

    No one: Table in this video: *shake shake shake*

  • Phoder1
    Phoder13 måneder siden

    So it will last 1 month of average gaming?

  • maY
    maY3 måneder siden

    Mouse lasts 400 hours on 2 batteries. Meanwhile my logitech cordless mouseman wheel did last half a year or so on 2 batteries. If not longer. It probably is still on (after 15 years or so)

  • yuvraj pawar
    yuvraj pawar3 måneder siden

    Him: "It works for 400 hours?" Me, *Who sits around all day* : "Is that a challenge I hear?"

  • Paul Boulter
    Paul Boulter3 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who sees the irony in him saying "mouse" a thousand times while wearing a cat on his shirt?

  • -Knuckles
    -Knuckles3 måneder siden

    Got the G305 and i'm happy with it. no need to waste money on expensive mouse

  • Meatpopsikle
    Meatpopsikle3 måneder siden

    Another video I'm not going to watch because of this clown.

  • newmoon suon
    newmoon suon3 måneder siden

    Compare it to g603 pls

  • Mohamed Medhat SALEM
    Mohamed Medhat SALEM3 måneder siden

    if linus shaves i'll unsub

  • Edwin Dungdung
    Edwin Dungdung3 måneder siden

    What the hell is that desk?

  • bighammer
    bighammer3 måneder siden

    This sponsored video is over the top with outlandish descriptions of the product

  • Guidø_Insua
    Guidø_Insua3 måneder siden

    He is a cod player

  • bighammer
    bighammer3 måneder siden

    Running at 3.5 mph???? Who “runs” at 3.5 mph. That is still walking yo

  • Thomas Strickland
    Thomas Strickland3 måneder siden

    My Logitech m510 last 2 years.

  • suthesan arasu
    suthesan arasu3 måneder siden

    I used to be Steelseries loyal fan, even when friend was against it and hate it, and I have their mouse over time from Icemat headset/glass mousepad to first Steelseries Sensei. Sorry but if it have the same slow/hard/crappy mouse clicks, that make you loose 1v1 aim fight around the corner like Sensei Ten. A old Zowie, or any other mice with fast response click will do the job better. Good sensor, for tracking and flicking, but everything fails. I got Sensei Ten before all review on release. But only disappointed. There is so many mice companies out there, that do a better job.

  • kodaloid
    kodaloid3 måneder siden

    Looks like they fixed the stupid sticky pads on the sides which is a big bonus (tip if you have a 310, just remove them!), middle mouse button is still the tiny mess from the 310 and the body actually looks a bit smaller than the 310. I wonder if this is better than the Corsair Harpoon Wireless RGB

  • Adam Farmer
    Adam Farmer3 måneder siden

    black mouse on a black mousepad reviewed by a black-tshirt guy. very poor choice, couldn't see the mouse at all. good job.

  • Epico
    Epico3 måneder siden

    And just when I bought an rog Gladius ii wireless

  • Lantti
    Lantti3 måneder siden

    Use lithium batteries, those are lighter and lasts longer.

  • 韩国瑜
    韩国瑜3 måneder siden

    And NOlocal keep showing steelseries mice ads ;-;

  • Robert
    Robert3 måneder siden

    Nice review. You touched on all of the points that make a great mouse, but there's one thing I can't stand.... When you bounced the mouse on the pad, I could hear the button rattle and that's a big no go for me. I want my buttons to stay solidly in place when I lift and move. An accidental click can be a game ender.

  • John Solo
    John Solo3 måneder siden

    No dude the beard was fine, you didn't need to get rid of that. The n o s e r i n g . That's what you needed to get rid of.

  • NoMachine
    NoMachine3 måneder siden

    400 hours is pretty bad actually.

  • Nicolas Winter
    Nicolas Winter3 måneder siden

    Would prefer an internal battery than using 3As

  • Joshawa Gray
    Joshawa Gray3 måneder siden

    I like the new Jake

  • Daldaren
    Daldaren3 måneder siden

    Please get rid of the wobbly table.

  • Zach H
    Zach H3 måneder siden

    Trim your beard. Don't shave it. Trim it. Keep it. You were a God. You were the cool and fit one. You were supposed to bring hope to the nerds, not join them!

  • Zach H
    Zach H3 måneder siden

    He looked so much cooler before. Now he feels... mortal

  • artestichnii filin
    artestichnii filin3 måneder siden

    latepy this mans looks like miniladd

  • Kyle Buckley
    Kyle Buckley3 måneder siden

    Love the math test scenario they made in the intro

  • Mert Altınay
    Mert Altınay3 måneder siden

    400 hours equals 50 day of work, not that much

  • Dmitry Sholokhov
    Dmitry Sholokhov3 måneder siden

    That table is wobbly AF. It doesn't seem the display was stationary at all during the video wtf :D

  • Andrei Tarca
    Andrei Tarca3 måneder siden

    My bluetooth mouse Microsoft 3600 battery last about 1 year... So :))))

  • TheObogo
    TheObogo3 måneder siden

    I have used a Steelseries mouse once, the Rival 650/600 and the rubber was coming off. Annoyingly, Steelseries don't have replacement panels atm and will not replace the mouse =/ Not like it was cheap or anything.

  • AVPE
    AVPE3 måneder siden

    David got into a fight with a pair of clippers...

  • Clell Biggs
    Clell Biggs3 måneder siden

    As soon as these are available I'm buying one.

  • Henry
    Henry3 måneder siden

    Been using this for quite a while.... It's not even close to 200 hrs if you play fps games or moba.... It's been a huge disappointment in this mouse, need an upgraded one

  • Luka Mistrafovic
    Luka Mistrafovic3 måneder siden

    Glide pads ????? lmao

  • Allen Z
    Allen Z3 måneder siden

    As a NYer, you underestimate our ability to walk around manhattan

  • Divine Insanity
    Divine Insanity3 måneder siden

    I've been using a wired rival 100 for years now and I've loved it. This mouse is finally the wireless version of it, with essentially the same dimensions and weight and feel. I preordered it the moment it was available. Can't wait to get mine :)

  • E. A.
    E. A.3 måneder siden

    Regular batteries in a mouse in 2020 is a big Nono , why not a rechargeable mouse makes no sense to me

  • Helaman Gile
    Helaman Gile3 måneder siden

    My battery has lasted two years and I don't even turn it off

  • sivavarma111
    sivavarma1113 måneder siden

    400 hours / 10 hours per day is like 40 days of battery that sucks.

  • sebramski1
    sebramski13 måneder siden

    i think you might need a stable table lol

  • Ultimate XLR-8
    Ultimate XLR-83 måneder siden

    He looks so much like that other "always over-excited" guy with a beard.

  • Asanda Ndimande
    Asanda Ndimande3 måneder siden

    The monitor shaking like that because of the table woble is giving anxiety. I know Linus is not close to it but given the history record of this channel in proving the effects of gravity I am don't trust that monitor will last very long.

  • Sheeny525
    Sheeny5253 måneder siden

    Do a quest 2 unboxing Please

  • SaltyItalianGuy
    SaltyItalianGuy3 måneder siden

    305 is cheaper and lighter when using 1 triple a, the only way it loses is battery life and maybe in comfort

  • Ragna Eyjadóttir
    Ragna Eyjadóttir3 måneder siden

    So, the battery lasts two weeks - does not sound that amazing anymore i guess

    ITSCLUB HG3 måneder siden

    Is this a deep fake

  • MrBaller4Life14
    MrBaller4Life143 måneder siden

    Black mouse... on a black background... while wearing a black shirt. It’s like you don’t want anyone to get a clear view of what the mouse looks like. Someone didn’t think this through.

  • selmane cherifi
    selmane cherifi3 måneder siden

    Man i still didn't find a reason to upgrade from my Rival 300

  • BeagleBagel
    BeagleBagel3 måneder siden

    It has that cheap mouse 'twang' when you depress the mouse buttons

  • Twan Zwart
    Twan Zwart3 måneder siden

    Yeah and here I am with my Logitech G603 which I haven't charged for over 8 months, using it daily lol

  • Saint Nick
    Saint Nick3 måneder siden

    does anyone else notice that the monitor wobbles so much???

  • Saint Nick

    Saint Nick

    3 måneder siden

    and the table everything is shaking

  • WrongParadox
    WrongParadox3 måneder siden

    hmm SteelSeries - looks okay so far … maybe I will eventually consider one the next time I need to replace my keyboard or mouse ( Razor is currently in my grr-list and Logitech is getting iffy)

  • El Sapo
    El Sapo3 måneder siden

    Anyone else listened closely to hear the background music that Dawid Does Tech Stuff uses?

  • Arunkumar Balakrishnan
    Arunkumar Balakrishnan3 måneder siden

    Someone fix the table wobble, it's infuriating as heck.

  • antidonkey
    antidonkey3 måneder siden

    I am clearly an odd one as I like some heft to my computer mice. I really don't care for lightweight ones.

  • Kai
    Kai3 måneder siden

    this is one of the heaviest gaming mice out there, with 2 batteries it could go up to more than 100g in weight.