Xbox Series X Controller: First Impressions

Vitenskap og teknologi

If it ain't broken don't fix is a motto that Xbox is taking with the controllers as we look throughout the iterations from each console launch. Xbox looks like they have another winner again with minimal changes.
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  • Kerrie Foster
    Kerrie Foster15 timer siden

    You don’t have to use AA batteries if you don’t want as the Xbox 1 and this new controller you can get a battery pack and charger for so while you sleep the battery charges and ready to use the next day which is awesome

  • Eddie
    Eddie16 timer siden

    Why xbox x controller is not recognized by most of the games?

  • montyroos
    montyroosDag siden

    my prob with my controller like normal controller that comes with an xbox one is like the aux port/headset jack after unplugging a few time to put in pc it just stop doesnt even work tristing u get like staticy sound wich hurts my ears but i dont mind using a tv

  • FireFox Gamer
    FireFox Gamer2 dager siden

    I like using wired controllers for PCs and wireless controllers on consoles

  • noah_ 3x
    noah_ 3x2 dager siden

    David knows PlayStation is better 🤣🤣💯

  • fartimus maximus
    fartimus maximus2 dager siden

    Got blue and white one all ready , getting the new red one when its out and the black one too . I love these controllers

  • Zingol 123
    Zingol 1232 dager siden

    Why dont linus uses xbox elite 2?

  • XJack McMahonX
    XJack McMahonX2 dager siden

    Just as long as they fixed the controller drift

  • C K
    C K2 dager siden

    They should just have different models for different hand measurements - maybe make it adjustable when/if they get bigger

  • TotemoGaijin
    TotemoGaijin3 dager siden

    R.I.P. Duke

  • Jacob Penrod
    Jacob Penrod5 dager siden

    The triggers aren’t nearly as curved on the new controller. For someone with larger hands I notice the difference a lot. I can’t grip the triggers much lower which allows my hands to relax a lot more. I actually prefer it to the elite series 2 for casual games.

  • Dave GarBo
    Dave GarBo5 dager siden

    Can u tell if that controller series x works well on the joystick .like 8 way.does it work well on diagonals?

  • teddy
    teddy5 dager siden

    Smaller trigger

  • amz
    amz5 dager siden

    type B charging port is so shit, i drop my contorller whilst its wired. then it breaks. imma cop the newest controller.

  • IS280580 SH
    IS280580 SH5 dager siden

    OMG this guy can shit..

  • Matthew Shafer
    Matthew Shafer6 dager siden

    it's the same size as the console . Hard pass .

  • MattNGames
    MattNGames7 dager siden

    I wish the 360 controllers work on the xbox one or at least with bc games

  • Gėnadijus
    Gėnadijus7 dager siden

    Xbox series X is a new generation console. Controller still uses batteries.

  • Faaiz Hasan Baba JI
    Faaiz Hasan Baba JI7 dager siden

    Worst controller ever made after 6 months my lb button not working properly in india i payed for this 6000/ rupees .......i have collection of xbox controllers since {XBOX 360} but in future i never buy this ...🙏

  • Francisco Verdin
    Francisco Verdin7 dager siden

    Imagine having to switch out batteries

  • Austin
    Austin7 dager siden

    I like my xbox one controllers.. if the analog sticks don't give me problem like drift or sticky signal after 1 year or so I would love it

  • The Algerian
    The Algerian8 dager siden

    6:50 I'm team Xbox Controller all the way, but David is right, the D-Pad is much better on PS controllers.

    JAFO-PTY8 dager siden

    I miss the chubby grips of the 360 controller .... very comfy

  • Zakyoin
    Zakyoin8 dager siden

    if they just would’ve put a more high quality xbox 360 style stick in the new series controller, it would be the best controller of all time

  • posty 57
    posty 579 dager siden

    I love xbox

  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski9 dager siden

    Those who treat there shit like shit pisses me off don’t ask help if you can’t treat it well

  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski9 dager siden

    I take care of my things and try not to drop them but those who throw there controllers at walls shouldn’t complain about the controller because that’s how it breaks

  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski9 dager siden

    They know a update is coming soon hopefully

  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski9 dager siden

    Microsoft store may be the better option to get controllers from

  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski9 dager siden

    Don’t get these controllers from Walmart or Best Buy or GameStop unless you wanna risk taking it back

  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski9 dager siden

    But I can handle it till the update I have patience

  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski9 dager siden

    I don’t mind it disconnecting because want it too save the battery

  • Alex Sokol
    Alex Sokol9 dager siden

    Dam this $100+tax bill is burning a hole in my pocket. Brb

  • Tabo Okozube
    Tabo Okozube9 dager siden

    I just bought this controller a month ago, and it has a serious issue staying connected. It's maddening to the point that I started using my old controllers, having yet found a solution that works.

  • Brendan Chwascinski

    Brendan Chwascinski

    9 dager siden

    Microsoft knows a future update is coming idk when the next controller update is but they are aware what’s going on

  • Jay
    Jay9 dager siden

    Isn’t it just the Xbox elite controller??

  • whos that what's that
    whos that what's that9 dager siden

    I hated my series x controller so I threw it at my wall, it loosened everything up lol now I love it

  • Kumour


    8 dager siden

    @Brendan Chwascinski what is your problem? Off day?!

  • Brendan Chwascinski

    Brendan Chwascinski

    9 dager siden

    That’s why it breaks don’t complain if your gonna do that😡😡😡

    OTRON11 dager siden

    All my battery packs fit THE CASE THAT GOES OVER IT DOESN'T thats not a problem, just to let you know

  • TheSam
    TheSam11 dager siden

    Oh is that what that jack is

  • TheSam
    TheSam11 dager siden

    I have a 360 so i am only used to that 😂

  • ZUM
    ZUM11 dager siden

    I still think the 2 best xbox controllers are the xbox360 wired controller and the xbox one elite controller if you prefer the xbox one ergonomics. (the xbox one elite controller is better than the other xbox one controllers is because it has a exceedingly better grip with the help of the rubber on the grips).

  • Squidninja
    Squidninja11 dager siden

    On my blue xbox one controller the RB button stopped working I'm getting a black xbox series controller (for my gaming laptop)

  • Paul What
    Paul What11 dager siden

    No longer compatible with windows.

  • Saeed Saeed
    Saeed Saeed11 dager siden

    Who review a controller like that? Do some gaming on pc and then review ...setting there and press keys and tap tap does not count as review...

  • sloppy Joe

    sloppy Joe

    10 dager siden

    It literally doesn't say review in the title

  • Walker Basham
    Walker Basham12 dager siden

    That thumbnail is hide the pain linus

  • Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!
    Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!13 dager siden

    Microsoft please don't discontinue the 360 controller! It's the perfect controller

  • Lisandro Peña
    Lisandro Peña13 dager siden

    The Xbox one controller is different to the Xbox one x and s, there is a small difference on how they look but the biggest difference is that the Xbox one s and x have Bluetooth allowing you to connect to your phone.

  • thenonexistinghero
    thenonexistinghero13 dager siden

    Not sure how it not clicks when you try fighting game motions. I can do a circle or half a circle and there's a click for all of the up to 8 of the directions that are pressed. I don't think there's a better Dpad out there for those motions (though I think an arcade stick would still be better for most fighting games).

  • Ardyn Izunia
    Ardyn Izunia13 dager siden

    I honestly just think the PS5 controller is so much better than the xbox series one. The dpad is tight enough that the diagonal presses are no problem if you arent totally incompetent and the rest of the controller just feels better to me. Especially the general frame. Xbox controllers look and feel like a bulky brick now while the ps5 controller feels like an xbox 360 controller in the hand now. So it cones down to wether you want the left thumbstick to be above or below the dpad i guess and i gotta say, I've played games in which the dpad being above the stick was important for precise mid combat gameplay since i had to use the left shoulderbuttons, the stick and the dpad at the same time. So with sonys layout i can do that since the stivk is the lowest and i can easily maneuver the dpad with another finger than my thumb. With xbox that wouldn't work for me and I have yet to see a game in which the stick being above the dpad gives an actual gaming advantage. And for me the comfort of the sticks position is equal since I'm used to both, so the ps5 controller just feels like a genuine advantage that is equally comfortable as the xbox 360 controller and far more comfortable than the newer xbox controllers.

  • CompassPvP
    CompassPvP13 dager siden

    Im the youngest and my big brother took my xbox 360 controller to play games so my parents just bought me the series x one (im a pc player)

  • _Galaxia_
    _Galaxia_14 dager siden

    If I were to get one maybe I would take it apart and switch the A and B buttons because damn I think it is stupid how A is on the bottom and B at the top

  • Yup yup
    Yup yup14 dager siden

    Didn't even mention the new grip on the trigger buttons

  • Distortion
    Distortion14 dager siden

    What happened to the duke Edit: The duke was the another version of controller for the classic

  • Derek g
    Derek g14 dager siden

    Ps5 is the best controller

  • Saeed Saeed

    Saeed Saeed

    11 dager siden

    Not for pc ..i prefer xbox controllers for pc

  • Saif Alenezi

    Saif Alenezi

    13 dager siden

    I use it its bad and the new features are really bad i have them turned off

  • GrimReaper
    GrimReaper15 dager siden

    5:25 - the mold is literally the only thing they changed, look at how the bottom is pointy on the One and rounded on the Series

  • Shadow King Gaming

    Shadow King Gaming

    8 dager siden

    i agree

    THELITGAMER15 dager siden

    Same bro hands down 360 controller is the best controller ever

  • Paul Gupta
    Paul Gupta16 dager siden

    Okay the new dpad is amazing on retro games but does not pass the wife test for quietness. It's loud AF but I feel like it's nice like a cherry blue. Nice and clicky. If I click it... it clicked

  • Michael Williamson
    Michael Williamson16 dager siden

    I got this controller and it has seriously frustrating connectivity issues with my PC. Keeps disconnecting in the middle of Dark Souls.

  • Ayush Raj
    Ayush Raj16 dager siden

    I just ordered the New Controller and a USB-C cable to play on PC (ik it has Bluetooth but iI got it just in case). I hope I don't regret it :D

  • Saeed Saeed

    Saeed Saeed

    11 dager siden

    For pc gaming , u will not regret...happy gaming and i prefer wired too

  • NicklasWaterFontaine :DD
    NicklasWaterFontaine :DD16 dager siden

    Holy fuck.. it hurts my soul.. carry them like babys goddamn

  • Toni Corvera
    Toni Corvera16 dager siden

    Wait, does people wear out integrated batteries on their controller? :O Anyway, just got my Xbox Series controller, being a fan of the Xbox One one (i liked the 360 one but crappy quality aside, and useless D-Pad aside -that's a huge aside- I hated the triggers, which really made my fingers ache). So far it feels good, basically a tightened up Xbox One controller, but I'm not liking the back/trigger texture *at all*, I do find it uncomfortable. I'll probably get used to it or it will wear off slightly... Hopefully

  • Rezz
    Rezz16 dager siden

    I got a new gen controller for Christmas and it’s good as new but it shuts off here and there for no reason. My battery will be charged and everything. Anyone else having this issue or know a solution?

  • Olórin
    Olórin16 dager siden

    Separate dpad buttons are far superior. It's too easy to accidently blow the wrong coolddown with a one button dpad.

  • Goldn Shadow
    Goldn Shadow16 dager siden

    Wait a minute where is the review on xbox series elite controller??

  • legendary pillow
    legendary pillow16 dager siden

    The series controller feels amazing, I just bought mine today. The capture button is great too

  • TheBigIron
    TheBigIron17 dager siden

    I feel like the complaints about the Dpad are unjustified. The Xbox 360’s dpad was loose and people complained it was too loose. The Xbox One’s Dpad was too tight and people complained. The Series X is a combo of the two and people are complaining. I don’t get it.

  • EpicNF
    EpicNF17 dager siden

    When you're in covid that's when you use the share!

  • Archie
    Archie17 dager siden

    23:34 😂😂😂

  • Reuben Stoner-Redfern
    Reuben Stoner-Redfern17 dager siden

    Anyone else struggling with connection issues on the series x controller on pc? Like I’m mid-game and it will disconnect and re-connect every so often

  • Paul What
    Paul What17 dager siden

    Have to disagree. It definitely feels worse and cheaper than the previous one.

  • Bjørn Erik Fjeld
    Bjørn Erik Fjeld18 dager siden

    A tip for ShortCircuit , when it comes to stuff like this, just try it out before making a reveiw on the fly. like ur Pc Mhz gtx super BOOST (LOL) reveiws u have are awsome!

  • Bjørn Erik Fjeld
    Bjørn Erik Fjeld18 dager siden

    well hes a good reveiwer , but hes not a console man, He said it many times. so its just a ok good basic reveiw for thisa one.

  • Wilson Louie
    Wilson Louie18 dager siden

    The look Linus gives David when he says the Ps4 D-pad is good. Comedy gold!

  • thenonexistinghero


    13 dager siden

    It's truth though. PS4's D-pad is manageable, but nothing great.

  • james lin
    james lin18 dager siden

    Xbox controllers feel so much better than playstation, only problem for me is the bumpers break too easily

  • JayFantasy
    JayFantasy19 dager siden

    Is this the same things as XBOX CORE CONTROLLER ?!??

  • Meme Nazi
    Meme Nazi19 dager siden

    0:44 u cannot forget the duke!

  • Kyle Lowpensky
    Kyle Lowpensky19 dager siden

    Actually type c was invented in 2012 I think and was on the google glasses

  • A. S
    A. S19 dager siden

    After a couple of days the crunchiness of the D-Pad on the Series X controller drove me absolutely batshit insane. Its genuinely too fucking loud lol

  • Daniya Raliyat
    Daniya Raliyat19 dager siden

    David sneezes My brain: Covid19

  • Snaz
    Snaz19 dager siden

    The trigger stoppers are way better the normal Xbox one controller triggers stoppers are like wings

  • Zaros Minecraft
    Zaros Minecraft20 dager siden

    I just hope the new controller lasts longer than the xbox one controller that the sticks drift within 4 months.. I'm with linus, the 360 controller is king of xbox controllers

  • Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson20 dager siden

    The ps5is the same thing as well just diff colors

  • Scott ainley
    Scott ainley20 dager siden

    Can someone tell me why the series controller keeps disconnecting on my xbox one (original xbox)

  • Caden Lacher
    Caden Lacher20 dager siden

    I hope stick drift is better on the new controller. I went through about 5 Xbox one controllers.

  • Diamond Gamer 123
    Diamond Gamer 12320 dager siden

    I love the controller its just like a perfected version of my xbox one version feels more sturdy as well every xbox one controller felt like it were gonna fall apart

  • Gunzblazin 2
    Gunzblazin 221 dag siden

    I prefer the ps5 tbh because of its haptic and it honestly feels so nice

  • Cs Scott
    Cs Scott21 dag siden

    Love my controller it fits perfectly in my hands

  • A Dog
    A Dog21 dag siden

    this linus guy seems really cool he should make his own channel!

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M22 dager siden

    Im here for the series x control not the 360 thumbs down

  • Nitro PG
    Nitro PG22 dager siden

    how about them bumpers? They soft??

  • Duco Rensen
    Duco Rensen23 dager siden

    Hey i got a weird problem, i just got my new xbox series S and when i press the thing to fire a gun or drive a car it makes a pretty loud vibration noice is that because its new or is it just broken? How can i fix it or should i return it and get a new one

  • Alan Bauman
    Alan Bauman23 dager siden

    Anyone having an issue with the new series controllers switching the mic off your headset when used with the MS Wireless adapter (Win 10 May 2020)? The last gen works fine, but can't seem to find any power saving settings etc. to stop my mic from being switched off after 5 mins.

  • gauntletfz Fz
    gauntletfz Fz24 dager siden

    they do not need to change anything

  • Bottom Gamer
    Bottom Gamer25 dager siden

    The sprint stick click sucks for COD i bought it and returned it a day later and went back to the (Model S)

  • \\\\\/////
    \\\\\/////25 dager siden


  • Thirty Thirty
    Thirty Thirty26 dager siden

    awesome controller ^^ mine arrived today by mail ^^

  • Ryan DeLong
    Ryan DeLong26 dager siden

    I am hoping a content creator will put some pressure on Microsoft and XBOX to release the driver for windows 10. As of now it is using the generic XINPUT which lacks many functions such as impulse triggers, connecting a headset with mic and showing the correct button icons in some games. I called XBOX and they didn't even know the difference between XINPUT and an XBOX driver. I am hoping a content creator can make a video or include the fact that we will not be happy to wait years for a simple driver like we did with the XBOX ONE controller. If anyone knows someone with a contact at Microsoft or XBOX or has a visible channel please suggest making a request to XBOX/Microsoft to not screw us over again and give us all the cool features as they advertise when we buy it.

  • The Arachnid Gamer
    The Arachnid Gamer26 dager siden

    you are Linus Tech Tips u made Linus'

    ALLEN HERNANDEZ27 dager siden

    The share button is also for using ur pc and new Android xbox app

  • gino2301
    gino230127 dager siden

    Not all buttons are working for steam pc games like nba 2k21, help?

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