Why I haven't reviewed the Apple iPhone 12.... yet - Mini + Pro Max First Impressions

Vitenskap og teknologi

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We finally received the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max, but why didn't we make a review video on LTT yet? Well, I'll tell you why and give you my first impressions of these two at the same time!
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  • susi
    susi2 måneder siden

    I like the little detail they put at 8:47 when Linus starts complaining about the "little bit of notch." The madmen actually put a little bit of notch on the left. Well played.

  • Karthig1987


    9 dager siden

    Damn i didnt notice it at all

  • d j

    d j

    Måned siden

    @crystal23maiden You were not the only one who missed it if it makes you feel any better. :)

  • crystal23maiden


    Måned siden

    @d j OMG it turns out i really am blind lol thank youuu!!!

  • d j

    d j

    Måned siden

    @crystal23maiden The notch the comment is about isn't on the phone, it is on the left side of the video, it might be more obvious on a big screen. 8:54 - 8:59.

  • crystal23maiden


    Måned siden

    @d j either i'm blind or there really is a notch and they didn't just edit it in... it's been visible since 8:30 i am so confused why has no one pointed this out in this thread am i really blind lol

  • Gary Chapman
    Gary Chapman3 timer siden

    He couldn't wait for the 12 pro max, then puts his sim in the mini? 😂

  • Gary Chapman
    Gary Chapman4 timer siden

    12 pro max is like a small tablet. Enjoying mine gkrvthr superb media consumption experience and audio.

  • kardaani vägi
    kardaani vägi13 timer siden

    The hulking mom virtually pop because cell emotionally interfere excluding a blue ex-husband. skinny, romantic afghanistan

  • Jayden Dickson
    Jayden DicksonDag siden

    Pro tip: as you can’t put whatever you want in command centre, program a short cut and use the ‘back tap’ gesture to run it.

  • Jayden Dickson
    Jayden DicksonDag siden

    I just make my regular passcode morse code and really long.

  • Rachel L
    Rachel L2 dager siden

    peculiarly small hands

  • David Costa
    David Costa4 dager siden

    Has the iPhone 12 review come out yet?

  • Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu

    Dag siden


  • Adam Johnston
    Adam Johnston4 dager siden

    Upgraded from X to the 12 mini to help with rsi and it works a treat

  • Aa Ron
    Aa Ron5 dager siden

    I pick my phones like i pick my swords, it must perfectly balanced from the blade to the hilt.🤓

  • Swami
    Swami5 dager siden

    9:05 wow the aspect ratio is so perfect

  • Joseph Nguyen
    Joseph Nguyen6 dager siden

    Just got the 12 pro max a few days ago and it’s soo amazing.

  • Abel Senarega
    Abel Senarega6 dager siden

    Still no review....

  • maxwelld23
    maxwelld236 dager siden

    They may be one of the worst and annoying reviews I have seen

  • Мартин Петров
    Мартин Петров7 dager siden

    Do not buy ANY Apple iPhones! Buy some apples instead.

  • Austin Henderson
    Austin Henderson7 dager siden

    I’m watched this on an iPhone 12 mini and when they changed the spect ratio to where the notch wasn’t in frame I laughed so hard 😂😂

  • Austin Henderson

    Austin Henderson

    7 dager siden


  • VacMaster 2020
    VacMaster 20207 dager siden

    I use an iPhone SE 2020And I watch NOlocal all the time screens big enough for .7 inches

  • tia ria
    tia ria7 dager siden

    I have an Iphone 7 Plus, thinking about the 12 Pro Max. Is there a way to make it scan a retina rather than face scan? Just seems like the masks would be a big issue. Unless, I can set it up so 2 faces unlock it an do one with the mask? Seems kind of sketchy. Also, worked at Circuit City back in '97, when the cell phones were trying to get smaller and smaller and the QualComm had just come out and had a color screen! It was premium and sold for about $500, irc. We thought it was a fortune back then. Digital phones were just starting to come out, with longer battery life and sound that almost sounded like you were talking to a real human being on the other end. Yeah, I don't miss those days. Plus, 32 gigs, and counting, of music on my phone. Just insane.

  • Victor .O.
    Victor .O.8 dager siden

    IPhone 12 Pro Max battery drain over night? IOS 14.3 and I don’t charge my phone over night. I’ve noticed up to 10% battery drain.. anyone else have this issue? Linus?

  • Meola
    Meola8 dager siden

    I had an iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4S and then went to Android when the Galaxy S3 came out, had an S6 Edge and an S7 that I just replaced today with a iPhone 12 Mini cause I was just complaining about phone sizes to a buddy after checking out his A71 which is like a 6.7" screen. I don't use my phone for much more than texting, instagram and maybe an actual phone call here and there or the odd googling of a random thing, the small phone was a warm welcome.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19879 dager siden

    I handled all the phones in the store and the mini and the 12 feel lighter than my pixel 4. The mini is super one handeble as well.

  • Someone
    Someone12 dager siden

    Still waiting

  • amiralbob
    amiralbob12 dager siden

    6:17 is it really how you pronounce it? Mobul? Or really it should sound like Mobile?

  • BfLover
    BfLover13 dager siden

    iPhone sucks and overpriced + comes without a charger

  • Omair ZS

    Omair ZS

    6 dager siden

    s21 came without one too lmao

  • Shin Lim
    Shin Lim14 dager siden

    where is your 12 mini review linus???

  • Gabriel Domingues
    Gabriel Domingues15 dager siden

    The US has already dropped its democracy, but Linus has yet to drop his (mini) review... what a shame.

  • 눈탱이
    눈탱이18 dager siden

    Pls make a fucking review of these phones I'm getting tired of waiting

  • Shalashaska 994
    Shalashaska 99419 dager siden

    It doesn't matter how good they are, I just could never support this company.

  • yo_its_gingey
    yo_its_gingey21 dag siden

    I’m upgrading to the 12 mini and I’m excited tbh. To me that phone is normal sized. I miss when a phone that size used to be normal for phones. I hate that phones are turning into tablets.

  • Umer Best
    Umer Best21 dag siden

    Apple does not send me devices Sigh

  • Joshua Kelley
    Joshua Kelley21 dag siden

    When he mentioned the notch being slightly in videos I immediately laughed cuz its only his videos. As someone pointed out in the background. Even on my note 10 plus the camera hole punch is slightly in the image when not on fill.

  • Aiden Christensen
    Aiden Christensen24 dager siden

    I will never buy an apple product again

  • Chase X I I I
    Chase X I I I25 dager siden

    I just got my iPhone 11 today coming from a s8 active but the notch does not bother men at all

  • Miggy Singe
    Miggy Singe26 dager siden

    bro, where the fuck is the review... -_-



    23 dager siden

    i know right

  • Avinash Shankar
    Avinash Shankar28 dager siden

    When is the review coming?

  • KillaGandhi
    KillaGandhiMåned siden

    This guy is reviewing the most incredible pieces of technology known to man and complaining the whole time. Life sucks, I know.

  • Haris 072
    Haris 072Måned siden

    Linus you should with highly respect make a iPhone How to use video, because I got myself the iPhone 12 Pro and it is my first Apple phone/tech I ever had. I kind am getting used to it but I have the feeling there is so much hidden that it can do or is capable to but I have no idea that it can do.

  • Kousar Ali
    Kousar AliMåned siden

    Cov Id😂

  • Nicolás Cerda
    Nicolás CerdaMåned siden

    Still waiting for the full review

  • Legs McGee
    Legs McGeeMåned siden

    It’s hilarious to watch Linus handle the 12 Pro Max and talk about it’s size and being huge, when recently after a bad car accident I partially destroyed my XS Max and upgraded to the 12 Pro Max because I won’t upgrade until it dies, and it looks like a standard to small size phone in my hands

  • Ah
    AhMåned siden

    Please don't say chungus ever again

  • BritishYankee
    BritishYankeeMåned siden

    I want the mini but the battery life is an instant deal breaker.

  • Kiwi sand
    Kiwi sandMåned siden

    Bruh I HATE HATE setting up iPhones

  • Eric Lerma
    Eric LermaMåned siden

    3:12 Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  • rafikz77
    rafikz77Måned siden

    I love my iPhone but I agree, the app sorting in the settings is just 🤨

  • rafikz77
    rafikz77Måned siden

    Dbrand is shit

  • rafikz77
    rafikz77Måned siden

    Relax the next iOS update will allow you to use Face ID with a mask

  • M G
    M GMåned siden

    My internal dialogue every time I open settings 6:43

  • ChristianM64
    ChristianM64Måned siden

    Did Linus forget he can zoom on yt 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Andrie Becca
    Andrie BeccaMåned siden

    if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps,i appreciate you man..

  • Jawad Ahmed
    Jawad AhmedMåned siden

    From now on I'll be a much stauncher 'ally' of Linus because... HE HATES FUTILE APPLE PRODUCTS...! P.S. Ally=Follower/Subscriber

  • Zex Grayson
    Zex GraysonMåned siden

    Bro the notch editing was cool af

  • Anindya Proshoon
    Anindya ProshoonMåned siden

    Why r u always bashing apple brother ? u expect iOS to b like android ?iOS has its pros and cons as does everything else

  • Abel Jacob
    Abel JacobMåned siden

    Can you do a review on the Samsung Galaxy M51 and compare it with the Samsung Galaxy A71...?

  • BSmooth40 L
    BSmooth40 LMåned siden

    So far liking my blue iPhone 12

  • Charlie Abrams
    Charlie AbramsMåned siden

    Can someone explain how LMG videos use the extra space on my NOlocal screen (iPhone 12 max) versus others? What resolution is used? (Resolution newb for video stuff)

  • Charlie Abrams

    Charlie Abrams

    Måned siden

    Oh 2:1, got it thanks later on in the video. Apple has to do something about it....

  • JazzNazz
    JazzNazzMåned siden

    i love the mini, i have a very small hand but i also love typing with one hand my iphone x is already feels big in my hand

  • Michael Brown
    Michael BrownMåned siden

    So get this. If you use a screen protector and a case on the mini the screen can stop responding hurray

  • fourthtunz
    fourthtunzMåned siden

    just pull your mask down dude.

  • Sean Godos
    Sean GodosMåned siden

    8:45 Thanks for a preview of the horror of the notch, almost missed it, ha

  • Dylan Power
    Dylan PowerMåned siden

    I have a iPhone XS Max and for my hands its way too big and I do find it hard to use so I like the 12 mini as I have average hands but I’m a camera person and really like the telephoto camera for portrait mode and I’m in general a camera person. So I’ll probably go for the 12 pro max

  • Sean Jones
    Sean JonesMåned siden

    I just got a 12 mini, upgrading from my iPhone 8 after some years, and I love it. The size is perfect for my small hands and I can easily one hand it anywhere. In 16:9 media consumption it’s actually slightly smaller on screen than my 8, yet I don’t mind it despite watching a lot of NOlocal and TV on the go. Great phone for the price, would recommend

  • Uyghurman Anzar
    Uyghurman AnzarMåned siden

    worst review in history

  • Aydan Baker
    Aydan BakerMåned siden

    I had my doubts at first, I got a virtual card from DUMPSGURU on telegram, I used it to purchase my new iphone12, thank you DumpsGuru for making me an iPhone user, texting frm Turkey 🇹🇷

  • Musical History
    Musical HistoryMåned siden

    I want a rant video of Linus complaining about modern Apple problems, it's entertaining to watch and well deserved on Apples end.

  • Pavlos Pavlou
    Pavlos PavlouMåned siden

    @ShortCircuit Over 300 Prizes Up For Grabs | Thanksgiving Giveaway with LTT. 0 Your Entries. 97142 Total Entries. Ended. www.soundcore.com/activities/thanksgiving_2020?

  • Roberto Calabro
    Roberto CalabroMåned siden

    Hey Linus, in Settings>Notifications>Twitter, turn on Notification Center to see them after you unlock your phone. If it’s just set to Lock Screen, you won’t be able to scroll down and see them once you’ve unlocked the device.

  • Brydo Setinho
    Brydo SetinhoMåned siden

    Daily driving HAHAHAHA😂😂😂

  • TurboPikachuX
    TurboPikachuXMåned siden

    As someone who uses tons of NOlocal and streaming apps on my phone, I'm very glad I went form the 4.0" iPhone SE (2016) to the 6.1" iPhone XR. But since iPhones going forward are OLED-only (and because diamond pentile pixel arrays actually lose resolution any time that a color only utilizes red/blue subpixels and no green subpixels, up to a 33% loss of resolution whenever reds/blues take up the entire screen with no green subpixels used), I'm probably going to scale back down to Mini when the XR's support ends in 2023/2024 (if Mini is still an option for iPhone 15 or iPhone 16)

  • Nathan van Dalen
    Nathan van DalenMåned siden

    What do you mean? “You don’t need to have it on display”? It’s your face ffs! 🤣

  • Даниил Фирсов
    Даниил ФирсовMåned siden

    “Why is camera with photos”

  • failure
    failureMåned siden

    Go back to note 9

  • Mishkat Tashdid
    Mishkat TashdidMåned siden

    Where does NOlocalrs puts their apple stickers ?

  • JrP
    JrPMåned siden

    How and where did Linus get his Iphone 12 pro Skin(the colorful one)

  • Kalib Bailey
    Kalib BaileyMåned siden

    2:25 as a person who only uses lockscreen pins/passwords( locks after 5 minutes without use for my sanity) for security/privacy reasons Its interesting to see the problems with biometric identification

  • Sorin Volintiriu
    Sorin VolintiriuMåned siden

    are u high or what...?

  • Peter Arnold
    Peter ArnoldMåned siden

    5:11 "That's like more Notch than Minecraft" 🤣

  • Hetarth Patel
    Hetarth PatelMåned siden

    The amount of 'chungus' in the video made Austin Evans proud.

  • Binibini Ginoo
    Binibini GinooMåned siden

    you are sooooooooo cute!

  • Squinoogle
    SquinoogleMåned siden

    Went from X to 12 (blue, of course) and the lack of telephoto lens has frustrated me a few times already. Would it have been worth the extra for the Pro? Probably, tbh.

  • Poketrevor
    PoketrevorMåned siden

    Linus, make sure to announce when those mousepads drop because I might accidentally buy one for christmas

  • Alain Machado
    Alain MachadoMåned siden

    You can tell he is biased and didn’t like the brand or the phone from the start.

  • Eggie3000
    Eggie3000Måned siden

    Watching this on the mini. I love it so far. Also damn that screen protector cracked so easily! Thats insane.

  • Bislon A Zulu
    Bislon A ZuluMåned siden

    How many that's what she said jokes can you make from this video?😂😂

  • Ben Ullah
    Ben UllahMåned siden

    Why do you keep uploading these fkin review videos to your other channels just upload them to the original Ltt channel ffs

  • BluishGreenPro
    BluishGreenProMåned siden

    I love the fact that once again, the Mini is a one-handed device. For anything else, I'll switch to my desktop. I have no middle-ground. Seriously, I go from running shoes to heavy winter boots. I'm just that kind of person.

  • sarthak patnaik
    sarthak patnaikMåned siden

    Many iphone 12 pro max users are complaining about autofocus issues and I am one among them. Especially for close us subjects, the focus struggles in low light Don't know if it's a hardware issue or lidar interference or a bug Following is the thread that talks about this discussions.apple.com/thread/252063233 Can you please make an in-depth video on the iPhone 12 pro max autofocus issue and shed some light for us subscribers?????

  • Richard Hull
    Richard HullMåned siden

    All these reviewers hating on Apple for Face ID and not finger print scanner! Just set up a second Face ID with your mask on and booooom Face ID work with or without a mask. Mine works fine thank you.

  • HaroldTech
    HaroldTechMåned siden

    Andy: "i do that while pooping" me: "I feel dude"

  • Kevi Kiru
    Kevi KiruMåned siden

    I think you haven't reviewed them is because you don't want a dumpster fire that was your Apple M1 review!

  • esteban collazo
    esteban collazoMåned siden

    I literally upgraded from the 5S to the 12 Mini yesterday lol, it’s awesome and I love everything about it!

  • ahmed khaled

    ahmed khaled

    7 dager siden

    bro if you got a botato on the shape of a phone you would love it because you are coming from 5s 🤨

  • awdadw adwad
    awdadw adwadMåned siden

    Why are you showing these products with some dumb stickers instead of original colours?!

  • Brendan Hoffmann
    Brendan HoffmannMåned siden

    How does it feel to be such a big tech channel and you've burned your bridges with one of the largest if not the largest tech company in the world?

  • Jon Hunt Ficken
    Jon Hunt FickenMåned siden

    How could you ruin that blue with a skin

  • nate_the_pro
    nate_the_proMåned siden

    Linus, big chungus is a dead meme dude. I'm sorry but it is not acceptable to use the word chungus-y in public. stop trying to fit in with the younger generation, your a dad for god's sake!

  • Andreas Bergen
    Andreas BergenMåned siden

    Cool notch effect

  • Jan Heberle
    Jan HeberleMåned siden

    1:25 why did he pick up the Phone like that egh.

  • Timothy Purdy
    Timothy PurdyMåned siden

    "why is camera next to photos" 😂😂😂

  • Abby H 2025
    Abby H 2025Måned siden

    Getting the mini for christmas so excited im upgrading from the 7

  • Vítor Oliveira
    Vítor OliveiraMåned siden

    1:09 - "that what she said"