Why do gamers ALWAYS get the cool stuff? - HP ZBook Create G7 Laptop

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High-end GPUs in laptops aren't only for gamers anymore, they tend to be useful for productivity too.
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  • Aakash Naskar
    Aakash Naskar14 timer siden

    Hp should stop putting brand at bottom chin

  • Atheist Future
    Atheist Future3 dager siden

    Him saying "it has a 1650 so it cant even game" made me hurt with my intel graphics i use to game

  • Hassan Murtaza: TheAlpha313
    Hassan Murtaza: TheAlpha31311 dager siden

    2:33 durability test! Wow short circuit now includes durability testes in there reviews to. Keep up the good work!

  • CaptainPure
    CaptainPure14 dager siden

    this video like your mom told you to eat, but in the same time you really want to sleep #zzz #still489,464 views

  • J N
    J N15 dager siden

    the excellent wicked book create

  • Laurentius Bintang
    Laurentius Bintang16 dager siden

    just gonna wait for this laptop to depreciate 😂

  • Ankur Shinde
    Ankur Shinde17 dager siden

    I am one of those who use the trackpad the thumb

  • Josh Moeller
    Josh Moeller18 dager siden

    Dream display doesn't have touch? Guess you'll just have to dream about one that does.

  • Elpizo
    Elpizo19 dager siden

    man i want to buy that braided 200w ac power adapter for my envy, the 200w one that came with my envy dwarfs my hand and the one in the video seems smaller.

  • Oliver Frederiksen
    Oliver Frederiksen21 dag siden

    Why is he saying HP”C” when its clearly a Z

  • Kintaro oe

    Kintaro oe

    20 dager siden

    that's how Americans pronounce it Edit: iirc LMG is Canadian, though i dont remember for sure, so Canadians may do it as well

  • JustaBit
    JustaBit21 dag siden

    2:34 is in the spirit of Linus

  • Dante Brizzi
    Dante Brizzi22 dager siden

    Can someone explain why these things are so expensive? They have an i9 2tb ssd and 2070s but they are still 4k and you can buy better parts separate I see these things often but I don’t understand why they are so expensive

  • djordje1999
    djordje199922 dager siden

    It's LTT... Why not buy a better PC and cheap laptop and connect with 10gbps internet :D

  • PsychoSoldier
    PsychoSoldier24 dager siden

    Yes, the Ultimate Question. The Creative-focused laptops can't even get the pens right, let alone the proper....anything. Pretty much every one has a 16:9 aspect ratio. It's frustrating. I draw on squarish canvases and sheets - and yes they're way bigger than any laptop screen - but there's hardly any space to draw on the screen because of how horizontal it is. Sadly, drawing tablets do the same, which makes ZERO sense. 16:9 is ONLY the standard because movies looked cool in widescreen. Yes, I'm raging and won't listen to reason.

  • PsychoSoldier


    24 dager siden

    And to top it off, these "creative laptops" are always double the price of a similar spec'd gaming laptop. Yes, including screen quality. I don't mind sacrificing 100% Adobe RGB for 80% -- especially considering you get well over 60Hz in a gaming laptops screen. The manufacturers have zero clue who they are marketing to regarding creative laptops. I am a very angry person.

    DADOU OMÉGA25 dager siden

    No numpad on a non compromise laptop ....

  • Zealot
    Zealot27 dager siden

    2:09 "I think you can get one that's just under five pounds" *Confused British screaming*

  • phusebox
    phuseboxMåned siden

    Thinking of getting this as my laptop for work, but how is the fan noise and cooling? I really hate my Precision 7510 because of the constant fan noise and heat it generates. Also torn between the OLED or Dreamcolor display. Mostly working on external display so OLED would be nice to use on the go I guess?

  • Shi Bu
    Shi BuMåned siden

    Damn the screen is so bright

  • daniel wesley
    daniel wesleyMåned siden

    Any thermal throttling? Can stress test this and run benchmarks?

  • Infinite Gamer
    Infinite GamerMåned siden

    Why did i get the 4200$ version with the 2080s when i already have an aurora r11 with an rtx 3090 I guess just to show off no thats not it to game a bit when im not at home yeah pretty much

  • Kolby F
    Kolby FMåned siden

    *it's just over 5 pounds* Americans: that's a reasonable weight for a laptop English: holy fuck i must have forgot how cheap computers were before covid Australia: Get a load of these idiots

  • yuesan fung
    yuesan fungMåned siden


  • JB 2X
    JB 2XMåned siden

    I love his appreciation for the design and execution of design because of what he does. Keep on doing what you do

  • Sebastian Rodriguez Bojorge
    Sebastian Rodriguez BojorgeMåned siden

    The lack of objectivity in this guy is strong...

  • GP33
    GP33Måned siden

    1650? Looking at photos? HA! I would love the 1650!

  • Marty P
    Marty PMåned siden

    Just received one this week to give Windows a shot (MBP 2019, i9 2.3, 32Gb, Vega 20, 1TB against the Zbook i9 2.4, 32Gb, 2070, 1Tb). Set it up by using the Mac for my work until I have time to re-learn Windows 10 over Christmas. Love the overall design, build and weight - Dreamcolor matte screen is outstanding too - just need to get used to Windows...

  • AC Nordstrom
    AC NordstromMåned siden

    I really enjoy LTT's B team. Like Colton, Dennis, and this guy.

  • Duh Tech
    Duh TechMåned siden

    Eww Core i9

  • alex_oiman
    alex_oimanMåned siden

    what a boring product. did this shit really need to be 13 minutes long?

  • Codeplayer
    CodeplayerMåned siden

    Professionals on Dell XPS? Try Precision. It even looks exactly the same as XPS for some models, except that these laptops have Xeon CPU option and Quadro graphics. No numeric keypad makes this not professional though...

  • justme 89
    justme 89Måned siden

    BATTERY LIFE??????????

  • Mark B
    Mark BMåned siden

    You gotta fix the swirl marks on that table

  • Madhurjo Karmaker
    Madhurjo KarmakerMåned siden

    Unsubscribed from this channel and other Linus tech channels because they are not gentle with unboxing and they don't handle fresh products smoothly. It always irritates me when I see fresh products gets treated badly. Maybe that's me only but hey, I hate what I hate.

  • Jordy
    JordyMåned siden

    @ShortCircuite What is the difference between the studio, firefly, create and fury versions

  • Tobi Pohan
    Tobi PohanMåned siden

    i swear to god there are always construction noises in every linus video since 2015

  • Zaloomer
    ZaloomerMåned siden

    LINUS IS GONE *crab rave*

  • Phoenix
    PhoenixMåned siden

    A gaming laptop from hp that's design quality was good? Huh. My 2017 pavilion 15 has got an absurd amount of issues, like cooling. They quite litteraly slapped the cpu on the bottom and didn't put any sort of cooling pipes on it. And also get this, the bottom is a weak chassis so anytime I set it on my lap I run the risk of damaging the exposed processor so that's awesome

  • Liam O'Donnell
    Liam O'DonnellMåned siden

    We have these at work for devs, not had one issue with them in over 12 months (older model)

  • derchesten
    derchestenMåned siden

    "Business" laptop, doesn't even have a fraggin numpad... What a joke

  • Nathan Hromanik
    Nathan HromanikMåned siden

    The HP sounds way better.

  • Gil
    GilMåned siden

    Does it run zOS?

  • Ret Ro
    Ret RoMåned siden

    Can we stop promoting Dell how are you guys still doing this after Linus’ pc build tech support video lol

  • Boris Fett
    Boris FettMåned siden

    This looks like it's my next laptop. I want to see how it preforms.

  • Thomas Luggiero
    Thomas LuggieroMåned siden

    Too overpriced, vapor chamber isn't worth that much

  • ACE112ACE112
    ACE112ACE112Måned siden

    Soldered ram oof

  • omar ibnoulouafi
    omar ibnoulouafiMåned siden

    did he really say gtx 1650 is for photos ? man i play with intel uhd graphics

  • Johny Appleseed
    Johny AppleseedMåned siden

    Me over here, playing games with my 1650 everyday, defying reality

  • YoRyuu Otonashi
    YoRyuu OtonashiMåned siden

    Alex: Turtle is going to choke on that Michael Reeves: I see that as an absolute win

  • Vex
    VexMåned siden

    YOO this is so cool! I'd 100% get this for vr!

  • DJ GotGame
    DJ GotGameMåned siden

    At this point, he's just doing it on purpose. Just slamming down the product without giving a shit. I'm not sure what's the point of doing that in a product review, smh.

  • Alexandros Triantafyllidis
    Alexandros TriantafyllidisMåned siden

    Is the memory on this soldered?

    HETROMAN GAMINGMåned siden

    In lap I have intelhd ultra HD gaming 1000fps

  • Thesummerstriangle
    ThesummerstriangleMåned siden

    The turtle joke is officially the best joke I have heard on this channel.

  • James Whale
    James WhaleMåned siden

    Just hold down the power button to turn it off instead of pulling the battery 😂

  • super power
    super powerMåned siden

    Thanks for the review.

  • Paul Parabolix
    Paul ParabolixMåned siden

    4K on 15.6" is really overkill. I can't even see single pixels on a 1080p 24.5" screen from an armlenght away

  • Boy Dolomite
    Boy DolomiteMåned siden

    onlyfans creators too!

  • Northbound
    NorthboundMåned siden

    I wish u guys could review laptops people actually can afford to buy....sigh...yes it's a peasant joke...

  • Bob Cat
    Bob CatMåned siden

    another 4k + priced review lmao , do you really this viewerbase can afford this?

  • Quietus Plus
    Quietus PlusMåned siden

    Alex is getting better and better with the solo stuff. One of my favourite personalities at LTT

  • Hunter Vapes
    Hunter VapesMåned siden

    I really needed that dancing Crabs video today. Thank you... 😂😭

  • aleem esmail
    aleem esmailMåned siden

    If anybody wants one, I'm selling one with these specs for 3.5k! Its on my channel

  • hooptiej
    hooptiejMåned siden

    noone wants touchscreen laptops except linus.

  • Maciej Stachowiak
    Maciej StachowiakMåned siden

    I am willing to buy next zbook only if ... It will have arp processor

  • Dimondminer11
    Dimondminer11Måned siden

    0:41 welp too bad it will become outdated within ~2 months. Also the i9 is a real downer

  • 👨🏻‍💻
    👨🏻‍💻Måned siden

    It’s weird how his mouth moves but the rest of his face doesn’t 😂😂😂

  • Ziyad Aaryan Moin
    Ziyad Aaryan MoinMåned siden

    When you touch the computer files- ''OOWW,it bytes''

  • Bjay AwesomeBlackDude
    Bjay AwesomeBlackDudeMåned siden

    Who's hamming? 😩😷

  • triboNT
    triboNTMåned siden

    heavy handed.

  • mummohacker
    mummohackerMåned siden

    "We have some construction going on, that's the air compressor lines getting installed" Behind the wall: Brian the electrician

  • Kevin Pluk
    Kevin PlukMåned siden

    No ethernet...

    HAWXLEADERMåned siden

    Before having a touch screen: "Why on earth would you ever need a touch screen on a laptop????" After having a touch screen and trying to enter text on a non touch one: *taps the field^ "Oh that's why...." *continues to drag the touchpad to the text field

  • Niklas Silen
    Niklas SilenMåned siden

    Intel.. so yesterday.

  • Steven Musgrove
    Steven MusgroveMåned siden

    that z on the front is tacky as all hell

  • Jahred Mario
    Jahred MarioMåned siden

    Are you laughing or being choked?

  • Derkis
    DerkisMåned siden

    No touch on a laptop is a feature, not "disappointing". Keep your hands off your laptop screens. What is it with you people?

  • Naren
    NarenMåned siden

    Didn't you guys review RTX voice, It may not be the best sound but it is far better than construction noise

  • Avi D
    Avi DMåned siden

    And a $999 air beats it at single core performance.

  • Steve Sloan
    Steve SloanMåned siden

    Classic stuff up at the end! Super glad you put it in the edit though.🤜🏼🤛🏼🇦🇺🍀🍀🍀😏

  • Will Jolliff
    Will JolliffMåned siden

    Pp: "So, we put an i9 in this little laptop" Intel: laughs in thermal throttling

  • Dinosaur roar
    Dinosaur roarMåned siden

    Because Gamers need that kind of stuff

  • Sachin
    SachinMåned siden

    petition to compare this with the 16 inch macbook pro ✋✋✋✋✋

  • Dio Brando
    Dio BrandoMåned siden

    Desktop replacement laptop?

  • Seba Di Giuseppe
    Seba Di GiuseppeMåned siden

    This guy needs a Thinkpad as laptop or else he'll break it in a day

  • Lucas Colonna
    Lucas ColonnaMåned siden

    Pro notebook without ethernet is just sad

  • Meatballs
    MeatballsMåned siden

    I found the music rather distracting in this video.

  • Cream Soda
    Cream SodaMåned siden

    nice to see "business" laptops switched from being overpriced chromebooks to overpriced gaming machines. In fairness, you don't need a lot more than a celeron for running excel and slack, but it was always disappointing to see what the IT department was going to hand out.

  • suhas0059
    suhas0059Måned siden

    10:12 to 10:17 Alex: I'm sorry you had to see that Me: why are you sorry? That's the only part of the video I enjoyed.

  • UrbyPilot21
    UrbyPilot21Måned siden

    I can't hear iFixit without my brain going "EXPLOSION!!!" Thanks alot, Jay! :D

  • Oğuz Hacıalioğlu
    Oğuz HacıalioğluMåned siden

    I love that the comment section is full of memes

  • AB M S
    AB M SMåned siden

    Can you do a comparison video with the xps?

  • される顔を潰
    される顔を潰Måned siden

    I feel bad saying this but I think I'm starting to like short circuit more than the main channel lol

  • Hugo Pereira
    Hugo PereiraMåned siden

    Every time a see a video where you review something it hats me nervous! But I enjoy your videos!

  • Eduardo Sousa
    Eduardo SousaMåned siden

    *laptop with a 1650* "you don't get enough power" Boy I still have an old Kaveri APU and the amount of crazy shit he's gotten to run would shock you

  • Matthew Jenkinson
    Matthew JenkinsonMåned siden

    HP uses Z as the nomenclature for their high end workstations, so Z for a workstation type laptop makes sense.

  • MALO
    MALOMåned siden

    He looks like he's ovulating.

  • Matthias Roth
    Matthias RothMåned siden

    ThinkPad Ready

  • World Peace
    World PeaceMåned siden

    Gaming laptop : Proper cooling, good key travel, high refresh rate screen Professional laptop : Thin

  • Dallen9
    Dallen9Måned siden

    5.3 GHz boost? I'd try to go into the Bios and under clock the laptop to like 4.7 GHz all clock and see if I get stable thermas and clockspeed.

  • Francisco Caamaño
    Francisco CaamañoMåned siden

    HOw much for the scratched laptop ?