Why did Porsche MAKE this laptop??? - Acer Porsche Design Book RS

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So Porsche made a laptop with Acer, well technically it's Porsche Design. Our only question is who did they exactly make this laptop for and why? Alex might be able to figure it out.
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuitMåned siden

    Thanks to those who entered the Govee Giveaway! The winners have been chosen and have been contacted by Govee.

  • Vojtech Danek
    Vojtech Danek8 timer siden

    We in czechia have tram designed by porshe digen (please my english is bad)

  • PM
    PM2 dager siden

    First I was like: "Wow, this thing looks sick 🙃" But then 🤨 I saw the keyboard part. It looks almost the same as low tier Acer Swift 1, which I had for a while. So here is what I think: If you Porsche design a laptop, make it completely Luxury. Like seriously..and this cheap power adapter. Why not design it as well?

  • Graham Everett
    Graham Everett2 dager siden

    Say it with me: POR-shuh

  • ManseGaming
    ManseGaming2 dager siden

    Well people who drive Porsche have small hands and like spending to make them feel bigger😂

  • Uniqloboi
    Uniqloboi2 dager siden

    Acer: when you have to sell your old trash stock in 2020

  • Jann Adriel Cervo
    Jann Adriel Cervo2 dager siden

    As a Porsche fan. I wouldn't spend my money on something expensive like this just to have an official Porsche branded laptop. It is more like an insult to the Porsche brand, Porsche is more known as something that is very fast, great quality, and great engineering. This is an opposite of that, except for the design. Probably only the design matters. I would rather have the Dell.

  • Michael Zedalis
    Michael Zedalis2 dager siden

    People would rave about this if Apple designed it.

  • TS Games
    TS Games3 dager siden

    And here i am playing minecraft on my acer aspire One

  • DrugsMakah_07
    DrugsMakah_075 dager siden

    They already have the ugliest cars, they should stick to car manufacturing

  • Friendly Junco
    Friendly Junco6 dager siden

    That looks perfect for surfing the web

  • Mister Win
    Mister Win6 dager siden

    My four year old Inspiron has the same specs as this thousand-dollar Porsche computer...

  • Killian Ryan
    Killian Ryan6 dager siden

    Didn’t acer also make the Ferrari laptop as well now that I think of it

  • Killian Ryan
    Killian Ryan6 dager siden

    I harken back to the Ferrari laptop

  • Ulvi Shukurzade
    Ulvi Shukurzade8 dager siden

    I like to hit dislike button when i dont like the product in the video

  • Juliandro Vasconcelos
    Juliandro Vasconcelos8 dager siden

    Alex sound way classier without glasses than the with glasses from techlinked.

  • lukaszkups
    lukaszkups9 dager siden

    It looks like Blackberry laptop :)

  • TerraBiker
    TerraBiker10 dager siden

    Target audience seems to me like "Those rich dudes that knows jack shit about tech but will buy this peace of shit anyways because why not ? There's a Porsche written on the lid."

  • Ori Levy
    Ori Levy10 dager siden

    trendy people with heaps of cash buy macbooks. not this trash.

  • Sean McManus
    Sean McManus10 dager siden

    Gotta warm up the hinges on the out lap before you do the 1 finger open

  • TheYoutuber
    TheYoutuber11 dager siden

    I think it looks awsome

  • Hank Fish
    Hank Fish12 dager siden

    It doesnt feel like it's "designed by porsche", rather a poor and lazy imitation of porsche

  • mervolicious
    mervolicious13 dager siden

    Do you see the "e" at the end of Porsche? Or does it read "Porsch" on your laptop? It's Porsche.

  • Lucas Migné
    Lucas Migné13 dager siden

    How can someone say that the packaging need to be eco friendly when the product is legit one of the less recyclable thing on this world. I guess it couldn't hurt but it maybe not that important after all.

  • Hax crue
    Hax crue13 dager siden

    Do you remember acer ferrari?

  • Zak Belchamber
    Zak Belchamber14 dager siden

    You used the Ally Law Music tut tut tut if your going to use it you need to break into big brother or eastenders or somewhere else for a climb or 24 hour overnight challenge

  • Chase Gamez
    Chase Gamez14 dager siden

    I love all these channels, but why does he have to say it like "Porsch"

  • George Collins

    George Collins

    14 dager siden

    @Rees Dawson Because he is incorrectly pronouncing porsche as “porsh” instead of “por-shuh”!

  • George Collins

    George Collins

    14 dager siden

    Ikr it is pronounced as “por-shuh” and not “porsh”!

  • Rees Dawson

    Rees Dawson

    14 dager siden

    Why is everybody in the comments section of this video getting so triggered about the way he pronounces Porsche?

  • Ifrad Hossain
    Ifrad Hossain14 dager siden

    You man get a M1 Macbook Air for $400 less and it'll be much better lol

  • aniZed
    aniZed14 dager siden

    stop saying like every four seconds 😐

  • Rees Dawson
    Rees Dawson14 dager siden

    Why are the people in the comments getting so triggered over how he pronounces porsche?

  • George Collins

    George Collins

    14 dager siden

    Because porsche is pronounced as “por-shuh” and not “porsh”!

  • George Collins
    George Collins14 dager siden

    Please stop calling it “porsh”! Please pronounce it as “por-shuh”!

  • George Collins

    George Collins

    14 dager siden

    @Rees Dawson The correct pronunciation is “por-shuh” and not “porsh”!

  • Rees Dawson

    Rees Dawson

    14 dager siden

    Jeez calm down many people in non-german countries pronounce porsche as “porsh”!

  • user96RR
    user96RR15 dager siden

    Target audience: *shows people who've probably been using Apple products since birth*...

  • maevian
    maevian15 dager siden

    The thing is, mnost of the target audiance will just buy a macbook

  • J Garbo
    J Garbo15 dager siden

    You don't know EVO standards? Try research or stick to janitoring. Or shilling ads, Sir Smugness.

  • J Garbo
    J Garbo15 dager siden

    Why must it lift with one finger? For NATO amputees with no girlfriend? Stop smirking, laddie.

  • Argie Nuevo
    Argie Nuevo15 dager siden

    Bad Reviewer.

  • Agent 10 aka Yeet some Marios
    Agent 10 aka Yeet some Marios16 dager siden

    Acer: Makes an actually good laptop Me: Laughs in C720

  • DJekrom
    DJekrom16 dager siden

    So this whole porsche design product lineup is basically for wannabe businessmen that think they look important and "cool" with tech that cost double the value just because it has a car brand on it... fools.

  • Marek Rojek
    Marek Rojek17 dager siden

    This laptop is pretty much like a Porsche Macan with 2.0 tsi, so it really suits modern Porsche lineup. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Satan Lover13
    Satan Lover1318 dager siden

    10:15 why in 2021 would they make the ssd a quorter terrabyte?

  • Juanro Ferraro
    Juanro Ferraro18 dager siden

    That laptop is like a stupidity badge.

  • Benoit Massicotte
    Benoit Massicotte18 dager siden

    Being critical while not being snotty is not your forte. Lame attitude.

  • AntoniRamponi
    AntoniRamponi19 dager siden

    Almost like there was an e behind the Porsch

  • Heilig sind die Wälder
    Heilig sind die Wälder19 dager siden

    Its PorschEEEE not Porsch. Thx. ^^ (the E at the end is spoken like the first E in Endurance)

  • JcTYT
    JcTYT19 dager siden

    Whats a type a usb?

  • boondaguh
    boondaguh19 dager siden

    Porsche is pronounced Por-shuh. Please. The e makes the uh sound. Ermagherd.

  • Enayat Mazaryar
    Enayat Mazaryar19 dager siden

    This is a bad review. Super slow pace and not informative to the consumer. Learn from unbox therapy or mkbhd.

  • Max246764
    Max24676419 dager siden

    Lmao seems like an acer nitro is better

  • DL
    DL19 dager siden

    People who buy these probably don't care. When you ask them how much they paid for such laptop they probably won't remember either.

  • Chaosimperator H4
    Chaosimperator H420 dager siden

    I usually greatly enjoy the reviews but this one is so incredibly unprofessional especially for a channel like this... if you review a product like this from the same point of view as a Kickstarter, gaming product or really any other group of tech then it and all other reviews are worthless.

  • SamsungGalaxyTab2


    19 dager siden


  • Dodgy Malaka
    Dodgy Malaka20 dager siden

    The description of the target audience sounds like their target audience would rather purchase an iPad Pro or a MacBook Air ☠️

  • red 34 56
    red 34 5620 dager siden

    Bio ,, environment oh yeah ship your trash to Asia. LOL

    YVES MIJA20 dager siden

    PORSHA smfh

  • Isiah Davis
    Isiah Davis21 dag siden

    Porsche has two syllables

  • rocking546
    rocking54621 dag siden

    ahh yes Acer known for there quality

  • Stan Spon
    Stan Spon22 dager siden

    Haha @ people who are saying this laptop was made for rich people. No kids ... this type of shit is made precisely for those among you who wish to be rich but never will be. It’s like someone who dreams to own a lambo but instead has a lambo keychain.

  • Dennis Hui
    Dennis Hui22 dager siden

    Comparing this to a m1 MacBook. MacBook for sure

  • Jhonjhon 17
    Jhonjhon 1723 dager siden

    Carbon fiber looks terrible on this notebook

  • Evan C
    Evan C23 dager siden

    The air vents on the back of my gaming Acer Aspire VX15 resemble the taillights of a Regera, so my Acer is designed by Koenigsegg.

  • KevoZebo
    KevoZebo23 dager siden

    I personally think the gold batteries makes it worth 300 for the accessory pack.

  • Mike Tran
    Mike Tran24 dager siden

    Because money. Just like the crappy Acer Ferrari laptop from the 2000's

  • Infinity Mind™
    Infinity Mind™25 dager siden

    When your max out X1 Extreme becomes cheaper and better alternative...

  • Lost Cosmos
    Lost Cosmos25 dager siden

    Already obsolete, overpriced gaudy PoS.

  • chen fla
    chen fla26 dager siden

    This guy feels like he either drunk or high on CSGO. This is way to long for such a simple review.

  • EnderKing
    EnderKing27 dager siden

    That laptop should've been like $500-$800 maybe less

  • EnderKing


    27 dager siden

    little thing I just noticed you can get a Razer Blade for this much and put a carbon fiber Debrand skin on it

  • beurksman
    beurksman28 dager siden

    I can't with your pronunciation

  • drunken noob
    drunken noob28 dager siden

    Its PorschE ! Or do you say Nik instead of Nike?

  • Psyche Cobra
    Psyche CobraMåned siden

    1:16 I thought that was the laptop for a second

  • profix25lo
    profix25loMåned siden

    Why is it so difficult for american people to understand that you pronounce the e in german words and just don't ignore it...... Like thats just basic knowledge in my opinion

  • Valentin Fröhlich
    Valentin FröhlichMåned siden

    We need more videos from Alex!

  • Mohammad Abdulwahed
    Mohammad AbdulwahedMåned siden

    We want more videos from this guy hes good

  • Aimless
    AimlessMåned siden

    I kinda feel like clevo with carbon fiber front panel, lol

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus AlvarezMåned siden

    Says Orlando and shows a building at the beach 🙃 Orlando is landlocked 😂

  • MiroTV
    MiroTVMåned siden

    LOL Porsche ACER? Not really the most high-end computer brand to associate with your supercars.

  • Soviet Penguin
    Soviet PenguinMåned siden

    Don't forget the porche design black berry

  • Dolf Ichtertz
    Dolf IchtertzMåned siden

    Unfortunately we're expected to trust any opinion by someone who doesn't even know how to pronounce Porsche!

  • Strikd
    StrikdMåned siden

    "six point nine nine dollars"

  • Inje Kim
    Inje KimMåned siden

    1400? Thats like 1/2 mbp 16

  • eVOL UC
    eVOL UCMåned siden

    everything porsche is for girls

  • SulSal productions
    SulSal productionsMåned siden

    this laptop reminds of ones from 2016

  • Brix Zter
    Brix ZterMåned siden

    if you don't like getting chargers then you can always get something from apple.

  • Frag EightyFive
    Frag EightyFiveMåned siden

    Porsche does publicity stuff like this when they need the money. The first Audi rs3 I think it was is a good example

  • Joel Del Rosario
    Joel Del RosarioMåned siden

    7:29 *"GROVEE"*

  • Rod Munch
    Rod MunchMåned siden

    Since when is Orlando on the Atlantic ocean?

  • DuffMcDraw


    Måned siden

    Yeah I don’t know where he got that from. Its in North Miami Beach, I’ve driven past it several times.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian VisserMåned siden

    Porsche Design, leave the damn shell alone and do carbon fiber keycaps and wristpad, with LP-Mechanical switches, a Steelseries mouse (make Sensei metal again) and a Ryzen APU. And if you want to be trendy... Make it touchscreen with a 360 hinge (can rip-off Microsoft Surface duo hinge, looks and feels great)

  • Ian Visser
    Ian VisserMåned siden

    We're on TB4 already??? Why are we still using HDMI, DP, USB-A, Sata, Micro-B, Barrel connectors, etc? 1 port to rule them all please... and plenty of them.

  • Mario M
    Mario MMåned siden

    that mouse looks like absolute trash :D

  • Half-Plantain Half-man All Puertorican
    Half-Plantain Half-man All PuertoricanMåned siden

    Another cheapo outdated laptop by an out of touch company, typical marketed towards rich idiots crap

  • Peter Lowell
    Peter LowellMåned siden

    Real Porsche would make it carbon fiber but paint it to match so you couldn't tell.

  • Marc Fuchs
    Marc FuchsMåned siden

    Stop teasing me, you evil people! Showing those nice pads in all your videos while they keep being sold out. Get some new ones, damn it!

  • Julesx
    JulesxMåned siden

    Grovee? xd

  • Real
    RealMåned siden

    Are you a Porsche fan who lives and breathes the brand? Then this is for you. Kind of a throwaway review, as these laptops are not meant for the masses. Its meant for the small niche of people who afford and live/breathe the Porsche brand.

  • AckEr
    AckErMåned siden

    it's not porsh its porsche (porshah)

  • max w
    max wMåned siden

    Wat is "porsch"? I know da brand "PorschE"

  • Ak1ne Art World
    Ak1ne Art WorldMåned siden

    „porsch“ 😂

  • asp
    aspMåned siden

    Very disapointed that there wasnt a porsche as the desktop wallpaper, maybe next time acer...

  • Filip Palaš
    Filip PalašMåned siden

    why all english speaking people pronounce Porsche wrong

  • AimPizza
    AimPizzaMåned siden

    Not porsch but porsche

    VIRTUAL GAMINGMåned siden

    its called PorschE not Porsch.

  • Shashank Papireddy
    Shashank PapireddyMåned siden

    It's porsh - uh