Why Can't I Buy This??? - OnePlus Nord

Vitenskap og teknologi

OnePlus returns to their roots with their newest model the Nord, but how does it shape up to today's standards?
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  • Scott Berns
    Scott Berns5 måneder siden

    Zack at Jerryrigeverything proved the frame is made of painted plastic...

  • Mathius Eden

    Mathius Eden

    2 dager siden

    @RR Sharizam didn't realise your phone was supposed to represent your Work Formality and Professional manner 🏌️😂 for real the Mi 10t pro is amazing



    20 dager siden

    Ummmm, is this Linus tech or Linux tech the NOlocalr channel ? Forgive the name spelling but you sound just like him .

  • Emanuele Peragallo

    Emanuele Peragallo

    2 måneder siden

    @James Gerber will get more updates, the cpu is not that different since it's last year's chip, has 5g, has more ram, better camera, 90 hz screen and a bigger battery. It's overall a better phone than the 7 pro

  • Emanuele Peragallo

    Emanuele Peragallo

    2 måneder siden

    @OMNIDROID2995 Computer - HiFi - Fun yeah and an iphone costed 600 dollars back then, now oneplus budget phone is at 400 and the iphone at 999, they just adjusted

  • 9_B Bavirisetty Sai Deevan

    9_B Bavirisetty Sai Deevan

    4 måneder siden

    Yes short circuit jerry jst said like that

  • kasa
    kasa12 timer siden

    I gotta say, after I actually started using bluetooth earphones, especially true wireless, I didn't know what was I was missing. I mean for most people, even actual sound enthusiast like me, what matters more is convenience and comfort. You can't really get better than something like galaxy buds, it sits in ear really well and doesn't get loose. You can use it for sports as there's no cable, there's no tangling or yanking of the cable, even bluetooth buds that has the neck band had these problems, just to lesser degree. Not to mention true wireless gets better battery time due to case.

  • _______
    _______Dag siden

    I like how customisable the phone is, when it comes to settings. Pissed it has no inbuilt music app though

  • ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*
    ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*Dag siden

    That phone just came out recently in na soon

  • Pako Kurdo
    Pako Kurdo5 dager siden

    The frame isn't aluminum btw

  • DragonBane Rules
    DragonBane Rules5 dager siden

    i mean if some people wanna play fortnite go on youtube search how toi get 60 fps on unsupported phones and then make the 3d resolution 100% and make it medium settings and you are all set

  • Steam Mate
    Steam Mate5 dager siden

    6:40 laughs in pop up camera notchless display

  • Tommaso T
    Tommaso T9 dager siden

    Those selfies are meme material and I hope someone uses them

  • Pheonix 1307
    Pheonix 13079 dager siden

    Just got my Nord yesterday lol

  • Shailu
    Shailu9 dager siden

    It has plastic body #rails

  • RAP #GA
    RAP #GA9 dager siden

    I have it and i really like it😅👌

  • Artemis Efes
    Artemis Efes10 dager siden

    He he he, OnePlus Nerd

  • Tomi Toitturi
    Tomi Toitturi10 dager siden

    Ha watching with this with a OnePlus Nord

  • tricks Khan
    tricks Khan10 dager siden

    That is a plastic frame

  • James Shipp
    James Shipp11 dager siden

    The fact that we have got to a point where €400 is a budget phone now says a lot about how expensive phones are .

  • Gard Myhr
    Gard Myhr13 dager siden

    Man stop with these clickbait tiltles

  • 968 GAMER
    968 GAMER15 dager siden

    Did he said aluminium frame I didnt knew modern plastics components are the same of his aluminium

  • Fadlk Haq
    Fadlk Haq19 dager siden

    Hey,there is a difference between 765g and 765 Oneplus has 765g....the more powerful one

  • Rahul tech
    Rahul tech20 dager siden

    1:49 Half knowledge genius it's an plastic frame 😂😂😂 ... !

  • gaurav kumar
    gaurav kumar22 dager siden

    so, even he could not tell that the frame is plastic I'm buying the nord

  • nicee one
    nicee one23 dager siden

    9:41 I had to see that again

  • technology world
    technology world24 dager siden

    OnePlus lover

  • Axel Foley
    Axel Foley26 dager siden

    8:30 ahahah 5G support - **crys in german** you are lucky here, if you can get more then a 50k wired connection

  • Awdiwa
    Awdiwa27 dager siden

    It's a decent phone for the price. No complaints. I personally use 7 pro but couple of relatives use the Nord and they've been satisfied with it.

  • Ma Hu
    Ma Hu28 dager siden

    The USB-C is indeed not 3.1, but 2.0 sadly. Ordered mine yesterday after my S9 died in form of a dead display (without any drops or cracks or such)

  • J3r0en Steensm4
    J3r0en Steensm429 dager siden

    Dous it come with free NORD-vpn😂

  • jim mon
    jim mon29 dager siden

    Very Nice phone ❤️

  • pastichka
    pastichkaMåned siden

    Well now you know how we feel regarding Samsung's Qualcomm chipset being available only in the US.

  • Rahul Singh Chouhan
    Rahul Singh ChouhanMåned siden

    I need that phone because i have oppo 71 it is slow performance for money and i dont have big budget for new phone

  • Daniel Waas
    Daniel WaasMåned siden

    Aluminum frame?

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money NowMåned siden

    As always, quality videos right here!

  • GKGameplay CZ
    GKGameplay CZMåned siden

    400 Euroes as "budget oriented" like wtf! 400 euroes can buy you a brand new budget PC!

  • Saber__ Tooth
    Saber__ ToothMåned siden

    Using Nord. I really like it.

  • Mosstone
    MosstoneMåned siden

    Maybe OnePlus will let us jump through a bunch of stupid hoops to earn an invitation to give them our money, like they did a few years ago

  • Agent420
    Agent420Måned siden

    I dont get it,why dont these company make these premium mid range phone like nord or this year pixel with 2 or 3 years snapdragon 800 series like 820 or 821?are those 800 series legally just for flagship?

  • NitroVenom
    NitroVenom2 måneder siden

    You didn't compare the gpu with Snapdragon 845 😂🤣

  • Gavin Bunch
    Gavin Bunch2 måneder siden

    you guys banned me from your discord server because i said obama isnt real

  • Jai
    Jai2 måneder siden

    Paid negative promo

  • David Liu
    David Liu2 måneder siden

    2:29 pun not intended

  • ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *
    ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *2 måneder siden

    Its a good phone... But i prefer buying last gen Flagships for 400-500€... Atm Im using a P30 Pro that i got for 400€

  • Mickeyt57
    Mickeyt572 måneder siden

    This dude needs a sturdier desk.....

  • TurboChicken
    TurboChicken2 måneder siden

    Why do phones put so many cameras in them these days? They could've put the money somewhere else on this phone.

  • Atlas
    Atlas2 måneder siden

    Me an Asian: Maybe I am Indian.

  • Suhas Gowda
    Suhas Gowda2 måneder siden

    there is wireless charging

  • George Joseph
    George Joseph2 måneder siden

    I'm from India, in other words, I was born broke :'D One plus trying to empty our pockets that's already empty :'D

  • Flying high
    Flying high2 måneder siden

    That's what she said

  • Ștefan Mititelu
    Ștefan Mititelu2 måneder siden

    why oneplus nord is not avbile in north america?

  • Elton Zammit
    Elton Zammit2 måneder siden

    Apple user reviewing an android....

  • Jason Ascan
    Jason Ascan2 måneder siden

    10:19 Is this a The Office reference??

  • Nephillus
    Nephillus2 måneder siden

    Atleast you can buy a different Oneplus... I've wanted one for a few years and they wont sell any in Australia. Have to rely on dodgy grey importers.

  • Alice TheAlien
    Alice TheAlien2 måneder siden

    Aww, you live in North America?! I feel so f_cking much sorry for you! 🥺

  • Alice TheAlien

    Alice TheAlien

    2 måneder siden

    Shitstorm in 3, 2, 1…

  • Mr Sceptical
    Mr Sceptical2 måneder siden

    People who never produced anything useful earning money ranting with clever voices about technological masterpieces that are results of 1000’s of talented people work.

  • Ismail Firaz
    Ismail Firaz2 måneder siden

    Why is this in short circuit

  • Right Wing Safety Squad
    Right Wing Safety Squad2 måneder siden

    Phone color is sky. Called the nord. Skyrim belongs to the Nords. Damn you Todd Howard, just keeps selling it.

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter2 måneder siden

    Still prefer my K20 pro with my headphone Jack, so does the K30 pro actually...

  • Rohit Pant
    Rohit Pant2 måneder siden

    It's funny how storage is still shown as HDD graphic even today...

  • John Wick
    John Wick2 måneder siden

    so if I buy here in Asia and I travel to North America, I cannot use the dual sim (inserting a US sim)?

  • jgsk78
    jgsk782 måneder siden

    i'd love 90 hz display of this quality on my next phone, and good battery life (that's basically why I need to upgrade) because these 2 things are with you always, anytime you need to use the phone, anytime you need to look at your phone.. add reliability and smooth performance and looks like an good package for the money. as for built.. my experience with gear 4 case is so good, i'm not worried about a phone snapping in half with one of those on.. me like

  • Chirag
    Chirag2 måneder siden

    Hehehe India go brrr

  • Supriya Jhaldiyal
    Supriya Jhaldiyal2 måneder siden

    He's completely looking like Kane Williamson 😂😂

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore3 måneder siden

    Seeing your mug in every thumbnail makes me uncomfortable and it should make you uncomfortable too.. I’d unsubscribe but you actually make good videos. But that goddamn thumbnail portrait shit has damn near almost made me unsubscribe

  • dr.pradeep m m
    dr.pradeep m m3 måneder siden

    you are right about bluetooth 👌🏻💐

  • wanderer .advaith
    wanderer .advaith3 måneder siden

    From we're can we buy there case

  • Faizan
    Faizan3 måneder siden

    Thats it! No china now its india

  • Waxa 38
    Waxa 383 måneder siden

    Would be a great phone if there wasn't a lack of a headphone jack.

  • Alexandros Dimitrios Kapsalas
    Alexandros Dimitrios Kapsalas3 måneder siden

    frame is plastic bro

  • Saurabh
    Saurabh3 måneder siden

    This guy looks exactly like Linux tech tip, must be his twin brother or smth

  • TempestuousD
    TempestuousD3 måneder siden

    Because yours a spoilt fussy, picky, smarty pants?

  • Muhammed Zain
    Muhammed Zain3 måneder siden

    just for the info it has a plastic frame not aluminum

    Dédé LABINOUZE3 måneder siden

    "That's a good looking little package."

  • Rayyan Shah
    Rayyan Shah3 måneder siden

    it doesn't have an aluminium frame it's plastic but since you couldn't make it out, it must be really good.

  • ErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyit
    ErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyit3 måneder siden


  • Gabriel Sansores
    Gabriel Sansores3 måneder siden

    Not available in usa, canada but i get it from aliexpress in global version and using it in México :) for 360 usd

  • iPressW
    iPressW3 måneder siden

    4:50 whats a maco camera

  • Pratik Dhodade
    Pratik Dhodade3 måneder siden

    They won't make flagship killer phones because they make flagship phones.

  • Sahil Kapoor
    Sahil Kapoor3 måneder siden

    Pun not intended

  • Dish
    Dish3 måneder siden

    Linus you can change your Google Chrome to dark mode so the camera won't show.

  • Tech Dot
    Tech Dot3 måneder siden


  • Tech Dot
    Tech Dot3 måneder siden


  • Tech Dot
    Tech Dot3 måneder siden


  • Meharab Rahman
    Meharab Rahman3 måneder siden

    1:50...Aluminium frame(wrong) it has plastic frame...

  • Abubaker Farooq
    Abubaker Farooq3 måneder siden

    All the reviews go in the favour of OnePlus. They invested a phone for dis. In the same price u can have pocox2 or mi better phones even oppo Reno 4 pro is much better. Totally useless phone.

  • AZOR • Tributes & Trailers
    AZOR • Tributes & Trailers3 måneder siden

    I have a oneplus 5t is it worth upgrading?

  • Explore the world
    Explore the world3 måneder siden

    Build is bad.

  • Tushar Koirala
    Tushar Koirala3 måneder siden

    Question : Why can't I buy this - Oneplus Nord Answer : Bcoz You have no money😂

  • Microsoft Windows 95
    Microsoft Windows 953 måneder siden

    I never knew Linus did phone reviews, especially on my favourite mobile brands!

  • Kumar Yashashwi Thakur
    Kumar Yashashwi Thakur3 måneder siden

    bro frame is plastic!

  • kenneth sørensen
    kenneth sørensen3 måneder siden

    i have one, but i would gladly cut away 4 of the cameras for a lower price or faster processor og larger battery

  • Anuraag Vinod Kumar
    Anuraag Vinod Kumar3 måneder siden

    kane williamson

  • Ardelius :0
    Ardelius :03 måneder siden

    I got a oneplus nord ad on this vid

  • Notok Zone
    Notok Zone3 måneder siden

    You cannot have every flagship phone feature in a budget phone. BUDGET PHONE...Get it!!!! Then why is every youtuber complaiming about it!!!!

  • Akshat Mishra
    Akshat Mishra3 måneder siden

    Dear sir have you ever heard of Snapdragon 600 or 400 series, well these are considered budget series processor in India and many other places. One plus nord is not considered as budget friendly, so please don't use such words like budget friendly with these type of devices.

  • NinjaGamerUSA
    NinjaGamerUSA4 måneder siden

    5 cameras on the back, 2 cameras on the front, 5g, tiny bezels, high-refresh screen. All for 400 Euros (under $500 US). And he complains that you have to plug it in to charge.

  • Y AB

    Y AB

    6 dager siden

    2 mediocre cameras on the back, one useful camera on the front ***

  • __tomsjohn


    20 dager siden

    Actually 2 useful

  • NinjaGamerUSA


    2 måneder siden

    @kim jisoo You actually use the front camera? Selfies are lame and video chat on phones sucks even with a good camera.

  • Akshay Mathur

    Akshay Mathur

    2 måneder siden

    @kim jisoo i think main front camera is decent..but ultrawide sucks

  • kim jisoo

    kim jisoo

    2 måneder siden

    We can't forget front camera. It just sucks.

  • David Freeman
    David Freeman4 måneder siden

    400 is budget? Me looking at my $150 phone.....

  • Ronit Suresh
    Ronit Suresh4 måneder siden

    And the title says “ why can’t I buy this???”.😑

  • HardHitter OVE
    HardHitter OVE4 måneder siden

    Ihave poco f2 pro and s20 ultra from 60hz and 120hz is not a extremely improvement

  • A Railfan
    A Railfan4 måneder siden

    It's not USB 3.1, It is 2.0.

  • Vitus Essendrop Kühl
    Vitus Essendrop Kühl4 måneder siden

    It isn't aluminium frame its plastic

  • GoneFishingStories
    GoneFishingStories4 måneder siden

    Sadly i need a 3.5 mm jack to use the AUX in my 2010 car... And i use my phone ALoT in the car... So sadly a no go...

  • GoneFishingStories


    3 måneder siden

    @Mr H yes that makes sence... or not...

  • Mr H

    Mr H

    3 måneder siden

    Get a 2015 + car and use Bluetooth lol

  • HBTmbh
    HBTmbh4 måneder siden

    Tbh I still Run on their one plus 3T It's from 2016 it's give me what i need for my Daily day Like playing bloons tower Def 6 and makes calls :D