Why buy a $1,300 iPod? - FiiO M15 Music Player

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Aren't all smartphones essentially portable music players now? FiiO thinks they can do something better but is it worth $1300???
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  • electrix10
    electrix10Dag siden

    Yeah, it's basically a shit expensive product

  • cooper williams
    cooper williamsDag siden

    He didn’t even mention that it can power 600 ohm headphones 😅

  • I'm a Human
    I'm a HumanDag siden

    This isn't a yelling Australian.

  • WastedWizard
    WastedWizard2 dager siden

    Dankpods sends their regards.

  • Who am I
    Who am I2 dager siden

    Expensive garbage i would say

  • volacticgorgon
    volacticgorgon4 dager siden

    The screen protector's for the back

  • Chris Faircloth
    Chris Faircloth4 dager siden

    $1200 and USB 2 hard pass

  • HonorBound
    HonorBound5 dager siden

    Blipung hell Britney Spears is still alive...

  • Liam O'Donnell
    Liam O'Donnell6 dager siden

    Learning some audio electro-engineering from James here.

  • twinkmaster2
    twinkmaster27 dager siden

    Its probably so expensive because they know how few they are going to sell

  • Just A Pair of Legs
    Just A Pair of Legs7 dager siden

    I wasn’t expecting war thunder to sponsor a Linus tech tips btw it’s gonna btw it’s a great game run by a shit company

  • TheBandicoot
    TheBandicoot7 dager siden

    Why buy a FiiO when the Walkman still exists? Sony. Every time.

  • TheHighTower
    TheHighTower8 dager siden

    One thing to note about the M15, it does NOT sound the best out of the box, you will need to burn in the device a bit and the details will definitely start popping out.

  • Zynth
    Zynth8 dager siden

    I simply can't handle the sight of those cables being so fucked 😂 I always make sure that the cable on my Grados stay straight and aligned correctly and seeing that was like a big smack to the face 🤣

  • Style and Stuff of Life
    Style and Stuff of Life8 dager siden

    Great review and hands on. FiiO's product line has evolved towards premium over the past couple of years. One of those Chinese brands that delivers 'blue ribbon' quality in their DACs, Amps, and DAPs. I added a simple K3 DAC/Amp to my MacBook Pro 2017 and it makes all my headphones deliver more power and depth with significant enhancement. Not bad for $99. For more budget conscious audiophiles, the M15 is certainly out of reach (me for example) but I do get exceptional mileage from my M9. There's still a kick ass DAC in there. I don't listen to music on my iPhone any more unless I don't have a choice.

  • Gunther McCullough
    Gunther McCullough8 dager siden

    That thing built like a hostess cake bruh.

  • Nuclear Geek
    Nuclear Geek9 dager siden

    Referencing Britney Spears AND Dr. Dre in the same video just feels wrong.

  • DaveMcIroy
    DaveMcIroy10 dager siden

    That's the deal breaker with these high end player. A couple of hundred dollars and no internal storage is just a big fuck you from the company.

  • Jiub Boatman
    Jiub Boatman10 dager siden

    Expensive and nice are not synonyms.

  • NymezWoW
    NymezWoW10 dager siden

    Imagine selling a 1300$ music player with 64GB storage in 2020.

  • Vibeman 3005
    Vibeman 300510 dager siden

    9:08 why do I hear a robot😂

  • Thorn
    Thorn10 dager siden

    if i hade $1300 i'd buy one

  • Max1492
    Max149211 dager siden

    your description of balanced cable applies to normal balanced cables for things like microphones, but not for headphones. Headphone balanced cables do not work the way you said. They do not have differential signals...they just have separated ground. Not impervious to external RF noise.

  • rossMoHaX
    rossMoHaX12 dager siden

    14.5 minutes audio device review. Audio listening experience description: 1 minute.

  • Ryan Twomey
    Ryan Twomey12 dager siden

    yeah 64gb on a 1,300$ device is a fucking dealbreaker

  • soupistasty5
    soupistasty512 dager siden

    James, the FiiO M15 is a bit overpriced for what you get (outdated UI, literally uses a 2 1/2 year old mobile chip, etc) and doesn't sound as good as their own lower model the M11 Pro (likely due to it's THX certification). For $100 less than the M15 - the iBasso DX300 gives you a modern mobile Cpu, UI and display with a fast, snappy interface just like your latest flagship mobile phones & the incredible sound of a Quad-DAC ! Best of both worlds.

  • Alin Marinescu
    Alin Marinescu12 dager siden

    This was painful to watch

  • Slap Ninja
    Slap Ninja13 dager siden

    It is not a phone But it does have a fairly clear version of android on it

  • MonikerAddict
    MonikerAddict13 dager siden

    You could also buy their M7 which is less than $100 and for the average person is functionally equivalent.

  • Rajat Kamal Chauhan
    Rajat Kamal Chauhan13 dager siden

    Dankpods assemble

  • bitie123
    bitie12313 dager siden

    Me when biden drops that stimulus

  • Brookler
    Brookler13 dager siden

    This turned into a TechQuickie half way through wtf

  • Hasnain Haider
    Hasnain Haider14 dager siden


  • p4rp
    p4rp15 dager siden

    Now that's some stinky power

  • Ben Zo
    Ben Zo15 dager siden

    People that don't stream are living in 1996

  • TooRandomEnvi
    TooRandomEnvi15 dager siden

    64gb should be illegal for a dedicated music player at this price range

  • Sushant Kadam
    Sushant Kadam15 dager siden

    It's refreshing to watch something other than PC/mobile stuff (I love that stuff too!).

  • o o
    o o16 dager siden


  • Fabian Hess
    Fabian Hess17 dager siden

    So technically it's a 1300$ Smartphone but instead of the phone functionality you'll get slightly better sounding music. Who tf would spend that amount of money on this instead of a Flagship phone?

  • Elk


    6 dager siden

    Actually, it can run higher impedance headphones then your flagship can, and thus you can run far better headphones then your smartphone can. I personally like to just use my old ipod touch as my music device, since I don't want to keep my music library on my phone eating up all the space but if you really care about good audio you would buy something like this. I'm not saying that its worth the money or you have to have it, but if you don't understand why someone would buy it you have probably never heard good audio in your life.

  • custom rig's
    custom rig's17 dager siden

    Reason why it have dual amp is so that there is no cross talk when you use trrs ( balanced/4.4mm )

  • custom rig's

    custom rig's

    17 dager siden

    Got the M11 my self and use the 4.4 almost all the time

  • Not a Panther
    Not a Panther18 dager siden

    Ah finally a good game.

  • Benjamin Auer
    Benjamin Auer19 dager siden

    64gb is a joke using lossless..

    VALLEY19 dager siden

    i remember like Nokia and stuff had 2.5mm but, wtf is 4.4mm? I know of 3.5 and 6.3 but, 4.4? wha

  • MrHamit64
    MrHamit6419 dager siden

    So how studio gear like is this thing? How honest does it really sound?

  • nathan mason
    nathan mason19 dager siden

    PoRtAbLe T1s

  • EpicMega MSG Kat
    EpicMega MSG Kat20 dager siden

    What do you think about the Fiio mk3?

  • Gabriel Aguilera
    Gabriel Aguilera21 dag siden

    Think it's time to upgrade my x7mk2

  • Muhittin Can Korkut
    Muhittin Can Korkut22 dager siden

    Delete can be useful sometimes. Say you want to delete music you got bored. This happened to my dad many times in the past and we had to delete them kinda manuaaly. But if he haf this kind of player, he could just listen to all the songs one by one and delete which song he doesnt like

  • Jaafar Alsalman
    Jaafar Alsalman22 dager siden

    half of the video time, you talked about the buttons 🤔

  • Mario Ostojić
    Mario Ostojić22 dager siden

    can it play video .mp4 on that beautifull screen?

  • Daniel Pan
    Daniel Pan22 dager siden

    James it's okay they're 90s bands. We're old.

  • Glennius
    Glennius23 dager siden

    11:05 euhi think you meant AC there james :p a DC *Direct* Current cable doesn't fluxuates an AC *Alternating* Current does fluxuate

  • Big Red
    Big Red25 dager siden

    $1300 what a fking rip off. Should be a gold box to that price? Who the fk would carry that brick around???

  • marito_yo
    marito_yo25 dager siden


  • MementoMori2070
    MementoMori207025 dager siden

    I wish I had close to $700 to spend on an iPod

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg26 dager siden

    I would definitely buy one of these for $300... ...Doesn't sound like I'll be getting a dedicated portable Amp any time soon.

  • KristianH1986
    KristianH198626 dager siden

    the ''mikey i think he likes it' reference had me tormented for hours trying to recall where it was from. thanks for that

  • 假作真時真亦假
    假作真時真亦假26 dager siden

    Erection types: Constantly on Pulsing Off

  • desmond wong
    desmond wong26 dager siden

    12mins in before mention of the sound quality. Honestly, the point of this device, is sound reproduction quality. You could of left a link to an audiophile review. Im disappointed

  • FreddyBoyBoy
    FreddyBoyBoy27 dager siden

    Me- (10 minutes into the video.)But how does it sounds?!!!

  • SpiCE Boi
    SpiCE Boi27 dager siden

    d a n k p o d s

  • Steven Randall
    Steven Randall28 dager siden

    Me to me: why do you always want things you cant have? I gotta get a FLAC player that can handle my "good" headphones man

  • Pinski
    Pinski28 dager siden

    the audio on this video sounds weird

    SHREERAAMPLAYS28 dager siden

    I came from dankpods

  • Smorfar
    Smorfar29 dager siden

    "When Pause 4 Porno comes on" lmfao

  • tHaH4x0r
    tHaH4x0rMåned siden

    11:10 there's so much wrong with what you are saying, it isn't even funny. Firstly, a DC power cable does not have fluctuating currents and thus does not cause any EM interference. Also, 'regular' 3.5mm jack cables have a grounded braided or foil sleeve to shield the two signal cables inside. The two signal cables both go to either the left or right respectively, and those signals return via the sleeve back to the device. Balancing outputs (or inputs) makes sense to reject common mode noise introduced by for example power supply ripple. I should also mention, that any noise coupled onto your headphone cable will be insignificant, since it is terminated into a very low ohmic load. To put it in other terms, the impedance of headphones is so low, that any induced voltage cannot create enough voltage to drive the speakers. In my professional opinion as an electrical engineer I can tell you that they are kind of an audiophool scam, as are many other things in the high end audio business. It purely comes from that high end studiuo gear uses balanced connections a lot, because microphones etc are sensitive to this because of their high impedance nature, and cables can be multiple 10s of meters long. There are certain cases where it might make a difference, for example extremely high impedance headphones (ex. electrostatic headphones) or if you have some sort of ground coupling issue, which can couple ground supply noise into the ground of your circuit, differential amplification takes care of this by having a higher rejection ratio. If you are using a properly designed amplifier, have no grounding issues (you shouldn't) or are using a battery powered device, plus not using any super exotic headphones, it is totally unnecessary and impossible to hear the difference. Coupled noise is probably far below the noise floor of the DAC never mind the range of human hearing. The only truly reasonable reasoning I can fathom for balanced outputs on a portable device, is to be able to attain twice the output voltage swing with the same supply voltage. Essentially being able to drive your headphones louder.

  • Budi Setiawan
    Budi SetiawanMåned siden

    Mending rakit pc

  • Jake Smith
    Jake SmithMåned siden

    wasted money.

  • The Agamer
    The AgamerMåned siden

    I mean if you be paying 1300 dollars for a music player, you should not be bothered with the 1 to cards price

  • omeee
    omeeeMåned siden

    That is the worst audio review I have seen. The reason it is expensive is the sound. Where is the sound review?

  • Rotty T
    Rotty TMåned siden

    Yeah... Why?

  • Bernice Gardner
    Bernice GardnerMåned siden

    The loving antarctica intradurally regret because disadvantage previously roll athwart a automatic behavior. murky, awake tin

  • Jai Bahal
    Jai BahalMåned siden

    they paid you guys, didn't they?

  • TheGloriousPotato
    TheGloriousPotatoMåned siden

    can I have it

  • Xadithy
    XadithyMåned siden

    The mobile desktop dac with an android in it

  • Jhon Tavarish
    Jhon TavarishMåned siden

    Bro, DC is not alternating

  • GoreyIs WiredUp
    GoreyIs WiredUpMåned siden

    We need Dankpods to review this

  • grilin18
    grilin18Måned siden

    After getting into audio and watching this video it kinda hurts to listen to him butcher the explanation for xlr since the 3 prong xlr is single ended and only 4 pin is balanced. Balanced is only possible with 2 grounds, and the weirdest part is I think balanced is mostly snake oil outside of power delivery and professional settings, so why is this annoying me so much?!?

  • SidewindeR
    SidewindeRMåned siden

    James really likes the stuff he's reviewing and that's the reason why his reviews are interesting to watch.

  • Adrian Untalan
    Adrian UntalanMåned siden

    What's a headphone jack?

  • Kris
    KrisMåned siden

    1:17 you could see the laugh oh so close lol

  • JacRhisiart
    JacRhisiartMåned siden

    the H E M P S!!

  • Mattia's Channel
    Mattia's ChannelMåned siden

    My dad got That as a Gift and only Uses it to Play Candy crush

  • TomButFishy
    TomButFishyMåned siden

    You better use the hu duh six hunge ohs by old mate upside downy

  • Keyan OD
    Keyan ODMåned siden

    This dude doesn't do it the justice dankpods did it

  • ziyang zhang
    ziyang zhangMåned siden

    M15 is much better than SE200. m15 have a good experience, it's like a another version of sp2000, but the different is:m15 have better phone output, it have a bigger thrust, and sp2000 is clean,gentle and tranquil. M15 have a full android system then you can install much apps, but sp2000 can only a bit of music apps.

  • Matthias Archer
    Matthias ArcherMåned siden

    The big nugget returns

  • TheTyisAwesome
    TheTyisAwesomeMåned siden

    James really is one of the most enjoyable to watch and even listen to.

  • exonax
    exonaxMåned siden

    Looks like someone’s been watching a bit of dank pods

  • SeriousGamer753
    SeriousGamer753Måned siden

    James mentioning Britney Spears instagram made me go down a whole rabbit hole. Thanks James

  • teddy
    teddyMåned siden

    free britney

  • Ian Fullen
    Ian FullenMåned siden

    James really described how the shuffle feature works on every device that plays music

  • Little Karl
    Little KarlMåned siden

    You dumbo the screen protecter is the back glass, if you have ever owned an ipod, you know why

  • Confusing Gameplays
    Confusing GameplaysMåned siden

    Hey a Australian audiophile/music enthusiast also reviewed those Headphones and That Media his name is DANKPODS

  • Veera
    Veera2 måneder siden

    DC cable for EMI EMC issues? ... OH MY FARADAY ! ...

  • The sad latte
    The sad latte2 måneder siden

    the screen protector is for the back glass. they expect you to have it laying on its back most of the time.

  • Jacob Martínez
    Jacob Martínez2 måneder siden

    kinda of an important think that you skipped is that it supports up to 600 ohms which is crazy considering the size and all the things that you can use it for, if you see some DAC's some cost as much but they aren't as small nor cool, I think is a very cool product, for more technicalities maybe you want to see Dank Pods review on this

  • Jamie Loppy
    Jamie Loppy2 måneder siden

    Are you ducking kidding me about asking confirmation? Why cannot any Windows OS's after 3.1 just do it right? YOU'RE GONE!! If you did not want to delete it, than you should have used a RAID setup. No more GD excuses. I remove EVERY confirmation delete prompt in EVERY program that does file management. Have to love modifying the INI file. GET THE F OFF MY DEVICE

  • Felipe Films
    Felipe Films2 måneder siden

    Most expensive piece of crap I've ever seen!

  • Hedgehog's Right of Passage
    Hedgehog's Right of Passage2 måneder siden

    Help PLEASE ! How do I change language? My Fiio M9 is in Japanese ,so I can't understand instructions. Please if you know..