Who paid $2000 for THIS...? - WALKCAR

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Personal transportation devices aren't exactly new, but I'm not sure if it's the IT item everyone is looking to buy to use every day, especially when it's $2000.
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  • Mitchell Brusseau
    Mitchell Brusseau4 timer siden

    I've been on segways those are cool but this this even I don't get

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden4 timer siden

    They’re assuming sidewalks are perfect

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden4 timer siden

    It’s moves like a wheelchair

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden4 timer siden

    It’s a terrible idea but lets do it the best way possible. That’s exactly what the said about The Walking Dead TV show and why the first season only has 6 episodes. Look how that turned out.

  • Clash Devil
    Clash Devil10 timer siden

    It's gonna be hella uncomfortable. You can walk for an hour but you can stand for an hour

  • Tetravoxium
    TetravoxiumDag siden

    Just get a boosted board

  • Liam Bonnyai
    Liam BonnyaiDag siden

    This would be a better product if it was remote controlled

  • Matti Mulari
    Matti MulariDag siden

    That is like a death sentence

  • nandithya dwiphoyudo
    nandithya dwiphoyudoDag siden

    Seeing this remind me of air gear.

  • Jonathan Boring
    Jonathan BoringDag siden

    Would much rather have a One Wheel.

  • NotMuchHere27709
    NotMuchHere277092 dager siden

    does it work on a gravel road?

  • NotMuchHere27709
    NotMuchHere277092 dager siden

    how do you impress the ladies if you hide your "pants bulge "? (Either) ridge wallet sponsor

  • Todor Katsarski
    Todor Katsarski2 dager siden

    I'm impressed by the build quality!

    JON HAM HANDS2 dager siden

    its clearly one of those things from elementary school we used to scoot around on

  • Bulvine Scatologist
    Bulvine Scatologist2 dager siden

    TWO Thousands $$$$ I wonder what they are smoking. Because they are in the ozone.

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide3 dager siden

    As always, quality videos right here!

  • Pankaj Doharey
    Pankaj Doharey3 dager siden

    This is a good product idea but needs improvement.

  • cyanidearsenic
    cyanidearsenic3 dager siden

    I swear we played with them in gym class? Like, they were plastic and brightly coloured and I think had a handle maybe? But you'd scoot about on them in, like, elementary school in the late 90s/early 2000s in the US?

  • Jazzmanpac
    Jazzmanpac4 dager siden

    Very smart idea to recommend this to older people who's general health issues come from not moving around enough. There is no way this product will make it - it is just too silly and unpractical, feet are close together so forget about any sort of balance and those tiny wheels are just waiting to cause an accident on uneven surface - lawyers get ready for turn around higher than from the product itself. The funniest part is the price - it makes me believe that this whole video and product is just one giant joke. Even if this was $200 I would still have a problem understanding its practicality.

    ADRENELINEDUDE4 dager siden

    $2k for a board that has wheels on it? What? Genuinely, what?

  • David Goedicke
    David Goedicke5 dager siden

    Maybe it’s for driving your Mack Pro around?

  • Dell Goodman
    Dell Goodman5 dager siden

    Useless, over price new tech. Guess being the first you add a unrealistic price tag. Would rather spend money on a e scooter or a e skateboard over this.

  • Al Dolega
    Al Dolega6 dager siden

    Seems like a really bad idea, beautifully executed.

  • Tomy No paga
    Tomy No paga6 dager siden

    I just brought a 125cc brand new motorcycle for just $850 dlls lol

  • Mozzi
    Mozzi6 dager siden

    These guys clearly coped the grand tours video from the airport 😂

  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg6 dager siden

    Like, like like. Like like, Like. Like, like. LIKE. LIke LikE lIke LikE LIKe LikE Jesus Christ stop saying "like" three times per sentence.

  • 2011Kestrel
    2011Kestrel7 dager siden

    For that price it had better come with “genuine Saskatchewan sealskin bindings.”

  • Mahmood Mohanad
    Mahmood Mohanad8 dager siden

    Just walk like human Thanks me later

  • Gokul S
    Gokul S8 dager siden

    It's like, someone removed the digital weighing scale, put motors & office wheels... After seeing this I was like “dumb sh!t”.

  • GoinManta
    GoinManta8 dager siden

    If your a 5'1" Japanese man.. its probably a different experience .

  • Felix Belanger
    Felix Belanger9 dager siden

    3:44 lol... come on Alex... You know damn well it's most certainly just regular T6

  • The_Cosmo
    The_Cosmo9 dager siden

    There are a zillion better options for low-profile urban mobility than this. The one wheel is bigger but a ton better than this.

  • Zane Wong
    Zane Wong9 dager siden

    Is Sex Wax for sex?

  • thebahooplamaster
    thebahooplamaster9 dager siden

    So.... it’s a $2,000 hoverboard..?

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person10 dager siden

    Just learn to skate 😂😂😂

  • Fionn
    Fionn10 dager siden

    300 dollar electric skateboards crying in the corner

  • Makooo 111
    Makooo 11110 dager siden

    nobody ever heard of electric skateboard or what ???

  • Why We Love Film
    Why We Love Film10 dager siden

    *”It’s what you put on your surfboard for traction.......it’s not lube.”* 😂😂😂 I can’t believe you said that. I can’t stop laughing...

    HAMSTY THE HAMSTER11 dager siden

    "16pm/h carbon fiber monocoque f1 car"

  • Theshen Thaver
    Theshen Thaver11 dager siden

    It be cool if the wheels came off

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom11 dager siden

    Thats basically a battery powered skateboard that looks 1000x worse, lmao

  • wichtel1992
    wichtel199211 dager siden

    This is something for your „Kickfarted“ series...

  • RC2225
    RC222511 dager siden

    Just get a foldable scooter. Its safer, easy to carry and you dont look like an idiot who stands on a plant caddy.

  • allan paxton
    allan paxton11 dager siden

    Wouldn’t a hoverboard be cheaper?!

  • David Littlefair
    David Littlefair11 dager siden

    He talks like a Californian teenage girl, everything has a horrible inflection at the end of it.

  • Nico Locatelli
    Nico Locatelli11 dager siden

    Really impressed about the torque of these tiny motors...

  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite11 dager siden

    The stance is exactly why I like One Wheel over any of the other hoverboard designs. Having one foot in front of the other, spread out and able to lean your whole body. It's way more natural looking than the horrible 'Segway Stance' that this thing has.

  • Frederik Møller
    Frederik Møller12 dager siden

    Skate ramp

  • Eric Petry
    Eric Petry12 dager siden

    Richard Hammond made one on the grand tour like 2 years ago. Made out of laptop and battery only difference he had a controller for the speed control

  • Ajax Khan
    Ajax Khan12 dager siden

    Whatever u got a Subscribe :)

  • Daniel Irvine
    Daniel Irvine12 dager siden

    _We are so fucking close to airbladez_

  • merseyless
    merseyless12 dager siden

    My boi gets on it and can only use ascending tone to describe it.

  • Jack
    Jack12 dager siden

    I LMAO’d at the 10° incline 6:28

  • Sky NightZ
    Sky NightZ13 dager siden

    It's pressure. You don't have to lift your toe up. Squat to slow down (weight goes on heels)



    12 dager siden

    When I squat with my feet close together, I transfer weight to my toes. If I squat feet apart, I can transfer weight to my heel, but I'm super unbalanced. He does understand you don't have to fully lift your foot up, he explained how the sensors work by detecting pressure, but he rode it and said you have less balance while trying to slow down. End of story.

  • GZazeeSX
    GZazeeSX13 dager siden

    That cost as much as some used cars

  • Dan Barrera
    Dan Barrera13 dager siden

    Yes Alex!!! At 8:44, he says "no damping" instead of "no dampening" which most people would say. No damping means it has no mechanism to reduce oscillations in the suspension. No dampening would mean that it doesn't make something wet.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR13 dager siden

    Well, my grandma is in need for a new hip, so this is the perfect gift for her.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR13 dager siden

    This is stupid and if it's meant for the rich market, than that proves having a society that allows people to be rich is unethical.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR13 dager siden

    $2,000 for a board on wheels... we live in a parody.

  • Roach DoggJR

    Roach DoggJR

    13 dager siden

    Oh I'm sorry, it has a lithium battery and some electric motors... my bad...

  • tin wan Lau
    tin wan Lau14 dager siden

    If it were controlled with a one handed joystick instead of pressure sensors you’d probably feel more in control. But that stance and the lack of feedback makes it pretty terrible to control

  • Piére
    Piére14 dager siden

    a slab with caster wheels

  • Edward Ortiz
    Edward Ortiz14 dager siden


  • Hyper Miracle Positive Girl
    Hyper Miracle Positive Girl15 dager siden

    Oh no, this literally looks like the 'skateboard' unbox therapy made with the apple wheels

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman15 dager siden

    The Jetsons! Remember that? 😅

  • Rumpelstiltskin
    Rumpelstiltskin15 dager siden

    E bike and personal transport is a really interesting category of videos I’d love to see more

  • MarkkuPoika
    MarkkuPoika15 dager siden

    The first overpriced scale that helps you to gain weight.

  • feral kitten
    feral kitten16 dager siden

    someone else tested this too, yeah? or you tried a different pair of shoes? are you sure problem wasn't partially your boots?

  • thebetatester800
    thebetatester80016 dager siden

    What's with these "kee low grahams"? I only recognize Freedom Units.

  • Arc 247
    Arc 24716 dager siden

    Now compare it to a 2k electric longboard, a One Wheel, and a folding e-bike!

  • Scotticus Fake-Namicus
    Scotticus Fake-Namicus16 dager siden

    I love how the price tag is when he lost the whole crew. LOL

  • Josh D
    Josh D17 dager siden

    When the broke the gasket I had a small mental breakdown

  • trunkmonkee247
    trunkmonkee24717 dager siden

    What no Vessi footwear?! That’s his problem.

  • Talib Kamal
    Talib Kamal17 dager siden

    Alex pulled a Jerryrigeverything

  • Lukaroast
    Lukaroast17 dager siden

    bahahaha, what absolute garbage

  • Tony Yu
    Tony Yu17 dager siden

    Yea, I could see a lot of people use it in SF here... rich people that have no brain... :wink:

  • allobern
    allobern18 dager siden

    dude, we had those at gym class in elementary school.... we were sitting on it and crushing our fingers

  • E Borg
    E Borg18 dager siden

    Kudos for "7075 Al, meaningless if you dont know the temper"

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips18 dager siden

    That is such a dumb, unsafe product.

  • KRN0530
    KRN053018 dager siden

    This is just ripped from an episode of top gear. At least Hammond’s version doubled as a laptop.

  • Steffen Stengård Villadsen
    Steffen Stengård Villadsen18 dager siden

    For ultra compact i think some kind of electric skates would provide more confidence. Could you repurpose the device?

  • Yannick Gilbert
    Yannick Gilbert18 dager siden

    could the fact that your shoes were not flat soled affect how it was behaving?

  • Tom John
    Tom John18 dager siden

    TF did I just watch?

  • Matthew Hays
    Matthew Hays19 dager siden

    Typically really like your videos... but the audio editing on this was all over the place... feedback with the best intentions... consistent loudness is appreciated in talking head pieces.

  • Ross_ UK
    Ross_ UK19 dager siden

    I am 111.13 KG. I am too fat for it LOL . But still watching with interest.

  • Stephen Tack
    Stephen Tack19 dager siden

    Send it to AVE!

  • Kevin Elston
    Kevin Elston20 dager siden

    me watching at 3x speed wondering how he is moving that fast with that much precision

  • Dingo Prod
    Dingo Prod20 dager siden

    that must be a scam like escobar inc phones

  • Bunnhole
    Bunnhole20 dager siden

    So this is a shitty, overpriced hoverboard basically.

  • Honse
    Honse20 dager siden

    We did the math... as long as we can get like 10 youtubers to buy the product for 2K we will break even!

  • J Player
    J Player20 dager siden

    So, Apple is making skates now?

  • Shlompus
    Shlompus20 dager siden

    I’d take the Polaris lol

  • toygun12345
    toygun1234520 dager siden

    i really like this not strictly pc related but still tech review! keep doing more strange/new gadgets!

  • Mark Cahalan
    Mark Cahalan20 dager siden

    It was probably made with much smaller people in mind once you consider that it's from Japan

  • Michael Pozzobon
    Michael Pozzobon20 dager siden

    Please do more stuff like this - That was great!

  • 01srob
    01srob20 dager siden

    Real question, who wired his jaw shut. It’s off putting to watch him talk.

  • BloodnutXcom
    BloodnutXcom20 dager siden

    More cool transportation gadgets please!

  • Griffin
    Griffin20 dager siden

    This thing is crap.

  • Alexandria M.
    Alexandria M.20 dager siden

    Lol I really only watch for Alex and Anthony 😭

  • てんかみなり
    てんかみなり21 dag siden

    I don't think it's usable in Japan. 1) self-driven transport requires license plate. 2) most places have steeper slopes than where you tested.

  • werdwerdus
    werdwerdus21 dag siden

    i think it possibly works better with much smaller people