Were these made as a JOKE??? - Grado Hemp Headphones

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Hemp culture is strong and alive as there are a ton of uses for the material, but what about headphones?
Check out the Grado Hemp Headphones at lmg.gg/4NrkG
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  • Thomas Diaz
    Thomas Diaz16 timer siden

    Watching this while high was especially rewarding, thank you. Love my 2002 Grado SR80’s, but $420 buys an Audeze LCD-1!

  • Scott Mallett
    Scott Mallett3 dager siden

    You should watch Dankpods video on the Hemps and how to make the head piece work for you....

  • TheMajorBlock
    TheMajorBlock3 dager siden

    Lol he just brushed over $420. Blaze it.

  • darek4488
    darek44884 dager siden

    It's amazing how shit the cable is for the price of these.

  • PS1 Hagrid
    PS1 Hagrid6 dager siden

    the currency of Vietnam is the dong, think about that

  • Goodman 4525
    Goodman 45256 dager siden

    My dad's SR80 is still going strong and it's got the exact same things except the weed cups lol

  • dotnex
    dotnex7 dager siden

    DankPods would be pissed

  • The Arrayz
    The Arrayz10 dager siden

    Kinda look cheap besides the headband and earphones themselves.

  • MosoKaiser
    MosoKaiser14 dager siden

    0:20 Probably pointed out down in the comments many times already, but Grado started out way back in 1953, though didn't make their first headphones until 1991, when they came with the SR100, SR200 and SR300 models.

  • ツViktør
    ツViktør14 dager siden

    those headphones cost as much as my whole pc...

  • Raider0001
    Raider000115 dager siden

    cant wear small on ear headphones coz it hurts my ear

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo15 dager siden

    He talks about everything except the sound quality on a product that is used to listen to audio.

  • Hagen Meyer
    Hagen Meyer16 dager siden

    Ew who would buy 400$ on ear headphones

  • Pro720HyperMaster720
    Pro720HyperMaster72017 dager siden

    I’m simply not an on-ear guy, they make my ears hurt after a short period of time very most of the times

  • ritwik mitra
    ritwik mitra19 dager siden

    Probably you are the first reviewer who found a Grado which doesn't leak! 😀

  • Mohammad Faramarzian
    Mohammad Faramarzian20 dager siden

    love you man but I don't know why you do headphones. Not your thing.

  • Tiago Ribeiro Photography
    Tiago Ribeiro Photography21 dag siden

    What's the background music?? Been looking forever for it D:

  • TFG177
    TFG17722 dager siden

    Someone call DankPods

  • Lukjam1
    Lukjam122 dager siden

    It is so funny. James and DankPod making the same content, but Dankpod has the Aussie bonus soooooooo. But yeah, maybe a collab soon?

  • Grungble
    Grungble24 dager siden

    why did you have to bring up Cleveland Ohio, I created I riot against you when I heard this.

  • Jachin Wilson
    Jachin Wilson25 dager siden

    Wear them on the bus? Buddy, thoes are open backs, the bleed would get you linched!

  • grunchi de trap
    grunchi de trap27 dager siden

    I mean...hemp is a very normal material.

  • Nic Restrepo
    Nic Restrepo27 dager siden

    “ i don’t have enough money to buy these” Ok guy with 1.26 million followers...yes you do.

  • Glen Last
    Glen Last28 dager siden

    Grado has been around since THE FIFTIES. I have been using their equipment since the 90's. Very good stuff! And very nice to chat with them on the phone! These are basically GH-4s. I have the GH-4 Norwegian Wood.

  • DrKumkar
    DrKumkar28 dager siden

    @DankPods has entered the chat....

  • Yuval Davidovsky
    Yuval Davidovsky28 dager siden

    "shutspa" made me cringe so hard, if your language doesnt even have the sound dont try and emulate it (who-tspa is also incorrect)

  • Bastian Espejo
    Bastian Espejo28 dager siden

    Grado headphones arent a fucking joke, they're probably the best brand of Open bag headphones in the industry. Wtf with the title, did you even read who you are buying to? Btw, to adjust the upper part. You have to bend the metal. PD: """audiophiles""" love grados.

  • mayonaised
    mayonaised28 dager siden

    the aussie man would like to talk with you.

  • m s
    m s28 dager siden

    Yhh....even beats look like a better option over this garbage

  • Osyis R6

    Osyis R6

    21 dag siden

    Grado is very well known for audio quality.

  • Al Ebnereza
    Al Ebnereza28 dager siden

    You’d have to be high to buy these.

  • Al Ebnereza
    Al Ebnereza28 dager siden

    “Shuts pie”? You mean khhhhhutzppahh.

  • Goh Zou Ying
    Goh Zou Ying28 dager siden

    U supposed to bend the headband to fit your head comfortably u dingus

  • ShadyNova
    ShadyNova29 dager siden

    are they sparkly tho

  • Anonymy _xD
    Anonymy _xD29 dager siden

    Someone Watched Dank Pods right?

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone29 dager siden

    Sorry... Great review but that look... Man. It looks as if you've got two wine bottle corks shoved into your skull.

  • Ben Schönhardt
    Ben Schönhardt29 dager siden

    nononono the hemps sound so much better than the s60e, they sound amazing!!!

  • Dayne Close
    Dayne CloseMåned siden

    I heard that Grados have really bad high-end. To the point where it’s uncomfortable. Is that a thing? Also, on-ear? Really?

  • I'm adoor
    I'm adoorMåned siden

    69 sr60 And now 420 for this Nice

  • Alan Crome
    Alan CromeMåned siden

    Grados are the most expensive, actually good headphones that are built like aliexpress crap

  • Adam J Smith
    Adam J SmithMåned siden

    Why is the cable not braided in hemp?

    Aakash PRODUCTIONSMåned siden


  • FriZo
    FriZoMåned siden

    how tf are these 420

  • The Yellow Cursor
    The Yellow CursorMåned siden

    I thought he was going to say "if you were a DJ" then the Paris Hilton comment... I would have spat milk out of my nose if I weren't lactose interpolant.

  • Matthew Balentine
    Matthew BalentineMåned siden

    I don't understand the point of stylish open-back headphones.

  • Ender Gamer
    Ender GamerMåned siden


  • Detective Bat
    Detective BatMåned siden

    the mafia waned to filer black money so they made hemp headphones

  • Mentally Mute
    Mentally MuteMåned siden

    Ahh yes. Grattle-r From warframe.

  • Paulo Mateus Guerra
    Paulo Mateus GuerraMåned siden

    You guys should try this headphone: kuba.audio/disco brazilian designed and by far the best bag for the buck I've seen in a while.

  • Justin Romprey
    Justin RompreyMåned siden

    * *dankpods has entered the chat* *

  • Luckysquirrel1256
    Luckysquirrel1256Måned siden

    The fact that you may have to suck your own hair out of a pair of headphones, and the fact that they won't fix the flaw in their design makes their products a no in my book.

  • TheGloriousPotato
    TheGloriousPotatoMåned siden

    Yeah, you're not gonna find those old "F" style earpads anywhere except ebay.

  • S R
    S RMåned siden

    So, you never heard of Grado, they were founded in 1953, making a range of turntables and cartridges. Nothing like doing a bit of research beforehand huh. Tbh, they're a far better product than this pretty dull review.

  • Jack Fitzgerald
    Jack FitzgeraldMåned siden

    I hate this man. so god damn much.

  • Matan hershkoviz
    Matan hershkovizMåned siden

    oh silly mate, ya bend em to the shape of your head 7:16

  • K地区戦隊NEW


    Måned siden

    they don't watch dankpods

  • Jamie Loppy
    Jamie Loppy2 måneder siden

    Nope, not worth the price itself whether you pay for the name or not. Good luck on selling and I am sure you will. As for where they were made, China, Canada and the US can provide better support and product availability.

  • The Collector
    The Collector2 måneder siden

    Your supposed to bend the headband to fit your head, that's why it didn't feel good

  • Niko Leven
    Niko Leven2 måneder siden

    yeah with the open back design, I wouldn't use these in public unless you're listening to more quiet music.

  • Fred Yang
    Fred Yang2 måneder siden

    dankpods has entered the chat

  • Walter Crim

    Walter Crim

    Dag siden

    Ohh look what I found at Dick Smith!

  • Btunes A

    Btunes A

    4 dager siden

    Mate these are sparkly

  • Nick Slouka

    Nick Slouka

    7 dager siden


  • Gabe Roles

    Gabe Roles

    8 dager siden

    Oh my pkcell...

  • crypticabyss101


    8 dager siden

    Na no

  • Asher Grossman
    Asher Grossman2 måneder siden

    Anyone here after DankPods' new video?

  • BeeHYPE


    2 måneder siden


  • Hip-IO Tech Reviews
    Hip-IO Tech Reviews2 måneder siden

    Thanks for the vid 👍

  • KingInBlack
    KingInBlack2 måneder siden

    420 dollars for a "simple" headfone...i'd rather say crap headfone...not worth even 90 dollars...hair stuck? made in brooklyn? well fu ck brooklyn, i'm not buying something for 420 just because it is porrly made of wood and fabricated in brooklyn...wtf these brands...

  • BoomerangPipeSmoke
    BoomerangPipeSmoke3 måneder siden

    Grado is king.

  • T H
    T H3 måneder siden

    420 dollars for something that looks like a dollar store product

  • Ken Imduaikiat
    Ken Imduaikiat4 måneder siden

    Its an open headphones with long and thick cables. Its designed for stationary use not on the bus.

  • Shahroz Jabbar
    Shahroz Jabbar4 måneder siden

    The packaging is EXTREMELY underwhelming for $420

  • J. Holleaux
    J. Holleaux4 måneder siden

    They look like the cheapo hard plastic headphones we had in school.

  • Marcello_109
    Marcello_1094 måneder siden

    I was thinking this were some 10 dollars headphones

  • Conifirouss
    Conifirouss4 måneder siden


  • Endkeeper
    Endkeeper4 måneder siden

    Fucking hell i could buy a PC with that money

  • Kevin Morrice
    Kevin Morrice4 måneder siden

    those are ugly headphones, and ive tried them, there no where near as good as any of the headphones i own, and i even own a 25 dollar pair of sony headphones (back ups, my main headphones are my trusty sennheiser hd 660 s)

  • Kepler
    Kepler4 måneder siden

    I really like the look of the wood with the hemp composite. It’d be cool in a setup with wood furnishings

  • Niels van aken
    Niels van aken4 måneder siden

    I can’t grasp how Grado still hasn’t fixed the unlimited spinning of the driver housings. Regular use causes the left and right cables to twist and the plastic to break over time. Usually at the Y section of the cable. In my opinion this is unacceptable for headphones in the class in which Grado puts itself. Nice touch on the hemp composite but still as flimsy as ever.

  • SamCovert


    4 måneder siden

    the GW100 is when they start improving the build

    K-SING MUSIC4 måneder siden

    Did anyone notice the TREE 🌲 in the left corner?!😂

  • Harold Almaguer
    Harold Almaguer4 måneder siden

    Let's push legalization on the US!!!

  • I. George
    I. George4 måneder siden

    5:58 and since when do Grado headphones sound 'flat across the range' ? if they did i would stop buying them. they are colored to fuck and back and i love them

  • I. George
    I. George4 måneder siden

    10 minutes review talk and already the wires are twisted inside the cords. and thats your main reason Grados need rewiring out from brand fkin new

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver4 måneder siden

    They're made of hemp. Obviously the creators had the refer madness.

  • Uganda Knuckle
    Uganda Knuckle4 måneder siden

    Flat? Might want to check the FR real quick

  • Spliffty
    Spliffty4 måneder siden

    $420 and you get to suck your hair out of them with your mouth, way better than Beats

  • Brent Lio
    Brent Lio4 måneder siden

    I need to buy that T-shirt. In my entire life I have never felt such an urge to buy an effing T-shirt.

  • Jimmyblues59 m
    Jimmyblues59 m4 måneder siden

    I really like the glass and wood table he is sitting at.

  • Disorbs
    Disorbs4 måneder siden

    They turned yoyos into 🎧

  • Langam
    Langam5 måneder siden

    2:21 8 conductors? What for? L, R, 2x Ground and... 4 more? The headphone jack only has 3 connectors.

  • Silverboy005
    Silverboy0055 måneder siden

    What a great review thou

  • sketch088
    sketch0885 måneder siden

    Please give us some close up b roll shots of the product next time.

  • Onur Dokmetas
    Onur Dokmetas5 måneder siden

    I have grado sr80. It is ok but not that great. But some grado products are really overpriced. They put some cheap components to wooden case then boom it is 1000 dollars :)

  • haakonht
    haakonht5 måneder siden

    You can get 3 sets of better quality Beyerdynamics headphones for the same price, and they are pretty much the recording industry standard. Sad.

  • My life is a lie
    My life is a lie5 måneder siden

    Whats wrong with Cleveland? :(

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen5 måneder siden

    finally, a review of headphones that acknowledges people with glasses

  • Brantyn
    Brantyn5 måneder siden

    Used a few different grado models following this design. Hasnt changed in 30 years and typically the sound quality is far above the price, but the build quality and comfort balance it out and bring them back down to match their price. The sr225's are a pretty good sweet spot but again, not comfortable for a lot of people but sound as good as anything twice the price. If i had to pick out a "best sound for the price" etymotic has everyone beat hands down.

  • Chase Pierre
    Chase Pierre5 måneder siden

    They definitely should have came with weed.

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti5 måneder siden

    Of course they cost 420 $... Lol^^

  • Onion
    Onion5 måneder siden

    if you don't like them you can just burn them

  • 槿[ハイビスカス]
    槿[ハイビスカス]5 måneder siden

    the way you say chutzpah...

  • maruftim
    maruftim5 måneder siden

    sounds like reddit if they sell products

  • Bunny
    Bunny5 måneder siden

    9:40 same

  • Elven Ranger
    Elven Ranger5 måneder siden

    Looks like something you'd pay way too much for in zumies or a CCS catalog.

  • Ephram Easley
    Ephram Easley5 måneder siden

    they look way too big on his head tho

  • Jeremy H
    Jeremy H5 måneder siden

    I might grab a pair just for the heck of it, love my sr80es and gw100's

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    5 måneder siden

    I have no other phones for reference, but they sound good to my ears. The treble isn't too bright as some have said, bass solid and maybe deeper than what you have? anyway destined to become a collectible I think they look good too

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult5 måneder siden

    They look really cheap. They also look like ass.