We tried flying to the office - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Today Jake is checking out some flight gaming gear from Thrustmaster. Can us non-pilots make our way to the LMG office?
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  • John Doe
    John Doe5 dager siden

    Oh darn, I was hoping he was talking about the office tv show :(

  • rederos
    rederos6 dager siden

    Am I the only one who wants to see them play dcs and fly some warbird? 109 for example, just to make it hard for them... Or should I say impossible 😂

  • MrGallbladder
    MrGallbladder6 dager siden

    Thrust master sounds like a male pornstar name

  • VideoHeadII
    VideoHeadII10 dager siden

    Squadrons in VR guys!

  • Opi Wan
    Opi Wan10 dager siden

    I feel like the screen's gotta move with the whole rig right?

  • Geek Therapy Radio Podcast
    Geek Therapy Radio Podcast12 dager siden

    Imagine your airline pilot coming over the intercom with the exact same inflection @5:12 *nose dive, *people screaming *crackle: "Yeah, we're, we're done..."

  • Philip Ardley
    Philip Ardley12 dager siden


  • Thomas Kroll
    Thomas Kroll14 dager siden

    If you pop a hole on the opposite side of the box opening, tight-fitting inner containers will come out easier as you are basically working against a vacuum. Try it, it'll work great!

  • nin6246
    nin624614 dager siden

    I've seen four year olds fly better in Flight Simulator (technically it was Flight Simulator '98 but seriously I've never seen such an atrocious attempt at flying in Flight Simulator).

  • Lucas Archambault
    Lucas Archambault16 dager siden

    I'm still waiting on you to make the Star Citizen PC

  • Neil Brideau
    Neil Brideau17 dager siden

    That dirty little porn stash is definitely game over.

  • Highbatros
    Highbatros18 dager siden

    Linus.. like the Kool-Aid man, just bursting in "HELLO FRESH!"

  • Akshat
    Akshat18 dager siden

    Jake shaking that box is r/nononoyes

  • Aadidev Sooknanan
    Aadidev Sooknanan19 dager siden

    I feel like y'all should do a part 2 with the HOTAS attached to the moving chair, and using the 3070 to drive a VR headset

  • addmenop123
    addmenop12320 dager siden

    All that setup but didn't even got a copy of Windows 10 xD

  • Marshal D 123 H
    Marshal D 123 H21 dag siden

    *I cringe*

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias22 dager siden

    what’s the chair rig setup?

  • Chris Van Middelkoop
    Chris Van Middelkoop22 dager siden

    yeah that setup doesn't work for flight sim. You would have to have the monitor and everything attached to the chair. I can see how it would throw off your control. joysticks are much more touchy than the real thing.

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera26 dager siden

    Everybody: Lets be The Quagmire of LTT! Giggity!

  • Ben McGinty
    Ben McGinty26 dager siden

    To take off you just must hit a critical speed and the plane will pull up by itself if you pull up too early you have already committed plane-suicide and you will crash. This is different than FSX where this would be ok, but they have redone the physics engine in MSFS 2020.

  • Caio Donini
    Caio Donini29 dager siden

    the stick is too low, make a hell more difficult to pilot it in a moving chair


    Do an LTT video

    NERD NOTCHMÃ¥ned siden

    u serious man

  • Lordenzus
    LordenzusMÃ¥ned siden

    Low testosterone team strikes back

  • G Rex
    G RexMÃ¥ned siden

    It's time to become the thrust master by using it

  • Zul Marksi
    Zul MarksiMÃ¥ned siden

    we want more Jake videos

  • Zoey Bledsoe
    Zoey BledsoeMÃ¥ned siden

    "been there? not physically"

  • MrLehi99
    MrLehi99MÃ¥ned siden

    Reppin that FSM gear like a chaddy bungus.

  • Reymond Martinez
    Reymond MartinezMÃ¥ned siden

    That's a aileron roll not a barrel roll alex 😁

  • SwitchRhythm
    SwitchRhythmMÃ¥ned siden

    Linus just comes in PUNCHING you in the face with the advertisement!

  • Sam K
    Sam KMÃ¥ned siden

    I love how they started on the super cub instead of something much easier


    Jake-Thrust master Me-laughs for 5 minutes

  • ZelNetProductions
    ZelNetProductionsMÃ¥ned siden

    The screen needs to move with the chair

  • Warren Garabrandt
    Warren GarabrandtMÃ¥ned siden

    Aaarrgghhhhhh! I ordered that fight stick months ago and it's not going to ship until FEBRUARY! Damn it must be nice to get priority while plebian assholes like me have to wait in line.

  • Thug Go Kayu
    Thug Go KayuMÃ¥ned siden

    How to make people watch ads.

  • laforze
    laforzeMÃ¥ned siden

    John Holmes called Jake. He wants his stache back.

  • lightning
    lightningMÃ¥ned siden

    I just want to say that half of hellofresh's orders are too old. Vegetables will be browning.

  • GP1138
    GP1138MÃ¥ned siden

    7:00 nice

  • Benjamin Batchelor
    Benjamin BatchelorMÃ¥ned siden

    Guys please turn the over stress off, until you get better at flying

  • James Allen
    James AllenMÃ¥ned siden

    The fact he has that mustache and is reviewing something named Thrustmaster just sends it over the top for me lmmfao

  • DenyingMage
    DenyingMageMÃ¥ned siden

    logitech makes some much better stuff so if you are looking to do this i would suggest taking a look at them

  • Connor Oud
    Connor OudMÃ¥ned siden

    I wanna see someone play a driving game with a HOTAS.

  • mahairman
    mahairmanMÃ¥ned siden

    you guys suck at flying

  • Derek Otway
    Derek OtwayMÃ¥ned siden

    RIP headphone users when Linus blasts in with the sponsor segment.

  • Ethereal Project
    Ethereal ProjectMÃ¥ned siden

    Guys, I am a flight sim technician in Seattle. Please, I would love to get you in a real flight sim. Seriously I can make it happen.

  • Shredneck Gaming
    Shredneck GamingMÃ¥ned siden

    What type of chair is that? That is awesome.

  • Hjortsater
    HjortsaterMÃ¥ned siden

    You mainly see Boeing using the yoke and Airbus using the stick :)

  • JETZcorp
    JETZcorpMÃ¥ned siden

    Starting these guys with a tail dragger was an evil decision. Whoever chose the plane either knew exactly what they were doing, or had no idea what they were doing. Lol

  • RaphYkun
    RaphYkunMÃ¥ned siden

    In a system like this, the screen should really move with the chair

  • walkingsugarcube
    walkingsugarcube2 måneder siden

    Tail wheel pilots watching this are probably yelling at the screen

  • Barthel8CS
    Barthel8CS2 måneder siden

    Thrustmaster be like: "Those guys are noobs, send them the plastic crap instead of the good stuff"

  • Nathan Simpson
    Nathan Simpson2 måneder siden

    No Yoke? Hmmm. Disappointing.

  • Jason Nemeck
    Jason Nemeck2 måneder siden

    FS isn't that hard to takeoff. Just stop moving the stick. But it is funny to watch.

  • The3rdID
    The3rdID2 måneder siden

    "We might not have the skill, but we have the can do attitude." I feel like this sums up Alex in a quote.

  • Kyle Rader
    Kyle Rader2 måneder siden

    thats not a barrel roll.......

  • Flojer0
    Flojer02 måneder siden

    "While we're a late thanks to Samsung"... That phrasing sounds deliberate.

  • mcduvall2000
    mcduvall20002 måneder siden

    That was painful to watch

  • FesixGermany
    FesixGermany2 måneder siden

    Category: Mean comments Jake without facial hair: Cute and cuddly Jake with facial hair: Ewww...

  • Naselone
    Naselone2 måneder siden

    just go and activate windows

  • Vakaris Dobrovolskas
    Vakaris Dobrovolskas2 måneder siden

    I fly better then you do in FSX and with PS4 controller

  • Kaden Watt
    Kaden Watt2 måneder siden

    I love the fact that Jake is an FSM fan. Mad props.

  • HR Farmer
    HR Farmer2 måneder siden

    Alternate title: The LMG group causes deaths of thosands

  • Streamergamer 69
    Streamergamer 692 måneder siden

    7:00 yo this is the dude from the video where he filled the chocolate fountain with cheese

  • Moist Accident
    Moist Accident2 måneder siden

    I want to see that set-up on Elite Dangerous.

  • DrShroud1G
    DrShroud1G2 måneder siden

    Flying stick YEP

  • Zachary Tribou
    Zachary Tribou2 måneder siden

    Youd be lying if you didnt chuckle when he said thrustmaster

  • Kevin Anthony
    Kevin Anthony2 måneder siden

    Overstressed and caused critical damage, sounds a lot like me

  • Hazy J
    Hazy J2 måneder siden

    Jake dresses like he smells like Axe Body Spray and 7th grade gym locker

  • Hazy J
    Hazy J2 måneder siden

    This was the goofiest shit I ever watched

  • Anthony Robustelli
    Anthony Robustelli2 måneder siden

    As someone who knows how to fly an actual small airplane, I love watching all these people on NOlocal trying to figure out how to fly a plane, I love aviation content!

  • Aaron M.
    Aaron M.2 måneder siden

    I'm 'bout to fly up there and shave that moustache, BOI.

  • ag2smal
    ag2smal2 måneder siden

    Wait? You do not have "Crosswind" rudder pedals from MSG !?

  • TheDwarvenDefender
    TheDwarvenDefender2 måneder siden

    As a person who played Ace Combat 7 where you can only survive some levels by continuously doing high-G turns every five seconds, seeing Microsoft Flight Simulator be like, "Nah, G, you aint gonna turn that fast on me or I'll send your ass back to the ground..." It repulses me.

  • SajinKahn-Alt
    SajinKahn-Alt2 måneder siden

    We need a Linus media group gaming channel

  • HoLDoN4Sec
    HoLDoN4Sec2 måneder siden

    this setup is pretty dumb, instead of only the chair moving, the entire setup needs to be moving and everything in this channel is always high-end stuff, so why the fuck would you use a 250$ HOTAS config on a 6000$ sim setup? why would ANYONE do that? lol

  • SpoopyCat
    SpoopyCat2 måneder siden

    i actually have the old version of that flight stick for the old version of flight sim XD

  • SB13X
    SB13X2 måneder siden

    I don't know about GAME OVER but the vibe of this video with that tash was more JUST RELAX.

  • Kyle Frantz
    Kyle Frantz2 måneder siden

    That's an Aileron roll.....just saying.

  • ender
    ender2 måneder siden

    How on earth did they manage to crash a super cub?

  • Likith Reddy
    Likith Reddy2 måneder siden

    As an elite dangerous player thise are my dream but just costly for a single game

  • Ngo HOang Vu
    Ngo HOang Vu2 måneder siden

    Imagine having this and play Star Wars Squadrons

  • Sean Pattison
    Sean Pattison2 måneder siden

    You guys have to use the setup in Star Wars Squadrons!

  • Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio
    Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio2 måneder siden

    Actual video starts at 3:43

  • Christopher Bazaka
    Christopher Bazaka3 måneder siden

    over-stressing the plane is annoying just turn that off

  • Nikhil Seenivas T K
    Nikhil Seenivas T K3 måneder siden

    lmao get them to play dcs on that. how do i start this thing up? yeah just click all the buttons i guess lmfaooo

  • Kristoffer Dizon
    Kristoffer Dizon3 måneder siden

    Jake looking a little like randomgaminghd in this video

  • Playingwith3D
    Playingwith3D3 måneder siden

    takes mad skillz to do a barrel roll....On the ground.

  • Salty Abyss
    Salty Abyss3 måneder siden

    Meanwhile every large retailer in Canada is out of stock of any kind of stick...

  • 5252085
    52520853 måneder siden

    where do you get the chair?

  • André Lucas Correia
    André Lucas Correia3 måneder siden

    missed jake. glad he is fine!

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer3 måneder siden

    4:12 ... When one keyboard is not enough ...

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer3 måneder siden

    1:48 You look like you have dirt under your nose

  • The Real O'Donovan
    The Real O'Donovan3 måneder siden

    4:51 - That was an aileron roll. A barrel roll is a LOT more complicated. :)

  • Kashif Malim
    Kashif Malim3 måneder siden

    This was hilarious hahahaha

  • Robert Pierce
    Robert Pierce3 måneder siden

    as a former pilot I just faced palmed my head 7 times.... your killing me small's

  • CrowdedLight
    CrowdedLight3 måneder siden

    You should really mount the rudder control pedals on a bracket to the chair. I think the experience would improve by a good amount. Probably make it easier to not do extra movements with stick, as your entire body is relative to the movement.

  • Allen Malatek
    Allen Malatek3 måneder siden

    Cool. *Looks at price* Yeah and NO, would upgrade to a like RTX3090 before I buy that thing.

  • Elijah Camcam
    Elijah Camcam3 måneder siden

    Jake why did you grow a stash. WHY YOU WERE MY FAV.

  • bigabreu
    bigabreu3 måneder siden

    Hey Jake how many Finnegans Garage t-shirts do you have?

  • Robert Vantine
    Robert Vantine3 måneder siden

    Jake: "...coolest gaming experiences..." Me: "...you realize you all crashed, right?"