Unboxing the Sony a7S III Camera

Vitenskap og teknologi

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It's been 5 long years since Sony released their Sony a7S II Camera, which from how Brandon explains it, changed the industry at almost all levels. Do you think they can catch lightning in a bottle again with the a7S III?
Brandon's Example Footage: lmg.gg/WJlnD
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  • Marius Mihai
    Marius Mihai11 dager siden

    The base ISO is 640 in s-log3 but can be extended to ISO 100 but you loose the dynamic range that you get on the base ISO.

  • John Coogan
    John Coogan11 dager siden

    Extended ISO is a trap though. It just pushes the luminance of everything down. If you have clipped highlights at ISO 640 and then stop down to ISO 160, your clipped highlights will be darker but there will be no detail recovery.

  • Astro143_
    Astro143_11 dager siden

    A camera I would beyond love, but have no possible way of justifying spending that much money on for how often I delve into my film/photography hobby. For now...

  • DiversSupply
    DiversSupplyMåned siden

    My Siii will be delivered TOMORROW 😜😝😛... enjoyed your video very much... I've been using a A7iii since they came out.. love it... Do I need the Siii no, did I WANT the Siii OOOOHHHH Yea ... Thanks for not throwing the packing boxes... so childish when it's done.

  • Ahmed Shahriar
    Ahmed ShahriarMåned siden


  • Johannes Zwilling
    Johannes Zwilling3 måneder siden

    Boy, I still remember when I got myself the alpha 100 more than a decade ago. They really seem to have built out their camera line.

  • David Griffin
    David Griffin3 måneder siden

    10:41 Is that right though; the bar above and below the 160 indicates you're below the sensors native ISO. On the A7III (which is the camera I own and am "used to") I believe the native ISO is 800, anything below that (which isn't possible in log, on the A7III) will have a compromised dynamic range, will it not? Therefore the 160 setting in slog 3, on the A7SIII, with those bars shown above and below the 160, suggest to me, non-native ISO.

  • riothero313
    riothero3133 måneder siden

    Sony's eye auto focus is incredible. I'm still not moving to mirrorless. What is the point if you aren't shooting video? The battery life is terribad. I can compose a shot before I even turn on my camera. This thing has an lcd and then another even smaller one that ALSO doesn't give you a real view of anything and you can't trust. I rarely even turn on my LCD. If you know what you are doing you're not chimping all day and take a few good photos. Doesn't Sony just make a badass video camera?

  • LazyShady
    LazyShady4 måneder siden

    I just came iJustine's reviews, damn two different videos, same loveable geek personality.

  • J024
    J0244 måneder siden

    Eventually, photo cameras will become obsolete.

  • TDG


    13 dager siden

    No, they won’t, they will never

  • DholocronKeeper
    DholocronKeeper4 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who notices the difference in the color grading on the top down view? Seems like they forgot to add a LUT a or something.

  • PortWolf
    PortWolf4 måneder siden

    @Brandon_Y_Lee I've been looking for a good camera to live stream astrophotography, do you think this camera would be viable or should I stick with purpose built cameras with chilled sensors to negate noise? It's seems quite a bit cheaper than the $50k USD scientific grade cameras I was looking at 🤣. (I can dream) And I'm trying to get away from monochrome cameras with color filters and long exposure times. SpaceX satellites are messing up my exposures alot. 😭

  • Emeer Hakeem
    Emeer Hakeem4 måneder siden

    I dont actually see the difference between this camera and the a7riv

  • Dalton Randall
    Dalton Randall4 måneder siden

    Where's the footage? The "downfall" of the a7SII was no filp screen? What an awful review.

  • SUPERj 850
    SUPERj 8504 måneder siden

    Could you show prices also in euros?

  • Daniel Troger
    Daniel Troger4 måneder siden

    They still limit bitrate based on some incorrect checks of the SD card, instead of letting us customers try and just stop recording when the buffer is full like canon? Bruh. Improved, but not perfect

    COSMIN RUSU4 måneder siden

    How much time are you filming in low light?

  • Gediminas
    Gediminas4 måneder siden

    So is there promised RGBW color filter array? Monochrome pixels are far more sensitive and also for IR/UV photography.

  • MegamanXGold
    MegamanXGold5 måneder siden

    I'm confused. There's already an a7 IV, a7R IV, and I see there's a rumour that the a7S IV is coming out this summer. Is the a7S III going to be obsolete soon already?

  • Richard Williamson
    Richard Williamson5 måneder siden

    Why are you guys using a Red as A Cam and a C200 as B Cam? Just curious.

  • Jordan
    Jordan5 måneder siden

    I've never skipped a sponsor so quickly lmao Sorry PIA

  • Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel5 måneder siden

    This is porn for photographers for sure

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer5 måneder siden

    I don't like the Sony logo on the flip screen. It makes the screen actually quite a bit smaller than the GH5. The HDMI port door needs some TLC before release, it should flow in the same direction as the others. Also I would like to see Shutter Angle and anamorphic support added at some point.

  • victor saloum
    victor saloum5 måneder siden

    holy shit sony release that firmware so my a6400 can have a touch menu wtf?! also make it plug and play to use a a webcam!!!!

  • Joshua Bantay
    Joshua Bantay5 måneder siden

    You killed it on this review! Great job evaluating both cameras at the same time. I have mine preordered and you got me more excited about it ha!

  • Ivandro L
    Ivandro L5 måneder siden

    I remember seeing this guy on Lew’s channel in 2014🤯 On a iPhone 6 video

  • phil wittmer
    phil wittmer5 måneder siden

    the side camera lol. I dont think u need it. great review tho!

  • Sopek cs
    Sopek cs5 måneder siden

    he needs a shaver

  • Nelwyn
    Nelwyn5 måneder siden

    I'll stick with my already expensive, but half the price Fujifilm X-T4.

  • S4nari
    S4nari5 måneder siden


  • Reagan Pitre
    Reagan Pitre5 måneder siden

    Full review pls!! Very good stuff!!!

  • MrVipitis
    MrVipitis5 måneder siden

    My old pocket does 38minutes on a 128gb card.... At 1080p24 and no IS or AF

  • Matt Hunkee
    Matt Hunkee5 måneder siden

    Brandon is a good host. Thought you oughtta know. Really unique style.

  • Who you looking at? abs
    Who you looking at? abs5 måneder siden

    wait until Casey Neistat hears about this monster

  • Dan D
    Dan D5 måneder siden

    Did anyone hear the loose bits rattling around in the a4S II every time he picked it up? How tough are these folks on cameras?

  • Fuji_lew
    Fuji_lew5 måneder siden

    i guess if your taking video fully articulated screens are good, but I really hate them for what I do personally, they get in the way. Never owned a sony as of yet but maybe in the future for night photography.

  • Jamie Folds
    Jamie Folds5 måneder siden

    Can we get a video on mirrorless DSLR for streaming at around the $300 mark?

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek5 måneder siden

    Can you guys do a water cooled Canon EOS R5

  • A Cat in the internet
    A Cat in the internet5 måneder siden

    The ones recording this: can we play with it now?

  • Mingyao Liu
    Mingyao Liu5 måneder siden

    12:10 scared the shit out of me

  • Erulian
    Erulian5 måneder siden

    Brandon, could you do a video explaining the setup you use to record a video like this? The whole thing looks super interesting.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19875 måneder siden

    Always a pleasure to watch brandon get giddy and talk about camera stuff. Definitely would like a full review if you guys can manage it.

  • Nikhil Gajjar
    Nikhil Gajjar5 måneder siden

    6:40 I think it's XQD

  • Tyler Dreher
    Tyler Dreher5 måneder siden

    Lowering ISO will decrease dynamic range depending on what the native ISO is.

  • G&K Travel Videos
    G&K Travel Videos5 måneder siden

    I only watch brandon in this channel. He knows his stuff

  • S J
    S J5 måneder siden

    Brandon teases better than the girls at onlyfans

  • Anchor Bait
    Anchor Bait5 måneder siden

    CFXA cards is what i call them

  • Dimi R
    Dimi R5 måneder siden

    11:53 thanks for the tip, i was searching the answer

  • Richmon Manalo
    Richmon Manalo5 måneder siden

    3:16 I thought the cameras are gonna fall off the table lol

  • Sammie1053
    Sammie10535 måneder siden

    I know nothing about cameras but Brandon did a great job of explaining why it was so good, and his excitement was contagious. Awesome video.

  • Johan Nohaj
    Johan Nohaj5 måneder siden

    Perfect report!!!

  • Johan Nohaj
    Johan Nohaj5 måneder siden

    I think, is perfect 👑👑👑👑

  • Kolumbus Meier
    Kolumbus Meier5 måneder siden

    What do you think about the LUMIX GH 5 ?

  • Ameer I
    Ameer I5 måneder siden

    Please review this...

  • CoD511
    CoD5115 måneder siden

    Oh my god. A change to the menu. With full touch control even. Finally!

  • Faiyaz Ahmed
    Faiyaz Ahmed5 måneder siden

    Uh the side camera's image looks very flat, anyone else notice?

  • Simon Berthold
    Simon Berthold5 måneder siden

    cool but what is he talking about lol

  • Jakob
    Jakob5 måneder siden

    What use is the a7sII bashing for, only comments about how bad it was and how it sucked ...

  • JeffDvrx
    JeffDvrx5 måneder siden

    I 100% don't get everyone raving about the new flaps lol, they look almost exactly the same to me 🤔

  • andrew
    andrew5 måneder siden

    it's still the 12mp you waited for 5 years ago.... 'video only' camera for a hefty price. it would be ok 5 years ago.

  • Alfred Zanini
    Alfred Zanini5 måneder siden

    Such a shame the grade is so different between the three cameras

  • Ericorg
    Ericorg5 måneder siden

    Gh5 is 3 times cheaper... Is it 3 times worse? Definetely not. Sony is overpriced as always. Not worth the improvements in low light, at least for a hobbyist a Vlogger or someone on a budget. I myself will stick with Panasonic.

  • Siders Productions
    Siders Productions5 måneder siden

    Me: I don't understand why my kids watch NOlocal videos of kids playing games. Also me: watches 100 hours of camera unboxings and reviews for cameras I have no intention of buying.lol That's the circle of life.

  • edgefilm
    edgefilm5 måneder siden

    I'm surprised you haven't done any videos about the Canon r5 yet

  • VariTimo
    VariTimo5 måneder siden

    But it doesn’t have 8K!!

  • Matthew Falcon
    Matthew Falcon5 måneder siden

    Hey Brandon, what color profile is the sample footage in and all-i or Long-gop?

  • Javier Cortez
    Javier Cortez5 måneder siden

    Good job I don't do video but was able to learn just from this review compared to other utuber

  • Adunais Pérez
    Adunais Pérez5 måneder siden

    oye tú organiza tus ideas , el titulo es en español y estás hablando en ingles. que locura es esa papi, andas muy pero que muy mal.

  • Cameron Sendar
    Cameron Sendar5 måneder siden

    Any advice on good cameras $1500 and under? Photo and video

  • Zayd Abbas
    Zayd Abbas5 måneder siden

    Wait when did they reopen the whiterock pier lmao

  • True Tothegame
    True Tothegame5 måneder siden

    This bullshit camera gets HOT and will fail ! in real terms you will never see this FONY crap at the olympics or world cup !

  • bg048
    bg0485 måneder siden

    Hopefully this brings down the price of the Panasonic GH5S even lower so I can finally afford it!

  • Zyx
    Zyx5 måneder siden

    I know it's not all about the MP, but 12.1MP??

  • Uaegnome
    Uaegnome5 måneder siden

    Sony after 5 ears is overheating LOL and Canon did recall in Germany

  • Uaegnome
    Uaegnome5 måneder siden

    waiting 5 years for a junk!!!

  • MrDaftice
    MrDaftice5 måneder siden

    well.. even the first a7s has iso 409k, which was cool but not really useable - but it just went better with the a7sii to amazing with the new a7s iii

  • Mr. House
    Mr. House5 måneder siden

    I dont get the excitment, I have all these features on my Panasonic G9: Touch screen, flip out reversable screen, full sized HDMI, 8Bit 4K/60+HDR internal recording, 10Bit 4K/60+HDR external recording, it has all the Dials he was so excited about, it has dedicated recording button, it has huge hand holder,. it has everything this new model has just its already out.

  • Avieshek
    Avieshek5 måneder siden

    We need guy like him that review laptops, not celebrities.

  • Kailey Stark
    Kailey Stark5 måneder siden

    Personally I'm more of a fan of tilt screens instead of full articulation because when I do street photography I shoot at the hip, and if you have full articulation that makes your camera more obvious. However, if you're vlogging or something maybe full articulation would be better for you 🤷‍♀️

  • Patrick Lepoutre
    Patrick Lepoutre5 måneder siden

    Christmas time in july for this guy :)

  • D Tibor
    D Tibor5 måneder siden

    You have clipping in slog at ISO160. Gerald checked it and the optimal ISO is at 400 if I remember correctly

  • gameflux
    gameflux5 måneder siden

    Cool !

  • JoshuaNoor
    JoshuaNoor5 måneder siden

    me: types into google how much it is... Google: The Sony A7S Mark III will go on sale in September 2020 at a price of $3499 / £3799 / AU$5,999 me: _cries as i pull my pockets inside out_

  • Vincent Follézou
    Vincent Follézou5 måneder siden

    thank you for the info about slog and minimum iso.

  • Nick slik T. Leep
    Nick slik T. Leep5 måneder siden

    see effects press type ayy

  • alij0n3s
    alij0n3s5 måneder siden

    "relatively affordable" Hahaha

  • Eddy Mison
    Eddy Mison5 måneder siden

    Large Sony tape = please steal me!!! Hahahaha

  • Wajih Hyder Chohan
    Wajih Hyder Chohan5 måneder siden

    "And today's sponsor is PIA" Me, a Pakistani : "WTF"

  • Patryk Stopa
    Patryk Stopa5 måneder siden

    BrandonCameraTips when?

  • OpticIsAGodDamnWeeb
    OpticIsAGodDamnWeeb5 måneder siden

    He looks like Henry from mxr mods if he finished high school lmao

  • Scooby Miranda
    Scooby Miranda5 måneder siden

    fail for pro photography. awesome for gifs.

  • Gerald Gonzales
    Gerald Gonzales5 måneder siden

    You've been waiting for the A7s III since the day the A7s II came out? Riiiiggghhhtt.

  • assassinate241
    assassinate2415 måneder siden

    Can you do either an extensive techquickie or a video on LTT in a similar style to the TV types you did about everything about cameras? It's probably the last piece of tech I have no idea about at all and it could help inspire people to get into photography considering how wide reaching the LTT channel influence has. I'm also too lazy and not motivated enough to get into cameras (by researching elsewhere) if LTT isn't particularly interested in them.

  • Nirajan Manandhar
    Nirajan Manandhar5 måneder siden

    Damn I know nothing about cameras and was thinking in hundreds of dollars. 5k. Damn

  • Andrew Goss
    Andrew Goss5 måneder siden

    "relatively affordable" it's $3,500

  • Vlade Past
    Vlade Past5 måneder siden

    one of the talking heads! no information but got the thousands of clicks!

  • Peter Gan
    Peter Gan5 måneder siden

    C-FETA, Now im hungry.

  • Januar Yushak Nikiyuluw
    Januar Yushak Nikiyuluw5 måneder siden

    this guy is good on reviewing things.

  • R Umlas
    R Umlas5 måneder siden

    What a tease. Just show us the camera! lol.

  • dash1dash2
    dash1dash25 måneder siden

    You've been waiting 5 years for a 4K camera? ok. lol.