Unboxing the buggiest game of 2020! - Cyberpunk 2077

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It's time to unbox a game and not just any game, Cyberpunk 2077! CDPR sent us the Collector Edition and there's a bit to unbox here, also David is going to give our thoughts on it.
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  • Sam D
    Sam D23 timer siden

    This didnt age well

  • Cosmin Roman
    Cosmin Roman2 dager siden

    Consoles bite wind. Consoles ruin games that would be great! If a game is developed to work on a console too, then that game is already plagued by "console controls", not to mention that visual quality had to suffer to be "console compatible", because, let's face it, consoles are pc's sickly cousin that, for some weird reason, keeps on living. And it is also the case for Cyberpunk 2077. Consoles ruined the launch, at least, of a great game to be. If you want to play Mario, great! Console is the way to go. Anything else, go PC Master Race!

  • RyuShinEX
    RyuShinEX6 dager siden

    more game unboxings pls

  • Nicolas Chapados Girard
    Nicolas Chapados Girard7 dager siden


  • Business Guide
    Business Guide10 dager siden

    Reliable and humurous, the kind of resource I'm looking for!

  • Akito
    Akito19 dager siden

    I have a 1080 and stopped playing after 2 hours and my memory ain’t good... I mean like 30-40 FPS... but I will play it again as soon as I got my 3080 (never) :)

  • VRtechman
    VRtechman20 dager siden

    I've never seen this dude before. 🤔🤨😒

  • jazzmickge1
    jazzmickge121 dag siden

    Yeah lovely touches on the packaging, but not lovely touches in the volume of bugs in the game. Get the F game right first before you design as sexy box of shit.

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man24 dager siden

    That DRM needs to be forbidden

  • 112fail
    112fail27 dager siden

    wake up samurai, its time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and im all out of gum

  • Dark ^-^
    Dark ^-^29 dager siden

    The title doesn't match this video i hope sometimes they just stop these clickbait titles and be honest with the video it didn't evet get a lot of views at first i skipped it thinking it was gonna be all negative but was pleasantly surprised by the excitement of this guy and i know that he cares about the game instead of focusing just on the negative's

  • reactorc nuke
    reactorc nukeMåned siden

    over hyped trash would of been better if they just called it watch dogs with sword arms and strangling wire instead

  • Jaime
    JaimeMåned siden

    LINUS, I CAN'T AFFORD RENT... NO 3080 FOR ME... PLUS CAn YOU GUYS answer my question... i been asking every NOlocalr out here and no one bothers to answer me... Can you play that game with xbox controller on pc? I am handicap and i only can play pc games with a controller... I want to buy the game but don't want to waste my money if I can't play it... please and thank you!

  • Lord beerus

    Lord beerus

    21 dag siden

    Yes you can

  • DAS
    DASMåned siden

    So this is why play testing budget is zero.

  • Pearson Maxwell
    Pearson MaxwellMåned siden

    Luke during WAN show: I feel like the game is just, lifeless David during short circuit: If they succeded at doing one thing, it's bringing Night city... to life

  • nerijus ramonas
    nerijus ramonasMåned siden

    It's an awesome game that unfortunately had to get rushed out but still worth buggy gameplay due to how good the game itself is :D

  • Imam Hossain
    Imam HossainMåned siden

    I guess He's the most positive person in this channel. Unlike James who just sits on that chair to roast stuff, like he is having some midlife crisis but earlier in life and needs to vent.

  • Okroshka
    OkroshkaMåned siden

    0:45 Just started and already failed: there is no slider. 2:50 As broken and watered-down CP77 release is, please, don't ever compare it to that abomination.

  • GutsRage
    GutsRageMåned siden

    should mention that you can activate the game on gog but once you do and download the game u do NOT need the app (gog) in question to run the game... neither with steam if you so happen to buy that version, fairly sure this is one of the very few games you can buy off of steam and run it with steam totally turned off. (u know the so called "DRM FREE" thing)

  • Pablo Sirois
    Pablo SiroisMåned siden

    More videos with David please = )

  • A. Filakiewicz
    A. FilakiewiczMåned siden

    Oh no! I thought the statue would be sad cyber-Keanu.

  • Riplikatln Loki
    Riplikatln LokiMåned siden

    First title was unboxing the biggest game of 2020

  • William Tael
    William TaelMåned siden

    This guy is annoying with all of his quicky talk.

  • J Wohl
    J WohlMåned siden

    Its no longer next gen. after its release. Now its just "current" gen.

  • Jay Cam
    Jay CamMåned siden

    Is this Timmyjoe's boring younger brother?

  • Dan E
    Dan EMåned siden

    Surprised you don’t get a Keanu figure (Johnny Silverhand,) but WOW what a collector edition box that feels “more complete” than most edition boxes...

  • drout
    droutMåned siden

    Why do I find him attractive?

  • Lord beerus

    Lord beerus

    21 dag siden

    Woah 😳

  • Unknowniti
    UnknownitiMåned siden

    Wait.. They took the time and the money to create a whole Steelbook for the game and then don't include a Physical Copy? Why the F***.. I don't get it.

  • Dipanjan Pal Chowdhury
    Dipanjan Pal ChowdhuryMåned siden

    I guess I will just buy the goty version of this game when it's comes out, did with witcher 3 guess it's going to be the same with this as well

  • 23Brodieman
    23BrodiemanMåned siden

    Can't believe they still have this generic character doing reviews.

  • Khurshid Jamal
    Khurshid JamalMåned siden

    It took me 65 years to look this good

  • L'Quik Shrtz
    L'Quik ShrtzMåned siden

    Thats exactly what cyberpunk is, pure marketing

  • DavidFish
    DavidFishMåned siden

    9:55 Are you sure about that? I'm sure GOG was all about never ever including DRM. So you can probably just install from disk and not tie it to a GOG account. _And if the game wasn't such a buggy mess you wouldn't be forced to do so to get updates to make the game a finished product._

  • lolo lola
    lolo lolaMåned siden

    They spent a lot of money hyping and marketing this shit than QA

  • Evan
    EvanMåned siden

    Cyberbug 1997

  • Lord beerus

    Lord beerus

    21 dag siden

    Bam roasted

  • Nell Tull
    Nell TullMåned siden


  • Nell Tull
    Nell TullMåned siden


  • Nell Tull
    Nell TullMåned siden


  • DCCoreDrive
    DCCoreDriveMåned siden

    It may be cool as a physical stuff... but game alone is different story... sadly.... And watching presenters excitement about all was "funny"

  • Ziya
    ZiyaMåned siden

    all this positivity and fast forward to now with cd pr losing 1 billion because of the buggy unplayable launch state, oof.

  • Synns_Shot
    Synns_ShotMåned siden

    Manscaped are scammers. I returned my package directly from delivery, never accepted it. Now i am waiting second week to get my refund back!

  • shadowjfd
    shadowjfdMåned siden

    More like unboxing the biggest disappointment of 2020

  • Darian Grey
    Darian GreyMåned siden

    David is a vibe. Sometimes I’m unprepared.

  • Big BOi
    Big BOiMåned siden

    Reddit soy reaction boy is back

  • jan jansen
    jan jansenMåned siden

    remothered : broken porcelain is the buggiest game of 2020 by far.

  • vsheran noire
    vsheran noireMåned siden

    yoooo i love david, pls have him do more unboxing videos!

  • Santino Joshua Torre
    Santino Joshua TorreMåned siden

    david really fits game reviews. and yeah, same comments on CP2077 - it's AMAZING. ....wonder what he'd say if he was asked to review a bad game, though (TLOU2 was not a bad game, not GOTY-worthy, but not a bad game).

  • Thomas Davey
    Thomas DaveyMåned siden

    Crysis was playable on launch. It also worked on 1080p, settings on high on a core 2 duo and a GTS 250. This is not the new crisis. If it was it would run on my PC no problem.

    SAITAMA HEROMåned siden

    can we have a record of how many "i really like" or "i like" words he used for each video

  • EasyComp Zeeland
    EasyComp ZeelandMåned siden

    When was this released? BAD MARKETING?!

  • Rotten
    RottenMåned siden

    Not even close. People are way too harsh on this game. Considering some of them are TLOU 2 fans that are mad and want to shit on something else.

  • Title
    TitleMåned siden

    Johnny Bronzehand makes an appearence at 12:32

  • Foureightnine489
    Foureightnine489Måned siden

    Worst game of 2020

  • The 7th Man Network
    The 7th Man NetworkMåned siden

    I'd like to hear your guy's take on how it runs an the nvidia shield with rt, compared to pc and console. It's be interesting if it gets better results then the consoles, in it's current state. Might make for a good video.

  • Whack bag
    Whack bagMåned siden

    I don't get it...like does nobody sit do a playthru on games whenever they think "it's finished". Feels like they don't ever.

  • Mike D
    Mike DMåned siden

    that soy face...

  • usuario7979
    usuario7979Måned siden

    And I have heard it is awfully painful 😑

  • TheRogueMage
    TheRogueMageMåned siden

    A guy with a nose ring is the ugliest thing in the world, unless he is hot. You don't have the nose for one, but it's your nose. So fuck it! At least you didn't pick a gold one.

  • Nora Clair
    Nora ClairMåned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/Z2l2rtib34iCz28&ab&ab So good (:

  • Stanley Fisher
    Stanley FisherMåned siden

    I'm runing it in 1060p on my TV on Ultra settings (nvidia experience) with my RTX 2080, Rzyen 2700x and some slow 2400mhz 16gb ram and the frame rate is average 45ish ranging from 60 to 35 in the center of the city most crowded time. It looks and plays freakin awesome. Most of the time you wont really notice the framerate really. Xbox series X of my bro, 4k sony bravia tv playing in the 30 fps fidelity mode. And now what? this mode feels much better then actual constant 30fps. Again the game looks, feels and plays amazing. And yeah there are bugs but I on both sustems in over 30 hours of play jus encountered small things like clipping, or a phone floating in the air or my favorite hitting a foodcart with a baseball bat and knockin it off xD

  • sandor szabados
    sandor szabadosMåned siden

    That's a big Digital Download.

  • Jon Johnson
    Jon JohnsonMåned siden

    What a disappoint this game is after so long waiting, I don’t mean the bugs, I haven’t really seen anything particular bad on PC, it is just so boring. All style and no substance.

  • diamine665
    diamine665Måned siden

    Pullout game strong.

  • Sean Lacroix
    Sean LacroixMåned siden

    It's funny because my vee looks just like the statue. Mostly because I hate wasting like half an hour changing the character when you barely see him in the game.

  • electrikoptik
    electrikoptikMåned siden

    Cyberjunk 2077

  • Phillip Bouille
    Phillip BouilleMåned siden

    Look at this box full of cool stuff that's just going to sit on a shelf collecting dust. Never to be touched again...

  • Garrett Meyer
    Garrett MeyerMåned siden

    This channel is like IGN unboxings but with interesting/relatable people

  • SM0R3S
    SM0R3SMåned siden


  • Brik Haus
    Brik HausMåned siden

    Gotta reword this...the buggiest game LAUNCHED in 2020. Fallout 76 is still buggier than Cyberpunk if you like it or not

  • supra107
    supra107Måned siden

    CDPR isn't an indie studio anymore, they've became your typical big AAA studio, but with an even worse management, worse than EA or Ubisoft.

  • MasterBelial
    MasterBelialMåned siden

    Idk cold war didn't must not if released this year.

  • MsToshi1990
    MsToshi1990Måned siden

    10:36 Well...it is! It is 2x the size of the Witcher 3. Makes it their biggest game world.

  • March_Of_The_Titans Book
    March_Of_The_Titans BookMåned siden

    Peak soyboy

  • Musaddiq Ahmed
    Musaddiq AhmedMåned siden

    is he homosexual?

  • Dragoonglue
    DragoonglueMåned siden

    2:39 Someone hasn't played Snatcher.

  • Dym
    DymMåned siden

    Well you clearly haven't heard of Wolcen, the launch that almost killed the game! I actually like Wolcen though, hoping that it can endure, they just released another content patch too!

  • criz nittle
    criz nittleMåned siden

    This massive box, and they don't even bother to include a pile of discs to install the game from.

  • Keith Hartley
    Keith HartleyMåned siden

    I have a laptop that is definitely not of high quality. However, I have GeForce Now which I use to help run the games better on my laptop. Could you guys possibly test this game ona lower quality computer running GeForce Now and see how well it runs?

  • Viktoras Andritsos
    Viktoras AndritsosMåned siden

    whos this

  • JM TM
    JM TMMåned siden

    Nice! Finally a more positive look on Cyberpunk 2077!

  • Alfredo Contreras
    Alfredo ContrerasMåned siden

    Works really well in a 1050 too

  • antidonkey
    antidonkeyMåned siden

    That big ass box with that price and they can't even bother including the game on a blu-ray?

  • PShane Tju
    PShane TjuMåned siden

    Give the stickers to cdawg lol

  • GreatOldGame
    GreatOldGameMåned siden

    "Unboxing the buggiest game of 2020! - Cyberpunk 2077" that's a VERY cringe title, since the game is absolutely trash, and the performance is even worse

  • Outside Duh Box
    Outside Duh BoxMåned siden

    I get right around 55 fps on my 2080ti i9 9900k with 4k hdr. Ray tracing maxed. Motion blur, chromatic, and film grain off. All graphics maxed. Dlss on performance. 🤔

  • Moose17m
    Moose17mMåned siden

    I had no clue what this game was until launch day and now I’ve completed it twice

  • Renski
    RenskiMåned siden

    This makes Fallout 76's Ultimate pack look like garbage.

  • Pr1ns


    Måned siden

    lol I remember that fiasco

  • Newtn
    NewtnMåned siden

    Cyberpunk’s bugs are NOTHING for Star Citizen players...

  • e21big
    e21bigMåned siden

    PC master race never feels better

  • Ata Ur Rehman
    Ata Ur RehmanMåned siden

    10:10 what's that background song?

  • Piuh Milli
    Piuh MilliMåned siden

    bruh you kept motion blur, film grain, etc switched on, are you okay?

  • Mohammed Sharaf
    Mohammed SharafMåned siden

    such a great looking game, pushing graphic cards and PCs to the limit. But gameplay is still a mixed experience for me. The glitches, the NPC AI, police response, still needs improvement.

  • 永遠の幻想
    永遠の幻想Måned siden

    Played 17 hours of Cyberpunk 2077 on PC max settings. It is not very buggy. Encountered T-pose once. Game runs super smoothly. The buggiest game of 2020 is AC Valhalla hands down, trust me.

  • FullMetalPanicNL
    FullMetalPanicNLMåned siden

    Just turning off raytracing and going for just DLSS will really do wonders for your framerate. Getting between 50 and 60 fps that way on a RTX 2060.

  • Vervaticus
    VervaticusMåned siden

    This thumbnail screams soy.

  • Robert Stahl
    Robert StahlMåned siden

    Terrible waste of a video

  • General Nickles
    General NicklesMåned siden

    The more I see of this game, the more it feels like it's just sifi GTA.

  • Pr1ns


    Måned siden

    personally I feel they focus on very different aspects, I see it more as a mass effect or deus ex but cyberpunk genre, based on the cyberpunk tabletop with an action movie feel. But the story, rpg and worldbuilding are important, gta I feel the world experience, like all the minigames and gta online are more of a focus. for me at least playing feels quite different.

  • TheGreat WhiteMoose
    TheGreat WhiteMooseMåned siden

    "This book is a real book"

  • Ezequiel Aristan
    Ezequiel AristanMåned siden

    Something that still drives me crazy is that even in Collectors Editions companies won't put a physical copy. At least they popped in the soundtrack there, that's nice but a USB drive with the game would have been cool.

  • Luke Glover
    Luke GloverMåned siden

    He was so excited!