Unboxing the Apple Watch Series 6 & SE

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Apple as usual updates all their products almost on a yearly basis and it's no different with their watch line-up. Is it worth it?
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  • Bernice Gardner
    Bernice GardnerDag siden

    The open december supposedly regret because exhaust singly gather beside a untidy mail. adjoining, imperfect era

  • your brain on drugs
    your brain on drugs3 dager siden

    1:30 have you ever put it into the workout mode?

  • tracy boyd
    tracy boyd4 dager siden

    jesus the life of money has taking over his life with him throwing shit down.

  • Ferat
    Ferat4 dager siden

    Where did he get his pink sportsloop ?

  • João Pereira
    João Pereira5 dager siden

    No! 😬😬 don’t fucking rip the leather case the Apple Watch came on like it’s some kind is plastic or paper haha lol

  • Dodgy Malaka
    Dodgy Malaka5 dager siden

    I don’t need anything telling me how high I am. I’ve been smoking for years.

  • DoomOfConviction
    DoomOfConviction6 dager siden

    I need to know how high I am. Invent shit pls.

  • drew6017
    drew60178 dager siden

    The handwashing timer probably uses the sound from the faucet to activate considering that sound is very characteristic and would be quite loud at the watch's position.

  • Aleksandr Trohhatsov
    Aleksandr Trohhatsov9 dager siden

    somebody tell Linus that the Oppo Watch makes a lot more sense for him...

  • raz0r23
    raz0r2311 dager siden

    How he is ripping the cover from the watch xD

  • Apar Agarwal
    Apar Agarwal13 dager siden

    The most useless video about AW I’ve ever come across!

  • Rogers Jast
    Rogers Jast16 dager siden

    The depressed snail cosmetically mess up because napkin terminally strap to a harsh gearshift. valuable, savory thermometer

  • FireFlare Service
    FireFlare Service21 dag siden

    why is linus not on his own channel

  • Kakumei Ascott
    Kakumei Ascott24 dager siden

    don't stress yourself with the handwashing timer it's so annoying

  • Grace Life Ministries
    Grace Life Ministries24 dager siden

    That’s odd, I have been using Apple watches since the series 0 and I am currently using the series 5 and I have never once had a misunderstood workout like he is talking about.

  • Suhas H
    Suhas H25 dager siden

    linus : no the Apple Watch se is not a watch, it dosnt have an always on display, its that gesture nonsense Me : crying while looking at my series 1

  • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson
    Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson26 dager siden

    Call this video “Man tries to figure out how to use an Apple Watch”

  • Bartosz Dąbek
    Bartosz Dąbek26 dager siden

    it's just a opinion, but i think the rose gold color is kinda unpleasing

  • NoJokerXD
    NoJokerXD26 dager siden

    Why did he destroy the cloth cover on the watch?

  • Love Nirbrant
    Love Nirbrant29 dager siden

    One word you said made me so bad and sad sorry 😐

  • Timmy Staats
    Timmy StaatsMåned siden

    To be fair it’s a huge upgrade from my non working series one

  • Anush Anya Live
    Anush Anya LiveMåned siden


  • Ani
    AniMåned siden

    The hand wash detection starts 5 seconds right after you open your tap as it captures the sound of the water and the movement of your hands :) it’s one of the coolest features ngl

  • KG_A10 _
    KG_A10 _Måned siden

    6:08 The apple watch: got me spinning like a ballerina

  • Not Dan Gaffa
    Not Dan GaffaMåned siden

    6:08 SPINNNNNN!!!!!!

  • Sindri
    SindriMåned siden

    500$ to tell the time damn

  • George4All
    George4AllMåned siden


  • Josh John
    Josh JohnMåned siden

    Linus should really check out the Galaxy Watch 3, I've had one for a few weeks and its wonderful.

  • Keen Lai
    Keen LaiMåned siden

    did all that but couldnt film himself washing his hands with a tap

  • Tech It Out
    Tech It OutMåned siden

    I'll stick with my Samsung gear Fit2 Pro. It even tells me my stair count through the day.

  • Frankie Santiago
    Frankie SantiagoMåned siden

    I guess Linus has never heard of Swatches back in the 90's.

  • Aura The Draak
    Aura The DraakMåned siden

    srsly linus, show god damn respect for electronics, i know its pennies for you but you know it, pisses me off when i see your channels, throwing around expensive stuff around like yall dont care

  • TheMockedy
    TheMockedyMåned siden

    As a Samsung Active user and a former Garmin user, he has no idea what he's talking about.

  • Caspar Jaeqx
    Caspar JaeqxMåned siden

    I love may galaxy gear sport

  • Ken Meng
    Ken MengMåned siden

    I feel like this guy never likes anything lol

  • Bird Man
    Bird ManMåned siden

    2:46 except the user

  • geek dog
    geek dogMåned siden

    I wish apple made a round watch with a rotating crown that samsung has and that it also lasted a week, cause that'd be the only way I would get a smartwatch

  • Avocato Bobble
    Avocato BobbleMåned siden

    The main reason I stick with iPhone is because of my Apple Watch. It’s a beautiful and useful device! But yeah, I’m not gonna get the 6. The 5 has been great, I only wish it had a longer battery. Not that the battery is bad, it would just make the device that much better.

  • Aneesah M Hussain
    Aneesah M HussainMåned siden

    THE ENDING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sagar Siddhapura
    Sagar SiddhapuraMåned siden

    The amount of salt in this video lol

  • Vigor Gaming
    Vigor GamingMåned siden

    my mi band 5 smart band is much better and it costs only 30$ 🤣

  • Harrison Cook
    Harrison CookMåned siden

    I had literally never heard the term “wall wart”.

  • Christopher McQuillan
    Christopher McQuillanMåned siden

    1:50 that hurt my soul

  • Johnny
    JohnnyMåned siden

    The always on display is really not necessary. Unless ur really making an effort to look at your watch while your wrist is turned the other way. The display is always on for me when I want to look at it with not much thought of me making a certain movement.

  • mates
    matesMåned siden

    Linus just seemed weird in this video..

  • Kushal Shah
    Kushal ShahMåned siden

    charge your phone Linus bruhhh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andrej Z
    Andrej ZMåned siden

    Beautiful colour combo!

  • John Forde
    John FordeMåned siden

    Wearing an Apple Watch without using an iPhone is just silly. Well, it used to be. But actually, more and more, the Apple Watch is becoming more of a standalone device.

  • Marc Hill
    Marc HillMåned siden

    I have never ever experienced the issues Linus describes with exercise tracker mistaking driving or not detecting exercise in 3 years of constant use. Like not even once.

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'ConnellMåned siden

    Wait why are you using the series 5 but not married to the phone and iPad?

  • AT Amir
    AT AmirMåned siden

    Lmao watch the end guys

  • Landry Williams
    Landry WilliamsMåned siden

    Linus on the wan show: "The apple watch SE is a fantastic value from apple." Linus in this video: "Don't buy the apple watch, it's barely even a watch."

  • One Two

    One Two

    4 dager siden

    Linus is an idiot, didnt you know?

  • Robert
    RobertMåned siden

    I have an always-on display that can tell the time. It's an analog watch.

  • Greencapps
    GreencappsMåned siden

    Charge your phone Linus

  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick WilliamsMåned siden

    Apple watches are nice, but if you aren't invested in their ecosystem, I highly recommend something like a Garmin Vivoactive 4. It has an always-on display, the fitness features actually work, it is SUPER durable, and it's more reasonably priced.

  • Akash Aki
    Akash AkiMåned siden

    Wach don't have key or bottom

  • W19 ELY
    W19 ELY2 måneder siden

    Planned obsolescence

  • Jayri Engram
    Jayri Engram2 måneder siden

    Is that Linus?

  • Rannon
    Rannon2 måneder siden

    My first thought when I saw the Apple Watch body was that it looks like the (newer?) iPod Nano. 6:00 Wasn't one complain about their new thing with no charger was that the cable's USB-C while all their old chargers are USB-A? Making (their old wall warts useless) it look like a way to make people buy the chargers separately rather than the policy being a truly a eco-friendly one. Or was that only for the iPhone?

  • Sketchupdave
    Sketchupdave2 måneder siden

    How high are you. Eeeh I mean, hi how are you.

  • Phil C
    Phil C2 måneder siden

    Your blood oxygen level is supposed to be high no matter what you do. If it’s low then that signals something it wrong.

  • Stanz
    Stanz2 måneder siden

    Where is the 12 pro review?

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids2 måneder siden

    3:00 because unlike an apple watch a lot of watches are masterfully crafted by hand with intricate gears and tiny components

  • Lofty
    Lofty2 måneder siden

    Maybe the hand washing timer uses the microphone to listen for a tap running + gyroscope for your hand movements.

  • stylekidd
    stylekidd2 måneder siden

    Nope! Wanna use an apple watch get an iphone.... or go use your android watch lmaooooo

  • Michael McChesney
    Michael McChesney2 måneder siden

    I've had a Samsung Galaxy S3 Classic for about 3 1/2 years now that I had paired first to an S8 then an S10+. I don't use any health tracking features, but like Linus I mostly use it as watch to tell time. But I also like that I get notifications that I might miss if my phone were in my pocket or bag. It also serves as a reminder if I start to leave without my phone. Also since I don' have a landline, it's find my phone feature is handy. All in all, I am happy with it. But sometimes I think I might have been better off with a $40 Timex. But I do love tech, so I am happy I bought it.

  • Michele Farroni
    Michele Farroni2 måneder siden

    Do yourself a favor, Linus. Get yourself a G-Shock Mudmaster or Rangeman.

  • Santo Diablo
    Santo Diablo2 måneder siden

    what do you mean by "fricking"??? I am panamanian, and my mother tongue is spanish

  • Santo Diablo
    Santo Diablo2 måneder siden

    it is better off to be not on display than always on display to save energy

  • Chiptrainer
    Chiptrainer2 måneder siden

    Quick question, why would anyoen think thats it's a good idea to give a child an apple watch?

  • Terrobility
    Terrobility2 måneder siden

    Blood oxygen measurement is actually so useful, especially when used with sleep tracking 👌

  • O K
    O K2 måneder siden

    If you want a fitness smart watch why not buy a garmin watch?😂

  • Doug Cook
    Doug Cook2 måneder siden


  • Jamie Wiltzen
    Jamie Wiltzen2 måneder siden

    agreed i am all in on android phones, but love the air pods and even the watch, but they barely work with the droid.

  • TheLongIslander
    TheLongIslander2 måneder siden

    Okay, I've been using an Apple Watch Series 4 since 2018, and these two things kind of struck me as odd: 1:26 "Half the time, I'm in the middle of a really intense workout. I'm moving around a ton; my heart rate is at like 185 and it's like, 'Hey, why don't you stand up for a bit'?" I don't know if this is merely comedic exaggeration or not, but I've never seen that message pop up when I'm doing a workout or when I'm just being active. 1:34 "And the other half the time I'm driving and it's like, 'Great workout, Linus. Keep it up'" Okay, this has literally never, ever, happened to me. I've never had my watch mention anything about a workout when I'm driving. In fact, the Apple Watch can't start a workout automatically. It can detect you're being active (which it still doesn't do while driving) and suggest that you should start one, but you still need to confirm to start a workout, so I'm pretty sure Linus is exaggerating here.

  • Suraj Narayaanan
    Suraj Narayaanan2 måneder siden

    Can you do a review of fossil smart watch

  • SpartanSharpshot
    SpartanSharpshot2 måneder siden

    You think the tool-less Apple Watch bands are great until you deal with people who have the Apple branded bands trapped just from wear.

  • Cameron Bate
    Cameron Bate2 måneder siden

    The SE also doesn’t have an ecg

  • William Martin
    William Martin2 måneder siden

    Well the Linus this is the big decision Apple... Or Samsung etc...

  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff Studios2 måneder siden

    It does work. You need to keep it stable.

  • Gustav Gunawan
    Gustav Gunawan2 måneder siden

    How about the ticwatch pro 3?

  • MP Lovecraft
    MP Lovecraft2 måneder siden

    The Apple Watch 6 is great - the battery life is awesome and since I got a heart attack it helps a little in keeping an eye on stuff related to that.

  • Meme berry Juice
    Meme berry Juice2 måneder siden

    Bruv I love how he’s complaining while he quickly opens the watch

  • Flo Rolf
    Flo Rolf2 måneder siden

    I am so glad that I only buy mechanical watches... at multiple times the price... With was less features...

  • Matthew Steiner
    Matthew Steiner2 måneder siden

    fitbit versa 2

  • Alex
    Alex2 måneder siden

    I like how its day there and hes phone is about to die You have to love iPhone

  • Jacob Luscombe
    Jacob Luscombe2 måneder siden

    Get a fitbit linus

  • Gokul Sajeev
    Gokul Sajeev2 måneder siden

    He’s just ass

  • Refke van Lavieren
    Refke van Lavieren2 måneder siden

    Why do you even have a smartwatch if you're only using it to tell the time?

  • Augusto Dalupan
    Augusto Dalupan2 måneder siden


  • K Electronics
    K Electronics2 måneder siden

    wall wart?

  • snaredrummer0123
    snaredrummer01232 måneder siden

    You can use the watch with android. if you use the setup for option the watch can run on its own on cellular. Then you main phone can be android.

  • onemananarchy
    onemananarchy2 måneder siden

    As a watch enthusiast I will say that toolless strap switching has been around for years. Just need to get yourself a QUALITY watch.

  • Zach Fure
    Zach Fure2 måneder siden

    I swear these tech youtubers forget that Garmin exists. 2 week battery life and most of the functionality of these shit watches that need to be charged on the daily.

  • Bruno R. Stupp
    Bruno R. Stupp2 måneder siden

    after the exercise his voice has grown up. He is a man now, for a little while.

  • BlackstarBeast
    BlackstarBeast2 måneder siden

    "daily driver" 🤢

  • Yusuf Doğruyol
    Yusuf Doğruyol2 måneder siden

    Can we get a samsung odyssey G5 review ?

  • BananaBro1
    BananaBro12 måneder siden

    6:34 in the bottom right there is the galaxy fold with the weird wrap

  • nate_the_pro
    nate_the_pro2 måneder siden

    linus saying "hEy WhY DoN't YoU sTaNd Up FoR a BiT?" made me laugh

  • Rijty Sagarton
    Rijty Sagarton2 måneder siden

    Oh hell yea now when I’m drunk I’ll know how high I am