Unboxing Sony's Do All Camera! - Sony FX9

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Red Cinema has been one of the most marketed cameras for film making for almost the past decade, but Sony is making waves across all platforms. The Sony FX9 should be something you eye if you're looking for an excellent all-around camera.
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  • Osiris Rex
    Osiris RexDag siden

    Cell phones have obliterated the camcorder market, regular consumer camera and DSLR market. I assume a big chunk of the reason they keep improving the professional level cameras and optics is that eventually they will use the tech in smart phones and action cams under their proprietary patents that started as huge pro none consumer facing behemoths.

  • Danny Bel
    Danny Bel4 måneder siden

    it looks like you got a rental camera or something. stock battery is 30/35 bpu. touch screen is on v2 of the fx9. battery charger is the single

  • Salvaged Circuitry
    Salvaged Circuitry4 måneder siden

    "...but they also have the Venice, and the Venice is their highest end flagship..." The Sony F65 has entered chat... :D

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver5 måneder siden

    I know it's a different class of camera but I'd really appreciate a better comparison to the 8K Reds you use. Does this thing have better on board I/O?

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver5 måneder siden

    Wait is this actually a camera that comes with lenses and batteries? Or is this some sort of review bundle?

  • lola a
    lola a5 måneder siden

    that guy make "balance" test without the battery mounted ?? What a surprise without the battery (that represent a significant weight at the back) the whole thing is front heavy !! Really ????

  • Richard WILSON
    Richard WILSON5 måneder siden

    Unboxing (A RENTAL) Sony's Do All Camera! - Sony FX9 🤣🤣🤣

  • Malte Spielt
    Malte Spielt6 måneder siden

    Love the FX9

  • Donovan Goodwin
    Donovan Goodwin6 måneder siden

    I can't wait till you guys get your six BMD Ursa Mini 12K's. Comparing Google prices the 12K cameras actually cheaper. So if it performs well Sony better up their game or at least reduce prices. you can actually use the full 12K capability of the sensor on the Ursa Mini Pro 12K so that's pretty amazing.

  • Marian DU
    Marian DU6 måneder siden

    Can you please make a video about watercooling the EOS R5 :D

  • Matt Andews
    Matt Andews6 måneder siden

    But the more important question is: does it work as a cellphone?

  • Bill Zidis Films
    Bill Zidis Films6 måneder siden

    I love it but has many issues,i own the FX9

  • rsanjur
    rsanjur6 måneder siden

    5:57 that's a weird complain... Cinema and Professional Broadcasting camera lenses mount in the same way as that. Especially PL-mount lenses. This allows to swap bodies without having to remove the lens assembly from the tripod and/or prevents damaging pins from twisting the lens (like in SLR/mirrorless lenses).

  • NonStop Dom
    NonStop Dom6 måneder siden

    5:08 insert M1 Garand "Ping" clip ejection sound here.

  • jhN
    jhN6 måneder siden

    I have no clue about cameras and I take maybe 5 pictures a year with my phone but I always make sure to watch Brandons camera videos cause they are so interesting for some reason

  • Andrei Andreev
    Andrei Andreev6 måneder siden

    Except they ordered 6 of the new Ursa Minis.

  • Kristjan D
    Kristjan D6 måneder siden

    seeing camera sensor and lenses without a cap makes me nervous

  • Jerry Xu
    Jerry Xu6 måneder siden

    In fact, The latest FS5 firmware support the auto-ND feature...Anyway, FX9 is my dream camera to shot some short film, at this time, if I could afford it. LOL

  • Joel Normandin
    Joel Normandin6 måneder siden

    But........blackmagic 6k for 2k is better and cheaper even when fully rigged out...

  • lazypizzaguy
    lazypizzaguy6 måneder siden

    Anyone else who is really distracted by there part of the fake window being in shot?

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19876 måneder siden

    Really looking forward to when the new black magic cameras come in. Can't wait for brandon to put them through their paces.

  • Spamulus HD
    Spamulus HD6 måneder siden

    Nice still don't know why you need 300 camera angles do do a unboxing, must be a NOlocal thing 😂👌🤦‍♂️

  • adam luqman
    adam luqman6 måneder siden

    brandon needs to upgrade his segway skills

  • rsanjur
    rsanjur6 måneder siden

    Brandon, what about AF and rolling shutter? Heard it has fast AF derived from Sony Alpha cameras but all the videos I have seen were shot either on Cinema MF lenses or with slow moving subjects.

  • C O
    C O6 måneder siden

    Useless for shooting your talking head videos

  • Andre Gant
    Andre Gant6 måneder siden

    Might as well put it back in the box now that the 12K Ursa dropped lol

  • Kri
    Kri6 måneder siden

    brandon must be happy to make more camera content, and that means i'm happy too (thanks for showing the weight in kg btw)

  • Inventor Llama
    Inventor Llama6 måneder siden

    And then Blackmagic has a 12K 60fps camera for $9,995.

  • Umbra
    Umbra6 måneder siden

    You know what would be great for showing 120fps in your vid? If you actually uploaded in higher than just 30fps *smh*

  • Andrés Belalcázar
    Andrés Belalcázar6 måneder siden

    Demasiado grande. Nunca me han gustado las cámaras de hombro.

  • Ole Hagemann
    Ole Hagemann6 måneder siden

    Put the Battery in and handling / mass centre will improve

  • Kepler
    Kepler6 måneder siden

    Wait, documentary, I want a documentary on LTT

  • Kepler
    Kepler6 måneder siden

    Hey, the music Dawid uses, I love it

  • Mike Bail
    Mike Bail6 måneder siden

    2:42 if it were linus, he would have said.... you know what else i like? our sponsor!!

  • Christopher Pack Art
    Christopher Pack Art6 måneder siden

    *Canon laughs in 8K*

  • o0owiisnawo0o Wiisnaw
    o0owiisnawo0o Wiisnaw6 måneder siden

    Around 4:00 the audio was off a bit with the image

  • Stuff Things
    Stuff Things6 måneder siden

    Well this camera had its days numbered

  • games and softwares guides and tricks
    games and softwares guides and tricks6 måneder siden

    my car is worth 4000$ . im out lol

  • Timothy B.
    Timothy B.6 måneder siden

    do a unboxing/review video on the brand new blackmagic ursa mini pro 12k

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin6 måneder siden

    Why does he recommend this for making documentaries? Are documentary cameras different from cinema cameras? Is this better/worse than the cheaper BMPCC 6k?

  • cicie vie
    cicie vie6 måneder siden

    i found this guy's cousin lols xD nolocal.info/have/video/j3-ifchyvmt7sIA

  • lockhrt999
    lockhrt9996 måneder siden

    that micro usb cable is not going to last.

  • Petar Nenkovski
    Petar Nenkovski6 måneder siden

    Brandon should really do a beginner's guide to cameras and photography.

  • Ryan Jakiel
    Ryan Jakiel6 måneder siden

    Great Job Brandon!

  • frenchiveruti
    frenchiveruti6 måneder siden

    Hey Brandon are you going to review the Xperia 1Mk.II? I'd like to know what you have to say about it

  • LOLiknowthis
    LOLiknowthis6 måneder siden

    @4:05 the audio is unsynced....

  • FCYL xkgdku
    FCYL xkgdku6 måneder siden

    This one day old video is already obsolete since we have three 12K black magic camera coming.

  • Matthew Rosenblatt
    Matthew Rosenblatt6 måneder siden

    This is cool and all, but I'd love to see you guys try out and review the new BMD URSA Mini Pro 12K

  • Wilted Design
    Wilted Design6 måneder siden

    Just put a big boi v mount battery on the back to balance it out

  • Timo
    Timo6 måneder siden

    4K 30fps? Lame

  • polygenic
    polygenic6 måneder siden

    At 4:08, there's a bit of latency between the video and the audio. Editing mistake?

  • Duma Rudolf
    Duma Rudolf6 måneder siden

    will this camera stop sony from putting up false DMCA claims? why are you reviewing a product from a company who plays dirty?

  • Elemino Musgrove
    Elemino Musgrove6 måneder siden

    Brandon: "[6K] probably was, on an engineering level, a hard thing to do." Blackmagic: ** Drops 12K Camera **

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips6 måneder siden

    Camera technology is crazy. On a side note, I think video content should focus on frame rate over resolution.

  • Stephen Lewis
    Stephen Lewis6 måneder siden

    The specs seem pretty underwhelming to me.

  • Lurch1207
    Lurch12076 måneder siden

    Check out an Arry

    PANTOS6 måneder siden

    you need to check out the xperia 10 ii

  • Charion Mayo
    Charion Mayo6 måneder siden

    Seriously dude.. u sound like a robot. So annoying.

  • Masiosare Anivdelarev
    Masiosare Anivdelarev6 måneder siden


  • Aaron DC mediA
    Aaron DC mediA6 måneder siden

    I am a Sony fan - all my (video) cameras are Sony. But it's definitely interesting to me to see BMD release Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K for US$9,995. It does 220 fps in 4K Super 16, but as opposed to the 6k FX9, will record 12k footage @ 60fps. I don't even want to think about the storage required for 12k, but it is good to see competition.

  • theshadowknows
    theshadowknows6 måneder siden

    I love the linus crew. That said, Brandon has the best voice of the whole crew. Maybe voice over for all the other videos? 🤣 because I know you need more to do lol.

  • staticvoidmain
    staticvoidmain6 måneder siden

    Most "I don't care" and "surprise!" segue ever.

  • isaac izuku-kun
    isaac izuku-kun6 måneder siden

    give this to pewdiepie!

  • hunterhalo
    hunterhalo6 måneder siden

    The micro usb killed it mate,

  • Toph Beifong
    Toph Beifong6 måneder siden

    Is it just me or Brandon’s audio is a bit out of sync?

  • akyhne
    akyhne6 måneder siden

    Blackmagic just released a 12K camera, the Ursa Mini Pro 12K.

  • Zechlin
    Zechlin6 måneder siden

    He’s holding more money on his shoulder than the cost of my car

  • Noah Listgarten
    Noah Listgarten6 måneder siden

    New comment based on new information from Black Magic Design this morning. Please please please see if you can get your hands on a new Black Magic Design Ursa Mini Pro 12K to do an unboxing/first impressions!

  • Navarre Newspaper
    Navarre Newspaper6 måneder siden

    Blackmagic 12K Raw Mic Drop 💥

  • thorsong1
    thorsong16 måneder siden

    Sony, micro USB is a fail! USB-C has been around for more than half a decade. No excuse for that nonsense.

  • Hernan Soberon
    Hernan Soberon6 måneder siden

    I sufffer seen that sensor expose.

  • appr oved
    appr oved6 måneder siden

    so when do you guys plan to do an article on electric unicycle ? ( euc)

  • Greg Bonnier
    Greg Bonnier6 måneder siden

    Pro tip: adjust camera balance with a battery in the boot ;)

  • Nick Dean
    Nick Dean6 måneder siden

    He talking about the weight and balance with out the battery in :/

  • Luxia Productions
    Luxia Productions6 måneder siden

    you should do a c300 mkiii review when it comes out, and see how it compares to your c200's :)

  • jaime diaz
    jaime diaz6 måneder siden

    Brandon is the camera god

  • Anuja Nimesh
    Anuja Nimesh6 måneder siden

    Wish you compared it to the Red 8K

  • Anuja Nimesh
    Anuja Nimesh6 måneder siden

    @2:42 For a second I thought I left a tab open

  • Circuits and Cigars
    Circuits and Cigars6 måneder siden

    I'm learning video on my Sony RX100. V and VII and I definitely can see this as my camera when I make the jump to video as a career

  • The Dead Immortal
    The Dead Immortal6 måneder siden

    As a photography nerd, I really hope you guys start posting more photography and video tech stuff. Especially videos on the X-T4 and Canon R5/R6. Honestly photography has been going through an insane transformation with the mirrorless boom but sadly gets barely any mention on tech channels, even though cameras right now are as techy as you can get

  • jack will
    jack will6 måneder siden

    Now compare it with the BMPCC 4k or 6k with all the accessories...

  • Naman Jain - Editing Photos Videos
    Naman Jain - Editing Photos Videos6 måneder siden

    Brandon when we will we see canon r5

  • Brent Stephen
    Brent Stephen6 måneder siden

    XQD isn’t a Sony proprietary media. Nikon uses it in the D4, Z6, and Z7

  • gameflux
    gameflux6 måneder siden

    Cool !

  • nirah
    nirah6 måneder siden

    The video looking garbage because I have an iPhone 11

  • Sabyasachi Das
    Sabyasachi Das6 måneder siden

    is this camera good for Snapchat videos?

  • Robo-animator
    Robo-animator6 måneder siden

    2020: Sony FX9 10K years later: Sony FX9350

  • Rolf J
    Rolf J6 måneder siden

    Just watch the Philip Bloom review of this camera if you want to see proper footage and a in-depth review.

  • Timothy Quek
    Timothy Quek6 måneder siden

    I like how at 4:04 the words don't sync with the video that or its vo

  • Neumah
    Neumah6 måneder siden

    I lost a full SD card to a Canon DSLR that popped out the card like that. Went flying down a crevice and was never found again.

  • Ghost's Graphics
    Ghost's Graphics6 måneder siden

    I'm curious to see how the ursa mini pro would compete with this camera. Seems it's targeting the same with great but slightly different specs for ~5k lower.

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond6 måneder siden

    Do you mean new

  • K Khandagle
    K Khandagle6 måneder siden

    He looks like someone slapped him left and right before the video.

  • Alex
    Alex6 måneder siden

    Man lockdown has me watching more stuff that my broke ass can't afford😭

  • AxTech
    AxTech6 måneder siden

    Brandon, you need to do a review for ltt when the eos r5 comes out

  • Yash Kavaiya
    Yash Kavaiya6 måneder siden

    that stupid is talking about weight balance of the camera without putting battery in it... LOL

  • tharealmb
    tharealmb6 måneder siden

    Variable automatic ND.... brilliant. Now put in in the RX100 lineup ;-)

  • Wieland
    Wieland6 måneder siden

    When he talked about the balance issues, there was no battery inside tho, right? 👀

  • Peter Barnes
    Peter Barnes6 måneder siden

    Love camera stuff on this channel. You should take a look at some of the Z Cam stuff, they look really interestijg

  • TheFireOcean
    TheFireOcean6 måneder siden

    Damn he bad at segways. Good video though