Unboxing Razer's New Smallest Keyboard! - Huntsman Mini

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Razer launches their first keyboard in the 60% form factor for people who just want the basics or their desk space is limited, also it has optical switches. What size of keyboard do you prefer?
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuit6 måneder siden

    Join us in War Thunder for FREE on PC, PS4 and Xbox One: gjn.link/ShortCircuit Get an exclusive bonus using our link - thanks for supporting the channel!

  • Ash Boi

    Ash Boi

    3 måneder siden

    Mostaf POP p

  • Master Kamen

    Master Kamen

    5 måneder siden

    This makes me wonder, who likes these comments?

  • Dark ZyRo_

    Dark ZyRo_

    5 måneder siden

    Does this work on ps4

  • x111


    5 måneder siden

    Razer Huntsman is the best keyboard I have ever touched, also they make the best mouse !! even tho razer is a shitty company !!

  • xnamkcor X

    xnamkcor X

    5 måneder siden

    @Maximilian Deisz Also, anything less than 98.6% is for losers.

  • Sami
    Sami14 timer siden

    did he rly put the quarz keycaps on the white keeb with wsad and not wasd? Im triggered

  • cr7 crazyshot
    cr7 crazyshot4 dager siden

    Fun fact: force is measured in newtons not grams

  • shshankk
    shshankk6 dager siden

    I've been using k95 with cherry mx speed for over 3 years now and cannot go to any other switch. And the keyboard in general is really good.

  • Renzo Cano Robles
    Renzo Cano Robles6 dager siden

    This happens when u try to be funny

    ABS GAMING TV6 dager siden

    Well it could have been cheaper with honey cause we know you say “did you use honey it can save you a lot of money”

  • Robert Steele
    Robert Steele8 dager siden

    that looks so nice

  • s l u s h y
    s l u s h y13 dager siden

    Did anyone Immediately notice that on the mercury white huntsman mini he put the pink keycaps in the wrong order. He put it W,S,A,D instead of W,A,S,D.

  • dropz on yt
    dropz on yt19 dager siden

    I haven’t watched full vid but it looks awesome on white in fn Ctrl 5

  • Smily 2d
    Smily 2d20 dager siden

    I had this keyboard for a wile but its hood

  • Artixx
    Artixx20 dager siden

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he put WSAD instead of WASD?

  • Truth Time TV
    Truth Time TV25 dager siden

    45g 1.2mm reds wrong specs here

  • jojokokolo
    jojokokolo26 dager siden

    secondary functions on my logitech board light up

  • MadMan44
    MadMan4426 dager siden

    And a fourth reason to get a 60% keyboard, your desk is small

  • Oance Rares-Mihai
    Oance Rares-Mihai26 dager siden


  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez27 dager siden

    Lol, I would buy drop Alt instead of that cheap plastic. I had bought this mini keyboard because it's Razer. Boy was I upset with their linear switches. I sent it back and found out about Drop Alt and man that keyboard is solid and is quiet. I purchased the Kahi linear silver speed switches version and it's silent. You can also swap the switches to Tactile or clicky in Drop Alt for the same price.

  • Toastr
    Toastr29 dager siden


  • Exotic Laughs
    Exotic Laughs29 dager siden

    7:27 I like ya cut g

  • GrabsOppai
    GrabsOppaiMåned siden

    I don’t see how people use 60% keyboards, I think TKL is the minimum, I used to use a 100% but that was just to much, so I switched to TKL, loved it way more, so I tried 60% and I was like “Oh hell no”

  • Verted Recon
    Verted ReconMåned siden

    I hovered my curser over the video and saw a Nazi plane instantly started watching

  • Jeremy Villar
    Jeremy VillarMåned siden

    i just bought and tried both, linear switches require noticeably more force to press; i went with clicky

  • Owen Horn
    Owen HornMåned siden

    I have this, I recommend

  • ML Gaming
    ML GamingMåned siden

    Jesus Christ you are rich

  • MyAcer20
    MyAcer20Måned siden

    w8 wtf warthunder did a sponsor they almost nevver advertize annywhere

  • Y R U Gae
    Y R U GaeMåned siden

    w sad

  • Kyan Hui
    Kyan HuiMåned siden

    If you see really closely, in the thumbnail, the white keyboards pink WASD keycaps say W S A D

  • Glacid Rumble
    Glacid RumbleMåned siden

    Huntsman mini or ducky one 2 mini?

  • John Yang
    John YangMåned siden

    All those years spent learning vim keys for moving, even though dedicated keys were present, are finally worth something...

  • Mohammed Abdulqareeb
    Mohammed AbdulqareebMåned siden

    James: WSAD Gamers: WASD

  • ezzlon
    ezzlon2 måneder siden


  • CanadianTrash87
    CanadianTrash872 måneder siden

    Whats even the point of a numpad if you could just use the top layer of numbers

  • TheCorsairPlayer911
    TheCorsairPlayer9112 måneder siden

    try k100 corsair keyboard

  • RipexX
    RipexX2 måneder siden

    "What do you call it a hat? A condom?"-james 2020

  • Mr Salty
    Mr Salty2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does this guy look like Tobey Maguire

  • RottenProduce
    RottenProduce2 måneder siden

    It's crap you don't need that's terrible for the environment.

  • Runamuck Penguin
    Runamuck Penguin2 måneder siden

    Anyone else notice the “U” key on the white Huntsman isn’t spectrum cycling.

  • Sofia DLC

    Sofia DLC

    2 måneder siden

    its because it was in game mode, that's all. Not because it wasn't working.

  • joefnd
    joefnd2 måneder siden

    what shirt are you wearing? looks interesting.............

  • 8kBluffs
    8kBluffs2 måneder siden


  • Lil straw 1
    Lil straw 12 måneder siden

    No way this kid said condoms

  • Mojo DK
    Mojo DK2 måneder siden

    If it was wireless, I would buy it.

  • Harsingh Sekhon
    Harsingh Sekhon2 måneder siden

    9:18 wsad

  • Vanq PG3D
    Vanq PG3D2 måneder siden

    The white 😍

  • nevin campbell
    nevin campbell2 måneder siden

    Just saying not being mean just thought it was kinda funny.

  • nevin campbell
    nevin campbell2 måneder siden

    Could get your shots off faster when your talking about the keyboard not the mouse.

  • thebreadore
    thebreadore2 måneder siden

    One day Razer will make a keyboard only with WASD.

  • Hydro Sheep
    Hydro Sheep2 måneder siden

    disliked for the obnoxious thumbnail, and it looked like you weren't interested in the video and just wanted to get it over with ... no energy at all

  • PS6
    PS63 måneder siden

    How do the arrow keys work?

  • Gunraj Singh
    Gunraj Singh3 måneder siden

    Me: thinking In my mind why can't I buy this.? Pocket: look at me man you forget me!

  • The Lamb Sauce
    The Lamb Sauce3 måneder siden

    9:46 No one gonna mention that. Look at the WASD see anything wrong.

  • The Lamb Sauce

    The Lamb Sauce

    3 måneder siden


  • SLK
    SLK3 måneder siden

    I like that shirt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Grogu
    Grogu3 måneder siden

    It’s funny how my dad played war thunder for 6 years

  • Rose Michael
    Rose Michael3 måneder siden

    I want that keyboard

  • Little_ Boy_lee
    Little_ Boy_lee3 måneder siden

    Is there a liner for the black keyboard

  • Karate Patch
    Karate Patch3 måneder siden

    Why u sound dippresed

  • Fire Ice
    Fire Ice3 måneder siden

    what color switches is the black one some one pls respond im new to this switches thing

  • Fire Ice

    Fire Ice

    3 måneder siden

    never mind i just saw 5:06 lol

  • Sky GamingYTUBE
    Sky GamingYTUBE3 måneder siden

    9:38 are you trying to send us a message? :(

  • Hype Dude!
    Hype Dude!3 måneder siden


  • zavarfishy
    zavarfishy3 måneder siden

    did anyone notice that he put the quartz key caps in the wrong order on the white keyboard?

  • Josh Foreman
    Josh Foreman3 måneder siden

    People with laptops be like nooooo make the keyboard bigger people with desktops be like tiny keyboard go brrrrrr

  • Matt Bowen
    Matt Bowen3 måneder siden

    Those clicks are way too loud.

    PH4NT0M_ BEATS3 måneder siden

    So do you think that I should get the purple clicky. I play FPS games and I stream on twitch

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera3 måneder siden

    2 year warranty? Welcome to the EU!

  • Justin Ruiz
    Justin Ruiz3 måneder siden

    Is this keyboard mechanical??

  • Klupzu


    3 måneder siden


  • Isaiah Holmes
    Isaiah Holmes3 måneder siden

    He barley has any reaction or amusement in this video at all.

  • Hassanal Diego
    Hassanal Diego3 måneder siden

    Pls can u do a giveaway the razer hunts men it was my original keyboard but i dont have that much money

  • korean kid choi
    korean kid choi4 måneder siden

    why do you blur out the serial number?

  • vWing-
    vWing-4 måneder siden

    9:25 WSAD

    REVEL4 måneder siden

    9:20 WSAD lmao

  • Ace SK
    Ace SK4 måneder siden

    I just wish there was a tactile switch like a brown switch

  • Firsto HD
    Firsto HD4 måneder siden

    For a sec I thought u were Tobey Maguire

  • Gerbren Hofstra
    Gerbren Hofstra4 måneder siden

    I want to buy this one but I have already the Anne Pro 2 with kailh box brown switches. If I should buy the huntsman mini which switches should I probably get? I'm a gamer btw.

  • cool minecraft 5 gameplays
    cool minecraft 5 gameplays4 måneder siden

    i actually just got that, lol

  • Dammika Jayasekera
    Dammika Jayasekera4 måneder siden

    what a crappy review

  • Some body
    Some body4 måneder siden

    Razer is that company that boxes their products nicely but the actual product is shitty and overpriced.

  • Wil T
    Wil T4 måneder siden

    Do they still have crap drivers you have to create an account for?

  • Joeyaroonie
    Joeyaroonie4 måneder siden

    He put A in the S spot and S in the A spot on the white keyboard with pink PBT Keycaps

  • Lucas Morth
    Lucas Morth4 måneder siden

    the way he uses his keys to fuck up the box tho

  • Stress Free Me TV
    Stress Free Me TV4 måneder siden

    4:50 Actual video starts to skip the Drama

  • Taha YT614
    Taha YT6144 måneder siden

    What is this crap Razer: am I a joke to u

  • Joel Nichols
    Joel Nichols4 måneder siden

    Maybe I have the worst hands ever but I made my PBT keycaps shiny

  • Bulsum
    Bulsum4 måneder siden

    It's a basic rattly consumer keyboard. You can get a full metal frame keyboard with a higher selection of switches for the same price. Tada68 for example.

  • Tarfa Mohammad
    Tarfa Mohammad4 måneder siden

    Razer is like the apple of gamers

  • TiredMan
    TiredMan4 måneder siden

    He sounds like a character from bob's burger

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis4 måneder siden

    "ya know, it's cool... You will probably like it" 10/10 review good sir 😂

  • Jaime Ovando
    Jaime Ovando4 måneder siden

    Friends, I am from South America exactly from Bolivia, a query that I recommend the Razer hustman TE keyboard (with the red switches) or the (hustman mini with the purple switch) the difference in my country is $ 10, the hustman TE arrived in 980bs and the hustman mini in 900bs or I wait 3 months for them to arrive in my country for the razer hustman mini with red switches ... from razer which is faster red or purple?

  • Jaime Ovando
    Jaime Ovando4 måneder siden

    Friends, I am from South America exactly from Bolivia, a query that I recommend the Razer hustman TE keyboard (with the red switches) or the (hustman mini with the purple switch) the difference in my country is $ 10, the hustman TE arrived in 980bs and the hustman mini in 900bs or I wait 3 months for them to arrive in my country for the razer hustman mini with red switches

  • Fer 231
    Fer 2314 måneder siden

    Hello i have a question the white colour of the keys is getting dirtier or darker a long the time???

  • Dokkaebi'sLiteratureClub
    Dokkaebi'sLiteratureClub4 måneder siden

    bought this day one, have the white with clicky purple switches. I love it so much

  • AnotherLife
    AnotherLife4 måneder siden

    fyi, "Our Test Benches on Amazon:" link is broken

  • CeZaR NeBuN
    CeZaR NeBuN5 måneder siden

    this keyboard need an arm rest...the steel series is a much better value

  • Dylan Zak
    Dylan Zak5 måneder siden

    Could you review the clix x matrix keyboard

  • Madizone xD
    Madizone xD5 måneder siden

    Which one is better ??

  • NotBrandon Paul
    NotBrandon Paul5 måneder siden

    The Razer key caps are surprisingly great.

  • Mr.Sanemon
    Mr.Sanemon5 måneder siden

    The dampener is only present in the linear switch, the clicky one has no dampener. Also pretty sure the Chinese company that makes those switches is the same company that makes light strike switches so you can probably get replacement switches from them that will fit.

  • Keegan Hall
    Keegan Hall5 måneder siden

    remember when Linus said you'd where through your fingers first the glory days

  • w0nde4d
    w0nde4d5 måneder siden


  • Alecksss
    Alecksss5 måneder siden

    Why does he look like he's dying inside

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver5 måneder siden

    Why would anyone want a keyboard without function or arrow keys?

  • Icarus
    Icarus5 måneder siden

    Razer synapse is the worst software in the world.

  • Blade


    5 måneder siden

    Good thing you don't need it at all with this keyboard got it myself

  • Yusuke Urameshi
    Yusuke Urameshi5 måneder siden

    I'd get a ducky one 2 mini before this