Unboxing Razer's FIRST Gaming Chair! - Iskur

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Razer releases their first gaming chair, the Iskur. It's priced what you would expect. The big change is that they didn't merely slap their logo on anything and called it a day. They took some time to make something really unique and built tough.
Check out the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair at lmg.gg/Szcxe
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  • Waffle Iron
    Waffle Iron3 timer siden

    Razer’s first gaming chair looks suspiciously like every other gaming chair makers 656 millionth.

  • Wischmopps
    WischmoppsDag siden

    Is this an add? Don't you have to mark advertising videos in the USA? Okay. Stupid question. If course not

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'GradyDag siden

    The ONLY reason for gaming chairs with side bolsters is for a Sim racing rig which is where they came from. I rmemeber building a rig in about 2010 for GT5 with a racing seat low down and at an angle (like a race car) but then over the next decade seeing that same style of chair being propped up on office chair legs for computers, it's ridiculous and stupid.

  • Zach
    ZachDag siden

    1/3rd the price of a Herman Miller and 3x as likely to permanently disfigure your back with that wonky lumbar support. Otherwise a totally standard gaming chair design.

  • Jeemar suaybaguio
    Jeemar suaybaguioDag siden

    He took of his mask and got censored that is just messed up 😂

  • Tylor K
    Tylor K2 dager siden

    I feel like I've seen this chair before... But it wasn't razor branded. Hmm, china? Are you selling the same chair to big companies and slapping their logo on it 🤔

  • geezgoddamn
    geezgoddamn3 dager siden

    Gaming chairs look like absolute ass, especially a giant leather chair ripped out of a car with a giant tacky Razer logo slapped on

  • DeadCrow
    DeadCrow3 dager siden

    love the chair videos with colten :D

  • 信字樋村
    信字樋村3 dager siden

    6:39 : which is way too tall for how short i am me : *cry in 162cm old man

  • Hershcream
    Hershcream3 dager siden

    its cool but pretty dumb too, Why a lever? it could be on a rail system that you could just lift and move

  • Lee Aguina
    Lee Aguina3 dager siden

    Chase need to be in more videos everthing he said made me not want the chair but made me want the 2nd char

  • Pat C
    Pat C4 dager siden

    looks like another horrible racing chair that's not made for a car.

  • Ben Tulloch
    Ben Tulloch4 dager siden

    Given that Linus is a shorter guy as well, it's weird that there isn't sufficient choice of height-appropriate Linus-shop shirts available for you to wear for this vid. Not meaning to pick on you or anything, I'm 5'6 as well. Pro tip: with shirts that long, I recommend tucking it in so it doesn't look like a dress.

  • Tomas Berglund
    Tomas Berglund4 dager siden

    That was a canadian smurf ^^

  • lauritz Tangen
    lauritz Tangen4 dager siden

    Gaming chairs ffs

  • NearioNL
    NearioNL4 dager siden

    Razer didnt build shit. A chinese company did it, who also does it for Secret Labs etc. Could you actually do some research before you make such a video. Best thing to do: Dont get a gamer chair, get an office chair. Cheaper, and higher quality

  • skull20003
    skull200034 dager siden


  • VanJosh_Elanium
    VanJosh_Elanium5 dager siden

    Office Chair > Gaming Chair

  • Devilish QT
    Devilish QT5 dager siden

    I'm all for the chair with vibrator option mentioned in the video. LMAO

  • Stro Kinit
    Stro Kinit5 dager siden

    Why do all of the tech nerds do the soy face thing? Why? Every. Single. Time... SMFH!

  • S1mulati0
    S1mulati05 dager siden

    Can you just please tighten your watch

  • grimmblazee
    grimmblazee5 dager siden

    Sweat corrosion thats why salt

  • Co11ider
    Co11ider5 dager siden

    5ft 7 inches is 170 cms. 5 ft 6 inches is 167 cms.

  • Younes Fattah
    Younes Fattah5 dager siden

    500 for that lmao

  • cateatdogfood
    cateatdogfood6 dager siden

    1:23 perfectly cut screams

  • Michael K
    Michael K6 dager siden

    Razor's PR staff probably had their jaws dropped after seeing Edzel's review. XD Imagine doing your sponser like that XD

  • Wolfgang Andrew X
    Wolfgang Andrew X6 dager siden

    4d? what the hell is 4d?

  • D Z
    D Z6 dager siden

    What happens when Colton rage or get mad playing video games? Well, I guess he'll point at something.

  • Grant G.
    Grant G.7 dager siden

    $650 now... oof

  • Henk Henkos
    Henk Henkos7 dager siden

    That back support looks not really comfortable tbh ... 😅

  • That 6.0 F100 Guy
    That 6.0 F100 Guy7 dager siden

    Another generic ass chair.

  • musicx xa
    musicx xa7 dager siden

    Chase know this shit. He should review more chairs.

  • asuchemist
    asuchemist8 dager siden

    Where the cup holder?

  • Niculescu Tudor
    Niculescu Tudor8 dager siden

    Gaming chairs...do not buy these stupid things. Get a nice ergonomic chair that is actually good.

  • late890
    late8908 dager siden

    Do Martela Logic 400 next! Great office and even gaming chair with few quirks.

  • Skelatron CODm
    Skelatron CODm8 dager siden

    I'm 6’5 270 can I still use the chair

  • Ramon Cardenas
    Ramon Cardenas8 dager siden

    whats that desk?

  • K France
    K France9 dager siden

    secret lab but make it lumbar

  • Der Schinken
    Der Schinken9 dager siden

    And One more "Gaming Chair" that has the stupid Racing stuff.

  • Sword and Keyboard
    Sword and Keyboard9 dager siden

    Gaming chairs are a scam, don't pay extra for a crappy office chair just because it has green or red trim and a logo on it

  • Wesley W
    Wesley W9 dager siden

    Same factory as Akracing. The way it is packed tels. Stupid looking lumbar support with no high adjustments makes it akward

  • Glye
    Glye9 dager siden

    What's the price of it? "12 billion"

  • Adrian Schneider
    Adrian Schneider9 dager siden

    Gamin chairs are dumb 😂😂just buy an office chair and you will be way more happy. This gaming chair costs 80 dollars manufacturing price while produced in China by the same company that produces every racing gaming chair.

  • Martintex
    Martintex9 dager siden

    Chase should appear in every chair review

  • Skills of Aesthetics
    Skills of Aesthetics9 dager siden

    9:36, ok i didn't expect that voice

  • truuuupR
    truuuupR9 dager siden

    Heyyyyy another copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a design that was meant for cars that isn't suitable for sitting at a desk at all! Woo

  • Cloud
    Cloud9 dager siden

    So Herman Miller for the win. 🤣

  • Christian Velasco
    Christian Velasco9 dager siden

    They should add RGB for extra FPS!!

  • Pavel Tomasek
    Pavel Tomasek10 dager siden

    Nothing is better than good office chair. So called gaming chairs are just hyped uncomfortable garbage.

  • The Last Honk
    The Last Honk10 dager siden

    Imagine thinking you're making a witty comment because you watched the GamersNexus video on chairs so now you're a self proclaimed expert on chairs.

  • Fenrir


    8 dager siden

    Ngl, I don't think I ever gonna buy a gaming chair after watching that video, surely I had my doubts about them before but gamersnexus just confirmed some of these suspicions.

  • The Wave
    The Wave10 dager siden

    imagine if it would be in chroma.......

  • G D
    G D10 dager siden

    Dumbass ass video after watching Gamers Nexus coverage on "gaming chair" market.

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts10 dager siden

    Almost 700 bucks..... Damn 100 bucks short.... Help me Joe......

  • Phillippia
    Phillippia10 dager siden

    The blur at 0:16 seconds.....love it! LOL.😂

  • Ma Ma9353
    Ma Ma935310 dager siden

    You might have a racer gaming chair but I have the best one in the market! The s6 plastic chair straight from the garden 💪🥵🥶

  • AdrielTactix
    AdrielTactix10 dager siden

    That looks uncomfortable af.

  • Daniel Mihajlov
    Daniel Mihajlov10 dager siden

    500$ - so it's levitate! 🤔

  • big daddy man
    big daddy man10 dager siden

    he looks like the definition of “it’s not pre built”

  • Rapolas
    Rapolas10 dager siden

    no rgb? - bruhhh

  • The Mysterious Tin Can
    The Mysterious Tin Can10 dager siden

    Lol no.

  • Scuffed Kidd
    Scuffed Kidd11 dager siden

    Once you've seen one "gaming" chair you've seen them all, chintzy racecar looking chair that says fuck off to ergonomics and long term comfort. Also reviewing a chair lmao the state of "gamers" in 2021.

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe11 dager siden

    Razer vs Secretlab

  • unknown1creature
    unknown1creature11 dager siden

    So its a maingear chair with a new logo, cool

  • Heriberto Castro
    Heriberto Castro11 dager siden

    Edzel seems to be the only sane person in that office XD

  • Casey Hardman
    Casey Hardman11 dager siden

    I'm convinced all "gaming" chairs are the same, aside from the construction and materials used. They all just look incredibly uncomfortable. For $320 I'm loving my Uplift Pursuit and has all the adjustability you could ever need. This was a fun watch though!

  • Haidyn Jon Owen
    Haidyn Jon Owen11 dager siden

    i am worried about how crazy they went when that guy sat slouched, i sit like that for hours

  • TheCollector316
    TheCollector31611 dager siden

    This looks like my Vertagear chair with a Razer logo on it and different lumbar support. That's not a bad thing, I guess.

  • Donald Rossi
    Donald Rossi11 dager siden

    Sorry, but at 500 thats a hard NO from me. It honestly comes off, looks like, and apparently feels like a 300 and under chair. Overpriced.

  • B-radley Buck
    B-radley Buck11 dager siden

    More chair content please. The main part of a gaming set up is the chair you sit in for hours.

  • Gawayne
    Gawayne11 dager siden

    A salty environment XD

  • Drew So Many Memes
    Drew So Many Memes11 dager siden

    if only it wasn't razer green...

  • Nahlasenie Nahlasenie
    Nahlasenie Nahlasenie11 dager siden

    A lot of girly noises.

  • Param Drall
    Param Drall11 dager siden

    Herman Miller & Logitech not putting a Headrest on Chair is Nonsense !! That would've made their Chair The best Gaming Chair.

  • Sitkid
    Sitkid11 dager siden

    Funny story gaming chair suck and are just marketed towards kids lol be a grown-up and take care of your back

  • E Sinclair
    E Sinclair11 dager siden

    I’m 6’0 210lbs and I recently got the Staples Union and Scale Dexley. I think it’s perfect. It’s not zomg amazing i could live in this chair. It’s just a good solid comfortable chair that looks nice and works well. It’s $150. Recommended.

  • S.W Radio
    S.W Radio11 dager siden

    looks like the rest of the shitty overpriced poorly made gaming chairs out there. buy something for your back, nor your sense of fashion.

  • 5lav
    5lav12 dager siden

    Just another generic gaming chair with crap ergonomics 🤦‍♀️

  • yallHatebaaddd Young
    yallHatebaaddd Young12 dager siden

    To high

  • Amin
    Amin12 dager siden

    same old chinese "gaming" chair with the same old mechanism

  • Kristiyan Hristov
    Kristiyan Hristov12 dager siden


  • Ken Full
    Ken Full12 dager siden

    500$ for a chair 😶

  • Robert Bringardner
    Robert Bringardner12 dager siden

    Still a large proponent of office chairs over gaming chairs

  • Robert Bringardner

    Robert Bringardner

    12 dager siden

    Got a used aeron for $400 and I think it'd prefer that than a new gaming chair 10 out of 10 times

  • mikelo303
    mikelo30312 dager siden

    Gaming chairs are for stupid kids. Just get real proper office chair. It will be cheaper and much, more comfortable.

  • Sean
    Sean12 dager siden

    I bought the drop entr with gat yellows. I did not by the gaming chair. Aren't gaming chairs a fad?

  • Sean


    12 dager siden

    I also want to add that the new earbuds by razer look tops. Those I want. Love and good luck

  • William Afton
    William Afton12 dager siden

    the thumbnail look's like you're about to give some oral support

  • Coolissim0 Unl1mited
    Coolissim0 Unl1mited12 dager siden

    Gaming chairs are only for looks

  • transatlant1c
    transatlant1c12 dager siden

    $500USD and they couldn't do any better than the cheapest plastic castors... Pass

  • You're Breathing Manually Now
    You're Breathing Manually Now12 dager siden

    I am still giggling at the censored face like an idiot well done sir.

  • RHaines76
    RHaines7613 dager siden

    Me playing online games. Yup, definitely in a salty environment 😎

  • Ai Ai
    Ai Ai13 dager siden

    I trust Ed, didn't expect much from these chairs

  • Jasonoid
    Jasonoid13 dager siden

    Gamers Nexus proved these chairs absolutely suck. I totally agree. Stop the trend of racing seats as a gaming chair lol....

  • D R N
    D R N13 dager siden

    dude it looks like theres a wheel stuck in those chair

  • Death Templer
    Death Templer13 dager siden

    Where the fuck are the giant stickers?!?!? Only reason I'd pay $500 for a most likely uncomfortable chair.

  • Zex Alex
    Zex Alex13 dager siden

    who plays leaning forward? and if yes, for how long?

  • Zex Alex
    Zex Alex13 dager siden

    oh you dont sit like that - YES YOU DO, ALWAYS

  • Zex Alex
    Zex Alex13 dager siden

    very different yeah. totaly different. please tell us where all the "gaming" chairs come from. the "gaming" chair shit this is getting nauseating. all crap for confort.

  • Slavdam
    Slavdam13 dager siden

    Every gaming chair is shit. Just a fact

  • Kaekayyy
    Kaekayyy13 dager siden


  • RockerRobin
    RockerRobin13 dager siden

    This is 100% a 75$ chair like all gaming chairs are just with razor branding.

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee13 dager siden

    It's just a regular "gamer grade chair" and it's not ergonomic at the head pillow part