Ultimate Mobile Gaming - ASUS ROG Phone 3

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ASUS unveils their 3rd ROG Phone and it sounds like they actually listened to everyone's feedback! Do you game on your phone, if so what games??
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  • Purecoffee
    Purecoffee23 timer siden

    Thank you in adavance linus for giving me that rog phone 3😂 longtime viewer here. Notice me!😂😂😂😂

  • Auvisome
    AuvisomeDag siden

    Imagine gaming on your phone

  • Nightcore Ahri
    Nightcore AhriDag siden

    0:15 yep Linus doesn't even give a damn about the phone itself

  • danwat1234
    danwat12342 dager siden

    Glad tHE ROG 4 is getting the 888. Maybe the only phone that will be able to keep the SOC from throttling

  • Random Youtube viewer
    Random Youtube viewer3 dager siden

    this phone has 4 times more ram than my old pc


    Please do me a favor and send me one of those too.

  • KJ MullinZ
    KJ MullinZ4 dager siden

    Maybe someone can confirm if I have a defective kunai gamepad 3. Has anyone noticed that when you use the d-pad, the d-pad does not register in the diagonals unless you press really hard??? ... Is this normal, or do I have a defective kunai 3 gamepad???

  • Jack Lucas
    Jack Lucas7 dager siden

    Lynus seems jaded and bored....

  • Filippo Massa
    Filippo Massa8 dager siden

    Guys, this phone is basically as powerful as my gaming pc 😂😂😂

  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke9 dager siden

    Oh my God I'm in love with those on-paper specs

  • ExelArts
    ExelArts9 dager siden

    it needs a head phones jack

  • michael spieweck
    michael spieweck12 dager siden

    2 years???? Oh you poor thing, hasn't had a new phone in 2 years! Unbelievable.

  • TheSuperduperzach
    TheSuperduperzach13 dager siden

    why is someone who's so anti-gamer as Linus reviewing a gaming phone it seems like he's kind of the person that would least appreciate something like this

  • Ulises Bencosme
    Ulises Bencosme13 dager siden

    dude you fucked up the whole unboxing experience smh

  • EyesOfByes
    EyesOfByes14 dager siden

    10:05 I'm playing RR3 on ROGPhone2, you could easily hit 160Hz if you do that "replace high gfx file with low gfx file" ☺️ 11:05 90% cpu usage? What the hell is UE4 doing to that thing 😳

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous15 dager siden

    Genshin impact is a great Benchmark mobile game

  • Michael
    Michael15 dager siden

    As someone who hasn't upgraded my phone in 6 years I agree (and finally no stupid notch, curved display, only the 2 extra cameras…)

  • Peari
    Peari15 dager siden

    Why does ROG feel like a cult?

  • 9 years old
    9 years old17 dager siden

    Linus drop tips

  • Root Shell
    Root Shell19 dager siden

    what's the game that all kids play? FORTNITE.

  • Me Air

    Me Air

    9 dager siden

    with markass brownlee

  • End
    End20 dager siden

    With that price and you're really like handheld gaming... Just pick up GPD Win 3, One GX1, or Aya NEO - a mini pc between your hands. I've had enough of shitty mobile games...

  • chris robinson
    chris robinson23 dager siden

    How did he not feel the weight of the phone to just drop it on the floor without realizing?

  • David Ashley
    David Ashley23 dager siden

    I think it's pretty much a extreme note 9!

  • Random Bullsh¡t Go!
    Random Bullsh¡t Go!24 dager siden

    When a phone has more memory, more storage and higher display refresh rate but your PC set doesn't...

  • The Smudg
    The Smudg24 dager siden

    ive been absolutly drooling over a rog phone for yeaaaaars my phone has been so cracked and slow ive replaced the screen and multiple [arts so many times i cant wait to stream games from my pc to my phone with all the doohickys

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x24 dager siden

    one of the few android phones that has tempted me away from iPhone

  • Explicit
    Explicit25 dager siden

    Linus: gets phone Also linus: thows phone The phone: 👁👄👁

  • Jonathan Gotti
    Jonathan Gotti25 dager siden

    Yeh ...gon a buy this to steal movies n have a media phone. Just gotta find it cheap tho

    IZZUL GAMING25 dager siden

    R.I.P ROG phone

  • Frankie Y
    Frankie Y26 dager siden

    Linus: "Asus, I do. I love you so much. But ... what the hell did I just watch?!

  • Synakil
    Synakil27 dager siden

    why by a gaming fone and not use half the features go buy a s20 ur not a gamer so you dont understand what asus is doing

  • S B
    S B28 dager siden

    can I root this phone?

  • The_Kansas_Kid
    The_Kansas_Kid29 dager siden

    Does this come with facebook installed? I really dont want to go through the trouble of finding a way to uninstall that app, its always so annoying

  • your mom
    your momMåned siden

    this phone is stronger than my pc and monitor combined

  • Piecrustyumyum
    PiecrustyumyumMåned siden

    I just got this phone with the Kai bundle today. Fired up Genshin Impact for the first time. So far I am satisfied, although the speakers I am a little disappointed with, the bass response is indeed very good, but everything else sounds hollow almost, like overly crisp, that's just with music specifically so far, games sound amazing. My ZTE Axon 7 I think were the best when it came to dual front facing speakers. Genshin Impact runs like a charm, the phone does get a bit toasty, hitting a peak of 47°C. You will want to buy a case for it, they provide a case however it's...well it's there, I'm using it temporarily. The "Active Cooler" is hard to tell if it's actually doing anything, I tested it once and it appears to help a degree or 2, but nothing noteworthy. The Kai bundle that came with it is pretty friggin cool, the software is fairly smooth and simple, takes a second to setup keymapping the way you want it, I set it up for Genshin Impact but you can set different keymaps for different profiles(games). So far besides the speakers which are ok, I've just heard better, I am satisfied. It does have a strange thing at lower the brightness and higher the refresh rate creating harsh graining effects, really pronounced with Night Light mode on, not a huge deal, doesn't show that much, I'm willing to overlook it.

  • Piecrustyumyum


    Måned siden

    I also think of it as a Nintendo Switch and a good phone put together.

  • Syte
    SyteMåned siden

    0:02 “Someone who hasn’t upgraded their phone for 2 years” Me : Having a 6 year old ipad air

  • Franz Buenavista
    Franz BuenavistaMåned siden

    Where can I get the 16GB of ram? All you link was only selling 12GB

  • MeliodasPlayz
    MeliodasPlayzMåned siden

    "Anywhere from 12 do 16 gb ram" Me" *screaming in 8gb ram rog3*

  • Motherlychild
    MotherlychildMåned siden

    But can it run crysis?

  • John Hudson
    John HudsonMåned siden

    How many people were side tracked looking at his awesome watch⌚ during this exiting unboxing phone event.

  • more raith
    more raithMåned siden

    Yes i do.

  • Ld 85
    Ld 85Måned siden

    5:21 did you just break the rog phone? look at the google chrome

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam ThomasMåned siden

    Got this phone for its battery... The high specs stuff was just a bonus

  • Walkyria
    WalkyriaMåned siden

    Can someone explain please, what depends from 12/16GB RAM is memory depends from it or something else?

  • Jass Singh
    Jass SinghMåned siden

    Dude he just literally throwed the phone in the box

  • Paul Andrei G. Sahagun
    Paul Andrei G. SahagunMåned siden

    But, Can it ran Ark Mobile wiithout lag or crash for 3 hours straight?

  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage GamerMåned siden

    0:56 And they lost me.

  • Maro Vok
    Maro VokMåned siden

    Is it Verizon 5G UW phone ?

  • Wilfredy Nunez
    Wilfredy NunezMåned siden

    I'm not interested in Fortnite or COD, but this thing probably destroys Dolphin.

  • Chris Logothetis Games
    Chris Logothetis GamesMåned siden

    Αsus ROG Phone 3 And Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for me the best mobiles in the planet !!

  • gagan deep singh KHALSA
    gagan deep singh KHALSAMåned siden

    nice review i m gonna buy one,you look alot like kane williamson

  • Benjamin Carter
    Benjamin CarterMåned siden

    Wireless charging and camera... Two features I just don't care about in a phone. Why do so reviews focus so much on the camera?!?

  • LonesomeWording
    LonesomeWordingMåned siden

    Pretty much.

  • Adam Marko
    Adam MarkoMåned siden

    Does support multiple users

  • Teemo Mixz
    Teemo MixzMåned siden

    Asus rog phone 3: gets 22-25 fps on ultra my laptop: gets 1-5 fps on minecraft with the lowest graphics

  • Some Guy
    Some GuyMåned siden

    Yeah my samsung note 4 wanna say hello.

  • Dave S
    Dave SMåned siden

    I love it

  • elusivelectron
    elusivelectronMåned siden

    You can also use the phone as a battery bank.

    REHAN kHANMåned siden

    Can I have that want to start a channel don't have budget 🙏🙏

  • rigbyme


    Måned siden

    Then give up

  • Srinath S
    Srinath S2 måneder siden

    I bought Rog 3 12 gb, 256 gb variant with my three month salary, after 3 month use i am saying this, it is the worst phone for this money. Seriously its network reception the worst at this price range, it is not even capable of competiting with samsung m30s network reception, call quality the worst, really a worst heating dispassion at this price range... I was interested to use premium phone at least once in my life time but this one really ruined my three month salary, i am really frustrated with this... Each time if i use to connect any calls or meetings in my company , i am litterly irritated worst quality, If you are a middle class guy please don't waste your money like i wasted without knowing

  • Pablo Saucedo
    Pablo Saucedo2 måneder siden

    A dedicated phone to play angry birds, asphalt 9,and call of duty mobile, phone gaming sucks. 😂😂

  • AdrianGotSkillz
    AdrianGotSkillz2 måneder siden

    Kind of give me rip off unbox therapy vibes

  • Porcelain Pup - Eat This!
    Porcelain Pup - Eat This!2 måneder siden

    That's it I'm buying this

  • Sergio Reyes
    Sergio Reyes2 måneder siden

    i will wait for asus rog 4...

  • rvgnix
    rvgnix2 måneder siden

    You still keep mentioning the lack of 3.5mm audio jack and that Bluetooth is inferior. Get the Fiio BT5, some uncompressed audio, use an android phone with LDAC streaming and enjoy on your favourite wired headphones. I only use the 3.5mm on my Pixel 3a as a backup. Enough said!

  • Bill 123f
    Bill 123f2 måneder siden

    Asus must pay epic games to unlock in fortnite the 60/120/144fps because is gaming phone.

  • SimonOpsi
    SimonOpsi2 måneder siden

    So, Zenfone 7 or ROG 3? Can't decide

  • Blazing Gamer 909
    Blazing Gamer 9092 måneder siden

    Linus Drops Phone- *Gasp* Me Drops Phone - S**t I Hope Its Not Brocken *Picks Up Phone Nervously Shaking Hands Thinking About His Parent Killing For Phone*

  • Malte Mortensen
    Malte Mortensen2 måneder siden

    ''Haven't upgraded his phone in 2 years'' Me six years in: >.>

  • Nya Nyaa
    Nya Nyaa2 måneder siden

    Dude why compare this phone to iphone camera ???? This is gamer phone phone lol . Srsly ????...

  • Blake Hunley
    Blake Hunley2 måneder siden

    These are selling new on amazon for about $600 now. :)

  • Noir
    Noir2 måneder siden

    Fuck getting the iPhone 12

  • banana Banana
    banana Banana2 måneder siden

    Google: 24 hours of battery life google pixel ROG Phone: Casually *more then 2 days of battery remaining *

  • Ken
    Ken2 måneder siden

    yeah admittedly its one of the most powerful smartphones in terms of performance and usage. But as a Rog phone 2 user how can Asus assure us that the same overheating issue from the Rog phone 1 that damages the motherboard will not be a problem on this phone. We have been posting blogs and reviews for asus to help us solve the problem but sadly they would recommend bringing it to the service center.

  • Joseph Hemphill
    Joseph Hemphill2 måneder siden

    You could run doom on that

  • Stormragez
    Stormragez2 måneder siden

    omg, he drop it... coincidence?

  • mark anthony tan
    mark anthony tan2 måneder siden

    Hot issue on rog 3 realky annoying

  • Rage Casanova
    Rage Casanova2 måneder siden

    BIG WARNING TO ANY POTENTIAL BUYERS OF THIS PHONE!!! IT DOES NOT PRESENTLY AS OF 11/14/2020 WORK FOR VERIZON CUSTOMERS! not sure of the specifics as to why but it does not work with their sim cards or something.

  • Me Air

    Me Air

    9 dager siden

    ive heard that its a GSM only phone so it only works on T-Mobile and AT&T towers, possibly on sprint now that they merged with t-mobile

  • Ken Daryl
    Ken Daryl2 måneder siden

    you haven't upgrade your phone for 2 years? Dude I still have my iPhone 6 for 4 years with a cracks and black spots all over my screen :(

  • Shred
    Shred2 måneder siden

    i haven’t upgraded my phone in 6 years due to me not liking any phones out there ... ohhh boy when i heard about the rog 3 i got , coming in 2 weeks

  • Joel Bell
    Joel Bell2 måneder siden

    I bought this phone for mobile gaming, and I definitely use it more for mobile gaming, lol.

  • Lukas The Emo God
    Lukas The Emo God2 måneder siden


  • LunikTheGamer
    LunikTheGamer2 måneder siden

    While screen recording and epic settings still gets more FPS than my iPad on low settings

  • aatsui akuma
    aatsui akuma2 måneder siden

    Heck you're dumb

  • Horror Lost Places
    Horror Lost Places2 måneder siden

    Hardware good but Asus kill it. Only 30fps forrnite, 60fps CoD, still no 90fps in pubg. Livestream Not possible since 3 Patches. Display black crush still No fixes User are getting Mad Look at Asus Help Forum how many Problems and No solution... Thanks for nothing asus

  • Arly B
    Arly B2 måneder siden

    Linus is an iphone user

  • Ushin Kou
    Ushin Kou2 måneder siden

    5:03 Same, I like Asus stuff. But that was literal cringe running down my spine.

  • 25649sanchez
    25649sanchez2 måneder siden

    has anyone gotten ban using this phone in Pubg ?? also i have a galaxy s8 seeing what my next phone would be for the next 3-4yrs any thoughts?? Or should i wait for next yrs rog phone 4

  • Avradeep Majumder
    Avradeep Majumder2 måneder siden

    drop tips

  • Gaming-Zombie13
    Gaming-Zombie132 måneder siden

    I Love ASUS also

  • Md. Hasan Mahmud
    Md. Hasan Mahmud2 måneder siden

    Your unboxing is one of the worst one.

  • Gohan Gaming
    Gohan Gaming2 måneder siden

    Lol i'm watching this video on 480p from my 800mb ram 8 years old phone

  • mayttt
    mayttt2 måneder siden

    when this phone has more ram than your computer

  • Xiaolei Hua
    Xiaolei Hua2 måneder siden

    Did he just throw down the phone?😂😂

  • FordPower5288
    FordPower52882 måneder siden

    I only switched to Bluetooth full time as phones aren't allowing me to not use them. I had a good pair of wired headphones and an LG V series phone. Real headphones and a real headphone amp, it may not be amazing, but at least I am not carrying around 2+ boxes just to run headphones. However, LG stopped understanding how to make phones. Every single V series since the V30/35 has been worse. In almost every single way. Thanks, LG for letting me down.

  • Mortophobe:Gaming
    Mortophobe:Gaming2 måneder siden

    im like waiting for top tier games to just make ports to android so we can play all the pc games on our gaming phones. since anybody buying this kind of hardware probably has bluetooth mice&keyboards

  • John G
    John G2 måneder siden

    Mobile gaming sucks butt.

  • Jea Blue
    Jea Blue2 måneder siden

    Does this phone support Type C to HMID out cable? Cause if it does not its a deal breaker. Id love to emulate everything on this phone and be able to use it just like a switch with dock for a tv and has a handheld

  • iSincerity
    iSincerity2 måneder siden

    Good phone with a significant black crush problem

  • CoffeeBreath Gaming
    CoffeeBreath Gaming2 måneder siden

    Asus ROG phone 2 has pixelated screen issues + audio crackling when livestreaming, does the ROG3 have those issues? and before anyone says to go to a service center or use any tricks to fix those issues, i have done all imaginable things to have that fixed without any success. But i still love the ROG series, so i must ask if upgrading to the rog3 will present the same issues. Also, the ROG2 doesn't allow people to livestream on youtube using your brand account, is this fixed for rog3? i am mostly a content creator for games, so i need the best phone to do that.