THREE analog sticks??? - Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro Controller

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Did you ever feel like that analog stick should be lower, or even yank the D-Pad out and replace it with a 3rd analog stick? Well, Thrustmaster read your thoughts or Reddit wish list post and made a modular controller that is fairly configurable.
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  • B- Cap
    B- CapDag siden

    I have this controller. Good pad. Shame no one mentions the nuances of this controller. Some things you may be interested in. -firmware update required out of the box (via pc/Windows) - is larger than the xbox controller. - the sticks are slightly taller then xbox controller. - the head of the stick is slightly larger in diameter (KontrolFreek difficult to get on straight, my rigtt stick freek are in the dome topper because it fits easier) - the lower rear buttons are in a nice position fit middle finger. - the upper rear buttons not as natural to press (I only use two of the four so doesn't bother me) - the dpad is slightly larger than xbox controller - the long stroke of the triggers is shorter that the xbox elite 2. - the triggers have a very hard bump stop, even without hair trigger on Why do these reviews never show the app for configuring the controller? - app can remap, adjust rumble, stick sensitivity curve and inner/outer deadzone. Pro: good for larger hands Con: not as good for small hands Pro: the headphone volume output goes crazy loud compared to xbox controller. Con: no chat/game mix button on controller so this audio setting must be done in xbox guide menu. **CON: the mic signal is running just as hot, it's got a crazy amount of gain on it. So your mic will be twice a sensitive than with regular controller. It will pick up everything in your room and the party chat channel almost constantly be broadcasting. Even when your silent. * this led me to buy a wirless headset (I know but this pad is wired right? Well I don't mind because I sit close and wirless head set has multiple uses) but seriously the controller audio has too much gain..... Maybe firmware future fix? Pro: you can custom stick input sensitivity. Via the app each stick has 3 levels you can change my percentage. Small movements (inner zone) medium movements (middle zone) large movements (outer zone) By default they are splat 33%/34%/33% -if you want it less twitchy when trying to do subtle movements - then eg. Set Small 50% Med 25% Large%25. Now 50% of the sticks motion in one direction will be considered 'small movement input' giving you more play/input for small movements. *I use 50/25/25 Pro: input response is awesome Pro: buttons are very tactile/clicky Pro: bumpers are aeesome Con: bumpers are loud *click Con: the share and guide buttons are opposite locations compared to xbox controller = lots of accidental share presses. Con: start/menu buttons are up really high in face of controller. Con: 2 custom button map presets compared to 3 on Elite2 *app can save multiple. OVERALL I really like this controller. I love the buttons, the bumpers feel and sound like they'd last a lifetime. Custom stick sensitivity is sweet. I like the rear button placement as I only use two of them. If you want your headphones to go louder, jesus this pad will do it.. But the crazy mic send means you'll be that annoying person with loud noisy mic everyone mutes. (don't be that person) Theres some more info than just what's in the box. Hope this helps you with this expensive decision. I love mine now I'm used to it. Audio/mic was the most disappointing thing. Led me to another purchase (wireless headset)

  • reality
    realityDag siden

    I like my controllers with wire remove the fear of controller shutting off or those rare cases of input lag And this is coming from an elite controller s2 user :3

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian2 dager siden

    There are actually orientations that aren't supported....Thrustmaster lists them.

  • Theeletricminers
    Theeletricminers3 dager siden

    What a ridiculous review ... what a bad will, did not test anything, just kept making a dull joke with a total bad will ...

  • Dude Master
    Dude Master4 dager siden

    Is its dpad any good for fighting games?

  • Cool H
    Cool H4 dager siden

    does he always have a Xbox Elite controller in his back packit

  • David M
    David M5 dager siden

    Thanks for showing the reach to the back side buttons. The longer reach on the Razor Wolverine is why I can't use it with my small hands.

  • Joe D
    Joe D5 dager siden

    It not being wireless would be my main issue for not buying this

  • Plazma
    Plazma5 dager siden

    not wireless what's the point then

  • ————————————


    5 dager siden

    🤦🏾‍♂️wireless controllers have more input delay. Saying that extra features are pointless cause it’s not wireless is dumb

  • Keagan Wells
    Keagan Wells5 dager siden

    Quad abxy? 16 buttons for those real gamers

  • Justice Forall
    Justice Forall5 dager siden

    Aaaawe.... Gotta’ Luv the kids! ☺️😊👍🏾👍🏾 Wait! 🧔🏾☝🏾 $160 bucks, and it’s not wireless! 😳😧😦🤦🏾‍♂️ Umm😐😑😐 Yeeeeaah! 😬 Let me think about that one.

  • Afedo Gaming
    Afedo Gaming6 dager siden

    thank you guys... now go! daddy has to play, I mean work

  • Lexie van Heck
    Lexie van Heck7 dager siden

    Thanks for having FNAF in the background, i didnt need to sleep at night.

  • Kwl Gamer
    Kwl Gamer7 dager siden

    4:18 The LB & RB buttons clicking 💥 🤯 it's like the D-pad on the New Gen controller i really dislike this metallic clicky noise💥 it really needs a fix with the new line of controllers by Microsoft!

  • Robert Stokes
    Robert Stokes8 dager siden

    how do you change profiles on the eswap controller cause i cant figure it out

  • Jennifer Cruz
    Jennifer Cruz8 dager siden

    Your kids are adorable :)

  • Black Acura
    Black Acura10 dager siden

    3rd party gaming peripherals are always garbage and just stop working after awhile. Never spend 160 on something like this

  • nullsmack
    nullsmack10 dager siden

    $170 for a controller? Are they out of their ever loving minds?

  • Enrique Alcazar
    Enrique Alcazar11 dager siden

    He said this was a review?

  • schwig44
    schwig4412 dager siden

    Different part numbers for the same part but where one is the replacement is usually an artifact of using the ERP system to keep inventory of them for you, but separately. What their numbering scheme is to not end up with [original#]-R, but rather a totally different one is definitely odd, and in my experience comes from the person with the authority to create part #s not having the logic to do it COMPLETELY systematically/ i.e., they do it on the fly when they need a part number for any of the 18 uses a part number could fulfil if that makes sense

  • Tribulation
    Tribulation12 dager siden

    To be fair to wires the only reason I used the wireless mode on my wireless XBOX One controller is because the micro USB failed, shocking I know. Since I offloaded the controller to my partner, (Fall Guys is one hell of a drug) the XBOX Series controller will stay wired. Type C FTW bois! The reason is I don't use the controller all that much, so I have no idea when the battery will be dead. There's your other side of the wired argument, though not having a wireless option is dumb for that price. Some retailers like to try charging £20 more for the wired version though, I just used a 3m type c to a cable I had lying around.

  • Agent Whitehat
    Agent Whitehat12 dager siden

    I got the Ps4-5 edition for only 50 bucks, cant unterstand my life , normaly it is 200bucks

  • Tsiney Kinori
    Tsiney Kinori12 dager siden

    I would rather have a third tiny analog stick on the middle top front on a normal controller.

  • Preyzer
    Preyzer13 dager siden

    if you go to click where to buy set it to Canada they still have NCIX listed

  • MattverSSJ3
    MattverSSJ313 dager siden

    Why do all of Linus' on-screen interactions with his kids feel so awkward?

  • Jonas


    11 dager siden

    Because they're actually paid actors...

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy20 dager siden

    The 3rd nipple printed tee only at LTT store dot com.

  • Jake Saaf
    Jake Saaf20 dager siden

    Hello. Warrenty expert for telco and repairs. I get this is pretty late, but I'm sure everyone here will benefit from this little nugget of edumacation. OEM parts and parts that ship with the devices have different part numbers so we can tell what phones or devices have had repairs done on them befor and for what reason. If a device has come in for repair once before and had a particular fault occur and a module swapped out and the same fault occurs, a repeat repair gives manufacturers trackable data for parts that could have a particular design flaw or don't have a good enough QA standard. This data is used for better design or different microcomponent production contracting so later production runs of particular SKU's and other products don't suffer the same errors or faults. In the case of a modular piece of equipment like this, your add on parts would have a different limited warrenty structure, or it's just there so Thrustmaster can track what claims are going to what products across the board for analytics purposes. I hope you've learned something today. If you did, stick an upvote on this so even the king of tech tips can learn something. I'm sure he'd find it valuable too.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha20 dager siden

    It's like Chandler 😂😂😂

  • - DITTOICE -
    - DITTOICE -20 dager siden

    aww your hands are small 🤗

  • Aleksa Djordjevic
    Aleksa Djordjevic22 dager siden

    i have short and fat fingers so i cant use a controller god so i only use mouse and keyboard

    CHRIS-THEORIEST- YT24 dager siden

    Remember the ps4 version

  • Mony Bogoev
    Mony Bogoev25 dager siden

    This controller disappointed me for the ps4 version of the short lifetime on the sticks

    AL DANTE26 dager siden

    Double the lifespan so what like 2 months 😂🤣😂🤣

  • peter holtz
    peter holtz27 dager siden

    unable to do vertical thumbstick like the wii u pro controller still the best controller i have ever had.

  • Owlrrex
    Owlrrex27 dager siden

    When you screw off the triggers - is that just the cap coming off, or actually the whole trigger mechanism? I've had many trigger failures after a year or so even on renown controllers like original xbone (for pc). Am considering a premium quality model, and modularity might mean cheaper servicing or replacement.

  • Bjørn Erik Fjeld
    Bjørn Erik Fjeld28 dager siden

    Did you do a later reveiw on this one?I spent 1100 Dollars on this hunt, and this one need a better reveiw. hows the Dpads? they lock strong and awsome, are they? after a time of useage, hows the drift stick or any problems with d-Pads(strange sounds or difrent clicks), how strong are this controller for the Play station use? im thinking ps5 controllers is here, hows the combability and future for this in 2021+++ , any problems with respond on easy press or difrent pressing angels on buttons like `ABYX`? over all quality can you compare it to Astro c40 or Elite 2 or Razor WU and more? This is a huge issue right now in need of consumer attention, cuz they rip our pockets for crap right now :)). Modular means broken right now, but this controller i did not test. I look for a really good dpad for Mk11, but also i use the controller for all other console like games on pc.

  • ahmed mohmed
    ahmed mohmed29 dager siden

    does it have a gyroscope feature?

  • John Bell
    John BellMåned siden

    “Jutty boys” = grips

  • lolmaster101 nope
    lolmaster101 nopeMåned siden

    ”Thrustmaster” Oh yeah

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael WilsonMåned siden

    It would be interesting if there was a throttle stick and dial for flight sims

  • Prime
    PrimeMåned siden

    I want to buy one!

  • james
    jamesMåned siden

    Redriding hood:Granda such long controller cables Grandma,aka the wolf: the better to tangle you with

  • Pixaul
    PixaulMåned siden

    If it has no gyro it's a no though

  • Thomas Kate
    Thomas KateMåned siden

    #hackerwilliams217 en IG me ayudó a evitar mi seguridad de icloud. Lo recomiendo mucho.-

  • Max Wadley
    Max WadleyMåned siden

    Those shoulder buttons might as well be silent compared to the nacon pro’s for ps4

  • Shayashi of Myth
    Shayashi of MythMåned siden

    Two wild mini Yvonnes have appeared

  • Greg Scott
    Greg ScottMåned siden

    3:38 C'mon Linus... you know you got baby hands compared to a man 6' tall. I don't think you're allowed to make any kind of evaluation about size due to your size...

  • Amit
    AmitMåned siden

    6:58: 😂 I stopped taking it seriously after this. Seriously? A $160 controller WITHOUT accesories that's not even wireless? Get real, Thrustmaster. This isn't a HOTAS set up.

  • J Jenner
    J JennerMåned siden

    Personally I love that it is wired! Not only fast response but for those of us who feel ill from wifi and bluetooth it is great to see that there are still some controllers that we can still use! :)

  • SalimOfShadow
    SalimOfShadowMåned siden

    3 analogs stick are cool and dandy, but what about 3 dpads?

  • Bobby M
    Bobby MMåned siden

    Jeez, that's expensive :/, and it's wired haha. Crazy!

  • Peter Arnold
    Peter ArnoldMåned siden

    2:46 I think they're called "grips".

  • agentcrm
    agentcrmMåned siden

    Looking at their website. There's also a PS4 version.

  • Jeffrey
    JeffreyMåned siden

    i also call my stick of joy the "thrustmaster"

  • Cuban Jd
    Cuban JdMåned siden

    I feel like he said it's hard to touch the back buttons because unnaturally tiny hands

  • DarthTechwarrior
    DarthTechwarriorMåned siden

    180$ for this? Wow. Everything out there now is more expensive than the Elite 2. I have been using the Elite for 5 years since i got it Dec 2015 and it still works great actually. (So I just recently replaced the Bumpers since it broke lol and i lost a thumbstick so i had to get a Chinese replacement part) But its working great. What do these controller give u over the elites??

  • DarthTechwarrior
    DarthTechwarriorMåned siden

    lol thrustmaster should not be a name for a controller

  • Alan Jaimes
    Alan JaimesMåned siden

    lmao linus voice at the end of the video

  • thatrandomperson
    thatrandompersonMåned siden

    Will three joysticks work with steams controller software?

  • david
    davidMåned siden

    seems really cheaply made for the price they are asking for it and the noise from them shoulder buttons would drive me mad

  • Anneke de Bruyn
    Anneke de BruynMåned siden

    Its still surprising to me that there is no proper third party alternative towards PS and Xbox controllers. It's all either gimmicky, bad clones or just cheap feeling. Literally the last real innovation from a company outside Sony and Microsoft was the Steam controller while not bad at all, just wasnt for everybody.

  • Veronica Kiwanga
    Veronica KiwangaMåned siden

    How many channels does Linus have! I mean like come on!😂

  • Tamertamer Tamer
    Tamertamer TamerMåned siden

    Haha Linus small hands haha

  • Pocahonkers
    PocahonkersMåned siden

    Last time I saw something like this was a Mad Catz gamepad a long time ago, the Joystick and buttons were one long 0 shaped section you could take out and flip around depending on your preference but this thing is taking it a bit too far :P

  • Shakur Yotiiv
    Shakur YotiivMåned siden

    I use 4 paddles mapped to my elite controller for the bumpers and a/b. I just want an affordable controller with 4 easy to reach paddles/buttons. Does anyone actually like the SCUF layout?

  • ö. . ,
    ö. . ,Måned siden

    "You could go 3 analog sticks..." Why not 4???!!!

  • Sarkazmo Loafy
    Sarkazmo LoafyMåned siden

    In FH4 the throttle trigger vibrates only slightly until you reach redline. Braking is where you want all the feel so you can tell when the tires are locking up.

  • Troy Muni
    Troy MuniMåned siden

    Does this work with the PS5?

  • Savage Maelstrom
    Savage MaelstromMåned siden

    Call me when I can replace all the modules with facebuttons for some ultra niche controller-based strategy games. But more seriously, I could see a MMO player wanting more face buttons for more macros.

  • Eric Blenner-Hassett
    Eric Blenner-HassettMåned siden

    Near 2:20 mark, ask Mr Blowfeld, Mister Bond....

  • Addio Electronics
    Addio ElectronicsMåned siden

    Ive put a years work into designing a module based controller for kickstarter... Linus, you have reviewed countless products I thought were an original idea of mine, and put a bunch of work into, only to be extremely disappointed I was not first to market. I was just not fast enough... I'm really starting to dislike you(Not really though)! Edit: Wow, they even did "my idea" of locking the trigger into 2 positions! The idea was it would have a tactile feel for switch, and analog for other systems... Looking at that price point, I should be able to beat them with that.

  • General Creepous
    General CreepousMåned siden

    Fuck wireless, wired is superior

  • Acility
    AcilityMåned siden

    Linus: The controller has double the lifespan. Me: Ahh yes i have another week to use the controller

  • Nick Sparrow Studios
    Nick Sparrow StudiosMåned siden

    Still waiting for Helios X

  • r1nc3 w1nd
    r1nc3 w1ndMåned siden

    But.... can it Android??? 🤔

  • Stan Szeto
    Stan SzetoMåned siden

    You won't see anything like this for the PlayStation (PS4/PS5). Their new Terms of Service prohibits unlicensed peripherals.

  • Cory Grenke
    Cory GrenkeMåned siden

    palm swell

  • josh jefimowicz
    josh jefimowiczMåned siden

    I will never buy a product called thrustmaster 😂

  • Tommy Vandermolen
    Tommy VandermolenMåned siden

    Not since the Nintendo 64 have I, as a 3 handed individual, felt so accommodated

  • Dillair Shaikh
    Dillair ShaikhMåned siden

    Total recall flashbacks

  • Chompski
    ChompskiMåned siden

    160$, no thanks

  • ShynizZ
    ShynizZMåned siden

    Third-party controllers aren't allowed (by Microsoft) to be wireless

  • ShynizZ


    Måned siden

    But to be fair the PlayStation version is wired as well. I personally prefer it for the lighter weight

  • BallyGlob _
    BallyGlob _Måned siden

    That's Cool

  • Joseph DiGiovanni
    Joseph DiGiovanniMåned siden

    7 minutes in before even mentioning its not wireless, absolutely unacceptable for a "premium" controller

  • Clovis
    ClovisMåned siden

    You should try out the razer wolverine ultimate

  • DestructoDot
    DestructoDotMåned siden

    Called the gamecube layout demented...

  • Danny Phantom
    Danny PhantomMåned siden


  • lerx
    lerxMåned siden

    wasnt that my nickname in school?

  • Elton Colin
    Elton ColinMåned siden

    My mind reading: threesome... figures.

  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon DonnellyMåned siden

    Thrustmaster eswapx sounds like a cyberdildonic sextoy.

  • RotaryPerfection
    RotaryPerfectionMåned siden

    Pure genius! I want a PS version so I can have Xbox offset analog.

  • Leinad Tafom
    Leinad TafomMåned siden

    Well I know each person each has their own opinion I prefer wired controllers for playing on my pc, never have to worry about battery, or battery life.

  • pistol2
    pistol2Måned siden

    I had this controller and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's not comfortable, the magnet grips actually move a little bit in their sockets so you never have a firm grip. Also the biggest problem I had was that the connection to the console would cut off and I would lose control once in a couple of minutes. 0/10

  • Daniel Isbell
    Daniel IsbellMåned siden

    I've been tempted to get one to put Dpad & face buttons together for Final Fantasy XIV. I'm not convinced I'd like both thumb sticks on the left, & I'm not ready to spend that much for an experiment. I still want it though.

  • Plasma Glow Music
    Plasma Glow MusicMåned siden

    2:45 "Grips" is what you call the "Jutty Boys" but to each their own. Jutty Boys is a good name for an indie Reggae band btw.

  • Desai Family

    Desai Family

    13 dager siden


  • Ret Ro
    Ret RoMåned siden

    So this is pretty much just the walmart version of the astro c40

  • PC_GameWorld
    PC_GameWorldMåned siden

    that controller is gonna have many problems in the long run for that price

  • nathan rios
    nathan riosMåned siden

    so basically its an elite controller you can easily repair

  • westcoastkiller13
    westcoastkiller13Måned siden

    What was the racing game there at the end?

  • iM4X1MU5
    iM4X1MU5Måned siden

    2:48 Grips...?