This works underwater! - Tribit StormBox Micro

Vitenskap og teknologi

Thanks, Tribit for sponsoring today's video! Enter to win a Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker at
Bluetooth speakers aren't exactly new, but having one that can work underwater can be a fun party trick!
US: $34.99
CA: $55.99
Tribit Official:
UK: 33.99 £
DE: 39.09 €
FR: 39.09 €
IT: 39.09 €
ES: 39.09 €
Valid Time: 09/07/2020 7:00 AM PDT - 09/13/202011:59 PM PDT

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  • HYDRO ʙᴀꜱꜱ flow
    HYDRO ʙᴀꜱꜱ flow2 måneder siden

    He used the connect to 2 device feature on the phone and the one that the speaker already has

  • metro2002
    metro20023 måneder siden

    People that bring these thing on the trail with them should be shot

  • iblackfeathers
    iblackfeathers3 måneder siden

    1:20 you never said what that middle button is and went on a tangent by putting it under some water and then ending the video. disappointed this is not a thorough review of the unit. had to look up other reviews that were not sponsored and were more informative to get a better idea of this speaker.

  • Mark Copley
    Mark Copley3 måneder siden

    here, have a review from someone whos bought it off this video and used it to replace a JBL Clip I get 4.5 hours of battery life at around 75-80% volume, far from the advertised 8 hours here. it will also turn itself off automatically at 20% charge (as indicated by my GS10+). my old JBL gets closer to 10 hours. the charging LEDs are incredibly unintuitive, and dont indicate when the speaker is fully charged. it displays nothing at all, so you dont know if its a dodgy cable/charger or if its just full. the strap mount mechanism is incredibly useful but i feel uncertain how long itll last, being that i attach my speaker to machinery. high end distortion is quite obvious, however, at lower volumes closer to half, it is quite nice. all in all, I wouldn't buy this exact product again until it's been improved in a version 2 unit.

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat3 måneder siden

    I still dont like that strap.. linus was pulling it in the optimal and strongest way. If he had pulled it at an angle, it probably would have come open. If it was hanging on a backpack or something, I could easily see it falling off.

  • Đức Chu
    Đức Chu3 måneder siden

    I got one free from the giveaway. Thanks Shortcircuit & Tribit. 😁👍😁👍

  • Armando Polanco
    Armando Polanco3 måneder siden

    I bought 2 of these speakers after watching this video. They lasted about a week before the battery life completely tanked. 3 hours to charge for 2 hours of play back even in single speaker config. In stereo it's around 30 min. Filed for my returns today with Amazon. The speakers also started making a loud popping sound when bass was being played even at medium listening levels. Garbage product. Do not buy.

  • Juvii
    Juvii3 måneder siden

    Hey looks like the bose micro soundlink I got some questions

  • Thunder PlayZ
    Thunder PlayZ3 måneder siden

    Phil Swift2018-.It Even works Under wooder

  • Sam
    Sam3 måneder siden

    That is a Bose sound link micro ripoff.... same strap design as the Bose.

  • Amira Najwa
    Amira Najwa3 måneder siden

    Hi, which one is better and worth buying, Sony XB12 or Tribit Stormbox Micro?

  • Her0me
    Her0me4 måneder siden

    This looks like a rip off of the Bose SoundLink Micro

  • Mr Niceguy
    Mr Niceguy4 måneder siden

    Can't decide between these and Anker SoundCore Flare 2. Any recommendation?

  • Beek Speaks
    Beek Speaks4 måneder siden

    2:33 i hate to say it but ive been that guy and I have since changed

  • Devon Bonser
    Devon Bonser4 måneder siden

    I am a cyclist and I been searching for a new replacement speaker. I watched this review and I was amazed so I bought two running in stereo mode on my back pack. Best choice ever made thanks Linus. They are on each strap for left and right ear.

  • Michael Kosinski
    Michael Kosinski4 måneder siden

    I've owned 2 of these for about 3-4 months, they work great. I put 1 on my bike and 1 on my fathers when we ride. Not only does he hear all the music playing on Spotify, he receives all the turn by turn directions from the Komoot app. They have a range of about 20 yards IRL, it seems that if 1 speaker moves out of range, sound cuts off to both speakers. Actually I find that a feature because if the sound cuts off, I know my father is having trouble keeping up and I slow down till he can get in range again, then they reconnect.

  • laserboy909
    laserboy9094 måneder siden

    Literally ripped off bose's strap

  • leebee1100
    leebee11004 måneder siden

    I’m always surprised at how durable things actually are when I watch Linus. If I were a product manufacturer I’d be terrified he’d find a way to break my product in a completely unique and unpredictable manner ... like trying to rip the strap off my tiny speaker or the classic ... the drop and kick lol.

  • Dingus Magee
    Dingus Magee4 måneder siden

    i want to hear them underwater, like while my head/ears are under water with the speaker. could dump them in pool lane every 5 yards, and have music while you swim laps

  • Ayan Debnath
    Ayan Debnath4 måneder siden

    Can I have one pls? 🇮🇳

  • kkonsti
    kkonsti4 måneder siden

    Y‘all talking about some Bose stuff, ever heard about the Logitech UE Roll? It’s so old it even got discontinued, but it was great and it was pretty cheap too (40€ for new ones on ebay)

  • def0420
    def04204 måneder siden

    Hey linus quarantine is over shave the bread, you look like a pc hobo

  • Johnny NoNames
    Johnny NoNames4 måneder siden

    Just because it's sponsored it doesn't mean I can't try really hard to break it !!... Best quote from Linus yet !!

  • Gary T.
    Gary T.4 måneder siden

    Somebody doesn't know how to do math. 20% off of $49.99 is $39.99 not $34.99. I bought one anyway.

  • kaizoor
    kaizoor4 måneder siden

    A UE Boom detects the water and stops playing until you get it out of the water

  • Autumn Corona
    Autumn Corona4 måneder siden

    Looks like Anker still made a better product with their IP68 speaker

  • Philip Hempel
    Philip Hempel4 måneder siden

    I do have a concern when you see the reviews from Fakespot and it says F For some reason only 28 percent of the reviews are good that means a bunch of review stuffing going on with this thing, and with the 10 bucks off right now at only 39 bucks, it still is a question as to whether or not it is a good deal.

  • Ayush Dhupar
    Ayush Dhupar4 måneder siden

    Hey it's a rip off bose micro

  • Lucas Baker
    Lucas Baker4 måneder siden


  • Manas Katiyar
    Manas Katiyar4 måneder siden

    Oooh Linus trying to be Jerry Rig. Cool. Unless bones are bones and bones can break.

  • 5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
    5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge4 måneder siden

    To show you the power of tribit, we dived underwater! And we brought the tribit with us! *IT EVEN WORKS UNDERWATER!!!*

  • 5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
    5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge4 måneder siden

    *Phill Swift joined the chat*

  • Fa14bi -
    Fa14bi -4 måneder siden

    It's an bose clone but half the price and actually sounds better than the Original.

  • unsculpulousCarp
    unsculpulousCarp4 måneder siden

    I have the full version of the speaker, it's the first bluetooth speaker I've bought oh boy it's a good one the quality of sound on bluetooth speakers has come a long way :O

  • AMellowSkater
    AMellowSkater4 måneder siden

    wait how???? sophisticated signal receiver?

  • Felicia Xedine
    Felicia Xedine4 måneder siden

    35 bucks is not bad. But is the Canadian rupee really that bad? A difference of 20 on a 35 buck thing? Dang, Linus, my sympathies.

  • Dennis Macz
    Dennis Macz4 måneder siden

    I..I was told that I was allowed to listen to my music at a reasonable level. Office Space reference.

  • Ethan3DTek
    Ethan3DTek4 måneder siden

    I firsthand know that Tribit is awesome! FlyBuds 1 are great, love seeing smaller companies growing

  • Gremlin87
    Gremlin874 måneder siden

    0:50 for epic feats of nerd strength.

  • silverisss
    silverisss4 måneder siden

    Bluetooth speakers is one of the worst things to be invented.

  • Christopher Nugent
    Christopher Nugent4 måneder siden

    Awwwwe. I was hoping you’d have an underwater dance party.

  • Gepo de Mesa
    Gepo de Mesa4 måneder siden

    I like this straightforward "sponsored" content rather than the slightly misleading "showcase"

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab4 måneder siden

    Linus is the type of guy to yell "ring ring" at people while riding a bicycle instead of ringing the bell

  • Arthurizando
    Arthurizando4 måneder siden

    The title should have been " It even works underwater!"

  • xeno42alpha
    xeno42alpha4 måneder siden

    …not to be overly sarcastic, but that one pop song you licensed to be on your channel sounds exactly like the billions of pop songs you didn’t…

  • Zachary Rivera
    Zachary Rivera4 måneder siden


  • Lord von T
    Lord von T4 måneder siden

    I wonder if you could build one of those ultrasonic cleaning devices by putting the box underwater?

  • G. Scott
    G. Scott4 måneder siden

    @Linus - This product design is a very strong similarity to the Bose SoundLink Micro. Even the party mode and the strap are the same.

  • SecTioN
    SecTioN4 måneder siden

    Just get a JBL Clip instead lol

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen4 måneder siden

    Blessed with 4 new LMG videos in the reccomend lol

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen4 måneder siden

    4:05 rip ears

  • Tyler M
    Tyler M4 måneder siden

    My question is why is it that big of a deal when altec lansing has sold waterproof speakers that literally float for years now?

  • TheForfattare
    TheForfattare4 måneder siden

    Like my Bose Soundlink micro, but half the price

  • biff647019
    biff6470194 måneder siden

    Linus, the look is almost complete. Use a raspy, vocal fry voice, get some tats, go topless and carry around an ax like Matthew Mcconaughey from reign of every video from now on. Wear LTT underwear if that makes you feel better.

  • K H
    K H4 måneder siden

    "that dude on every hiking trail" 😂this is why I love you guys so much

  • Joe Tashji
    Joe Tashji4 måneder siden

    0:44 Linus: I’m gonna try and rip it off Phill Swift in the distance with Chain saws a buzz yelling the Warriors cry That’s a lot of damage!!

  • Joe Tashji
    Joe Tashji4 måneder siden

    I’m surprised they didn’t put a water proof microphone in with the speaker imagine how that would sound

  • #boycott madeinchina
    #boycott madeinchina4 måneder siden

    2:36 was the moment I hit like on this video... ; )

  • Mitchell Schindler
    Mitchell Schindler4 måneder siden

    Me: but does it underwater? Linus: 🆈🅴🆂

  • Cam P
    Cam P4 måneder siden

    LTT DIY Headphones?

  • Shy Guy Mafia
    Shy Guy Mafia4 måneder siden

    YAY! So now, not only can you annoy others by blaring your music in public areas at volumes nobody can miss, but you can also do it to the various flora and fauna, even when swimming!

  • Rasul Sulaiman
    Rasul Sulaiman4 måneder siden

    0:59 someone just nudge the tripod

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover4 måneder siden

    That looks pretty good. I'm surprised he couldn't break the strap.

  • fritzal12
    fritzal124 måneder siden

    Here is the Link from Laszlo how he created THE "Linus Tech Tips" Intro - - enjoy it :-)

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver4 måneder siden

    FFS tell your editors to leave subtitles up long enough for them to actually be readable.

  • John Poyser
    John Poyser4 måneder siden

    I have the Tribit MaxSound Plus. We have a couple of portable Bluetooth speakers in the house and this is the one that people fight for. Great bass. I frequently had to ask my wife / daughter to turn it down because I was on a conf call in the other room.

  • Ben Sokol
    Ben Sokol4 måneder siden

    Water cool it!

  • sarcawan
    sarcawan4 måneder siden

    I dont like unbox therapy and its clones

  • Dragon Rock
    Dragon Rock4 måneder siden

    Tribit is amazing for their price, and for their high quality products (I'm a pretty big fan). You should really try the actual storm box and the maxsound plus; they hold up to the same standard and they are even better. If you want to test out their actual headphone linueup their cheapest headset the Tribit XFree Tune, it does an amazing job for only $35 but if you want a nicer headset you should try out the Tribit QuietPlus ANC.

  • Legalas Elf
    Legalas Elf4 måneder siden

    i have bluetooth tribit xfree tune wireless headphones, pretty cheap, but decent sound for that price, and really good build quality, can recommend. The battery lasts ridiculous amount of time too.

  • Сергеј Милић
    Сергеј Милић4 måneder siden

    You look dope

  • Daniel Moreno
    Daniel Moreno4 måneder siden

    I was expecting flexseal :(

  • Blue Bandit
    Blue Bandit4 måneder siden

    arent they supposed to call this a showcase?

  • A1200
    A12004 måneder siden

    Mine fell into the swimming pool. I get it out immediately but it has turned off by itself and I couldn’t reactivate it for one day. If I have to bet I would say mine is definitely not waterproof, not to mention of that it’s able to ply music under water. I don’t asked for support because at the next evening it works nearly normal. Apart from that that it turned off by itself again and again. After two days it worked finally normal. Now I don’t take it in the near of any water anymore.

  • Ian Ball
    Ian Ball4 måneder siden

    Tribit: Releases new speaker Apple: haha hippity hoppity your idea's my property

  • Tom Amanda
    Tom Amanda4 måneder siden

    I do not owe anyone anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • pfromeurope
    pfromeurope4 måneder siden

    this is the bose micro but from China

  • Greg Grensteiner
    Greg Grensteiner4 måneder siden

    Call me when someone ANYONE makes a bluetooth speaker that you can charge with wireless charging.

  • Josh Hust
    Josh Hust4 måneder siden

    whenever the video opens with linus purposefully trying to break something, im in. and im impressed, that sucker is built well

  • hacked2123
    hacked21234 måneder siden

    Linus quote "It's got a strap on..."

  • hacked2123


    4 måneder siden

    "Really good strap"

  • Geoffrey Lyons
    Geoffrey Lyons4 måneder siden

    Not really into hiking culture. But wouldnt the loud music be useful as a bear or other animal predator deterrent? Sure you wouldn't get to see Sasquatch, but you also wouldn't startle a grizzly around a sharp bend.

  • Laszlo
    Laszlo4 måneder siden

    Yoooooo 😳😳😳 ❤️❤️❤️ much love!!!

  • Thot Police Swat Commander
    Thot Police Swat Commander4 måneder siden

    What was the original title?

  • Probookuser03
    Probookuser034 måneder siden

    JonTron would like to buy your entire stock

  • Akash Varma
    Akash Varma4 måneder siden

    But can it run Skyrim remaster

  • Matt Robinson
    Matt Robinson4 måneder siden

    Less than 60 seconds in, "I'm going to try to break it."

  • AirBnBacon
    AirBnBacon4 måneder siden

    that's a cool little BT speaker for outdoorsey type activities..

  • Player117326109
    Player1173261094 måneder siden

    You should have changed the title to "and it even works underwater"

  • Greasykiwi
    Greasykiwi4 måneder siden

    Can't wait to see this video play as an ad before every video I watch

  • Taha YT614
    Taha YT6144 måneder siden

    4:28 that fade tho

  • jarry plundermen
    jarry plundermen4 måneder siden

    they obviously copy a lot from jbl

  • Tikus
    Tikus4 måneder siden

    This speaker went from $35 to $50 recently, just in case anyone is thinking about buying this

  • Dmitriy Usmanov
    Dmitriy Usmanov4 måneder siden

    It's not top but also fuck it just check it out

  • Hansy
    Hansy4 måneder siden

    I personally can't stand that song. It sound like it was made for a 6 year old's birthday party

  • Wesley NL
    Wesley NL4 måneder siden

    you act as if it is the 1st bt speaker that is water resitance, and have party mode, i mean do you forget brands like jbl, sony exc.. ? this dont beat jbl

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar4 måneder siden


  • Martijn Venhuizen
    Martijn Venhuizen4 måneder siden

    Classic FL studio. The easiest way from your brain to your pc... Not complicated ;)

  • Sujay Kadrekar
    Sujay Kadrekar4 måneder siden

    Swimming pools aren't going to protect you from the robot invasion.

  • omer klein
    omer klein4 måneder siden

    I thought he was about to say something like 20,000 or something. 1:29

  • companyoflosers
    companyoflosers4 måneder siden

    love the call out for people who are inconsiderate of everyone else in public by blaring these things in a public space. fuck those people.