This WON'T replace your Nintendo Switch - ONE GX1

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Some of you don't like those THICK laptops or netbooks as I do and you rather have something more compact, especially if you're gaming on the go. Is this something you should check out?
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  • Strydez Gaming
    Strydez GamingDag siden

    Riley! There's a new version of the GX One Pro go check it out!!

  • Kevin Buchanan
    Kevin Buchanan3 dager siden

    It's really neat but it looks very underpowered

  • Riasat Salmin Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami3 dager siden

    lol the nipple and dildo jokes on this one were great.

  • Riasat Salmin Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami3 dager siden

    3:52 bruh

    AFX QUEST4 dager siden

    The switch is 300$ and runs better bruh

  • a priori on toast
    a priori on toast6 dager siden

    This WOULD 1*00 percent replace your switch* (come on portable steam and aaa gaming?) if it was cheaper, the gpd win 2 though still might since it's price drop.

  • Louvain Quadros
    Louvain Quadros6 dager siden

    The 16 gigs of ram is probably for the Intel graphics

  • Chinnu Danturi
    Chinnu Danturi8 dager siden

    Why does this guy sound like linus?

  • love stories
    love stories9 dager siden

    I can hear your fan noise 😂😂 it's loud like PS4 😂🤣😂

  • Michael BMW
    Michael BMW10 dager siden

    Small "gaming" laptop Cannot play games.... What a shit. When coming Next version?

  • Michael BMW
    Michael BMW10 dager siden

    Is it possible to play cyberphunk on max?????????????

  • Nakhoda Raya
    Nakhoda Raya10 dager siden

    I hope sony handheld pc make a comeback with the latest technical spec.

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez10 dager siden

    its litterally an alienware laptop. looks identical

  • Game Bros
    Game Bros11 dager siden

    I will stick with my GPD win 2 for now until they release GPD win 3 instead of getting this then.

  • Cozmo77837 B.K
    Cozmo77837 B.K12 dager siden

    7:39 *lightsaber noises intensify*

  • FireAdrix
    FireAdrix12 dager siden

    Esta gente hace reviews y no cuenta nada, flipo, dice que el teclado es muy pequeño y que para trabajar no lo usaría. NO ME DIGAS, en alguna parte pone que es un minipc con teclado ergonómico o con la tecla de shift full size?? "Ay es que el teclado es muy incómodo" pero como no va a ser incómodo alma de canto que has intentado usarlo con dos manos y todo xDDD Es que alucino con los publitubers, de verdad.

  • FireAdrix


    12 dager siden

    it's a handled device... but with integrated graphics... Me: 👁️👄👁️?

  • FireAdrix


    12 dager siden

    ha intentado conectar los mandos por bluetooth😭😭😭😭😭, pero esta gente se molesta en al menos informarse de que producto está enseñando???😂

  • FireAdrix


    12 dager siden

    7:46 DID YOU HEAR THAT??? SIIII es el ruido que hace un puto ventilador de pc cuando le das la vuelta tan rápido, hazlo con un puto MacBook y verás que hace lo mismo. WOW IT HAS A FAN THAT SOUNDS WHEN YOU FLIP THE DEVICE!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Super Kami Tabyr
    Super Kami Tabyr12 dager siden

    That fuckin things is $1000 now! Jesus christ

  • Grey Lawson
    Grey Lawson13 dager siden

    “Hard to recommend” probably because for $1200 you could get a pretty decent gaming PC and a switch or switch lite for that price...

  • Teddy M
    Teddy M14 dager siden

    I can't believe the controllers don't have a proper d pad. Silly, silly, silly.

  • TheNintendoDude
    TheNintendoDude16 dager siden

    When this laptop has a better core i5 than your desktop that's meant for gaming couldn't be me

  • Bitter Rotten
    Bitter Rotten16 dager siden

    “I’m actually surprised at how my fingers naturally rest on the home row.” [Left hand is spanning from CapsLock to G]

  • Labib Ahmed
    Labib Ahmed16 dager siden

    Who care what you fools like

  • v3dont
    v3dont17 dager siden

    2:51 Asians?

  • Connor Richardson
    Connor Richardson18 dager siden

    This guy is better than Linus

  • aura la
    aura la19 dager siden

    V b n bm n hj k lk j h g f lk hj a

  • aura la
    aura la19 dager siden

    V c v b n b n m hkj lk hkj a h gj hk jlk f g h gjh k hj lk hkj a lk hkj gjh f d g fh gj hkj a lk hkj a

  • aura la
    aura la19 dager siden

    L hkj b v gh hj k jlk a

  • Well Hello
    Well Hello21 dag siden

    It sounds like a jet engine

  • bogodo Yandex
    bogodo Yandex21 dag siden

    this using hd 620 ,its about 25% performance than Xe gpu. you can order now onegx pro with tigerlake Xe gpu version will release this month.

  • Johan Johansson
    Johan Johansson21 dag siden

    If only this thing could come with a M1 chip inside :)

  • Havok
    Havok27 dager siden

    FPS has an inverse relationship with Latency Meaning if you are playing at 20 fps your latency isn't necessarily horrible it just feels bad due to the fps more fps = less latency less fps = more latency

    GOKU BLACK27 dager siden

    Can you check out the GPD win 3, when it comes out please?

  • Christopher decorte
    Christopher decorte28 dager siden

    The controller is literally stuck to the side why not have direct USB connection to bypass Bluetooth lag also hard sell on gaming without a basic graphics chipset. This my 740 gtx has more more then intel integrated graphics. About all that would be good for Is retroarch and at that price point I'd stick with my core 2 quad all in one pc its almost portable. And I paid 10usd for it.

  • GeFeHeDe
    GeFeHeDe28 dager siden

    Wait for the gpd win, it's gonna be god-like

  • Elijah Robinson
    Elijah Robinson28 dager siden

    usec to be big trucks are a sign for compensation but I believe that has spread. you don't need a HUGE build to play. those who do are over compensating for something. Mr. "huge laptop"

  • mattfm101
    mattfm10129 dager siden

    In what world would you rationally choose intel for this type of machine

  • Bunny
    BunnyMåned siden

    it's still ions better than my computer

  • jim jam
    jim jamMåned siden

    Console games are heavily optimized to run on their respective systems ..try playing a 2019 game on a pc with ps4 hardware ..ya aint gonna get visuals or performance even close to what the ps4 can output ..console operating systems are heavily optimized to just play games and do nothing else

  • Rumaldo Padilla
    Rumaldo PadillaMåned siden

    The switch two may be similar to this but instead of a keyboard maybe a second screen! Like the 3ds? And it will still be able to dock!? I would definitely get it!!!!!

  • David Agiel81
    David Agiel81Måned siden

    At least it can play GTA 5 unlike Switch.

  • Vix
    VixMåned siden

    I would love a device like this but a lil bigger

  • Citro
    CitroMåned siden

    See my toshiba satellite c75D-A its got a 19 inch screen like BOI why make laptop so big when laptops are supposed to be very portable?

  • that linux guy
    that linux guyMåned siden

    If it had good controllers I think it would be a good versitile on the go retro gaming emulation machine that can also do a bit of work.

  • Pie Studios
    Pie StudiosMåned siden

    Seems good for emulation or lighter steam games like Persona 4 Golden

  • Terryss
    TerryssMåned siden

    Costs double compared to the Win Max and performs just half as good... so it offers 1/4 the value. And now there's the Win 3 with Iris Xe, so the thought of buying this thing is f*cked up.

  • Daniel Velazquez
    Daniel VelazquezMåned siden


  • Dannyify
    DannyifyMåned siden

    Should've tested some emulation, this device might actually be good for that. PC gaming, not so much.

  • DeepFried Oreo
    DeepFried OreoMåned siden

    Apple: "There's no room!" What Apple really means: "You want what? Function keys? Okay, just let me write that down... *No function keys ever* What am I writing? Oh, don't worry about it. You'll get your function ke... Oh, oops, looks like we ran out of room. *Starts rubbing nipples* Nnnggghh, those function keys sure are tasty. What function keys? EXACTLY!"

  • Virtual Me
    Virtual MeMåned siden

    Not really my cup of tea how the product was presented...the childish, double sense stuffs, like the optical mouse and nipples, the controllers and vibrator motors...please...

  • Connor Oud
    Connor OudMåned siden


  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewinMåned siden

    That was a REALLY poor decision not having the controllers be able to connect directly. And they seem awfully cheap for such an expensive device. I really don't see how this thing could be recommended to anyone in this state.

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewinMåned siden

    Actually buddy, only the i7 has 8 threads. The i5's don't have Hyperthreading. And the integrated graphics in the new chipsets are actually pretty good. Nah, ya won't be playing the latest games on it at high settings, but it should be pretty darn good for more basic or older stuff.

  • RGB Gaming
    RGB GamingMåned siden

    I think that the 11th gen intel cpus will be targting devices like these to give them acceptable cpu and gpu performance for medium gaming.

  • Sadequs Haque
    Sadequs HaqueMåned siden


  • IronWolf 369
    IronWolf 369Måned siden

    In the US, people come with guns.

  • The Gamingwithc
    The GamingwithcMåned siden

    that laptop is better than mine and thats so small wow

  • H1jacked Is annoying
    H1jacked Is annoyingMåned siden

    This guy is lame where is the cool fat guy

  • Jonathan Del rosario
    Jonathan Del rosarioMåned siden

    i think it is great for streaming games. that is the purpose of it's keyboard. console game streaming on the go.

  • no name
    no nameMåned siden

    At least it's got an independent vibrator

  • Saif6speed
    Saif6speedMåned siden

    I have a switch and I am happy I did not get this

  • Nexus71c
    Nexus71cMåned siden

    Well, this would work better if it had a decent GPU in there lol. Curious how good streaming services like Stadia, GeForce NOW, and ShadowTech would work on there...

  • joe jenkins
    joe jenkinsMåned siden

    "why do you need 16 gigs of ram" my thinkpad has 8 and im always running out of memory with anything i do

  • Chance
    ChanceMåned siden

    steam link tho... thats the point

  • ShadowTheLight
    ShadowTheLightMåned siden

    Maybe a used laptop and 2DS XL instead

  • strykr360
    strykr360Måned siden

    This guy definitely takes it up the ass

  • aaronmpeters26
    aaronmpeters26Måned siden

    This was a terrible review. you tried ONE game. you didnt even try emulating anything with it. when it came to the review of graphics you clearly used a lower quality camera to show the screen as evidenced by the blur of your hands and the lettering of the keyboard when you were zoomed in trying to show that its graphics werent great. are you getting paid by nintendo or something? really dirty. you guys are garbage.

  • FireAdrix


    12 dager siden

    Yeah the worse of it is that they sent him a unit to review and we got this. He didn't even know what it was lol. Some comments he made are the typical "chinese quality hardware is trash" and that is very classy and trashy. If they send you a unit to review you can be honest but at least do a little of work. It has an UHD 620 graphics did you really expect rocket league to work at native resolution and high fps? Why he didn't try CPU intensive games such as emulators??? "Who needs 8gigs of ram on this kind of computers?" Lol and these people are supposed to be computer geeks, omg.

  • javier krish
    javier krishMåned siden

    Can it run csgo 🤣

  • M R
    M RMåned siden

    I love Riley he's so cute.

    JOE SANCHEZMåned siden


  • Mohamad Firdaus
    Mohamad FirdausMåned siden

    Better put ryzen apu on this thing.

  • Black Magician
    Black MagicianMåned siden

    1:06 You mean...finger nails?

    DJUNGELSKOGMåned siden

    Do people come with knives? One day in the back alley: oh ffs

  • ejpro11
    ejpro11Måned siden

    Y 16 gigs..modded Minecraft

  • MiloTheServant
    MiloTheServant2 måneder siden


  • ShadowSharkPVP
    ShadowSharkPVP2 måneder siden

    imagine spending 1.2k laptop only to get 14 fps on rocket league

  • McNea
    McNea2 måneder siden

    hard to watch

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm2 måneder siden

    Bruh the Wish PC with an i3 2100 and a decade old GPU performed better at Rocket League

  • Todd Kobell Jr.
    Todd Kobell Jr.2 måneder siden

    I paid the same price for my Razer Blade Stealth 2020 on clearance.

  • Peter Almeida
    Peter Almeida2 måneder siden

    SNOB REVIEW, not everybody wants atomic-power-level performance to play games, most people in the world can not care less about fps, address the normal people, gosh!

  • 8Г Рысбеков Санжар
    8Г Рысбеков Санжар2 måneder siden

    It's like a chonky Nvidia shield portable

  • John Maksym
    John Maksym2 måneder siden

    They need an MX150/250 or one of intels new integrated gpus

  • Shockey Wren
    Shockey Wren2 måneder siden

    THIS WAS MADE FOR STEAM LINK AND EMULATION!!! Why didn’t you try N64, Dreamcast and PS2 emulation? The thing would have performed like a champ!

  • Wxvey Uzi #GA7A
    Wxvey Uzi #GA7A2 måneder siden

    Should of put AMD in there .

  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie2 måneder siden

    What a waste of money for that price you can get a great laptop for that

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker2 måneder siden

    Stick with the Switch when there's so much potential from windows? You can't even set a wallpaper on the switch or listen to music. That's truly laughable.

  • wyatt greene
    wyatt greene2 måneder siden

    Says he want get angry if something is bad says he won’t use because a small shift key

  • Rien Reid
    Rien Reid2 måneder siden

    Must be really cold in there just need to warm it up a little

  • Stephen Raines
    Stephen Raines2 måneder siden

    For $1200 I'd expect the controllers to be better quality.

  • Knapsack Cat
    Knapsack Cat2 måneder siden

    You plain on a video on the One GX pro?

  • Ryan 1
    Ryan 12 måneder siden

    Maybe you could hire people that don't play with their hair like a woman?

  • Friendly neighborhood Spidey
    Friendly neighborhood Spidey2 måneder siden

    These days people just make and purchase all these junks, it doesn’t last long and they think they are funny and smart, no wonder the world not sustainable

  • Our_Meal
    Our_Meal2 måneder siden

    this has better specs than the mac im using

  • yobb89
    yobb892 måneder siden

    i'm not buying shoes, i'm buying laptops god damit!

  • Fass
    Fass2 måneder siden

    actually seems kinda nice for like discord + playing old/emulated games.

  • mwk gaming
    mwk gaming2 måneder siden

    im used to playing stuff at 15 fps xd

  • Myles Weaver
    Myles Weaver2 måneder siden

    I'm curious how the gaming experience would be if they plugged a controller into it. Would probably solve the latency, even though the framerate would probably still suck.

  • RedWhite
    RedWhite2 måneder siden

    When Riley makes naughty remarks...epic! And I like them!

  • Gnobba
    Gnobba2 måneder siden

    Awesome in theory kind of a mess in practice...

  • Oleg Antonov
    Oleg Antonov2 måneder siden

    3:51 that's what she said

  • xXNeroXx X
    xXNeroXx X2 måneder siden

    Man it gets pretty loud lol