This watch knows I'm STRESSED! - Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2

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Thanks to Amazfit for sponsoring this video!
Check out the Amazfit GTR 2:
Check out the Amazfit GTS 2:
2020 is a rough year and you might be overly stressed depending on the situation you are in. The Amazfit can keep track of all your standard fitness measurements, but it can even tell you how stress you are and throughout the day.
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuitMåned siden

    We just want to clarify that Zepp is NOT Amazfit, they are two separate entities. Hope you enjoyed the video!

  • Growth investing

    Growth investing

    16 dager siden

    Zepp is from same company.................

  • Wombat


    Måned siden

    You guys should do a comparison with the new Apple Max headphones and Huawei Studio headphones

  • Krishna Chaithanya

    Krishna Chaithanya

    Måned siden

    yo that sweater is good lookin'

  • Paulo Pires

    Paulo Pires

    Måned siden

    Zepp is the name of the app for these watches.

  • ronhamburg
    ronhamburg2 dager siden

    Warning! Do not update the Amazfit GTS2 to firmware V After that, my watch no longer recognized the GPS signal. I can no longer track activities. Who has the same problem?

  • yolo polo
    yolo polo2 dager siden

    If linus retires, james should take the mantle.

  • Pagal Nixon
    Pagal Nixon21 dag siden

    i like this guy

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman22 dager siden

    The silver colored one would look cooler on that round watchface..

  • Conner Gammon
    Conner Gammon23 dager siden

    I think they got Nissan to name the watches

  • Kevin Zahrte
    Kevin Zahrte26 dager siden

    They don't suck because Amazfit was the sponsor??

  • rudra rana
    rudra rana26 dager siden

    Can they connect to external heart rate monitor like polar h10

  • mick muller
    mick mullerMåned siden

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm....

  • Michael Arulanantham
    Michael ArulananthamMåned siden

    Sales went up if the old type analogue clock face had a "Happy Face" i.e. 10 past 10. That tradition continued with digital watches for some reason and probably with the stickers.

  • Doom sim U
    Doom sim UMåned siden

    xiao mi color sport version is better choice

  • hitardo
    hitardoMåned siden

    "Today the company followed those up with the GTS 2e and GTR 2e with longer battery life and 20% lower prices - the catch is they both lack Wi-Fi connectivity and rely on the phone’s connection only." In GSMArena.

  • hitardo


    Måned siden

    The original source, from GSMArena:

  • Wombat
    WombatMåned siden

    These watches also have an offline voice assistant too - you can ask it to do stuff or track workouts. Battery life is 7-14 days. It costs Less-Than-Half of an Apple watch.

    MOTO LEGGESMåned siden

    When the watch receives a text , email or bookface notification can U read some of all of it

  • Bobby Hinner
    Bobby HinnerMåned siden

    I still love my amazfit bip, yeah the step counting isn’t perfect and the heart rate monitor isn’t good, but I love the always on screen and the week and a half battery life

  • sitruc ecnad
    sitruc ecnadMåned siden

    A watch should be circular, a rectangular watch is just and easy and cheap way of doing a screen

  • Dubon Js
    Dubon JsMåned siden

    Terrible review! Stop trying to be funny.

  • Kirill I
    Kirill IMåned siden

    Looks better than Apple Watch!

  • Mateo J Buteler
    Mateo J ButelerMåned siden

    I thought this was ltt lul

  • Mark Novencido
    Mark NovencidoMåned siden

    How's the battery life?

  • Alx Stan
    Alx StanMåned siden

    Lol no at bind them all @ app says R2 has to disconnect😄😁

  • M4XC4V413R4
    M4XC4V413R4Måned siden

    I think there's a huge difference you didn't talk about. Battery life is completely different between those two for some reason. We're talking like double on the round one.

  • Gustavo Ramos
    Gustavo RamosMåned siden

    I own the first gen GTR and I really like it. The only disappointment are the GPS tracking, an absolute garbage. But all the other features are really good. And the battery life is about 20 days, which is awesome

  • Kyle Genereux
    Kyle GenereuxMåned siden

    But does it have an always on display?

  • Saddam H
    Saddam H2 måneder siden

    Waiting for the full review of GTS 2

  • philippe merrette
    philippe merrette2 måneder siden

    50m water resistant doesn't mean that you can use it 50m under water.

  • Anubrato Biswas
    Anubrato Biswas2 måneder siden

    When will this watch come to India??? Really excited!!

  • Romey Rome
    Romey Rome2 måneder siden

    Too bad the GTS 2 is sold out 😪 I'll just wait

  • Siticmon
    Siticmon2 måneder siden

    i heard *cough watch your c*ck and i thought you had tourette's for a second, and i thought, oh what a nice way to start a video

  • Saul James
    Saul James2 måneder siden

    Next the watch that knows if your happy or sad ... as if you don't know how you're feeling :D

  • Aleksi Rautiainen
    Aleksi Rautiainen2 måneder siden

    Would like to see how stressed you get when your wife gets to know that you've been slacking

  • ateampossible
    ateampossible2 måneder siden

    Take a page from Linus because you make it sound so dull😑

  • The O D
    The O D2 måneder siden

    50 meters rating ?? really ??

  • MeepMeep
    MeepMeep2 måneder siden

    Did i miss it, do they have gps?

  • Rannon
    Rannon2 måneder siden

    On the topic of the title: I'm pretty sure stressed is just the default guess. It's 2020, after all.

  • Daniel Loveson
    Daniel Loveson2 måneder siden

    Can it take calls? Would be a definite consideration if it could.

  • Francesco Varrato
    Francesco Varrato2 måneder siden

    My wife and myself use daily our Amazfit GTS. They're super useful and not overkill in any way. Also, the battery life, even with heart monitoring and lots of notifications, is quite good (forgetting when was charged last time). I hope that the 2 is even better, but we're not going to upgrade.

  • Ian Mercaldi
    Ian Mercaldi2 måneder siden

    Your HR is low on the toilet because when you bear down like when pooping it stimulates your vagus nerve which in turn lowers your heart rate. That’s why if you bear down for long periods of time you can pass out because of large drops in HR and drop in blood pressure.

  • Andree Lecaros
    Andree Lecaros2 måneder siden

    oye que bkn

  • gudetography
    gudetography2 måneder siden

    Nice budget Galaxy and Apple Watch clones...

  • Ben Korpella
    Ben Korpella2 måneder siden

    Why is this video so loud?

  • MadSpacePig
    MadSpacePig2 måneder siden

    That OS looks like a blatant rip off of watch OS in every way.

  • Kavish Bansal
    Kavish Bansal2 måneder siden

    I've all these features already on my Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3. Even the UI seems like a rip off

  • jason bond
    jason bond2 måneder siden

    They are $199.99 not $179.99

  • Coreycry
    Coreycry2 måneder siden

    the Amazfit Stratos 3 is the "sport model", the others are "I wish I did sport" model

  • Aniviuh
    Aniviuh2 måneder siden

    Oh I know what I'm buying now!

  • MacWonk
    MacWonk2 måneder siden

    Pretty cringe shilling

  • vinicdf13
    vinicdf132 måneder siden

    Sorry but, amazfit bip Still The best for baterry save, 60 days of baterry and screen always on, i dont know why they stop to invest on this model...

  • LeonPro12
    LeonPro122 måneder siden

    Could you please review the TicWatch Pro 3

  • Maxpower Overdrive
    Maxpower Overdrive2 måneder siden

    These names.....suits better in cars than tech!

  • Eric Zhang
    Eric Zhang2 måneder siden

    The square one is a straight rip off of the Apple Watch...

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje2 måneder siden

    Back in the days, they used ghetto blasters, 2020: 06:20

  • Alex Susu
    Alex Susu2 måneder siden

    Can you approve mfa prompts on this ? I'm tired of getting my phone out 20 times a day to just confirm one thing.

  • John Caffrey
    John Caffrey2 måneder siden

    Jesus the level of English in that product description below the video is shocking

  • Tech Overload
    Tech Overload2 måneder siden

    I really hate when James is in he videos, His fake ass Attitude, and Narccistic behaviour. His aura is just negative, Everytime I wish he is not in the videos.

  • Kevin
    Kevin2 måneder siden

    If you play music out loud while hiking... don't

  • Echristoffe
    Echristoffe2 måneder siden

    Ok now the question can we have a division watch skin for the GTR?

  • 5FeetUnder
    5FeetUnder2 måneder siden

    The 50 meters water resistance is most likely non moving. It just means that the watch can withstand the pressure of 50 meters of water above it As soon as you move, the pressure on the watch increases, so it's probably not suited for diving. You probably still can swim with it no problem

  • Linnoff
    Linnoff2 måneder siden

    To me the biggest thing for a smart watch is battery life which is completely skipped here. I get that for you to test that would be a bit beyond the scope of this video, but I also would want an independently tested number.

  • J W
    J W2 måneder siden

    “This isn’t a review, it’s an unboxing” says the guy doing the sponsored video.

  • Sejarba
    Sejarba2 måneder siden

    This watch looks cool, just ordered it. TY sir.

  • B A
    B A2 måneder siden

    I'm definitely no doctor, but I hear there's a nerve that goes to the butthole and a lot of people are found dead (heart attacked) on the toilet, so I think your low pooping heart rate makes sense.

  • AldebaranIV
    AldebaranIV2 måneder siden

    Fun fact: in portuguese, PAI translates do "dad". I have a little laugh everytime a see it.

  • Lance Zimmer
    Lance Zimmer2 måneder siden

    I must be a boomer, I can't stand the square face watches.

  • Mike olson
    Mike olson2 måneder siden

    That low heart rate is caused by stimulating your vagus nerve when you strain to poop. As you get older and encounter health problems related to low blood pressure the overstimulation of the vagus nerve can cause you to pass out aka “ vagul out” which I have seen plenty of ppl come into the hospital with gaping head wounds because they bashed their heads falling in the bathroom. Happy 💩

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)
    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)2 måneder siden

    You say Amaze, but I was thinking Amazon.

  • Mert Altınay
    Mert Altınay2 måneder siden

    What a terrible name for a watch "gt r"

  • Al Gepé
    Al Gepé2 måneder siden

    Just a comment for the algorithm, I liked the video

  • Güray Şahin
    Güray Şahin2 måneder siden

    Apple Watch 3 or Gtr 2 ?

    LEEDAQ2 måneder siden

    love this sort of review !!

  • minganator
    minganator2 måneder siden

    You should definitely do a video diving in these watches! Even if it's an indoor pool.

  • Luís Sousa
    Luís Sousa2 måneder siden

    I am sure that if Linus hosted this video he would shit all over amazfit for it being a xiaomi sub-brand

  • Thomas Chan
    Thomas Chan2 måneder siden

    restock the LLT crewneck sweater! it looks so freakin good!

  • Randall Decker
    Randall Decker2 måneder siden

    I wonder if Linus will daily this watch.

  • Jeffrey Scott
    Jeffrey Scott2 måneder siden

    No Google Pay :(

  • Oleg Terehov
    Oleg Terehov2 måneder siden

    0:12 "R" stands for "Round" and "S" stands for " Stolen from Apple"

  • Greatest Assassin
    Greatest Assassin2 måneder siden

    I see that pixel 4 👀

  • David Littlefair
    David Littlefair2 måneder siden

    Everything about that square one is a blatant copy of the apple watch, but all LTTs watchers don't give a shit. If Apple copy any tiny feature of anyone else you fuckers lose your mind.

  • Jean-Luc Choiniere
    Jean-Luc Choiniere2 måneder siden

    I do not like it when you avoid mentioning product price.

  • MrBigSuka
    MrBigSuka2 måneder siden

    1.39 inches ???? millimetres anyone.

  • Andrei Predescu
    Andrei Predescu2 måneder siden

    I just bought an Amazfit Band 5 a few days ago. The stupid Zepp app's killing me, but in terms of hardware it's great. It even has Alexa which doesn't work in my region... I might keep it just as a fitness tracker and look into a Snapdragon 4100 smartwatch for the actual smart stuff like Google assistant, etc. In terms of just being a fitness tracker, the Amazfit Band 5 is great.

  • UnknownModder
    UnknownModder2 måneder siden

    Okay, now you’re making me choose between vincero and one of these

  • samtheking25
    samtheking252 måneder siden


  • Declan Cunningham
    Declan Cunningham2 måneder siden

    Does it have an always on display?

  • OnTheSpot Review

    OnTheSpot Review

    2 måneder siden

    The gts1 has always on display this model also supports always on display

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith2 måneder siden

    You guys should do more reviews on smartwatches honestly

  • atomicvocabulary
    atomicvocabulary2 måneder siden

    Lol at James vagal on the toilet

  • Ovrlrd Unknown
    Ovrlrd Unknown2 måneder siden


  • heclanet
    heclanet2 måneder siden

    The "S" is from "Sircular" XD

    THE HILL2 måneder siden

    i have used these watches for quite a while now, they aren't bad but not perfect. i like them

  • Ali
    Ali2 måneder siden

    My old note 4 can do this Samsung fucc you for removing it

  • Tamás Kisely
    Tamás Kisely2 måneder siden

    I won’t buy from a company whose site is broken. The “Add to cart” header is over the header navmenu so I can’t visit the other parts of the page.

  • AlexElRey
    AlexElRey2 måneder siden

    Any place to buy these watches in europe?

  • Marvy De Galicia
    Marvy De Galicia2 måneder siden

    Yay! More Xiaomi subsidiary items! :P

  • Hritik Shukla
    Hritik Shukla2 måneder siden

    u have to touch it everytime to see time wtf

  • OnTheSpot Review

    OnTheSpot Review

    2 måneder siden

    It has always on display

  • Terrobility


    2 måneder siden

    It has wrist detection, you just need to enable in the settings first

  • Thomas Johansson
    Thomas Johansson2 måneder siden

    Anyone know if you can reject calls with a pre-set message and reply to messages with this watch?

  • Terrobility


    2 måneder siden

    I don't think so. You can only reject calls normally and view messages/notifications

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian2 måneder siden

    I own the GTS and I'm really happy with it. The Display is fantastic and the battery is very good. I charge it approximately every 10 Days. Furthermore the integrated GPS works well.

  • Ptak Ptakowski
    Ptak Ptakowski2 måneder siden

    I'm using their stratos 2 and I'm happy with that one. Looking forward to buy something new from they.

  • MightKeeper
    MightKeeper2 måneder siden

    Amazfit is Xiaomi, isn't it?

  • Gabriel Bacon
    Gabriel Bacon2 måneder siden

    PAI is father in portuguese, just so you know

    DIALINGLUNAR /_\2 måneder siden

    Hahaha boomer size