This was SURPRISING! - Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Vitenskap og teknologi

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We had to jump through a lot of hoops to get this here and we finally get a chance to unbox it! Can this smartphone stack up to flagship phones in North America?
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  • Dark Dusty
    Dark Dusty2 dager siden

    First impression channel Everyone in the comment section:omg what a bad review

  • Gabriel F.K.
    Gabriel F.K.4 dager siden

    Okay, I guess??? Your videos maybe, but the phone... Go build your own then I guess!

  • ImpracticalGamer
    ImpracticalGamer7 dager siden

    feel like he is becoming a bigger ass###e as time goes on, and alll the sponsors... ffs

  • DinteN


    5 dager siden


  • black pixel
    black pixel7 dager siden

    It's not "ok i guess"... It is mind blowing.. That Chinese phone eat iPhone 12max for breakfast anyday... Don't know why we always easily look down to Chinese products... Even some of us have Chinese wife at home... Lol

  • Xm19
    Xm199 dager siden

    2:52 Gotta respect Linus for that👍

  • porto42
    porto4211 dager siden

    Mi 11 waving 😂

  • World experience SUPER World Video
    World experience SUPER World Video11 dager siden

    HUAWEI Is much better xiaomi copies only And you bought the shit. 🥱

  • mehmut el maneyz
    mehmut el maneyz11 dager siden

    This phone is pretty but i wish it was oxygen os software that would be great phone

  • CirclesArePointlesss
    CirclesArePointlesss13 dager siden

    This guy is annoying to watch. Will never watch his videos again

  • Alamin Hasan
    Alamin Hasan13 dager siden

    Xiaomi software has features that after using them, I can't go without, and I really love the value they propose. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the software limits how you can install APKs but other than that, everything is great. The ads aren't that frequent and I can turn them all off (which I did).

  • Ira Jacobs
    Ira Jacobs14 dager siden

    *Linus.exe sounds* LOL'd

  • Calvin Yan
    Calvin Yan15 dager siden

    does your Xiaomi 10 ultra pass Android Safetynet test?

  • Jothish J J
    Jothish J J15 dager siden

    I didn't see the selfie

  • Erick Pargas
    Erick Pargas16 dager siden

    this Review is s...ks nor does he care, and all governments spy on us

  • Brnt wrmn
    Brnt wrmn20 dager siden

    Mkbhd gavebphone best big phone of the year award. Linus " its ok I guess " No credibility what so ever, maybe if xiaomi paid him would have been different.

  • Danny T
    Danny T23 dager siden

    Why so many shills? Lol

  • Pietro Porrello
    Pietro Porrello23 dager siden

    dude, are you serious? thats hands down the best camera setup on any phone right now!

  • Akash Topder
    Akash Topder27 dager siden

    Mi10 Ultra's camera trades blows with the best according to practically everyone and Linus here judging it in 3 photos. Linus seems to be ALWAYS giving negative reviews to chinese phones. It's like he reviews chinese phones just to give negetive reviews. Oneplus maybe the only exception.

  • Pietro Porrello

    Pietro Porrello

    22 dager siden

    this guy hasnt realized that china is a tech monster. talking like their tech is crap. very poor review.

    JOSHUA LEONARDO27 dager siden

    Why this guy has a doppleganger in linustechtips?

  • golong 1
    golong 128 dager siden

    "thank you chinese government, you may have all my information"

  • Dava Al Dzahabi Satar
    Dava Al Dzahabi Satar29 dager siden

    Fun fact: I get you from linus tech tips

  • Lab2
    Lab229 dager siden

    you can see dream video in youtube

  • Davi w1p30ut3r
    Davi w1p30ut3rMåned siden

    If its not Apple, Google, Haweii or Samsung he says "its OK" or "Its not terrible"... Linus looks almost "racist" with chinese stuff I really dont know why he married an asian person... Maybe because he can f* her... Sorry the last part... The phone record 8k videos, have 120x optical zoom... 120w charger... "But... Its ok..." *facepalm*

  • Tommy Shi
    Tommy ShiMåned siden

    Very biased review. Wow. And coming from a professional phone reviewer.

  • Lufias Ila
    Lufias IlaMåned siden

    You're still using Note 9? Hey me too! ,😍

  • sahil dangol
    sahil dangolMåned siden


  • Micro Tech
    Micro TechMåned siden


  • Waqas Ghazanfar
    Waqas GhazanfarMåned siden

    Just Okay??? You racist murican XD Seriously, at this price point, if you do get this 5G supported phone locally, It's a must buy device...

  • Siddhant Saaho
    Siddhant SaahoMåned siden

    Hey are you looking to ship packages from the USA to India Low shipping charges and Secure to ship Get consolidated discount for more than 1 package

  • Poonam Jadhav
    Poonam JadhavMåned siden

    This xaomi ultra phone

  • Adnan faqeeh
    Adnan faqeehMåned siden

    Cameram Cameram camera mountain 😂 😂

  • Ala Bala
    Ala BalaMåned siden

    Complete nonsense...I hadn't watched a dumb video...he became a great specialist in camera phones...Bulshit!!!

  • Richard Ferdian
    Richard FerdianMåned siden

    clueless usa people will be surprised every other xiaomi values offer in every respective price

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo TaberaMåned siden

    So you basically bought it on the black market!?

  • Do The Dew
    Do The DewMåned siden

    Does it work on Sprint?

  • R SV
    R SVMåned siden

    Those wallpapers were really cool

  • Dave William
    Dave WilliamMåned siden

    This is how many times linus said Thickkkk!!!👇

  • Strange Kittie
    Strange KittieMåned siden

    Wait why does all his pics look worse than the pics that other reviewers did

  • Nyujuruno
    NyujurunoMåned siden

    I'm a tech junkie who watched all the tech youtubers such as arun, unbox therapy and etc. And most of the video i watched about this phone says it's good, they take their time to evaluate the phone, this guy... Although i like his pc related videos, i just feel annoyed by this specific video Edif : it was a typo

  • ahmad
    ahmadMåned siden

    8:14 what the (حill) is that XD if you know you know..

  • Lost Komadas
    Lost KomadasMåned siden

    Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra - muscle phone 🦾

  • Mark Krivor
    Mark KrivorMåned siden

    When a phone can have the same amount of RAM as your PC

  • Nufail Rahman
    Nufail RahmanMåned siden

    Ur trying yo say dxomark isnt perfect, but who in the world takes a 5x, 10x or even 120x zoom indoors? haha

  • Eduardo Wormittag
    Eduardo WormittagMåned siden

    Sadly the ultra version is only available in China, so I had to accept the pro version xD

  • SyrianHacker
    SyrianHackerMåned siden

    This Phone can take 8K videos Linus: "It's not that bad"

  • Xereles
    XerelesMåned siden

    anyone knows where to buy this phone for EU?

  • Yasyas Marangoz

    Yasyas Marangoz

    Måned siden


  • Minarchist 412
    Minarchist 412Måned siden

    Biased opinion I think

  • Yasyas Marangoz

    Yasyas Marangoz

    Måned siden


  • abdullah habib
    abdullah habibMåned siden

    He didnt even prepare for the video and just complain about everything, keep ur videos on this way and u will lose a lot of followers.

  • São João do mundo
    São João do mundo2 måneder siden

    Chinese company are so innovative these days, My latest phone is Oneplus and I'm eyeing Xiaomi Mi 11 in 2021.

  • Christoph Bayer
    Christoph Bayer2 måneder siden

    just get it out of europe next time. why would you get the chinese version?

  • Sebastián Dovizioso
    Sebastián Dovizioso2 måneder siden

    Bro you should just stick to PCs. You may be doing more harm than good to your channel with these very bad phone reviews, as I'm sure you can tell by the comments.

  • contagious laughs
    contagious laughs2 måneder siden

    The dude butchered the crap out of that camera. It's true what they say " it's not about the camera, it's about who's using it "

  • Temmie gaming and memes
    Temmie gaming and memes2 måneder siden

    I'm still angry from when he said he dose not understand thy people in america and canada would buy a phone from xaomi

  • TFiPW
    TFiPW2 måneder siden

    Use your BiliBili ad revenue to buy more chinese only phones or do what everyone else does and buy property. LTT Real Estate

  • lucas chee
    lucas chee2 måneder siden

    MIUI is the best UI on Android phone

  • Dwayne Pierre
    Dwayne Pierre2 måneder siden

    Clearly a biased review, unsub

  • Saleem Halawani
    Saleem Halawani2 måneder siden

    You still use the note 9

    LAHIRU MALSHAN2 måneder siden

    Isn't here giveaways ? Mail :

  • Leeco Holland
    Leeco Holland2 måneder siden

    NSA, Google, Apple.... and you are talking about privacy?! Btw, xiaomi sells more phones than Apple.

  • Rusty Rivers
    Rusty Rivers2 måneder siden

    Xaiomi has a real chance at taking top spot in 2021 and nobody will notice as they are stuck up apples butt. Can't wait for the black shark 4!!

  • Jessie Wald
    Jessie Wald2 måneder siden

    this was painfully biased and hard to watch, sorry to say.

  • Anthony Chopra
    Anthony Chopra2 måneder siden

    Mines pathetic

  • Ivan Mikulić
    Ivan Mikulić2 måneder siden

    "For a chines camera it's not bad" ... it is realy crap test. Chek sensor size, types of sensors for all cameras, hardwer etc. It is like guy from the street doing test.

  • Hugo Gijzen
    Hugo Gijzen2 måneder siden

    I do find it funny that he still uses the note 9

  • crazydubaddict
    crazydubaddict2 måneder siden

    Linus wtf dude you failed to mention the price???? WTF!

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith2 måneder siden

    You daily driving the note 9 is strange

  • gimmedaloot754
    gimmedaloot7542 måneder siden

    You not a camera guy... soooooo

  • Jeson Balleza
    Jeson Balleza2 måneder siden

    giveaway? :(

  • Richard Smith jr
    Richard Smith jr2 måneder siden

    Can I get it used? 🤣

  • Zojfe
    Zojfe2 måneder siden

    Linus should stick to PCs and such since he has no idea about phones

  • Vampire The Immortal God
    Vampire The Immortal God2 måneder siden

    This is a biased video. Come on, Linus....these phones are mostly better than brands like Apple.

  • solo
    solo2 måneder siden

    You are just ridiculous! Honestly, if you want to review phones can you please delete your preconceptions from your brain ? That was very disrespectful to a big company like xiaomi and Chinese people at Large " how do you mean by a "China phone" In that sense of inferiority?? Huawei has the better camera on any smartphone hands down. Oppo , Vivo, OnePlus are the leading company in innovation, pretty much all Chinese companies .By the way, the pictures you showed on screen, if it's the same one you were talking about, i think the sky looks better on the mi ultra. I think you are still living in the dark edges especially in your brain by talking about "Chinese phone" in the sense of inferiority. I'm not Chinese I've no affiliation in any shape or form with anyone Chinese. I am talking as someone who knows one or two things about smartphones, and use them too I think you need to grown up !

  • B2b director
    B2b director2 måneder siden

    Shitty review , you don't even know this phone, why do you bother Bro ????

  • Jaxon. yogi
    Jaxon. yogi2 måneder siden

    Did u inhale some helium bro ???

  • M Reda
    M Reda2 måneder siden

    Xiaomi sucks. They only sell to those who look at the spec sheet and compare phones based on that with the price. OnePlus is the only decent Chinese smartphone brand though. Oppo sometimes makes a hit as well.

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda2 måneder siden

    Biased review this one is.

  • Jocery Li
    Jocery Li2 måneder siden

    Linus just didn’t like xiaomi,when he talk about product of xiaomi,always have baised opinion.

  • Trifan Yorani
    Trifan Yorani2 måneder siden

    Xiaomi software camera kind of suck you'll impress when using Gcam (google camera)

  • Adam Hlásnik
    Adam Hlásnik2 måneder siden

    eeeer, something is fishy here.. if xiaomi 10T pro with bigger battery and "only" 33W charging is full in 1 hour, then in what time shoul be charged xiaomi 10 ultra with 120w charching? i know charging process is slower at the end of charging, but still..

  • my-tbeats
    my-tbeats2 måneder siden

    this is worse than cable tv .. more adds more sponseres less rerlaible than a pathelogic lier

  • Tom Woods
    Tom Woods2 måneder siden

    Thanks Dr who

  • Kevin Yang
    Kevin Yang2 måneder siden

    Linus definitely doesn't like a bad aperature! GSMArena debunked the camera, and aperature is an f4.1 aprature; For reference, most cameras is at f1.9-f.2.4 No matter, at least it isn't grainy. But hey, Linus Tech Tips

  • Sebastian Luraniec
    Sebastian Luraniec2 måneder siden

    Well, this phone (MI) should be used in manual mode(photo/video) to unleash its power. What was that a review?

  • Rokas


    2 måneder siden

    It's not about modes, it's about software. Xiaomi camera software is crap. But hey, that's where gcam comes in..

  • Peyton Howard
    Peyton Howard2 måneder siden

    The best camera phone of all time is not bad... I guess😂

  • Maximus Petzold
    Maximus Petzold2 måneder siden

    Seeing a lot of hatefull comments in the comment section.. I mean, the phone does run on miui and it does come from a Chinese budget company sooo yeah it's not gonna be a very good phone¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don't know what you guys are expecting

  • Fresh Beans
    Fresh Beans2 måneder siden

    How do I buy one?

  • El Greco
    El Greco2 måneder siden

    I find it funny when Americans make jokes about the Chinese government stealing information, when the American government has literally been caught red handed spying on all their "allies". I'm not taking sides here, but please, start sweeping in front of your own door for once....

  • klen sal

    klen sal

    2 måneder siden

    American government and media just teaches all their citizens to hate China.

  • YonaPops
    YonaPops2 måneder siden

    He’s a fn hater

  • ahmed albdairi
    ahmed albdairi2 måneder siden

    you completely wasted 9 minutes on doing nothing you did not show the 120hz screen you did not show the charging speed you did not mention its 5G you did not show the second hand feature and many more.. i dont understand the purpose of this video you didnt even compare it other flag ship phones side to side

  • Karina Nitami
    Karina Nitami2 måneder siden

    You have problem with chinese phone?

  • Fe4RLess_NY
    Fe4RLess_NY2 måneder siden

    The Comment Section Is Okay I Guess Lol

  • Yes It's Me
    Yes It's Me2 måneder siden

    Meanwhile Apple over there removing stuff from the box while increasing the cost lol

  • Destiny Okonkwo
    Destiny Okonkwo2 måneder siden

    Most biased review I have seen in a while

  • arman nasr
    arman nasr2 måneder siden

    Very informative review (unboxing or w/e this video was), especially the part where you compare two phone cameras on two different screens : ))))

  • Mushfiq Saikat
    Mushfiq Saikat2 måneder siden

    You're biased af bro, get a life

  • Yes It's Me

    Yes It's Me

    2 måneder siden

    Actually this is his job, so maybe you get a life?

  • Frank Li
    Frank Li2 måneder siden

    Another anti-chinese stupid……

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark3 måneder siden

    I have Xiaomi phone little more then 1yr and love perfect.

  • xure
    xure3 måneder siden

    Linus: You may have my information. Chinese government: Understandable, Have a great day.

  • winnie ascano
    winnie ascano3 måneder siden

    "That's not a camera bump, that's a camera... mountain." HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • Xander M
    Xander M3 måneder siden

    What a joke