This thing is INSANE!!! - Jackery Power Station

Vitenskap og teknologi

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What do you do when you need power, but the power grid is out? The Jackery Power Station could be an interesting solution to keep your lights, and even your GAMING Pc up and running. Linus decides to see if he can push this station to the limit.
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  • MrFuzzyPants
    MrFuzzyPantsMåned siden

    Jono is gonna have nightmares of Linus yelling "I need stuff JONO I need lights JONO" etc.

  • Jun


    Måned siden

    Is Linus secretly a vampire and Jono is his servant just like Guillermo?

  • fiskfisk33


    Måned siden

    @Alphan Aras My tyres are fine

  • Jame Andy

    Jame Andy

    Måned siden


  • MALO


    Måned siden

    The nightmare would be Linus whispering in his ear: "I need you Jono..."

  • #NCB


    Måned siden

    Anxiety & Dream (Amv)- RIGHTEOUS (ft - juice WRLD) at :- and sorry for that.

  • Danny C. Howard
    Danny C. HowardTime siden

    I bet you could hook up some tattoo rig stuff with that Tattoo the hippies at electric forest in $h#t

  • Dragon Systems
    Dragon SystemsDag siden

    Ok, so I just picked one of these up, I sell gaming desktops and one of my biggest sticking points is that I demand all buyers get a system demo before I take their money, this dramatically down on buyers calling and complaining that I sold them a broken computer.. however, not all buyers are willing to have me at their location. My old car had a high output alternator for doing demos, but my new car I dont really want to screw with, so I decided to go this route. I just gamed on this thing on my main gaming build: i9 9900K, MSI Z390 Godlike, 64Gigs DDR4, RTX 3080 running an Acer Predator XB272 240Hz. I did an hour of Apex Legends and used almost dead on 50%

  • robert goreas
    robert goreas2 dager siden

    What about the winner?.

  • The Fizzlee NL
    The Fizzlee NL3 dager siden

    Only 120v *laughs in European*

  • gaboversta 2.
    gaboversta 2.3 dager siden

    Linus casually proofing that 1080p is enough.

  • ygalion
    ygalion3 dager siden

    they need to implement car starter in for emergency, and it will be something whooooop

  • Dauda Bappa
    Dauda Bappa4 dager siden

    That bit of fluff at 7:03 briefly looked like smoke lol.

  • onradioactivewaves
    onradioactivewaves5 dager siden

    Can it power one of those Startrek scanners?

  • PatriotAr15
    PatriotAr155 dager siden

    "Apparently the company was started by a guy who was an ex Apple Engineer" *THEY ALWAYS SAY THAT!*

  • Dev
    Dev5 dager siden


  • juhs 10
    juhs 105 dager siden

    This is a commercial and not a review

  • Simon Bilodeau
    Simon Bilodeau6 dager siden

    How do we know who won ????

  • Kane
    Kane6 dager siden

    Too bad that the 12v car Jack is only capable of 10A. A 12VO PSU system could run even longer, without the 120v AC conversion.

  • ZG002
    ZG0026 dager siden

    Would be interesting to see if the Solar charges while in use and by how much you could extend that battery life.

  • Santeri Miettinen
    Santeri Miettinen6 dager siden

    What do you call a Jackery sale? - Jack offery I’ll see myself out

  • Christopher Chretien

    Christopher Chretien

    5 dager siden


  • alex1
    alex17 dager siden

    Only a matter of time before the local nerd pulls this out at lunch brake to play some WoW.

  • Raiden Derp
    Raiden Derp7 dager siden

    its 1/2 the weight of a generator, thats more than 2x as powerful. its cool, it certainly has its uses, i hope they sell a lot of them. i cant wait for batteries to improve.

  • Rook
    Rook7 dager siden

    I just needed to see the laptop🙄

  • Jesse
    Jesse8 dager siden

    What kind of rich ass people would buy a christmas gift that costs $1400, jesus.

  • kwhyle
    kwhyle8 dager siden

    Any update on giveaway winner?

  • dustin kinnard
    dustin kinnard8 dager siden

    When are they announcing the winner of the giveaway??

  • Simon Bilodeau
    Simon Bilodeau9 dager siden

    So...... where is my unit ?

  • spambot71
    spambot719 dager siden

    really annoying that they didn't put a 5.5mm barrel jack for the input for more power input options. give it a wider voltage range, reverse polarity protection, and you could charge it from pretty much anything

  • Simon Bilodeau
    Simon Bilodeau9 dager siden

    So... who won ?

  • LockpickingParamedic
    LockpickingParamedic9 dager siden

    They only ship with the American plugs, no other options.

  • The Anime Otaku
    The Anime Otaku9 dager siden

    I mean you could've used a RTX 3080 or a 3090

  • Miquel Roura Batlle
    Miquel Roura Batlle10 dager siden

    "Sorry guys, this is not the super power hungry monitor I thought it was" Well, now I get how he got all those things running on a power bank... Wait. No, I still don't.

  • ChiefGunny
    ChiefGunny10 dager siden


  • Josh Derak
    Josh Derak11 dager siden

    You know, stuff like this has been for sale in Canada for at least 20 years but it was for starting your car and it just so happened to have full sized outlets. And then later on, USB ports and whatnot. They are called Motomaster Eliminators. Though, it didn't have the pure sine wave feature.

  • PointLessCinematics
    PointLessCinematics11 dager siden

    "This video is sponsored by Jackery" Oh, so I'm watching an ad? Are sponsorships still not affecting your editorial content at all, as was claimed a few years ago?

  • Mobo Dojo
    Mobo Dojo12 dager siden

    Lmfao the unit is a grand. I use two 35amp hour sealed batteries hooked up to 100 watt solar panel for my portable power needs.

  • kat Kathym
    kat Kathym12 dager siden

    I am interested in any new models coming out in March.

  • MrMarty77
    MrMarty7712 dager siden

    You could also run a gaming PC from a Honda E

  • david bass
    david bass12 dager siden

    Nothing for European plug sockets?

  • Lolzipop
    Lolzipop12 dager siden

    Would love a UPS version of this

  • Stele22
    Stele2213 dager siden

    Does it come with C/E/F plug compatibility?

  • George Wells
    George Wells13 dager siden

    I have the 1000 and a 500 and use them often with at my storage space as there is no AC power there - I run servers, PCs, Switches/routers/firewalls for hours at a time (I usually get a solid 6 hours on the 1000 alone). Jackery is excellent! Glad to see you guys do a "review" of it!

  • Shutter Eff3ct
    Shutter Eff3ct14 dager siden

    Next episode: we water-cooled, RGBed and increased capacity for this bad boy.

  • Untouchable Players
    Untouchable Players15 dager siden

    I know it is tech and you review tech and are credible but maybe leave some things for other content creators. Been watching hobotech and other channels review these for a while

  • Dennis Hui
    Dennis Hui15 dager siden

    This is going to be in someone’s RV

  • NoorAzmi
    NoorAzmi15 dager siden

    PC in the future must be better than this. Web browsing only plus that 40 watts monitor eat 200 watts??????? That's... sick.

  • cbale2000
    cbale200016 dager siden

    Impressive energy density in that package. I've used SLA batteries about that size and you only get about 72Wh on them (and they're probably a lot heavier too). 1000Wh in that same package, with 2000W peak/1000W continuous current is INSANE (typically, the downside to using LiPo, or similar, batteries is that the current you can pull from them is substantially lower than less energy-dense alternatives).

  • AmsterdamDriver
    AmsterdamDriver17 dager siden

    Whos laughing in 2030

  • Fynn Shaw
    Fynn Shaw20 dager siden

    Can it run a welder and how long?

  • Fynn Shaw
    Fynn Shaw20 dager siden

    I jus wanna know one thing

  • Aiden Hsu
    Aiden Hsu21 dag siden

    what is the brand for the case

  • theguilty flea
    theguilty flea25 dager siden

    83 amp hours lmfao. I built a complete solar system that has the same abilities,more amp hours and charges in 2 hours off the sun for the same price and is self sustaining. This device is a overpriced joke good for a half day beach outing and not much else 7 hours to charge makes it nearly useless in any other situation

  • Jim Henline
    Jim Henline28 dager siden

    The idiotic part is that PC's run on DC voltage, so do most all monitors these days. So you could just bypass the conversion and run the entire system off a simple circuit and the battery without going through the conversion process.

  • utkrisht mittal
    utkrisht mittal29 dager siden

    Thank God he didn’t try to water cool it

  • Ian Visser
    Ian VisserMåned siden

    1kWh, with a ryzen low power rig (probs around 300W with a decent gpu and max load), theoretically will run for 3 hours, not bad...

  • Ian Visser
    Ian VisserMåned siden

    Meh, my dad has a better 1, has jumper cables included so you can start ur car/ hook it up when you park and play music + run lights so you dont drain your car bat as much. Oh and it has 2x 230v 60hz sockets...

  • Spider
    SpiderMåned siden

    Which brand cabinet are you using in this video its very beautiful i want to buy this plzzzz telll me name ? (White mini towar cabinet )🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • erat91
    erat91Måned siden

    What's the wave form look like? Did i doze off for a second? Did you show the pure sine wave?

  • mint hos
    mint hosMåned siden

    For more value seeking peeps, buy cheap pure sine wave inverter for $150 and a decent 100A deep cycle battery for $300 and you are spending less than what this costs + more power that will last longer

  • Bruce Crossan
    Bruce CrossanMåned siden

    How does this compare to an equivalent UPS?

  • Chris Toliver
    Chris ToliverMåned siden

    "We gotta do more Cinebench." Well said, Mr. Sebastian.

  • Clarissa 1986
    Clarissa 1986Måned siden

    Using this with the new MacBook Air M1 must be crazy long runtime :D Including the up to 18hours you get from the Macbook 49.9Wh battery already, this jackery 1000 generator has a 1002Wh battery integrated. So even if you cut 30% off for charging losses for transformation, you still can get 700Wh of usable power out of it atleast. If not more. Depending on efficiency of components. So the MacBook Air battery with a 50Wh capacity, can be charged 14, yes you hear right, FOURTEEN TIMES! xD This gives you a max perfect runtime of up to ~252hours offgrid! With a single full charge of this Jackery! PLUS the macbook's own battery charge, makes 270 HOURS offgrid usage at best conditions! That's like 11 days of 24/7 device runtime! Or 22 days if you use it for half of the day (12hours) xD So with normal usage, the jackery would power your Macbook Air M1 for around a full month! xD Since who uses it for 12 hours straight every day? That's crazy! :D A whole MONTH and maybe even more, offgrid time! With a laptop! Where you can watch movies and do stuff. And I haven't even mentioned solar panels for recharging outdoors yet :>

  • K Johnson
    K JohnsonMåned siden

    I was in two hurricanes and bought the 500 series with a solar panel attachment. Definitely worth the buy guys. I’m upgrading to the 1000 series once I buy a house!

  • Kyudo Kun
    Kyudo KunMåned siden

    JONO is Linus new favorite

  • Extinct Turtle
    Extinct TurtleMåned siden

    Fellas outdoor gaming?

  • koishki
    koishkiMåned siden

    someone's been binging some sick letterkenny boys

  • Jay Cheeks
    Jay CheeksMåned siden

    That is incredible thanks for the chance brother

  • BigSlick40
    BigSlick40Måned siden

    Made by an ex-apple guy. So when the battery dies you just through it away and buy a new one.

  • AlexGW
    AlexGWMåned siden

    Can I interface via USB tho? APC style?

  • Travis
    TravisMåned siden

    thats my "laptop" set up i bring to class.

  • Brandon
    BrandonMåned siden

    Electric grills are NOT going to run at 1000W. They are going to need 1500-1800W!

  • Jean Roch
    Jean RochMåned siden

    Linus excited about a battery is like my friend's 3 year old kid discovering how screws work. It's so innocent and pure. And kinda cute.

  • Marc-Andre Leroux
    Marc-Andre LerouxMåned siden

    I guess that this is what a 1400 canadian rubbles power bank will give you!

  • marcotizer
    marcotizerMåned siden

    Can it charge my car battery?

  • Avieshek
    AvieshekMåned siden

    This is the that engineer of the memes who's thrown out of the building for the right suggestion and probably for more battery and Jackery is the frustration released.

  • Joshua Jesse
    Joshua JesseMåned siden

    "didn't exist at the time" It's a UPS.

  • David Zhang
    David ZhangMåned siden

    this is a good shit. although the solar panel is real shit.

  • Nano
    NanoMåned siden

    Is there a video about that gaming rig by any chance? I’d love to know more about the case and other hardware.

  • tinglestingles
    tinglestinglesMåned siden

    Is this QVC?

  • Celes Tatiune
    Celes TatiuneMåned siden

    Could use one of these to just run space heaters like the world's most expensive and inefficient campfire

  • Rin Kyouma
    Rin KyoumaMåned siden

    I really need his thing here in my place. Always plagued with blackouts due to frequent typhoons.

  • james nunez
    james nunezMåned siden

    they have lithium 1400 and above through the goal zero company website. probably better looking but at a cost

  • kingpunk84
    kingpunk84Måned siden

    How long could i power my xbox series x and a 55” 4k HDTV with this thing?

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBracedMåned siden

    So you charge the battery with AC from the wall that gets converted to DC. Then you power the PC from the AC outlet which converts the DC to AC. Then your PC's power supply converts it back to DC. Pretty efficient.

  • Latenight
    LatenightMåned siden

    If this is 1000w/h lithium battery as they claim to be It would weight 12kilos and by the looks of it, you made some nice money for this shitty product didn't you Linus?

  • Drew Pickard
    Drew PickardMåned siden

    Thats pretty sick, the only thing it doesnt do that I would like it to, is act like a UPS. UPS's are cool, but never portable like that thing. I dont think i would use it alot but would be great when I needed it, having it be able to do daily duty as a UPS would make it a very compelling product

  • Fattymicfatfat
    FattymicfatfatMåned siden

    I am more surprised it took this long for Linus to find out about the Jackery.

  • Dazfast
    DazfastMåned siden

    Why is it everything that come from the USA is made the the hardest wheelybin plastic known to man, the same as all American cars 🤣

  • NDafk
    NDafkMåned siden

    @7:00 i thought it was smoke going on, but it was just a floating cotton like debris hoovering

  • Travis Williams
    Travis WilliamsMåned siden

    Disappointing video to be honest. Wow, you can draw 800W from a 1000W inverter! Imagine that. And so DRY.

  • Jaswant bharti
    Jaswant bhartiMåned siden

    Can the frequency of the sine wave be adjusted?

  • Jav Review
    Jav ReviewMåned siden

    the only one missing is the ability to jump start a car

  • scooter meowdacat
    scooter meowdacatMåned siden

    how about a realistic test with one of the new apple silicon macs you might get 2 weeks on a full charge of that mega battery

  • PhysicsOfParkour!
    PhysicsOfParkour!Måned siden

  • Samuel Stow
    Samuel StowMåned siden

    Would love a UK version of this. Would be great for mobile live steaming outdoor weddings and such.

  • John Pesich
    John PesichMåned siden

    Solar panels are weather dependent: Linus: Here in Canada we don't have enough sun to use these for 4 months....

  • I D K
    I D KMåned siden

    why allways pc's just use a heater of anything else!??

  • Vance Dee Yap
    Vance Dee YapMåned siden

    Dont anker have the same item?

  • Sam Saner
    Sam SanerMåned siden

    6:59 I definitely thought it was smoking

  • Terrance McCann
    Terrance McCannMåned siden

    This would be amazing to win. Good luck everyone!

  • crisismcnoodle
    crisismcnoodleMåned siden

    I've been trying to find a solution for my parents when the power goes out (pg&e) and I thought these could be compelling. But for that price you could have a 2000 watt generator and an awful lot of gas.

  • Simon Fabre
    Simon FabreMåned siden

    it would be nice to see combo with ups .. i have a 900w ups and using about 300w .. can only last 6 mins .. . what would happen if we plug the ups in the Jackery ? power outage and switch ups into that powerstation .. how long would it last ? both from 100% battery ..

  • Awesomepotamus
    AwesomepotamusMåned siden

    I want to see it run a welder.

  • wii1mii
    wii1miiMåned siden

    Guys remind me how is this different from UPS and why should i get UPS over this? Or maybe some cheap ups with in chain with this that could take over?