This Smartphone has a SECRET!!! - ZTE Axon 20 5G

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Hole punch and notches are an annoying necessity with today's smartphones to find a spot to fit the selfie camera also the sensors, but ZTE might have a way to fix that.
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  • Sérgio Carvalho
    Sérgio CarvalhoDag siden

    I'm getting fucking crazy because I would like to see, but I can't! What the problem with my eyes?! I hate you guys, it's not fair use Sharingan!

  • l3v1ckUK
    l3v1ckUKDag siden

    I just saw an advert for Samsung OLED laptop screens with a hidden camera too.

  • Little Boy Blue
    Little Boy BlueDag siden

    Ah yes cameras, the least used piece of hardware on any phone I've ever owned.

  • Amar Darouich
    Amar Darouich2 dager siden

    I dont care about the 2 blurry pixels ill take that over a huge notch anyday of the week!

  • 獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ
    獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ6 dager siden

    I still remember when $450 was a price for a premium phone~

  • NL's Lucky Egg
    NL's Lucky Egg7 dager siden

    I'm watching from my axon 10, I love this brand, I had the 7 before

  • Sodium Alignate
    Sodium Alignate8 dager siden

    If you still talk like apple then you are living in the past.

  • avenged110
    avenged11012 dager siden

    I never use the front-facing camera, it'd be nice if these companies would just make some models without one. Not every single damn thing has to be all or nothing (across every notable company, no less).

  • Bladeline
    Bladeline12 dager siden

    I was really impressed with the Axon 7. So i bought the axon 10. I want to warn people that this phone has had a huge problem failing it's screen after 6 months. I'm not saying their 20's series will have the same issue but i'm not buying it anymore. Each 10 series had the same problem after 6 months.

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide12 dager siden

    Amazing! Never thought I'd be finish watching this video!

  • Bartosz Wróblewski
    Bartosz Wróblewski12 dager siden

    Some people just use the front camera for video calls which are already squashed by the compression and blurry ;)

  • madmax2069
    madmax206912 dager siden

    I was waiting for hidden cameras to happen, so tired of the notch and camera holes in the screen.

  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif13 dager siden

    Display in the back is the best way to go. You get a good camera.

  • Tim Weydert
    Tim Weydert13 dager siden

    "It's obvious why Apple hasn't shipped it yet. It's not Apple good." Yeah, but that big ass ugly notch is "Apple good"... Just like that stupid Headphone Bra Holder - "Apple good", or that ugly ass cheese grater, "Apple good", and that stupid 60HZ display they stuck with for 2 years too long "Apple good"... The Apple bias is so strong with almost everyone anywhere it's ridiculous... Compare Apple like you'd compare Xiaomi, Samsung, etc and Apple wouldn't even make it into the "This is acceptable" category of products.

  • Trip Dapperson Jr.
    Trip Dapperson Jr.14 dager siden

    Could there have been a fingerprint smudge on where the camera was at? It kinda looks like that because the whole photo wasnt smudged, just parts of it

  • Tim T
    Tim T14 dager siden

    I'm praying that I can keep using my current OP5 until this becomes really good.

  • Cam Williams
    Cam Williams14 dager siden

    Maybe im just the odd one out but I've never really had an issue with the really small bezels on modern phones. Id much rather have a bezel than a notch tbh. I have an lg v30 and I think the bezels are almost too thin cause my hands are huge :^

  • Gogito
    Gogito14 dager siden

    Tbh how tf are people okay with this lol, basically normalising hidden cameras

  • yoge 67855
    yoge 6785514 dager siden

    I love sponsorblock extension

  • Ennkah
    Ennkah14 dager siden

    Did you forget to colorgrade the video?

  • Antoine Rodijk
    Antoine Rodijk14 dager siden

    I cant see it (720p) f

  • Techman420
    Techman42016 dager siden

    Can't wait for apple to steal this and day it's revolutionary

  • The Eyles
    The Eyles16 dager siden

    I already bid notches adeui, by having a bezel. Nothing wrong with the way the Sony Xperia 1 ii handles it.

  • Mycon
    Mycon18 dager siden

    so much trouble when you could just instead not put a selfie camera on the device in the first place. oh well, I guess the big brother really needs its peep hole.

  • xWood4000


    16 dager siden

    It's because only enthusiasts would buy a phone without a selfie camera

  • MrSausage
    MrSausage18 dager siden

    now .. remove 3 camera from the back and i will take it , who need 100 camera in a phone .

  • Ricky Pearson
    Ricky Pearson18 dager siden

    this isn't sold in the US or Canada?!? why the video.

  • DesertCookie
    DesertCookie18 dager siden

    What happened to the microphone placement? :D Great video otherwise.

  • Aether Aeolus
    Aether Aeolus19 dager siden

    Just give it a year or so and Apple will steal the idea and say look at our new innovative idea for the next iphone

  • Stank Buddha
    Stank Buddha19 dager siden

    Phones with a pop up camera are the better approach IMO

  • costafilh0
    costafilh019 dager siden

    I would prefer a back shorter screen and use my main cameras over this!

  • Justsomeone
    Justsomeone19 dager siden

    Just watched this on my phone, and until you put the camera right up to it it was indistinguishable from youtube compression artifacts tbh

  • Jloc
    Jloc20 dager siden

    It's about time we got an under-screen camera. And in a mid-range phone... I would actually be interested if I was looking to get a new phone. Glad to see they included a simple, clear, flexible case- The back of that phone looks sick.

  • Lucas lacasse
    Lucas lacasse20 dager siden


  • Robbert Lucassen
    Robbert Lucassen20 dager siden

    Clean the display first, lenses get smutty all the time.

  • tyrannosaurus_x
    tyrannosaurus_x20 dager siden

    Ironic, isn't it? "Selfie camera" and yet you see people taking selfies in front of the mirror with their phones in the frame, using back camera.

    ADITHYA AJAY21 dag siden

    Budget phone: headphone jack, A charger, A soft case, in display camera etc 1000 dollar phone : headphone jack(extinct ), no case, no charger, a badass notch

  • Mustberice Channel
    Mustberice Channel21 dag siden

    It is a “built in” cyberpunk filter

  • Aremisalive
    Aremisalive21 dag siden

    I would instabuy a phone with no selfie camera. It's useless anyway.

  • Oni Khasbo
    Oni Khasbo21 dag siden

  • ImThinkin
    ImThinkin21 dag siden

    First LMG video with Motion Blur I guess. :D

  • Max Goldberg
    Max Goldberg21 dag siden

    ZTE makes fantastic hardware but their software is atrocious. The price may be half what a comparable phone costs but you get a quarter the usable life from the phone before the software becomes glitchy and buggy to the point of unusability.

  • Anastasios Foukas
    Anastasios Foukas21 dag siden

    Well actually the other reason and more important for Apple to not have this feature is because they simply can't. ZTE isn't even close to how many phones Apple ships every year. They can mass produce this technology in the number of sales they have. Bigger companies can't, not only Apple. People often forget the difference in quantity between companies and just assume that if one company can make that then the others should. It's not only about the quality of this technology (which is bad) but it is also about the quantity. That's one of the reasons we mostly see new technologies from smaller companies nowdays and not from the big ones.

  • Dacian Kolkhuis Tanke
    Dacian Kolkhuis Tanke21 dag siden

    audio problems?

  • Christyn Pienaar
    Christyn Pienaar21 dag siden

    Thought TimTheTatface was going to show up for a moment there.

  • RealLifeTech
    RealLifeTech21 dag siden

    It would be great when you would look at the spec sheet of these things before the video and not when the video is 50% shot already. There are always a lot of mistakes in the videos. Unboxing doesn't mean blind guessing.

  • kartik kailas
    kartik kailas22 dager siden

    I couldn't see it until linus zooms in his videos

  • Selva Silva
    Selva Silva22 dager siden

    Next step is to put it on 2/3 in height in the screen so it would enable eye contact in video calls. As if you were looking into people's eyes.

  • Alanna Lopez
    Alanna Lopez22 dager siden

    you keep pointing at it, yet I can't see anything

  • Yellowfling
    Yellowfling22 dager siden

    just DLSS the front camera

  • Asanda Ndimande
    Asanda Ndimande22 dager siden

    Me watching at 360p what are you talking about there's nothing on that phones screen.

  • Said Farisi
    Said Farisi22 dager siden

    Something's off with short circuit videos, there is like fog or something, or maybe it's just my phone... ?

  • ugurugutugu
    ugurugutugu22 dager siden

    I still don't get why they just dont put little screen on the back for selfies and stop putting those crapy front cameras inside. You can frame a shot on the small low power screen just fine. And you get nice rear camera. Even mid to low range phones have better rear cameras than flagships in the front...

  • LTSMASH 284
    LTSMASH 28422 dager siden


  • João Reis
    João Reis22 dager siden

    I have a Poco X3 with stereo speakers.

  • drxart
    drxart22 dager siden

    Is this video edited by a new editor Or is that LTT have switched to the new cameras Video and Audio not so great as the old ones

  • Finn Andersen
    Finn Andersen22 dager siden

    Where can i get a mask like Brandon have in this video ?????

  • GeFeldz
    GeFeldz22 dager siden

    I hate selfie cams, they've ruined phones with their chunks taken out of displays. A secondary display or a fracking mirror on the back next to the main camera, please!

  • Drenlin
    Drenlin22 dager siden

    Last time I used a ZTE device it had a weird smoothing effect on by default for the selfie camera. Are you sure that wasn't turned on here?

  • 火の狐
    火の狐22 dager siden

    ZTE is risky. Chinese gov is watching.

  • Na Me
    Na Me22 dager siden

    How do I tape it up now?

  • AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES
    AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES22 dager siden

    Apple good ??😂 You mean it's not used to death by other companies so that apple can claim it's their idea after half a decade ?

  • Chris Lomas
    Chris Lomas22 dager siden

    TimtheTatMan intro music running quietly in the background for first 5 minutes. Weird

  • mantenbrink
    mantenbrink22 dager siden

    under screen sound basically means the top of the screen vibrates for phone calls. So that small speaker can only produce low dB sound but it probably works fine for phone calls

  • Schniebel
    Schniebel22 dager siden

    Just move away from the front camera and find a way to use the main camera for selfies.

  • yeahboii
    yeahboii22 dager siden

    Ooof with a camera that bad might as well have just forfeited it for full screen cause there'd be no reason to use it

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J23 dager siden

    Disguised under-screen cameras in typical Smart TV won't be creepy at all.

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall23 dager siden

    @op - You missed the part about the phone model being forcibly put on every photo you take.

  • Andy Chamberlain Music
    Andy Chamberlain Music23 dager siden

    data collection/spy machines that they convince you to pay for yourself. very scary

  • MrMrchatcity
    MrMrchatcity23 dager siden

    oh kool..... wait.. ZTE.... hmmm.... naw no thanx

  • Brad Langshaw
    Brad Langshaw23 dager siden

    @TimTheTatman Theme music in this video

  • Benjamin Bras
    Benjamin Bras23 dager siden

    It is interesting that they have spent such a long time hiding the front camera when there is definitely a market for people that just don't give a shit about it.

  • Agent LokVokun
    Agent LokVokun23 dager siden

    8:38 - Some people go and apply a beauty filter. BUT THIS PHONE water marks all your shitty pictures with "ZTE Axon 20 5G"

  • Logan MacGyver
    Logan MacGyver23 dager siden

    it only appears when you look for it

  • Shawn Youngblood
    Shawn Youngblood23 dager siden

    Doesn't seem like anything not correctable by image correction

  • Amukelani Mandlazi
    Amukelani Mandlazi23 dager siden

    He said 'z" the right way yay

  • Douglas Korytkowski Jr
    Douglas Korytkowski Jr23 dager siden

    Linus u should check the Mi 11 pro if u can get ur hands on one. It has a under display selfie camera as well and top max out specs debuting the 888 chip as well. I would like to see how Xaiomi does the under display camera.

  • theking 75010
    theking 7501023 dager siden

    I could see it at 2k res, but honestly, unless YT compression and/or the camera couldn't focus it correctly, it's subtle enough not to be disturbing at all. So in my opinion, it's still better than a notch or a hole punch, so it serves its initial purpose. Moreover, I expect premium smartphones to have a better front facing camera than this one, and possibly find a way to have a sharper image quality in the area that covers it. When this is available, i just wish manufacturers just put the camera dead centered on the panel, so you don't need to look "at the camera" when doing a facetime and just look at the screen. Would feel more intuitive, and at least when you look at the camera you'll look at the person you're calling.

  • Saleh Abdul Hakkeem
    Saleh Abdul Hakkeem23 dager siden

    I was confused in between because I kept hearing a music in the background which I always hear while watching NOlocal videos of TimtheTatMan. Anyone else felt that?

  • MatrixStuff
    MatrixStuff23 dager siden

    So I'm watching this and the NOlocal add was litterally a "5g blocking beanie"

  • mrbunnylamakins
    mrbunnylamakins23 dager siden

    Linus 2020 - "Am I not pretty enough? Is my heart too broken? Do I cry too much? Am I too outspoken?"

  • Alireza Eskandari
    Alireza Eskandari23 dager siden

    The title should be : Holy **** ! Under screen cameras are here 😂

  • RamBoZamBo123
    RamBoZamBo12323 dager siden

    What is it with Linus' obsession about the dot/notch? We've all come to accept it to the level of mildly infuriating.

  • Toms C
    Toms C23 dager siden

    i thought the secret was, it spies on you

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic23 dager siden

    Like most things android will do it first, Apple will wait til it’s good and say it’s their revolutionary new feature

  • Mark Acevedo
    Mark Acevedo23 dager siden

    This is great for ppl who dgaf about selfies and just want a full screen display w/o notch too 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Arrynek01
    Arrynek0124 dager siden

    I don't think I've ever used a selfie-camera...

  • king andrew polo
    king andrew polo24 dager siden

    This will be revolutionary, first of its kind tech when Apple applies it in 2 years.

  • Paul Stubbs
    Paul Stubbs24 dager siden

    8:49 - NO Anyway, an interesting 'hack' - behind screen camera. Nice shot of the cameraman / equipment.

  • bluephreakr
    bluephreakr24 dager siden

    Now there's a neat trick - If a phone is flagged as stolen by the owner, you can get a face shot of the criminal without them thinking they're using a camera, and any attempt to block said image would require compromising the image quality significantly, so criminals would always have to disguise so they can use this phone without being caught. Once it's "Apple good", you have to be "Apple good" about stealing the device without being caught.

  • The EngiNerd
    The EngiNerd24 dager siden

    Honestly I have no need for the front facing camera. You could just get rid on it and I would not miss it one bit.

  • Plus12 Gaming
    Plus12 Gaming24 dager siden

    The smartphone introduced a totally unnecessary problem & now they're going to sell us a solution to it. I still refuse to buy any phone with a notch or holepunch. I'm just gonna wait this out.

  • Yurgen Grimwood
    Yurgen Grimwood24 dager siden

    Personally I preferred the OnePlus 7 pro popup camera. Not only did it allow for a decent camera without compromises because of size or having to look through a screen, but it was also completely hidden while not in use which means there is absolutely no question whether the camera is on or not. I have never had any problem with speed, the camera not working, etc. It's worked flawlessly since I bought it, with daily use. I honestly doubt that I'll swap out my phone any time soon, partly because new phones really don't have anything that I feel makes upgrading worth it, and to be honest, anything new would kind of feel like a downgrade considering all the viable options have notches or teardrops. Even when under-screen cameras become good I still like the fact that my camera is for sure hidden and off when not in use. I don't actually think anyone is connecting to the camera, but it still somehow just feels comforting that no one could, and I like the no compromise nature of the OnePlus 7 pro design.

  • 13StJimmy
    13StJimmy24 dager siden

    This phone would make your FBI agent very happy

  • FinalplayerRyu
    FinalplayerRyu24 dager siden

    I think you are doing a disservice by calling a 450$ phone "midrange", its up there with expensive phones. And i get it that there are 900-1000$+ phones, but those are basically uber tier for enthusiasts.

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones24 dager siden

    Linus the gnome

  • gameflux
    gameflux24 dager siden

    No thank you !

  • ILickPenguinz
    ILickPenguinz24 dager siden

    what ltt vid was he watching?

  • Attila Veres
    Attila Veres24 dager siden

    Give it a year and we can forget about the cutouts for sure. and btw Linus can bitch about most things, but this phone seems like a really very good deal for its price. Otherwise let's remember how people talked trash about the Pixel 3 for having a notch, then not even 2 years later came the iPhone 12 with an EVEN BIGGER effin notch and everybody is shutting the f up about it. As a Pixel 3 XL owner I am sorely offended, because when I got it even the sales guy in the store tried to talk me out of it "cuz of the notch". I love the Pixel 3 XL and I don't even want a new phone. Probably love it more then any of my 7 iPhones combined over 10 years.

  • Julio Coello
    Julio Coello24 dager siden

    4:21 it's not apple good yet... Really? That's how you wanted to end the year? 🙄

  • michael jeacock
    michael jeacock24 dager siden

    would have been better in a pixel. they haven't updated their cameras in years because they want to do it with software. well now they can finally put a decent camera in the back and play with their software improving the selfie cam.