This should've come out 2 YEARS AGO! - Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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The first 100 people to go to will get unlimited access for 1 week to try it out. You’ll also get 25% off if you want the full membership.
Bose is well known for their audio products, so we're a bit surprised these came out now and not 2 years ago. Are they too late, or did they time it right?
Correction Note: Apple AirPod Pros are $249 USD, and the Bose QC Earbuds are $279. The issue with pricing location, and we're in Canada.
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuitMåned siden

    Note: We referred Apple Airpod Pros price in CAD, they are $249 in USD. The Bose QC Earbuds are $279 so they're actually more expensive... Update: It looks like a few days after this video was released, they now have the volume control on the earbuds, hurray!

  • Jacob Judkins

    Jacob Judkins

    18 dager siden

    @Anderson MR. Anderson



    Måned siden

    @Panda Nap I have the soundpeats true engine 3se and while it doesn’t have anc it comes with foam ear tips which pretty much silence everything and the audio quality is great

  • Andrew Barber

    Andrew Barber

    Måned siden


  • MD Ferdous

    MD Ferdous

    Måned siden

    Very disappointed with Bose QC Earbuds. It seems like Bose is going backwards when rest are innovating new Tech and Feature. Only thing is good about this is ANC.... rest Bulky, Heavy, Lack of control and mediocre sound. I returned mine after a week.

  • Dracarris


    Måned siden

    @Andrew Delashaw oh boy another one who obiously has never even listened to the Airpods Pro. They deliver an allround awesome package which is still not beaten by anyone and comparing them to Beats is just yet another blind Apple-hater insult who has no clue about the actual products.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19872 dager siden

    Would love for him to check out jabra stuff. I have owned 2 pairs so far and I think sports wise they give good value. I think he is right about the play pause being a bluetooth limitation. As fast as my jabra ones are I dont think any of the current ones are ever instantaneous. Also i think my ones work via proximity to each other rather than ear presence seeing as if you bring one bud close enough to the other one still in a ear it will start playing again lol. You have awesome weekends too James.

  • Justice Forall
    Justice Forall3 dager siden

    I’d rather have beans hanging out of my ears☝🏾☝🏾 than Q-tips. 🤷🏾‍♂️🧔🏾

  • Ivan Budimirovic Buda
    Ivan Budimirovic Buda5 dager siden

    You can to save money and buy Legit Microsoft Office 2019 for 2.85$ and Windows 10 Pro for 0.5$, tutorial on ROCKET RAKIC CHANNEL

  • Edward Sim
    Edward Sim9 dager siden

    this song is dope

  • NumberSixteen BusShelter
    NumberSixteen BusShelter10 dager siden

    I got these and the noise cancelling is solid, but I had trouble getting a good fit. The three sizes didn't work for me as they changed the size of them slightly compared to the soundsport earbuds. With the soundsport wired earbuds, the size 2 was perfect. Solid fit in both ears. Now I will add that I have weird ear shapes so when I tried these on, I found I needed a size 3 on my left and size 2 on right. Every other combination gave a poorer fit. And even still, I found myself having to adjust them often. With my ear shape they also stick out quite a bit. I feel like if they had a size 1.5 and size 2.5 it would be perfect. I'm wondering if they offer custom fits or if maybe there is another company in which I could get custom tips made because I really like these earbuds. It's a damn shame....

  • Benoit Massicotte
    Benoit Massicotte11 dager siden

    Melomania 1 has MUCH better sound, 9 hours, wayyy smaller case with 36 hours charge, can be used independently, better compatibility and overall quality. And is less than 110$can. From true audio aficionados... Get REAL.

  • myonlyytaccount
    myonlyytaccount12 dager siden

    Didnt see a one SOAD lyrics comment :(

  • Michael Boys
    Michael Boys12 dager siden

    Sorry to sound negative here, but this guy is so annoying. Just my opinion.

  • eric peterson
    eric peterson13 dager siden

    WARNING!!!!!! I recently got the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and whatever software they installed when i hooked it to my computer screwed with my audio. I figure the Bose drivers, for lack of a better term, overpowered my computers other audio drivers. Had to restart and trouble shoot to get it to work again. Also, since then, my phones has been having issues with discord when connected a bluetooth headset and mic.

  • Sebastian Benner
    Sebastian Benner15 dager siden

    Am I right in saying that these earbuds don't allow you to go to the previous song? Or I did I just miss something?

  • Michaela Brand
    Michaela Brand15 dager siden

    Thanks regulations

  • Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson20 dager siden

    This is why I hate Bose now. I was a huge fan and user to the QC II’s for years, but their app experience (and generally VERY) buggy firmware (NC700’s) caused me to distrust Bose. This was solidified even further when they required *login on an app* just so I can configure my headphones. Ended up getting Sony XM4’s instead and much happier with the overall experience, particularly the app and the bug free switching between devices. 🕷

  • Omar Jhungoor
    Omar Jhungoor21 dag siden

    Putting your earbuds on eyes is so funny.

  • GuitarShred
    GuitarShred21 dag siden

    Metallica in these earbuds i so fucking good

  • iloveumali
    iloveumali26 dager siden

    james is the MOST entertaining rn no cap

  • Drino Zhao
    Drino ZhaoMåned siden

    The dry club contemporaneously suspect because pet unfortunatly fit apud a vengeful delivery. spiritual, adaptable good-bye

  • Aname RadioZine
    Aname RadioZineMåned siden

    #RageQuit lol♡ luv that♡

  • Mason Marr
    Mason MarrMåned siden

    Silica gel is nontoxic however, if consumed in large quantities, it can dry out your insides.

  • martin bishop
    martin bishopMåned siden

    (not)eating the silica gel was dumb. even with disclaimer

  • aznvi3tboy209
    aznvi3tboy209Måned siden

    Are you really making up all of these prices? Airpod Pro $199, Samsung Live $139

  • Shayashi of Myth
    Shayashi of MythMåned siden

    Unfortunately, if these are anything like their 2018/2019 implementation into the earbud market, the 'Bose Soundsport Free' had a massive battery issue after a firmware update that caused them to drain both the earbuds and the case if they sat for more than a day... Read the reviews and/or customer complaints on their forums for more details (search Bose Soundsport Free battery drain)... Though they sounded beautiful I could never recommend a pair of Bose earbuds until I was 100% sure they don't end up doing the same thing to future models... It was almost as if they were ruining their past pair to make their users buy their new version (Apple Phone scheme all over again)

  • Johnny walker Black label
    Johnny walker Black labelMåned siden


  • TheSpoonKing
    TheSpoonKingMåned siden

    If you collect those silica packs and keep them dry you can use a whole bunch of them to save wet electronics that aren't water resistant.

  • weRuniverse
    weRuniverseMåned siden

    that dude is my guy - he really seems to care about audio

  • Sam
    SamMåned siden

    I’m gunna skip these, wireless buds are still too big imo. Gunna rock my QC30’s until something smaller comes out.

  • Fabriciano Carrasco
    Fabriciano CarrascoMåned siden

    After seeing this I am even more happy with my FIIL's T1 Pro

  • Ben Korpella
    Ben KorpellaMåned siden

    if you are dumb enough to read the warning on the gel and still eat it... We, as a society, don't need you.

  • Roman Koal
    Roman KoalMåned siden

    The aboriginal graphic decisively employ because t-shirt structurally divide near a bright dill. elite, foamy stepmother

  • Sage TX
    Sage TXMåned siden

    James - seems like a goof ball, but then he's just so God damn smart.

  • beams098
    beams098Måned siden

    he complains about paper being a waste, but hes surrounded by electronics that have probably only been touched once or not even opened

  • tommy
    tommyMåned siden

    Location access is for bluetooth low energy (BLE), which I presume is what bose is using to pair.

  • tyraal1
    tyraal1Måned siden

    So you'd rather be deaf than half deaf

  • craig mclendon
    craig mclendonMåned siden

    I bought the QC earbuds and returned them 2days later for the Sony wf-1000xm3(worth every penny), I agree with everything mentioned in the video, but I can say the sound quality on my Sony earbuds and Over the ear wh-1000xm4 are more consistent to each other than the Bose N700 and QC earbuds, over the ear N700 was perfect and you appreciate the price for what you get, the Bose QC earbuds sound (music and call) it's like they should be priced at 199, but you decide

  • Hamad_91
    Hamad_91Måned siden

    BTW they got an update for volume control

  • Jman thegiantsfan
    Jman thegiantsfanMåned siden

    Best buds I've ever had and believe me I've had a lot

  • Cleo Oliver
    Cleo OliverMåned siden

    The brief grade annually bomb because thread preliminarily dust about a important november. moldy, dysfunctional chord

  • Laura Brown
    Laura BrownMåned siden

    One of the Best Ideas of Noise Free Room is "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • SansVarnic
    SansVarnicMåned siden

    Pre-requisites: Account, Location... etc... that is a huge Nope! I will stick with my Galaxy buds.

  • Avrai
    AvraiMåned siden

    im using soundsport wireless, bose app is absolute trash, updated the software on them and removed it. You dont need the app to use them so why do they need gps and notifications? They gave vague explanation and called it a day. Only thing you get with bose you dont get with others is customers service. Called for warranty because rubber part separated from the housing making them vulnerable to water. Wrote an email day 1, received reply asking for address day 2 and after 30 minutes they confirmed the order, UPS arrived day 3 took them netherlands for warranty. Day 8 package arrived with new pair that was 2 weeks old (i guess they fixed they glue issue)

  • Tuman WK
    Tuman WKMåned siden

    Instant man crush 🥰 for the Kevin Sorbo (the Sovereign/Hercules) reference! 🤬 Disappointed! 🤬

  • Александр Третьяков
    Александр ТретьяковMåned siden

    too pricey. jabras 75t is a good deal. and for a good level of active nc - bose qc35 ii.

  • Thomas Rain
    Thomas RainMåned siden

    what a trainwreck those first 4 minutes were

  • FattyJesus
    FattyJesusMåned siden

    "What is this, an Oculus Quest 2 ?!" OOF

  • SwitchBlade
    SwitchBladeMåned siden

    They did. They're called airports pro. But yeah, you're either an Apple fanboi, or a hater.

  • Vormulac1
    Vormulac1Måned siden

    There may be some people that don't listen to Metal, but we don't talk about them.

  • Woolf
    WoolfMåned siden

    hahaha need a facebook acc or similar... bullshit, ty ,next plz

  • Will Stikken
    Will StikkenMåned siden

    Nobody listens to metal? Who authorized that?

  • Nico1977
    Nico1977Måned siden

    The base lecture at the end was the best part of this unboxing 😂

  • Triston Line
    Triston LineMåned siden

    Ugh Google Play Music is so much better than NOlocal Music.... Sigh, why couldn't they just rename the bloody thing?

  • zeraton1722
    zeraton1722Måned siden

    I read the safty instructions! When im bored. Its a really wierd thing.

  • Brick
    BrickMåned siden

    NOlocal music is actually better than play music. I also put it off for ages 😁

  • Yurii Semeniuk
    Yurii SemeniukMåned siden

    They have released volume control by swiping up/down on the right piece today. James can see future :)

  • lolo lola
    lolo lolaMåned siden

    Invasive app. Ill stick with the airpod pro for both android and ios.

  • Temmie gaming and memes
    Temmie gaming and memesMåned siden

    They have a good reason for no swipe controlls because there so small it may be difficult for it to tell the difference between a tap and a swipe that's why headphones have it and most earbuds don't

  • Ken Matharoo
    Ken MatharooMåned siden

    People watching this in the future, if you have an iOS device, you can enable swipe controls on these now. Only volume controls for the time being but they work damn well. EDIT: It's on Android now!

  • David Illichmann
    David IllichmannMåned siden

    Bose released an update. You can now change the volume with the right earbud

  • Ncjd Ndjdj
    Ncjd NdjdjMåned siden

    That invasive app's an instant deal breaker

  • Miika Launiainen
    Miika LauniainenMåned siden

  • Minako Harime
    Minako HarimeMåned siden

    "I know a lot of people don't listen to metal" Confused Finnish noises

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
    The Deviant Developer IDW PodcastMåned siden

    The charisma vacuum is real...

  • Ryan Aun
    Ryan AunMåned siden

    I need more content of James doing karaoke!

  • youpa
    youpaMåned siden

    Omg I hate James.

  • Turnerbros
    TurnerbrosMåned siden


  • Turnerbros
    TurnerbrosMåned siden

    I hate the thumbnail on this vid with every bone in my body

  • Itsneight
    ItsneightMåned siden

    loves James videos... really wish he did more. MUCH better than watching Unbox Therapy or some other shill and CERTAINLY better than Riley any day of any week. Airpods Pro (like all Apple products) are a JOKE. $30 product, $300 Apple/idiot tax.

  • Sultry Pineapple
    Sultry PineappleMåned siden

    James: Eatin' Cheeto's before taking a shoot. Also, Lateralus was an amazing album, Schism was one of my favourite tracks, along with Forty Six and 2 from their previous album. Cant beat those music videos either.

  • Oisin Moore
    Oisin MooreMåned siden

    Be less flippant about your delivery, it's getting old.

  • Lucas Wasson
    Lucas WassonMåned siden

    I think bose just announced they'll be adding volume control

  • Paul Robles
    Paul RoblesMåned siden

    Love the Nintendo switch sweater

  • keepsit100
    keepsit100Måned siden

    I didn't realize people buy high-end headphones for the ui or the "cool" factor... Some of us value fidelity in our headphones over everything else, I know shocking right?

  • xnamkcor X
    xnamkcor XMåned siden

    At this point, I'm about as excited for Bose audio devices as I am for Huffy bicycles.

  • sharktooth31
    sharktooth31Måned siden

    The background music at the first half had a buzz sound every 10 seconds that sounds like a phone notification and its super annoying. Other wise good episode

  • Dan
    DanMåned siden

    "Boooohs" is just as bad as "Porsh" :D

  • PJPF
    PJPFMåned siden


  • charles leroy
    charles leroyMåned siden

    Great video as always! But hear me out , this may sounds stupid but why not use a 3DIO ( mic that micmic the hear ) to test headphones ? I know it's not cheap but wouldn't it be a possiblity?

  • NoName
    NoNameMåned siden

    These are not mine- the control options seems to be annoying- For 280? No, bad product...

  • Thế Phúc Nguyễn
    Thế Phúc NguyễnMåned siden

    I wanna see the QC35 II Gaming edition tbh xD

  • Martin Rios Arellano
    Martin Rios ArellanoMåned siden

    To be fairly honest... I think it was yesterday when Bose added a few feature to control volume with a swipe ⬆️ or ⬇️ Sure it’ll be nice if they add it since the beginning but 🤷🏻‍♂️ I did ditched my AirPods Pro for these, zero regrets: they sound WAY BETTER than Apple’s, noise cancellation is like no other (except for Bose bigger 🎧 of course) and the quality is top notch 👌🏼

  • Filip Ivan
    Filip IvanMåned siden

    $200+ for earphones. Disgusting.

  • John Meyer
    John MeyerMåned siden

    youtube 'music' is the worst. is there something like GPM to stream your own collection?

  • drsiiiiin
    drsiiiiinMåned siden

    Nah not worth it

  • Bryan Goodwin
    Bryan GoodwinMåned siden

    Me thinks you ask too much from the first version of earbuds from Bose. Bose is always expensive by the way.

  • LordSaint Hiko
    LordSaint HikoMåned siden

    Good call on the music. Also upset at the elim of google music. Fun video

  • ThatOneJay
    ThatOneJayMåned siden

    Great video but I wish people who do subtitles at least know some technical terms and abbreviations before doing them because a lot of the terms are just flat out incorrect

  • Cengiz Mardin
    Cengiz MardinMåned siden

    i bought them. send them back after 2 days of constant listening. sound quality on normal volume is really realllly good. but on louder volumens! damn they are bad at does.. even the "bose ie2" i use at work have better sound at higher volumens.

  • Vct4
    Vct4Måned siden

    UPDATE: Swipe controls were added

  • B_ Pinecone
    B_ PineconeMåned siden

    They added swipe volume control in today’s update

  • wooo weee
    wooo weeeMåned siden

    volume optimized active eq, aka the loudness button on old school car stereos lol

  • Jack Lee
    Jack LeeMåned siden

    I hope Bose is watching this because they really took an extra year to bring these out.

  • Dayne Close
    Dayne CloseMåned siden

    For a video about earphones you sure did pick some horrible background music

  • Fanfictasian
    FanfictasianMåned siden

    "this is like 10 inches long or something" that's what she didn't say

  • Jawid Ahmadi
    Jawid AhmadiMåned siden

    How does this compare to the Bose QC 20s wired earbuds? Doesn't wireless have some delay


    Yeah these earbuds are cool and all, BUT I need to know where to get that cool mouse pad they're on??

  • Tito Lopez
    Tito LopezMåned siden

    Hope they can do software update where u can use either left or right bud if one of them out of battery and sound & touch control that would be really great

  • Michael Souders
    Michael SoudersMåned siden

    I laughed way harder than I should have when he "ate" the silica gel.

  • Miles Woest
    Miles WoestMåned siden

    'but lets make that not true" Speech 100

  • o1phoenix79
    o1phoenix79Måned siden

    Bose just added Swipe for volume before the video uploaded. So they did improve the controls after you recorded this video 🤷‍♂️ "For our newest QuietComfort and Sport Earbuds, you can now swipe up & down on the right earbud to change the volume. Simply turn on volume control in the Settings menu."

  • Keith Dadson
    Keith DadsonMåned siden

    Thumbs for reflection 👍🏽

  • Seattle Pete
    Seattle PeteMåned siden

    Lol not even an annotation correcting that AirPods Pro price. You can buy AirPods Pro for $199 right now.