This mouse has a FAN!

Vitenskap og teknologi

Mice are getting lighter and lighter, but are they getting cooler? Zephyr is looking to combine both with a fan, but is it any good?
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  • Alex
    Alex13 dager siden

    dont buy it with the updated version it vibrates crazy and its louder than than my pc

  • Noah Erkes
    Noah Erkes20 dager siden

    This video is way dumb, guys; please do not review the dumbest products you find online.

  • Isabela Hart
    Isabela Hart21 dag siden

    But you’re just gonna have that patterns on the mouse on your hand

  • seankkg
    seankkg22 dager siden

    When your hands are actually sweaty the air movement would make a difference I imagine.

  • Last Strand
    Last StrandMåned siden

    What if it's winter and I'm trying to warm my hands though...🙄

  • muffin stuff
    muffin stuffMåned siden


  • The Lamb Sauce
    The Lamb Sauce2 måneder siden

    I was going to get this until I saw the mouse buttons had borders, I use a lot of mice to play minecraft PVP and butterfly clicking 15-20 clicks per second needs a mouse with no borders.

  • Aryan Sivamaran
    Aryan Sivamaran3 måneder siden

    What keyboard is that

  • Josie Joseph
    Josie Joseph3 måneder siden

    Potential buyers beware, I bought this last month and so far I've received no notice of a tracking number, no emails telling me if it's being prepared or anything. I can't even reach the company at all. whether it be through their socials or their email address that just does not work. I can't reach these people and as of right now I'm in the dark.

  • Spencer beit
    Spencer beit3 måneder siden

    Idk how people play with low sensitivity

  • Spencer beit
    Spencer beit3 måneder siden

    Idk how people play with low sensitivity

  • spam acc
    spam acc3 måneder siden

    rumble on pc would be interesting, though only having it in one hand wouldn't make sense. i suppose a rumble suit for vr would be better

  • beans_guy
    beans_guy3 måneder siden

    anyone know that keyboard he's using is?

  • Ultimate XLR-8
    Ultimate XLR-83 måneder siden

    my boy needs this. i call him the human torch cause he can melt a mouse during the lightest of game sessions

  • Richard Hanney
    Richard Hanney3 måneder siden

    Better way to have done this would to have had the cable double as an air pipe and have the fan and intake something like half way up. Then the air could be piped silently to the mouse.

  • Bence Simon
    Bence Simon4 måneder siden

    What keyboard is that?

  • Brew Brothers
    Brew Brothers4 måneder siden

    I think I could hair attach a 5v 30mm fan myself

  • Trix
    Trix4 måneder siden

    Welp I have hyperhidrosis and need to wipe my hands after each round in valorant to remove my sweat.

  • Mithun Fernandez
    Mithun Fernandez4 måneder siden

    moms spaghetti

  • Oliver Solheim
    Oliver Solheim4 måneder siden

    Who wants it to be 10,000 RPM

  • K.L. Enenra
    K.L. Enenra4 måneder siden

    It's good to see LMG is starting to use more LGB presenters other than Linus.

  • 夢.
    夢.4 måneder siden

    I got an Air Conditioning for my mouse

  • ilovefunnyamv2nd
    ilovefunnyamv2nd4 måneder siden

    Ok, now that they achieved air cooling, time to watercool!

  • A1ex M
    A1ex M4 måneder siden

    maybe a water cooled mouse would be better.

  • Litego
    Litego4 måneder siden

    F.E.A.R. has mouse acceleration built into it, only way to turn it off is with a mouse fix. A lot of older games have this due to the OS mouse input being done differently in the past.

  • StarsMarsRadio
    StarsMarsRadio4 måneder siden

    Caalllmmmmm dooowwwnnnn

  • Leónjörgh
    Leónjörgh4 måneder siden

    David has such nice and clear voice, reminds me to Dan Levy.

  • suuh suuh
    suuh suuh4 måneder siden

    I wouldn't buy this.

  • dawson gamblin
    dawson gamblin4 måneder siden

    you mean it doesn't have a 120-140mm option ? ... garbage XD

  • Erik Thorsteinsson
    Erik Thorsteinsson4 måneder siden

    Ltt got lots of fans....

  • Ian Burgess
    Ian Burgess4 måneder siden


  • narutofan32
    narutofan324 måneder siden

    Whats that on the water bottle, does that come included?

  • Str4ngeStuffYT
    Str4ngeStuffYT4 måneder siden

    i liked the old name, how cool is the zephyr mouse?

  • Boğaçhan Özdemir
    Boğaçhan Özdemir4 måneder siden

    A puberty/summer mouse?

  • jarad Smethers
    jarad Smethers4 måneder siden

    now I just need headphones with a fan

  • Rasmus Jauri
    Rasmus Jauri4 måneder siden

    So my other hand will be sweaty and other wont. Still have to wash my hands

  • Lawntu
    Lawntu4 måneder siden


  • Wii Matt
    Wii Matt4 måneder siden

    U need a new presenter

  • TheA7medtawfeek
    TheA7medtawfeek4 måneder siden

    David:lets go with rainbow, who doesn't like rainbows? Me being gay and attracted: ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US

  • Gareth Pitchford
    Gareth Pitchford4 måneder siden

    I get sweaty pals with anxiety, but I've never had sweaty palms just playing games. Now, headphones with fans, I could get behind!

  • Sonny Yu
    Sonny Yu4 måneder siden

    You can have cold hands while gamin

  • Danielos
    Danielos4 måneder siden

    Why don't you sell mousepads like this on

  • g6rcon
    g6rcon4 måneder siden

    K I’m late but David is so fucking hot I hope he’s yknow.. bc girl like

  • Max Giroux Productions
    Max Giroux Productions4 måneder siden

    The future of gaming, the webcam is pointed at the mouse an keyboard.

  • xn0
    xn04 måneder siden

    Linus needs to watercool this thing. WATERCOOL A MOUSE.

  • Jiffi
    Jiffi4 måneder siden

    i need one of this, but with noctua fan inside.

  • TheEndProductions
    TheEndProductions4 måneder siden

    What kind of keyboard is that?!?!

  • Lew H
    Lew H4 måneder siden

    Water cooled mouse on the way!

  • Cautioncrazy
    Cautioncrazy4 måneder siden

    1000th comment. What a day.

  • David Le
    David Le4 måneder siden

    Buy 2 of em, to keep you cool.

  • zack dunphey
    zack dunphey4 måneder siden

    are you knees week arms are heavy

  • Endkeeper
    Endkeeper4 måneder siden

    10:08 yeah give me money to buy those models and ill try them...

  • rmpll
    rmpll4 måneder siden

    not a fan of this

    FARHAN JALIL4 måneder siden

    should do a rage test on this

  • TokiWar2th
    TokiWar2th4 måneder siden

    I have been computing all my life. I have never ever had a mouse run out of clicks.

  • Dustin Sparks
    Dustin Sparks4 måneder siden

    Vibration in your hand for a long period of time? Can you say nerve damage?!

  • Dejja Pewpew
    Dejja Pewpew5 måneder siden

    We need more David content, bring that juicy boi back bby

  • Jeviar Firsta
    Jeviar Firsta5 måneder siden

    I'm a fan for ya David ❤️😘

  • Keegan
    Keegan5 måneder siden

    Poor buggah, he looks nervous as hell

  • Wes Nichol
    Wes Nichol5 måneder siden

    Alex should take this apart and throw a Noctua or blowie matron in it !!

  • zAlexi Todaze
    zAlexi Todaze5 måneder siden

    7:51. [R6S players will remember that]😅

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer5 måneder siden

    1:00 Much needed for a particular subreddit ...

  • Nico De Klerk
    Nico De Klerk5 måneder siden

    Ok I want a rumble mouse that sounds awesome

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer5 måneder siden

    Must be not a very popular mouse if it only has one fan ...

  • LakeTheFake
    LakeTheFake5 måneder siden

    I like the design but it makes me want to puke, #trypophobia

  • SIC66SIC66
    SIC66SIC665 måneder siden

    10 Thousand rpm? :/ u sure?

  • CE Beast
    CE Beast5 måneder siden

    Woot model o drag clicking god

  • Nathan J.
    Nathan J.5 måneder siden

    the best mouse is that, for them sweats

  • lusha yu
    lusha yu5 måneder siden

    what if a mouse made from really well thermal conducting metal...

  • Gamer's Mud N' Grub Show
    Gamer's Mud N' Grub Show5 måneder siden

    This guy needs to be on camera more. For his weirdness lol.

  • Daniel Sauvé
    Daniel Sauvé5 måneder siden

    "I don't like the way this bottom feels on my palm." It used to be you couldn't expect ass jokes to write themselves, but hey, the world's on fire, there's a pandemic going on, and ass jokes write themselves in gaming hardware reviews. End of the world as we know it and whatnot.

  • mazz's maker space
    mazz's maker space5 måneder siden

    damn now I'm looking up 3D printed honeycomb cases for the wireless mouse I have on ali. there goes more money lol.

  • English Gentleman
    English Gentleman5 måneder siden

    no bro, it isn't about how it feels in your hand, accuracy is more important.

  • Mugurel Teodor Andrici
    Mugurel Teodor Andrici5 måneder siden

    Lettuce test this rodent.

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan5 måneder siden

    Why do i get a notification for this 7 DAYS LATER when i already saw it on release??

  • Hambo
    Hambo5 måneder siden

    huh, no one really does rgb like razer, do they? I mean, I'll never use rainbow puke, but it still looks great

  • Bruh •
    Bruh •5 måneder siden

    That nermal shirt tho

  • Infn E
    Infn E5 måneder siden

    $5 mini USB fan on the desk, pointed at the mouse hand. More air flow and no vibration either.

  • Ctuchik
    Ctuchik5 måneder siden

    I still have a Logitech G9 and i dread the day that give up because i've tried a lot of mouses over the years and not one have even got close to what i'm used to....

  • TheExcetto
    TheExcetto5 måneder siden

    Who's dis?

  • hellterminator
    hellterminator5 måneder siden

    “The electrical always goes out before 50 million.” We'll see. My Logitech G9x is on its 3rd set of switches right now. Originally it came with 10M ones, then I upgraded to 20M and then to 50M. And that was 2 years ago, so I should be around 50 million right about now and it's still working perfectly.

  • Space Waffles
    Space Waffles5 måneder siden

    Ugh David is so hot

  • Yung Berno
    Yung Berno5 måneder siden

    This guy is really good at his job

  • XTECT10
    XTECT105 måneder siden

    also for all the kids watching this video, yes you should play FEAR, you too will know how a FPS should be.

  • XTECT10


    5 måneder siden

    not ALL FPS's should have horror but fear's gameplay is TOP NOTCH.

  • XTECT10
    XTECT105 måneder siden

    in the future, we will be able to water cool OURSELVES by attaching our bloodstream to ice cold water

  • bloodbp
    bloodbp5 måneder siden

    OR you can get a cheap desk fan and point it over your mouse area.. but that might be too simple for some.

  • 保羅
    保羅5 måneder siden

    I just realized u guys make those big "mouse pads" 🙀 ... I'm sooo buying it 😻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee
    Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee5 måneder siden

    Aha, we are getting closer to the day that I no longer have to wear (cotton) gloves when gaming.

  • Georg F
    Georg F5 måneder siden

    Should have put 1g of whatever into that mouse to make it a bit heavier.

  • Chris Stone
    Chris Stone5 måneder siden

    Half of the internet is probably triggered by this trypophobia mouse.

  • Rohit Desai
    Rohit Desai5 måneder siden

    Why'd he cut his hair?

  • gameflux
    gameflux5 måneder siden

    No thank you !

  • ארז דגן
    ארז דגן5 måneder siden

    Oh shit

  • MeRReLL mAy
    MeRReLL mAy5 måneder siden

    Pretty mouse.

  • John Solo
    John Solo5 måneder siden

    Get rid of the nose ring and all of us will be less sweaty and nervous.

  • Matched Player
    Matched Player5 måneder siden

    I like that pocket pussy shirt.

  • eagleman983
    eagleman9835 måneder siden

    Deadass thought David was Barrett

  • Hazhy
    Hazhy5 måneder siden

  • SuperBigDog2U
    SuperBigDog2U5 måneder siden

    Nice that Google has decided to drop all email notifications from NOlocal creators, as of 8/13/20, of new uploads to their channels. Maybe if NOlocal creators complain enough after seeing viewer numbers drop due to viewers not knowing new content is available, Google will change this back and resume sending email notifications.

  • Titus Overmyer
    Titus Overmyer5 måneder siden

    I had a mouse like that in the early 2000's. After a couple weeks the fan started making noise and I threw it away