This might ACTUALLY be worth $1,500 - Logitech G X Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair

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So this chair came out of nowhere and it made some waves in the community, but does it give us a good first impression other than the $1500 price tag?
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuit5 måneder siden

    NOTE: We apologize for using b-roll of a MAXNOMIC chair at 1:52. Colton was referring to an old DX Racer chair.

  • Perry Sikes

    Perry Sikes

    5 dager siden

    So now after some time with the chair, can we get a follow-up on if it seems like a chair that is worthy of long sessions

  • UltraTaco223


    4 måneder siden

    its kinda funny because I have a maxnomic chair and Im thinking of upgrading it. Im definitely gonna miss the 4 way arms tho...

  • Nick Rotolo

    Nick Rotolo

    4 måneder siden

    Copper infused seat for cooling? So it’s like a heatsink for your ass?

  • Dee Jay

    Dee Jay

    4 måneder siden

    @Demainer10 He's supposed to be on camera. From what I noticed the person presenting doesn't have the mask on for presentation and audio purposes, but sometimes those invited to be on the camera for a bit have their masks on cuz they were just going on about their work day

  • Demainer10


    4 måneder siden

    why is he the only guy not wearing a mask in the office?

  • CynicalDriver
    CynicalDriver17 timer siden

    Costs more than my computer, but I want it.

  • mike mcmike
    mike mcmikeDag siden

    Linus sure loves his Asian persuasion damn girl

  • Gytixas
    Gytixas2 dager siden

    Markiplier have this chair for months.

  • Mtaalas
    Mtaalas2 dager siden

    He doesn't even adjust the damn chair properly... c'mon! Seating height is determined by the upper arms, you adjust the height of the arm rests so that when you put your lower arms on them, your shoulders are relaxed but supported. Then you adjust the height of the chair such that the arm rests are exactly level with the table top. And that's the proper height... this guys having the arm rests under the table surface... completely nuts.

  • Ronnie Jr
    Ronnie Jr3 dager siden

    imagine paying over $1k+ for a chair with no headrest

  • Ronnie Jr

    Ronnie Jr

    3 dager siden

    @Pascal1337 I know $400 chairs with an amazing headrests, I thought the same as you till I got a good headrest.

  • Pascal1337


    3 dager siden

    not every person need a headrest for perfect ergonomic and its better to have no headrest than a poor fitting headrest

  • yoggernaut
    yoggernaut5 dager siden

    Thanks for the video. For anyone who are experienced in using the Embody - My back fit adjustment knob is stuck in one place and is not turning. Is there any fix that anybody can recommend? (It stopped working within 5 minutes of receiving the chair after a few adjustmetns)

  • The Lone Chipmunk
    The Lone Chipmunk6 dager siden

    Or you can just get a secretlab chair for $500 and have the same features plus a head rest.

  • jake hardinger
    jake hardinger8 dager siden

    1500 and no rgbs? Definite deal-breaker

  • Zack
    Zack8 dager siden

    If it had a headrest I'd buy it

  • Dragonsharker
    Dragonsharker9 dager siden

    No way you’re 160. You gotta be at least 170 lol

  • Several eggs
    Several eggs9 dager siden

    Even though this is way out of mine a d most peoples price range it's nice to see a chair designed well and actually be comfortable unlike those "racing seat" garbo chairs

  • Michael
    Michael9 dager siden

    I frekin DIED at 8:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Neo Anderson
    Neo Anderson9 dager siden

    My daughter is starting middle school and I want to get her into the habit of maintaining good posture Would the Embody be too big for her?

  • Neo Anderson

    Neo Anderson

    5 dager siden

    @It's me thanks for the reply! I'll check out the Aeron

  • It's me

    It's me

    5 dager siden

    Get her the herman miller aeron, trust me she will thank you!

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady9 dager siden

    Is there actually a difference between this and a normal embody? This feels like when the smart kid and the dumb kid work together on a project. The smart kid does all the work but the dumb kid gets their name on the work.

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady9 dager siden

    Ethically sourced materials? I don't think there's a way to ethically murder a cow and turn its skin into a watch strap. Unless it's made from roadkill

    DOYLE LaCRUA9 dager siden

    Why do youtube review thumbnails Have to have the reviewer with their face looking like that?

  • iamdarkyoshi
    iamdarkyoshi10 dager siden

    "Free" shipping AKA shipping cost baked into the final cost of the product

  • aleks mukha
    aleks mukha11 dager siden

    Manage your cables, jungle under the desk. How do people watch this channel

  • Yugo Tanaka
    Yugo Tanaka11 dager siden

    Inches? who the hell uses that in 2020?

  • Stro Kinit
    Stro Kinit11 dager siden

    AGAIN!!! THE SOY FACE!!! WHY?!?!? What is the deal with that face?

  • Betty Crock
    Betty Crock12 dager siden

    No offense but your desk is waaaay to high

  • Ail Fawka
    Ail Fawka12 dager siden

    Dude, no chair is worth that much. It's all mind marketing brand manipulation. Apple does it, and the tech they use is cheap and average for the most part but they still charge crazy amounts for their shitty hardware, just so one can use their decent operating system. Make your own comp for cheap and install iOS on it 😋

  • Eli
    Eli12 dager siden

    The one employee at lmg who is constantly looking for an excuse to sit down.

  • PillznarRy
    PillznarRy12 dager siden

    its actually not THAT funny

  • SamudroEntertainment
    SamudroEntertainment13 dager siden

    So this is what money can buy.

  • No
    No13 dager siden

    Fuck no vincero

  • El omen
    El omen13 dager siden

    Finally a chair that can be use for playing games that doesn't say "for gamers, by gamers"

  • Maximilian Tyx
    Maximilian Tyx13 dager siden

    Only thing that is missing on the chair is head pillow

  • Ar Bo
    Ar Bo13 dager siden

    Dude, IMHO - as a reviewer with this many subscribers, you probably should read the manual 1st to be able to give us a more thorough review on a product. Maybe the chair even lets you extend/heighten the back support to rest your head back, like you found out with the lower seat part, who knowns, right? But sadly we won't know since someone didn't feel like reading the manual prior to shooting the review..

  • Adam
    Adam13 dager siden

    $1500 for a chair... No thanks. For that price I want press a button and it conforms perfectly. You can get a Herman Miller or Steelcase for half the price that's perfectly fine. I'm sure this is a phenomenal chair. But you are paying for not only the Herman Miller name, but also the Logitech name.

  • N P
    N P14 dager siden

    I do love Herman Miller chairs. Ver nice!

  • CutthroatCrow
    CutthroatCrow14 dager siden

    these chairs were in a car commercial this year.

  • Dankbortion Schlonkenstein
    Dankbortion Schlonkenstein14 dager siden

    1:04 Hey there Mutahar

  • Jaedo
    Jaedo15 dager siden

    So what exactly makes it a "gaming" chair? And what did Logitech contribute?

  • Leeoh Last
    Leeoh Last15 dager siden

    i am so regret on my decision. since Herman Miller is always out of stock. so we give a try for autonomous chair, anyone read it, please stay away with autonomous Kinn chair, we dont know any standing desk or other type chair, but Kinn is a joke, we ordered 4, 3 out of 4 are defective products, i.e. gear not match hole, or not be able to put it together, and one is obvious used or returned chair. more terrible thing is they censor the review, and charge high return fee. if you wanna a good chair and don't mind to spend hundred $ more, go with Herman miller. Autonomous Kinn chair is a nightmare, i feel so bad to my other 3 roommates. we ordered them together, only one chair is non-defective, sad story ;/

  • mifune
    mifune15 dager siden

    Nice if you get it free, but there is no f-ing way a plastic game chair is worth 1500!

  • Wilhelm Roscher
    Wilhelm Roscher15 dager siden

    Aaaaahhhh it's a Logitech "G" not a Google "G" xD

  • Cbreak
    Cbreak15 dager siden

    Holy crap! loool Super overpriced.

  • Amiris sheep
    Amiris sheep15 dager siden

    why is he trying so hard to sell it. lol

  • Got Face
    Got Face15 dager siden

    This chair is worth 1500$!!! Btw links in description! LOLOL NOlocalrs are a big oof these days. All reviews are fake nowadays. SMH

  • Karl Klinger
    Karl Klinger15 dager siden

    This boi oozes soy.

  • Hat3 Th3 Hat3r
    Hat3 Th3 Hat3r15 dager siden

    Dear god 1500 bucks.....what the actual f

  • Victor Savelle
    Victor Savelle15 dager siden

    Predator X OTIS beats this hands down

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan16 dager siden

    Dman bro you're a dwarf

  • automatik
    automatik16 dager siden

    No desk chair is worth 1500 bucks.

  • drudigger
    drudigger16 dager siden

    id rather put it together and save 600 on shipping.

  • Jerham
    Jerham16 dager siden

    it's perfect but.... it doesn't have a headrest :(

  • 711Rod
    711Rod16 dager siden

    No head rest. Not worth

  • PointlessOpinions
    PointlessOpinions16 dager siden

    My honest opinion is, that people have done office work for years, and there a lot of companies doing proper office chairs. So if you can live without the "streamer ears" which are there only to market the chair in streams, as normal chair you cant usually see from the front, there have been great chairs available for years. Even lighty used marked is massive and much cheaper as "gaming" chairs.

  • Skeldrif
    Skeldrif16 dager siden

    No neck support, dafaque?!

  • Douglas Campell
    Douglas Campell16 dager siden

    Let's see how long does it take to have a knock-off of this chair......

  • Wolfram Von Richthofen
    Wolfram Von Richthofen16 dager siden

    Technically it's just a Herman Miller Chair with a Logitech sticker on it, nothing special about it. On the business side it's a really good way for Herman Miller to tap into the gaming market but innovation wise it's not that different from the existing office chair market, it's just that Gaming chairs are so shite that it feels like a huge improvement, even expensive gaming chairs gets beat by a cheap good quality Office chair.

  • TheDexDrive
    TheDexDrive16 dager siden

    1500 bugs and nothing for the head support when you lean back? no thank you xD

  • southpaw117


    14 dager siden

    I think it's worth the few hours to go bug hunting in exchange for it!

  • Felipe Budinich
    Felipe Budinich16 dager siden

    The arm rests should be at the same height as the table surface.

  • Hidden_Horror
    Hidden_Horror17 dager siden

    1,500$ and no head rest? lol

  • Eternal Gaze Gaming
    Eternal Gaze Gaming17 dager siden

    I seen this when it launched. Could they lead the way in the “gaming” chair revolution?? Let’s find out! Lol.

  • G TEAM
    G TEAM17 dager siden

    I am kind of tired of these advertisements delivered in the form of a fake review videos.

  • Nunzio Lanza
    Nunzio Lanza17 dager siden

    This looks like the biggest $1500 scam I’ve ever seen

  • Drakula War Lord
    Drakula War Lord17 dager siden

    No way this fatty is just 160 lbs

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott17 dager siden

    Mans switched a ghost for a classic, this video is now untrustworthy

  • Kashi Soul
    Kashi Soul17 dager siden

    $1500 and all you get is some shortening words in a douchie fashion like "Sesh" and "Scrim"

  • Traye Zamora
    Traye Zamora17 dager siden

    It's literally a chair why would anyone waste this money lol

  • CellarDayCats
    CellarDayCats17 dager siden

    Can you be more flamboyant??? Jesus...settle down.

  • Silva Hawk
    Silva Hawk18 dager siden

    Is having a head rest bad for your posture? I see a lot of these office ergonomic chair without a head rest

  • Cagri Celik
    Cagri Celik18 dager siden

    why do you talk about linus when you have 1.28m followers ?

  • Nick H
    Nick H18 dager siden

    So its an embody, with a logitech logo, which you pay more for.

  • B-radley Buck
    B-radley Buck18 dager siden

    More chair content please. Steve from gamers Nexus talks to much.😂jk

  • Kalae Huihui
    Kalae Huihui18 dager siden

    Took me 60 secs to like this video 😂

  • No Name
    No Name18 dager siden

    1500 دولار ؟؟؟ والله اقعد على خازوق ولا اشتريه

  • Alex zax
    Alex zax18 dager siden

    might, but not.

  • ForeverMasterless
    ForeverMasterless19 dager siden

    1500 bucks for this is ridiculous, lol. Like I'm sure it's very supportive and all that, but those armrests are an unmitigated disaster, and there are plenty of chairs in the 4-800 dollar range that are as supportive as anybody should ever need a chair to be, unless you have like some kind of super delicate body like a muscle wasting disease or severe lupus or something. People need to stop trying to throw money at their crumbling, weak bodies and fucking get up and stretch once in a while and do core exercises.

  • Leo Fochler
    Leo Fochler19 dager siden

    Why does no one mention that it doesnt have a headrest? Its one of the most important features on a gaming chair in my opinion.

  • Dodgy_ Jammer
    Dodgy_ Jammer19 dager siden

    Imagine having your valorant game thrown because one player is doing a chair review 😂

  • Matthew Bono
    Matthew Bono19 dager siden

    The little pisces certainly rely because plain modestly attach barring a hesitant psychiatrist. melted, judicious closet

  • Sean Crees
    Sean Crees19 dager siden

    I am definitely excited about an ergo gaming chair, i'm not so excited about the price. I'd do $500 for one though.

  • DongZe Li
    DongZe Li19 dager siden

    lol def not worth 1500

  • alex kganyago
    alex kganyago20 dager siden

    Me: Have a full office chair.. noice Me: looking at a 85% chair whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? IF your a tiny person then yesss.... ;-; if your going throught the left and rght side of the chair.

  • GT1986 ,
    GT1986 ,20 dager siden

    7:22 Where the video starts and ends

  • John Morlan
    John Morlan20 dager siden

    FYI, every May there is a Herman Miller sale, the perfect time to buy one. And yes, I bought mine during this period a few years ago.

  • Aldo Susanto
    Aldo Susanto20 dager siden

    the tiny person that comes with it. Is he/she is going to be Colton or a similarly built person?

  • C4R4S4N
    C4R4S4N20 dager siden

    I think you forgot that that thing has a headrest right??? 1.5k, it must have a headrest

  • Keksbrot
    Keksbrot21 dag siden

    You wont brake your back with this one. I have a Ikea chair now for one Year. First it felt supportive but now the lumbar thing is just lose and does not support anymore.

  • O O
    O O21 dag siden

    with a 12 year warranty this is actually a good deal IMO, about $150 a year for an amazing chair? sounds good to me bud

  • I2obiNtube
    I2obiNtube21 dag siden

    please don't advertise cheap watches

  • sniktaw
    sniktaw21 dag siden

    as soon as herman-miller throws a "gaming" tag on the chair is when everyone pays attention. before that it's "BUS CHAIR OMEGALUL"

  • sniktaw


    21 dag siden

    everyone always asks "what is chair?" but never "how is chair?" (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  • Andrew Li
    Andrew Li22 dager siden

    Does anyone know what the desk is that this guy is using?

  • Ivan Jarpa
    Ivan Jarpa22 dager siden

    No head support? Exactly what I hate of my gaming chair haha

  • Ravone
    Ravone23 dager siden

    Does this increase my FPS ?

  • GreenStrqfe
    GreenStrqfe23 dager siden

    my chair is literally falling apart please helpp

  • Ian Barton
    Ian Barton23 dager siden

    Would love to get this but they couldn’t have made it uglier

  • L McL
    L McL23 dager siden

    This chair is really worth the price! when you're young, you don't give a shit what you sit in, so you buy the cheaper chairs just like I always did. But after hours upon hours of sitting in poorly supported, poor postured chairs over time, as you get older it will catch up to you! health wise, with back issues. Nowadays just about all of office chairs, gaming chairs, even name brands ones that are supposed to be premium are made in china, with inferior materials and DON'T last! In the last 4 years, I have bought 4 chairs, different brands that were supposed to be so great, have all fallen apart, became uncomfortable, armrests broke, chair materials flaking/cracking, seat cushions flattened out. Those 4 chairs cost me a aprrox total of 1,100.00 and they were all made in China and are now in the landfill sickening! I stumbled on Herman Miller Chairs all made in the USA, with an unlimited 12 year warranty on the whole chair! After a lot of research, I decided to go with the Embody Chair, because of the support and great posture it provides, Yes I balked at the price of 1500.00 but, when I thought about it, I had already spent approx 1100.00 in the last 4 years on junk chairs that didn't last. So when you break down the cost of the Embody 1500.00 over a guaranteed 12yr unlimited warrantee, thats 125.00 a year. Also notable mention a lot of the Herman Miller chairs last well over the 12yrs they are warranted for. Herman Miller also has a great line of office chairs under 1500.00 that will still provide good support

  • Cristian Dobrescu
    Cristian Dobrescu23 dager siden

    The logitech branding is just like those corsair chairs, they did nothing aside from picking from a catalog. Except logitech kept their dignity and worked with an actual chair design company instead of a chinese OEM to make a quick buck. I can respect that.

  • Young S
    Young S23 dager siden

    I’m taller than u

  • Königs Haki
    Königs Haki23 dager siden

    Help pls can some one Link me dowm a Char like this lowkey Logitech G X Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair for like max 250 Dollars LMAO

  • Joshua Petersen
    Joshua Petersen24 dager siden

    I’ve been wanting one of these for so long but I can’t afford 😭😭

  • emukiller
    emukiller25 dager siden

    That looks amazing but my rig costs $1500. There's no way I'm paying that much for a chair until I have absolutely disposable income. Maybe do a giveaway for things like this that no one in their right mind would actually buy. Great review Colton, you're funny AF.

  • Blake Hamilton
    Blake Hamilton25 dager siden


  • Sidharth Nair
    Sidharth Nair25 dager siden

    Why is the deskmat upside down The LTT logo is upside down and in the wrong corner Also the blank black portion of the deskmat without the aurora design is on the left side instead of the right, meant for the mouse movement area

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games25 dager siden

    If you are in the market for a 1500$+ dollar chair and not just one of the millions of 10 year olds who watch linux videos, get a Haworth chair instead.