This Laptop is from the FUTURE - Nexdock Touch

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Connecting your smartphone to your laptop isn't exactly new but having it be the brains of your "laptop" is fairly interesting, especially since it's almost as fast as your a mid-tier laptop.
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  • Morgan
    Morgan2 måneder siden

    Riley: "They really took some measures to protect this thing" Thinking that Linus would be the first one to get his hands on it.

  • S Karthik

    S Karthik

    2 måneder siden

    It's a joke in LMG ... because Linus drops evrything! Get it? He/she isn't saying that they sent it packaged really noice specifically for Linus

  • strykr360


    2 måneder siden

    I really dislike this guy in this channel. His attempts at humor and his pornstache really kill it for me”

  • Socks


    2 måneder siden

    @Milo Christiansen I'm pretty sure that they're joking.

  • Socks


    2 måneder siden

    @Milo Christiansen I was joking

  • Milo Christiansen

    Milo Christiansen

    2 måneder siden

    @Socks No, they did not. Mine arrived in exactly the same packaging.

  • tinmisuun
    tinmisuun5 dager siden

    Seems like this technology has been out for years. HP X3 with W10 Mobile.

  • ch282
    ch2829 dager siden

    should man actually buy himself one?

  • PJ
    PJ11 dager siden

    Please remove that mustache - has nothing to do with future

  • Ret Ro
    Ret Ro12 dager siden

    Riley Nexdock

  • Achintha Sandaruwan
    Achintha Sandaruwan15 dager siden

    Is that lapdock compatible for any type of Phone? 😳🙄

  • Xefflinn Roads
    Xefflinn Roads19 dager siden

    Anyone else here want Riley to be their dad?

  • Alex Schukin
    Alex Schukin21 dag siden

    And it is kindof a scam.... Preordered, waited for 4 months or so, aaand-today just got and email, saying, that "they are experiencing production issues". And they have "upgraded" me to a totally new product, that no one has seen yet-a Nexock 360, that is due-in March 2021... Sort of... We hope so.... Maybe... Canceled my order, frustrated af

  • rick
    rick22 dager siden

    Ordered one for the January 2021 batch can't wait to try it out

  • Vaishnav Swaminathan
    Vaishnav Swaminathan27 dager siden

    What if someone manages to put a raspberry pi inside this thing with all the connections run internally? Instant Rasbian laptop!

  • TimTim Kim
    TimTim Kim27 dager siden

    why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it still in pre order :(

  • Rick Blythin

    Rick Blythin

    9 dager siden

    They've never been sold 'officially' released, only as pre-order. Nexdock has always done it that way.

  • leonardo chistè
    leonardo chistè29 dager siden

    They should make the phone become the trackpad like in the zenbook. In that way it also doesn't hangs on the desk

  • Lucas Noth
    Lucas NothMåned siden

    what about this with the a win 2

  • Yeshua Yee Yee
    Yeshua Yee YeeMåned siden

    Says it doesnt have a camera, yet you can clearly see it on the hinge lol

  • Rick Blythin

    Rick Blythin

    9 dager siden

    That's not a camera. It contains the chip set for the touch screen.

  • Mert Ertin
    Mert ErtinMåned siden

    Wish they had more keyboard layouts.

  • Andy's Video Log
    Andy's Video LogMåned siden

    Didn't apple do one of these where they took the Iphone guts and put it into a laptop. They also changed the processor name from A14 Bionic to M1X.... with M1 being the tone down first version. Apple MacPhonebook 1 Pro should be the name.

  • Lala
    LalaMåned siden

    "Lap dock" sounds like a sexual innuendo to me...

  • Belly Up
    Belly UpMåned siden

    Can it dock wirelessly with note 20 ultra?

  • Michael Riad
    Michael RiadMåned siden

    I would be interested to see if it could be used to turn a Mac mini into a laptop?

  • pixxudio by Hakken Superst4r
    pixxudio by Hakken Superst4rMåned siden

    Remember when microsoft did this? Long time ago. I still use the continuum on my lumia 950 *_*

  • Robbert Lucassen
    Robbert LucassenMåned siden

    It really is not bad, you are right. Waiting for those Docks that have room for SSD's or M2 sticks. Getting not only the screen, keyboard, and mousepad but storage also. An upgrade to DEX and you got a faster OS with that external memory. Is that even possible. Now we all wait for Oppo to develop a rollout Dock.

  • Dusk Rider
    Dusk RiderMåned siden

    I would be more interested in a dock that enables me to connect my phone to a desktop setup. Big monitor, full sized keyboard and mouse.

  • Vegimite Sushi
    Vegimite SushiMåned siden

    I feel like you should have an Australian accent

  • Vicary A
    Vicary AMåned siden

    This reminds me of the BulletBall.

  • Frank Yanish
    Frank YanishMåned siden

    In the first minute, you almost perfectly described the plot of Freefall starring Sam Starfall.

  • Archer
    ArcherMåned siden

    this could be the future of the macbook too, they're already running on ARM anyway.

  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
    Farhan Ahmad TajuddinMåned siden

    I can definitely see a good use of this laptop with my current Microsoft Lumia 950's Continuum.

  • R4Z0R84
    R4Z0R84Måned siden

    How to get a new MacBook by plugging your iPhone into this lolll

  • Tom Mee
    Tom MeeMåned siden

    Backlit keyboard?

  • Femi Omomo
    Femi OmomoMåned siden

    This NEXDOCK is Awesome!! its about time a device like this became available. Right now for me to equal the processing power of my Samsung Note Ultra 20 for video editing, is expensive. However we have just seen the Apple M1 processor and the New Rizon processors from AMD, from what I have seen some of these devices are as fast as the NOte 20 Ultra and have the advantage of established software for most needs. Now all we need is the android market to step up their game and make DEX compatible apps, with the same or better features than their desktop twin. The cost benefit would be massive! So maybe now, the need for me to look for a laptop and spend upwards of $\£\e 1000.00 is not required immediately. Personally I am buying one of these NEX DOCK devices, but I will be modifying the speakers so it can be used as a multimedia machine with balls. Or maybe Nexdock will offer another version with better speakers, after all they have improved he basics, which are Sight (better display), and Touch (Touch screen display, touch pad and case texture) , regarding the sound, the NEXDOCK 3 has the space inside the body for a bass chamber this would mean that we do not have to carry around another device to get good sound.

  • Why tho?
    Why tho?Måned siden

    Keep pushing pusher ahahaha

  • codycast
    codycastMåned siden

    Work with iOS?

  • Jeremiah Hoyet
    Jeremiah HoyetMåned siden

    My brain when you picked up the phone: "What is a Galaxy S25G?!"

    ANCOGAMERMåned siden

    reminders what asus done some years ago, you had a space ( where is normally the touch pad),where you would plug your phone.

  • Noel Aniag
    Noel AniagMåned siden

    HP did that with HP X3 Elite. The only fault is that it was a windows phone, but it comes with a laptop-loke device that does what Nextdock does. I always hoped this technology was further explored... and that the HP Elite X3 gained traction

  • Vonnichi Kun
    Vonnichi KunMåned siden

    Yes, but can it run Crysis?

  • Cam Atf
    Cam AtfMåned siden

    ive never seen someone look so good with a moustache. ever.

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby JonesMåned siden

    I’d be interested in it if I hadn’t bought the note9 docking station. If note 9 ran full photoshop it might be worth it for traveling. That’s what’s limiting me from going full pc with my phone stripped down versions of the original software.

  • Sanjay Barua
    Sanjay BaruaMåned siden

    this guy is painful to watch.

  • Serag Murry

    Serag Murry

    Måned siden

    @Sanjay Barua Lmao then why did you feel the need to enlighten us with your wonderful remarks. If this guy annoys you then you could've just fucked off and not bothered commenting.

  • Sanjay Barua

    Sanjay Barua

    Måned siden

    @Serag Murry that's what I did immediately. You the YT comments Police ?

  • Serag Murry

    Serag Murry

    Måned siden

    Then don't watch

  • Trevor Wills
    Trevor WillsMåned siden

    Why is Aaron Rodgers doing tech reviews?

  • van0tot100
    van0tot100Måned siden

    This will be the future, once phones will improve and when Windows programs have been ported successfully to ARM.

  • FalchionWielder78
    FalchionWielder78Måned siden

    They’ll get bought by Apple soon... imagine Mac OSX mode on your phone. Why not, in a world of Apple Silicon... unified OS with dual modes depending on your setup. Seems plausible.

  • Ww Ss
    Ww SsMåned siden

    Steve carell close your eyes n listen lol

  • Ww Ss

    Ww Ss

    Måned siden

    8:46 Steve carell moment

  • box2joe
    box2joeMåned siden

    This is cool but it would be more cooler if they manage to integrate the cellphone somewhere in the chassis, like there is a dedicated slot along in the keyboard part where you can easily slide the cellphone in there which overall mimics those asus dual screen creator laptops. attaching those magnetic docks seams kinda lazy if you know what I mean. Plus it just add more stuffs in your bag.

  • Serag Murry

    Serag Murry

    Måned siden

    If you mean that the phone should be inside the shell then that wouldn't work since the shell is made of aluminum and aluminum kills the wifi signal

  • Vili Karac
    Vili KaracMåned siden

    THis video could of been done in 4 minutes, but this guy likes to talk.

  • John st
    John stMåned siden

    试试smartisan r2 和TNT go啊,完成度比这高多了

  • John st
    John stMåned siden

    may be you can try smartisan r2 and TNT go

  • Ayu Natsume
    Ayu NatsumeMåned siden

    I'm not diggin Riley's act here. Feels like angsty tryhard Unbox Therapy :(

  • Leon Day
    Leon DayMåned siden

    I have used it to connect to NUCs at work, and enjoy having it beside my work laptop as it runs legacy programs and I need a screen for helpful sheets. I have also used it a few times when visiting my friends rather than lugging a big screen for my gaming computer, it's budget but quite useful.

  • josh
    joshMåned siden

    how well does this charge your phone while it is being used? for the example of the galaxy s20 5G does it super fast charge the device or at least fast charge to keep the battery full while plugged in?

  • Hermanus Lockhorst
    Hermanus Lockhorst2 måneder siden

    You sir have a glorious moustache !!

  • Bharathesh Acharya
    Bharathesh Acharya2 måneder siden

    Dang, its discount Henry Cavil from Mission Impossible.

  • SzTech & Tv
    SzTech & Tv2 måneder siden

    How does Zoom looks on that

  • Edison Y
    Edison Y2 måneder siden

    I would feel really grateful if you can do the review of Smartisan Nut R2 and TNT go. Because I see none of these famous NOlocalr is doing that and you guys like the secret products from China.

  • Manuel Almanza
    Manuel Almanza2 måneder siden

    For some reason he sounds like michael Scott from the office 😏

  • Deepanshu Yadav
    Deepanshu Yadav2 måneder siden

    To me, he's like Lazar Beam + Linus

  • Mariusz B.
    Mariusz B.2 måneder siden

    Not only Samsung,LG has desktop mode as well.

  • Husam Mirie
    Husam Mirie2 måneder siden

    8:16 ??? is there a place where to put an intel pc stick or a raspberry pi 4 or 3 . with a mechanism to connect and disconnect it ?

  • Pratham G
    Pratham G2 måneder siden


  • Waterdye
    Waterdye2 måneder siden

    Umm, they built a MacBook Air before apple? LOL

  • Timothy
    Timothy2 måneder siden

    Serious question: can this be used to hook up to say a mini ITX build to be used as like your super powerful on the go ITX lap-desk...idk? I've just been thinking of building a super powerful small form factor PC, and thought this would be cool to use in situations where you would like to have a powerful PC on the go, but not have to worry about your display, mouse, and keyboard. This could fit that bill. Edit: @ 3:20 question answered.

    BEHEMOTH202 måneder siden

    Pity it still has the same problem as the last one, it it looks like you cant use it as a wireless display and input for your main PC, imagine having a monster gaming rig in the office but if you just want to do some browsing or light office work you could park up on the couch with something like this.

  • Kenny Lee Jian Siong
    Kenny Lee Jian Siong2 måneder siden

    No one going to talk about the price of the Dock?

  • Varun Verma
    Varun Verma2 måneder siden

    Now I want a NexDock Touch with S-Pen support.. so I can use it to take notes on a full laptop size screen. Then I will be willing to pay $250 for it...

  • Varun Verma
    Varun Verma2 måneder siden

    so is moustache cool again?

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T2 måneder siden

    Now imagine, hooking your phone up, its a laptop, fold it back its a tablet, then you whip out a Pen and your drawing...........there are a great amount of possibilities with this tech.

  • GameCyborg
    GameCyborg2 måneder siden

    i've bought a laptop 2 years ago. core i5 and rx 550. but i've realised that i'm not using the gpu as much as i thought i would. so once it breaks/becomes obsolete i will go the lapdock route.

  • #Bestestimes
    #Bestestimes2 måneder siden

    Huawei mate 20 pro has a dex style thing in it. I don't mind it

  • Abijith Jayakumar
    Abijith Jayakumar2 måneder siden

    Riley really captures the Unbox Therapy vibe(imo)

  • kuulmies1
    kuulmies12 måneder siden

    Riley why is your mustache extremely different color to your hair and eyebrows its weird?

  • Maciek Chibowski
    Maciek Chibowski2 måneder siden


  • Pawel Kurzawski
    Pawel Kurzawski2 måneder siden

    X box Game Pass??

  • Death Woomy
    Death Woomy2 måneder siden


  • Marcello 42
    Marcello 422 måneder siden

    so and who is gonna convince Samsung now to get Linux on DeX back to life?

  • Joshua C.
    Joshua C.2 måneder siden

    This dock is actually an excellent deal for a self powered 14" 1080p portable monitor ALONE. Add the keyboard, trackpad, phone, RasPi, PC stick, regular PC, and similar connectivity, and you have a good deal. Also IT HAS SPEAKERS. Rival devices of this "class" of product DON'T.

  • Mfxd15 Ihg18
    Mfxd15 Ihg182 måneder siden

    "When is a laptop not a laptop" Technically, if you're strong enough to have a server rack on your lap, it's a laptop.

  • Peekofwar
    Peekofwar2 måneder siden

    So basically a modern dumb-terminal?

  • Dennis Lyu
    Dennis Lyu2 måneder siden

    Maybe you can learn about TNT go, which is better than any other manufacturer as a dockbook. Compared with Samsung, it has built-in WiFi 6 module. No data line connection is required. Wireless delay can be controlled under 50 ms. Its ID design is similar to the MS surface. So you can use tablet mode. In addition, it is equipped with a 4096 pressure sensitive pen, dual speakers, dual microphone and front camera. With a smartisan phone, it can be a real productivity tool. This is a promotional video:

  • Clifford Bryan john Wilson
    Clifford Bryan john Wilson2 måneder siden

    Hey, can you guys do a video either here or on the main channel with these Linux phones?

  • flipwarrior
    flipwarrior2 måneder siden

    This guy tries so hard to act like Lew. Lew owns You!

  • A V88
    A V882 måneder siden

    His style of reviewing reminds me of unbox therapy. There is lou there and here there is andy

  • Nice Tech Tips
    Nice Tech Tips2 måneder siden

    Hey. Is Riley watching star trek picard or this is a coicidence here🤔🤔🤔

  • Rui Cheng
    Rui Cheng2 måneder siden

    maybe you gan got a tnt go and R2

  • Rocket Moose
    Rocket Moose2 måneder siden

    I love when Riley hosts this more chill content keep it up

  • erikspen
    erikspen2 måneder siden

    Psiu, get over yourself. lol

  • Roy Clay
    Roy Clay2 måneder siden

    Someone tell him there is a small furry rodent under his nostrils resting on his lip :O

  • Lexander96
    Lexander962 måneder siden

    Nice, getting notified after 6 days of watching the video 🌝

  • Jay
    Jay2 måneder siden

    Please shave that mustache

  • elion urlauber
    elion urlauber2 måneder siden

    Purism's librem 5 is a phone which supports convergence. Also there is the Pro 1 X from FX Tech.

  • Mier Beuker
    Mier Beuker2 måneder siden

    So they want $269 for... basically an external monitor and keyboard for your phone. Just take an old laptop monitor, get a controller board for it on the internet. I got mine for about $20. Get a USB-C to HDMI hub, withan extra USB-C and a USB-A 3.0 slot. I got mine for about $9. Power the hub with the extra USB-C slot, and plug an old wireless keyboard and mouse combo into the other USB-A slot. And voila, the same thing, for $29. Just saying.

  • Julian N.
    Julian N.2 måneder siden

    I am not sure what the point is rigth now. But wait till the arm - Macs get popular and the iPhone Version with MacOS-DoX comes out.. This migth be the future which we are actually heading in!

  • Go Kart
    Go Kart2 måneder siden

    Can this lapdock be used as a USB-C monitor, just mirrored your device? So you can use this on more other devices... ie Apple iPhones. Then you don't really need to have an iPad anymore.

  • Saad Kamal
    Saad Kamal2 måneder siden

    Omg look different but you sound the same...Its a strange feeling...

  • J-Bee Burrows
    J-Bee Burrows2 måneder siden

    Strong on the #Movember force this one is he... better go shaved clean or full beard 🤔... gonna look for comments about the tache now 🤣👨

  • R T
    R T2 måneder siden

    its aight. Dex is aight

  • Kyle Montanaro
    Kyle Montanaro2 måneder siden

    What is the point of that? It's a laptop but it's not a laptop because you need to plug your phone into it because it's practically just an external keyboard and display for your phone?? What did I miss?

  • Pierre Boyer
    Pierre Boyer2 måneder siden

    There's also Huawei/honor which has a desktop mode. Also there are lot of other lapdock. There's phonebook which I received from kickstarter, and also I seen one with x360 hinge on aliexpress recently, which looks gorgeous.

  • Ali Mohseni
    Ali Mohseni2 måneder siden

    Im Stuck between 2 Notebooks: Lenovo ideapad 5-15 -Ryzen 5 4500u -512 GB SSD -16 GB RAM Mostly made of plastic Cost: 680 € Vs. Magicbook 15 (2020) -Ryzen 5 4500u -512 GB SSD -8 GB RAM Mostly made of Aluminium Cost: 600 € Which one should i buy?

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson
    Federico Jimbo Smithson2 måneder siden

    I remember Razer has some kind take of this, it's more elegant, the phone slides inside and serves as its touchpad

  • EARNEST 2004
    EARNEST 20042 måneder siden

    Samsung desktop experience but how about thermal 😂😂😂😂