This keyboard is a $100 computer!!! - Raspberry Pi 400

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Raspberry Pi isn't exactly new but it has come a long way that is almost usable for everyday activities, especially if you need something for under $100.
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuitMåned siden

    Note: We found the power switch; it's F10!

  • xeepromx


    8 dager siden


  • Leo Andhika Kurniawan

    Leo Andhika Kurniawan

    8 dager siden

    Read the manual, man...

  • Olim Pather

    Olim Pather

    9 dager siden

    Oh ok!

  • Nicolas Chapados Girard

    Nicolas Chapados Girard

    10 dager siden

    I was looking for it too...

  • x111


    10 dager siden

    yes pls make more in depth reviews !!

  • z z
    z z4 timer siden

    My problem with the instruction guide was that it doesn't tell you that the SD card it comes with is completely blank and you need to load an image on it to boot. Figured it would've come pre-imaged with Rasberry Pi OS. Fortunately I know what I'm doing, but someone who is even somewhat technically illiterate would hit a wall right out of the gate because it isn't explained anywhere in the introduction in the "Beginner's Guide." EDIT: Interesting... Anthony's came pre-loaded.... Mine did not.

  • Juan Pluzwaniztu
    Juan Pluzwaniztu5 timer siden

    I think I'd rather build my own out of an old Commodore offering, this thing looks a little too girly for my tastes.

  • 04dram04
    04dram045 timer siden

    It needs a built in trac pad, or its not a true portable device

  • Jake
    Jake9 timer siden

    6:06 I feel so attacked

  • Cosmic Aesthetic
    Cosmic Aesthetic13 timer siden

    I would love to see it on LTT

  • Malkatrix musik
    Malkatrix musik15 timer siden

    idk you guys, do you think this would be good for kids??

  • DPain82
    DPain8216 timer siden

    If Anthony wants the pi, give him the dainty computer damn it.

  • Carl
    Carl19 timer siden

    I see Anthony, I click like.

  • Stéphane Van Den Eynde
    Stéphane Van Den Eynde20 timer siden

    he reminds me of the apple genius in South park

  • Jeremy Harden
    Jeremy Harden22 timer siden

    Fn F10 powers it on and off. Also install ZRAM for RPi from github, never use Swap especially on block style storage.

  • Kandi
    Kandi23 timer siden

    They already made those LAPTOPS duh

  • Scott Kilpatrick
    Scott KilpatrickDag siden

    You said that you were going to test windows 10 arm where is this content in the video think you had to many destinations recording

  • RedditVid35272
    RedditVid35272Dag siden

    I can’t believe the raspberry Pi is british

  • Die Heilemacher
    Die HeilemacherDag siden wir können das besser^

  • K B
    K BDag siden

    How about hassio home assistant hub running on the Raspberry?

  • Bernice Gardner
    Bernice GardnerDag siden

    The superficial botany metrically guarantee because fibre secondarily punch modulo a quick protocol. abject, gabby engineering

  • Rafael Tarverdiyev
    Rafael TarverdiyevDag siden

    Dude could u send me 1 kilogram raspberry pi? I will make jam

  • Licki Me Nuts
    Licki Me NutsDag siden

    It's a really weird USB placement. I mean who uses computer mouse with their left hand? even if you use wireless mouse, there will be a certain level of electro magnetic interference from the hdmi

  • EhrgeizVR
    EhrgeizVRDag siden

    Dude, eat 1 less pizza a week and you will lose that belly. Come on.

  • Kent K
    Kent K2 dager siden

    LTT!! Set-up Windows 10 on ARM!

  • k9wiREless
    k9wiREless2 dager siden

    the book is like $29.99

  • Jeremy Brock
    Jeremy Brock2 dager siden

    Basically a laptop without a screen.

  • Charles-Olivier Marchand
    Charles-Olivier Marchand3 dager siden

    This guy looks like ron perlman in beauty and the beast

  • Joe H
    Joe H3 dager siden

    ublock origin will increase loading times on webpages by like 200% lol thats why 8:00

  • electrohacker
    electrohacker4 dager siden

    Hint: i use respberry pis for iiot

  • S Wangberg
    S Wangberg4 dager siden

    more Anthony

  • Sam K.
    Sam K.4 dager siden

    So... it's basically modern Commodore 64?

  • Banner1986
    Banner19864 dager siden

    Andy is easily the most underutilized asset as far as screen time at LTT, while likely being the most heavily utilized behind the scenes talent - hire more nerds so andy can afford the time to be in front of the camera more plz.

  • haziq ali
    haziq ali4 dager siden

    ANTHONY is the best!

  • Luc
    Luc4 dager siden

    why does my man look like a whole lord of the rings goblin

  • Ignacio Roca
    Ignacio Roca4 dager siden

    Anthony > Linus

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson4 dager siden

    I woulda loved this as a kid

  • Z l
    Z l5 dager siden

    Cyberdecks making a comeback???

  • Nefarious Purple Badger
    Nefarious Purple Badger5 dager siden


  • Men In Black
    Men In Black5 dager siden

    Was the OS 32 or 64 bit?

  • Xavier Smith
    Xavier Smith6 dager siden

    I love seeing more content with RPI. I get emotional just seeing how strongly Anthony feels about RPI and how great this can be for someone to get started tinkering. Growing up my parents didn’t have much expendable income and I knew it, so I never could have dreamed of asking for a full computer setup for myself, but this could open doors for someone who might be in that situation now, and I am really happy for that.

  • Eric Andrews
    Eric Andrews6 dager siden

    There are other operating systems, such as Ubuntu Mate, that can be used. Also, with the 8 GB Raspberry PI you can do a lot more and use it as a desktop.

  • SPiRiT
    SPiRiT6 dager siden

    I love RaspberryPi project and have two RPI 3B+ that I use as servers. They are not fast enough for desktop use (and for server use they are slow as well). I hope that RPI 5 will be the real thing! Anyway, it does look cool.

  • Joseph O'Brien
    Joseph O'Brien6 dager siden

    Is Anthony the only person at LTT who knows how to use linux?

  • Tim Moser
    Tim Moser6 dager siden

    Sooo a laptop without a screen?

  • ᔕ੦ᑌᖇᑕ੩ ᖇᗩƳ
    ᔕ੦ᑌᖇᑕ੩ ᖇᗩƳ6 dager siden

    This video made me cry, the Raspberry Pi 400 is Officially WAY FASTER than the Machine I'm Tying This Very Message On! I've been stuck on a Core 2 Duo @ 1.2Ghz Laptop since 2020 took away my job at the same time my Desktop blew up and just because it was 2020, my decent laptop was stolen too. #FML

  • bml2200
    bml22006 dager siden

    Personally I have no use but to see Anthony be so passionate about it, I want to see more videos about it. No secret to good videos, if you care what you are talking about then it will be good.

  • Nachtzecke
    Nachtzecke6 dager siden

    This Video has inspired me to buy my own version. And hell yeah, this si so great to Play with. I OC'ed it to solid 2.4GHz and it runs great. Its enough power to take a complete system in your bagpack. a tiny 7" Screen powerd by a Powerbank make ist possible to carry around and be prepared for all... the apocalypse can come

  • D'oh!
    D'oh!6 dager siden

    It's just soooo slow. It's half the performance of a bottom-tier Intel Atom.

  • Paul's Place
    Paul's Place7 dager siden

    Just download Ubuntu for it.

  • Jeremiah C
    Jeremiah C7 dager siden

    RP4s biggest problem is the sdcard. The bottle neck is awful. Running an OS off random read writes of 1mbs is a problem. I've been running mine from an ssd through usb3 and that gives you a huge boost in loading times to ram. The other issue is hardware acceleration especially youtube. KDE runs like a dream on the pi4. I did disable 2 effects I think background blur or drop shadow I forgot. But full featured kde works just as fast and smooth as the lxde pixel. Actually faster from since I'm using ssd. I have used archlinux and raspberry os. I prefer archlinux but raspberry os has the better chromium youtube support. For media of course you need to run kodi and also through retropie into there too. Not as a separate image but just installed along with raspberry os. Archlinux also had issue with launching kodi from plasma. But raspberry os works fine. Stay way from that pixel desktop it's ugly and slow from sdcard. It will put most people off. Unless you want lxde.

  • Jackson Cantin
    Jackson Cantin7 dager siden

    This seems like it's made with the developing world in mind, basically the cheapest possible general purpose desktop computer, great for under-funded schools.

  • Hadwell
    Hadwell8 dager siden

    the apple II or C64 or amstrad on steroids.

  • ThisGuyEddie X
    ThisGuyEddie X8 dager siden

    Checked out vessi .. wanted a pair. Too bad all the manly sizes are sold out.

  • Huncho Adel
    Huncho Adel8 dager siden

    we want more anthony videos please .

  • Evan Martinez
    Evan Martinez8 dager siden

    Yes LTT

  • Geek Therapy Radio Podcast
    Geek Therapy Radio Podcast9 dager siden

    Late comment, but for anyone reading who owns a Pi, Twister OS is seriously amazing.

  • JayVBear45
    JayVBear459 dager siden

    It would be great for Elders/Seniors as well, especially those on a fixed income. You can even hook it up to a touchscreen monitor with a mod on the GPIO.

  • GrayGrumps
    GrayGrumps9 dager siden

    Random picture of Gavin Free in there lol..

  • M. br
    M. br9 dager siden

    Anthony is best love this guy

  • Cheese is gud
    Cheese is gud9 dager siden

    I want the 8bit guy to get his hands on this, it's almost like another commodore if you consider it, run an emulator and it's just a c64 slim!

  • Zane Wong
    Zane Wong9 dager siden

    Can you use it to write an 8-bit phsyics game of controlling Linus not to drop the hardware in his hands and run it on a retro LCD screen?

  • Yahya Ali
    Yahya Ali9 dager siden

    What's the name of the book anthony was reading

  • Ian McWhorter
    Ian McWhorter9 dager siden

    I want to see this on LTT

  • Olim Pather
    Olim Pather9 dager siden

    Raspberry Pi: You know what, I will include a charger on the product. Apple: DISGUSTING!!!

  • Johannes Lørup Buch
    Johannes Lørup Buch9 dager siden

    The GPIO pins are genius for learning to program. Having that physical aspect of code really clicks with most people trying to figure out programming for the first time. I would love to see Anthony tinker with this thing in another video.

  • Toboe Key
    Toboe Key9 dager siden

    I wouldnt pay a penny for that shitty junk 🤦🤦🙄😑😒 n the name of that junk wooow wut a piece of shit

  • Goat pepper herbal tea
    Goat pepper herbal tea10 dager siden

    Linus got bigger

  • gno
    gno10 dager siden

    perfect thing to shitpost anonymously

  • BanjoFX
    BanjoFX10 dager siden

    I wonder how gaming on this thing would be like

  • Nicolas Chapados Girard
    Nicolas Chapados Girard10 dager siden

    Next thing I need is how to set it up with ms teams, cuz it is for my kid and the school ask to do the distance teaching to be on that. I just can't figure out how to do it yet.

  • klaudiusz219
    klaudiusz21910 dager siden

    Let's go boys, for Anthony

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala10 dager siden

    Lets not call it stealing. Lets call it "working from home".

  • Ginger Knight
    Ginger Knight10 dager siden

    couple of buddies of mine have these and all have virtual PiHole installed as well

  • Tristan Jackson
    Tristan Jackson10 dager siden

    Yo, it’s Eggman!

  • Michael Skywalker
    Michael Skywalker10 dager siden

    Yes, it would be great to see the potential of this platform with respect to basic computer science and external systems interaction including gaming consoles, cnc machinery and maybe household devices and vehicular systems. I believe half of the value of the raspberry pi is realized through the information contained in the book bundled with the computer. I think Anthony is one of the only people that is capable of maximizing the potential of this device via upgrades and applications.

  • ThisIS 4U
    ThisIS 4U10 dager siden

    is the BIOS called the PIOS XD

  • FragKaan
    FragKaan10 dager siden

    is it strong enough to mine bitcoin?

  • BarTech TV
    BarTech TV10 dager siden

    My first six computers were all built into keyboards. Commodore Vic 20, Atari 800XL, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2, Amiga 600, Amiga 1200. They were fun times.

  • Doe John
    Doe John10 dager siden

    Imagine this, with a proper battery and charging circuit included in the chassis. Would be a MORE awesome lil' device :)

  • Doe John

    Doe John

    8 dager siden

    @mixman2007m Sounds like a good idea for the actual product! Tho' you have an added layer of hassle with the separate recharging :)

  • mixman2007m


    8 dager siden

    What about a Power bank?!

  • Vishal Jangid
    Vishal Jangid10 dager siden

    I am simple man. I see Anthony I click the video!

  • AmishTev
    AmishTev10 dager siden

    If you can’t code it on a raspberry pi it shouldn’t exist

  • Daryl Bain
    Daryl Bain10 dager siden

    Yes do it. My grandsons, particularly the nine year old, would really flipout on this, not to mention his grandpa.

  • GrandNebSmada
    GrandNebSmada10 dager siden

    Im glad they moved to videos longer than 10 min

  • D Johnson
    D Johnson10 dager siden

    Where are the pi projects? If anything belongs on a Tech Tips channel, it's building and programming your own tech .

  • Alan Estes
    Alan Estes10 dager siden

    Great video, I want to see you guys do something cool with it. I love the Raspberry PI, I have one on a shelf plugged in as a nextcloud server using RAID 10 (4TB) dedicated to backing my stuff up. It works well, everything was missing from my hard drive one day. I'm not sure what happened, but Windows wouldn't boot, Linux always works, but the Raspberry PI restored everything. I also use them for a media center SNES and Kodi media center, a modem for a guest network, Christmas lightshows. The possibilities are endless, They are so awesome!

  • Omniplex Music
    Omniplex Music10 dager siden

    but what kind of fps should i expect from it playing crysis ?

  • Panzer Applehusky
    Panzer Applehusky10 dager siden

    Why no knives?

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz10 dager siden

    Anthony: remember when computers where built into keyboards, back in the Commodore 64 days, Amiga days.... Me: Like laptops today...

  • carlos2739
    carlos273910 dager siden

    when you realize a keyboard and mouse is better than your own pc

  • Unpleasant Videos
    Unpleasant Videos11 dager siden

    Any crisis jokes?

  • naturebc
    naturebc11 dager siden

    That's the one big drawback of Pi, you have to unplug and plug every time you want to start it. It's a bit of a pain.

  • Felipe Budinich
    Felipe Budinich11 dager siden

    Watching to know if they finally added a power button. After watching the video: FFS there is a effin complete keyboard there and no power button.

  • World Theory
    World Theory11 dager siden

    I wonder what future versions of Raspberry Pi will be capable of.

  • kmforde0785
    kmforde078511 dager siden

    It's a laptop without a screen.

  • Felix
    Felix11 dager siden

    I wonder why the keychain is blurred out :D

  • Jude Quinn
    Jude Quinn11 dager siden

    Anthony talking enthusiastically about basi programming is very endearing and makes me wanna learn some code

  • adoksym
    adoksym11 dager siden

    Yeah, this experience looks horrible to me. I like cheap and am willing to settle for less but it still has to be at least adequately usable. Especially YT looked really slow. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone - except the tinkerers.

  • Arashk Mahshidfar
    Arashk Mahshidfar11 dager siden

    First, the longboi and now the thiccboi...

  • Sapioit
    Sapioit11 dager siden

    Would be very nice if they had an app which allowed you to use your android smartphone's screen, without turning off the smartphone, and the power button, as you said, but maybe as a power switch/toggle instead.

    NEWBREEDTV11 dager siden

    Anthony is def my fav presenter on LTT. Such a soothing voice and a knowledgable guy

  • Boell's Clown
    Boell's Clown11 dager siden

    nice piece of electronic but I see no need for it accept "playing" with code :-)

  • Sadman Pranto
    Sadman Pranto11 dager siden

    Sadly, In my Country (Bangladesh), Raspberry Pi products are so overpriced (due to transport cost and import duty), they're just not viable enough for daily driver.

  • Big Tims Trucking LLC
    Big Tims Trucking LLC11 dager siden

    I would install kali Linux on it.