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Do you prefer to write notes down on a pen and paper but, you still want that digital edge? reMarkable 2 has the ability to let you digitally take notes with that pen to paper feel.
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  • Luke Trust
    Luke Trust18 timer siden

    I really appreciate this format.

  • Daniel Sacilotto
    Daniel Sacilotto18 timer siden

    The pricing for this is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Ncopp
    Ncopp22 timer siden

    When is Linus going to do a face reveal?

  • squee222
    squee222Dag siden

    for 500 bucks you could buy fifty thousand sheets of paper - and probably have a scanner already if you want to digitize your notes. So if you wrote 10 pages of notes a day 5 days a week it would take 20 years to pay for this

  • Brad Cokayne
    Brad CokayneDag siden

    Seems to be hugely overpriced for what it is compared to other products which can achieve the same thing and more.

  • Dissono
    DissonoDag siden

    You're supposed to clearly state when your content is sponsored

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check2 dager siden

    Their ship times are not “remarkable “ 2 weeks and waiting

  • Benoit Massicotte
    Benoit Massicotte2 dager siden

    The wokeness in this product is puke-ind6cing. Gross.

  • Misael Villeda
    Misael Villeda2 dager siden

    $450 for a tablet with eink? Lol I just bought the 2020 iPad 8 with the Apple Pencil I paid less than $450...for what it does this thing should be no more than $200 tbh

  • PokéKid
    PokéKid2 dager siden

    this thing is a rip off especially when you can just get a surface go 2 or a new cpu or even a fricking nintendo switch lmao (OR EVEN OTHER THINGS) even then, things like surface and such are a joke. theres still not much to beat it and i dont think things like rasberry pis are getting anywhere significantly worth still.

  • Charlotte Scalf
    Charlotte Scalf2 dager siden


  • M H
    M H2 dager siden

    Hugely overpriced. You can get a second hand surface pro 3 for less than $400 with a pencil included

  • Knas Mas
    Knas Mas3 dager siden

    honestly just get an iPad, in 9/10 cases I'm sure you're better off!

  • My Big Boi Philip
    My Big Boi Philip3 dager siden

    has anyone ever heard of a notebook?

  • pog see
    pog see3 dager siden

    I think anyone trying to compare this to an iPad is missing the point - this device is all about the screen. And that's why it's expensive, because these screens are produced on such a small scale. Go grab the cheapest e-ink kobo/kindle and compare for yourself.

  • Lestibournes
    Lestibournes3 dager siden

    Looks like something that would be great for a college student, except for the price.

  • Daniel Stahl
    Daniel Stahl3 dager siden

    Good to see I'm not the only left handed person who wears their watch on their dominant hand wrist.

  • Michael R
    Michael R4 dager siden

    Its so F expensive... WTF, there costumer base must be smug a-holes!

  • Mitchell Marquez
    Mitchell Marquez4 dager siden

    Everybody gangsta till we get Arch Linux installed on this!

  • Elliott Coupon
    Elliott Coupon5 dager siden

    Clickbait title ... Freaking cringe. Disliked.

  • Matthew Shields
    Matthew Shields6 dager siden

    They could likely sell more if they lowered the prices and sold more.

  • Dave Grierson
    Dave Grierson6 dager siden

    Should have shown the shading with something other than the mechanical pencil tool; I don't think it even uses the tilt sensor. The regular pencil has much better shading.

  • Small Hats Hate The Truth
    Small Hats Hate The Truth6 dager siden

    I love ereaders but most of them have too small of a screen. I like to view a book in its original formatting so resorted to buying a Galaxy Tab s6 instead.

  • pr0xZen
    pr0xZen6 dager siden

    You can use other EMR styluses with this if you prefer a different feel or tip, as it's a wacom digitizer.

  • Dirty Hairy
    Dirty Hairy6 dager siden

    10:55 You're so left-handed! It appears that ReMarkable design team, at least for folios was 100% right-handed #diversity

  • rafnaj1
    rafnaj16 dager siden

    Very cool but too rich for my blood. Maybe in a few years the first version will drop to a reasonable price

  • yousif manhal
    yousif manhal6 dager siden

    Just buy normal pin and paper

    KOTYAR06 dager siden


    KOTYAR06 dager siden

    This is fun

  • CreativityKills
    CreativityKills7 dager siden

    Too expensive and that's the only problem with this. For the same price people will likely go for a tablet instead

  • Alex Witteried
    Alex Witteried7 dager siden

    Yeah I'd much rather get a surface go for $'s a way better product for drawing and productivity seeing as how it can actually run windows...

  • Bastian Espejo
    Bastian Espejo8 dager siden

    $400 i could buy an iPad Pro second hand lmao

  • ゚BobFredIII
    ゚BobFredIII8 dager siden

    Where tf did they put the battery, it’s so thin

  • ferdhy
    ferdhy9 dager siden

    IMO don't think this should be used for education below college or below post-high school grad education for the price.

  • ferdhy
    ferdhy9 dager siden

    or you could get a bamboo stylus pen and use it with any touchscreen surface

  • No_One 32
    No_One 329 dager siden

    can I use it on OSU?

  • Justin van Zuilekom
    Justin van Zuilekom9 dager siden

    I'd love to have this for school and engineering stuff, but I could literally get a tablet that does more and works better for less money.

  • Berserk Publishing
    Berserk Publishing10 dager siden

    This is not at all related to the video. Do you realize that you look like Yul Brynner when he had hair? Check out the movie "Soloman and Sheba." It popped up on my screen on YT and I was like my God, the dude on Linus' staff is really Yul Brynner.

  • Zach R
    Zach R10 dager siden

    So fun finding things that work well for us lefties

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide10 dager siden

    Really like your videos!

  • Lodewijk Luijt
    Lodewijk Luijt10 dager siden

    James, that was a terrible segway to your sponsor. Lovely presentation though

  • Rey Fuller
    Rey Fuller10 dager siden

    Hmmmm, I hate to bring this up.... But did he disclose this video being sponsored? This is the most blatant fake review ever. 🙄 Just a Remarkable 2 ad....

  • Andrei Ivanov
    Andrei Ivanov11 dager siden


    ADRENELINEDUDE11 dager siden

    I don't enjoy that it's more expensive than the last gen.

  • Kushko
    Kushko11 dager siden

    It is pretty cool, but those accessories prices are quite honestly disgusting. Will avoid buying it for that reason alone. I am not going to just willingly allow myself to be robbed.

  • TheWoolyninja4
    TheWoolyninja411 dager siden

    Way to expensive when you consider how niche the product is. The accessories are just out right price gouging, specifically the cases.

  • upsidown13
    upsidown1311 dager siden

    what a fucking idiot. the pen sticks to the upper side in an extremely obvious way because of the way the magnet strength feels

  • Chicken dog
    Chicken dog11 dager siden

    My first thought was this would be super useful then I remember basically every newer iPad was apple pencil support and for 400$ that is a better than base spec of most ipads

  • G M
    G M11 dager siden

    They are outta their damn minds with that price

  • jbcool
    jbcool11 dager siden

    450$ is way too much, for 500$ you get a surface go 2 with a pen, the pen is really good and its a windows tablet, add 70$ more for the keyboard and you got a laptop that can do what this thing can do and so much more.

  • TheOnlyNemoron
    TheOnlyNemoron12 dager siden

    What`s the connector on the bottom left for? (or is it even a connector?)

  • Dial Up Dave
    Dial Up Dave13 dager siden

    I could buy nearly 1000 25 cent notebooks for that

  • Lite
    Lite13 dager siden

    Quiet dude I'm trying to listen to linus in the background

  • Victor Savelle
    Victor Savelle13 dager siden

    I'm getting it just to look cool on my meetings

  • Cosa Hermosa
    Cosa Hermosa13 dager siden

    11:10 most people isn't left-handed

  • neophytealpha
    neophytealpha15 dager siden

    Interesting idea but way too expensive. Have a tablet that is more powerful and was cheaper.

  • kensw87
    kensw8715 dager siden

    this should be 150 max, with the basic pen at 20

  • FluphyBunny
    FluphyBunny15 dager siden

    Way, waaaaaaay over priced!

  • wiilillad
    wiilillad16 dager siden

    It looks like you're using the mecahnical pencil instead of the pen or marker. If you want all the shades, use marker or pen.

  • Ronaldo Lelis
    Ronaldo Lelis16 dager siden

    $400 for a journal lol

  • yedoom
    yedoom16 dager siden

    For my money I think the rocketbook is a much more economical (if less elegant) solution.

  • Tom5tom Entertainment
    Tom5tom Entertainment16 dager siden

    If you're strapped for cash, get a notebook and pens for $2 max

  • Goeksel
    Goeksel17 dager siden

    Looks really great and could imagine to use it, but the price is a big turn off. Way too expensive and in the price range for full fledged tablets. And the accessories seem also too expensive.

  • mike mallamo
    mike mallamo17 dager siden

    Not worth it!!! Who needs this, that couldn't use rocketbook or a boogie board?

  • p51mustang24
    p51mustang2417 dager siden

    I feel like the goal of this product is to get Apple to buy them out; owner's cash in and Apple integrates some of it's features.

  • M4ng03z
    M4ng03z18 dager siden

    Omg the skin on the scale

  • athletejmv
    athletejmv18 dager siden

    @10:57, he was putting the pen on the wrong part of the rM2... it has a much stronger hold than portrayed in the video... great video overall.

  • ArthurVasqueZ
    ArthurVasqueZ18 dager siden

    wait so james is left handed?

  • Sanjay Soneji
    Sanjay Soneji18 dager siden

    linus video with linus advert

  • John Ullom
    John Ullom18 dager siden

    Ill buy it from you.

  • Nick Gardner
    Nick Gardner18 dager siden

    You need to be connected to the internet for handwriting? Palm PDAs did the exact same thing (albiet iffy) 2 decades ago *without* Internet.

  • drum4370
    drum437018 dager siden

    these things are garbage...

  • Geek Therapy Radio Podcast
    Geek Therapy Radio Podcast19 dager siden

    There is still such a vast gap between the $399.30 difference in need between these and a $0.70 paper notebook. Still TOTALLY want it though, and these devices used to be close to $1,000 easy. Great progress.

  • Channa Deraniyagala
    Channa Deraniyagala19 dager siden

    that ipad is looking kinda good now'

  • Kristofy
    Kristofy19 dager siden

    remarkably useless, in my opinion.

  • James
    James19 dager siden

    Anyone got a less-overpriced alternative?

  • e s
    e s19 dager siden

    I'm really conflicted because I really like the concept of the remarkable. I like to write my notes in order to retain the information I learn in uni and to study. However, I don't like how paper seems so wasteful. It also ends up wracking up a lot of storage, where I have piles upon piles of sheet notes which discourages me from actually going back to look for certain notes to revise. I'm really interested in the straighforwardness and simpleness of this remarkable tablet because I can store all my notes easier and in one place, I like that feels like writing on paper and theres not much of a lag and it's more accurate than writing on a tablet or iPad. People argue that the lack of other functions like apps etc. Is a downfall but I think it may good for me as I'll use it for what I intended which is note-taking rather than watching movies etc. I'm really conflicted because it's basically coming to the same price as an iPad and idk if I can bring myself to pay €400-500+ for this along with all the accessories. Could I get some advice?

  • John Rigby

    John Rigby

    18 dager siden

    It's a niche product for sure. Seems like it'd be a good fit for someone who doesn't write too much or too little, who's workflow is focused in the moment, links or exports all documents to a cloud service. As a primary device on it's own you'd be better served with either Samsung's newer tablets (s tab 7+) using the most recent S pen + hi refresh display, or an iPad/iPad pro + apple pencil. Mostly because after you've accumulated +300 documents, finding them would still be faster and easier than reMARKABLE's execution and the newest digital pencils that Apple/Samsung use are almost instantaneous/no lag noticeable. It'd come down to what device ecosystems you're already apart of, If you use an existing Mac based laptop/desktop, go iPad pro+pencil, whereas if you use a windows 10 based laptop/desktop, go with an S tab 7+. One thing of note however if you go with the iPad pro + Apple pencil, I'd recommend a good glass screen protector - imo the plastic-like tip of the Apple pencil feels substantially smoother and less draggy? on a good glass screen protector Happy new year 🙂

    VEDEM RACING20 dager siden

    There's no click bait here today! This is REMARKABLE!!!

  • CrayonPop_Waifu
    CrayonPop_Waifu20 dager siden

    Calculus is fun huh... Wait until you meet PDEs that makes you shit on your pants lol

  • iWajdi
    iWajdi21 dag siden

    man I love marking my pdfs and I do them on pc and its annoying with no touch capabilities, and I scan my papers I never leave anything unscanned cause I hate papers and I hate having millions of papers, this would be amazing but it's not available in my country 😂

  • KappaChino
    KappaChino21 dag siden

    So an iPad - the iPad?

  • Chris Schroyer
    Chris Schroyer21 dag siden

    how does it compare to an ipad with apple pencil?

  • jaguarover55
    jaguarover5522 dager siden

    it basically costs the same as an ipad air. If they sold it for like 250$ then it would absolutely worth it, but like this? idk

  • Thijs Janssen
    Thijs Janssen22 dager siden

    Soooooo... Can I use this to enter data into form fillable pdf files?

  • John Carlisle
    John Carlisle22 dager siden

    I wanted to know more about the palm rejection. I have found with other tablets that it's the pen itself that provides that feature.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR22 dager siden

    Paying hundreds of dollars to achieve a crud simulation of the thing that you were always able to do for like... $10 tops. Technological progress is amazing, isn't it?

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR22 dager siden

    Is this for students? They do know that students tend to be broke, right?

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR22 dager siden

    Oh, +$50 for having a stylus with an eraser? cool...

  • Hailey Noh
    Hailey Noh22 dager siden

    The tilt is not working because you have the mechanical pencil chosen. It will work with other writing utensil options like the pencil or the ink pen!

  • GrockleTD
    GrockleTD22 dager siden

    simply remarkable.

  • DaLi
    DaLi22 dager siden

    One good selling point for these is that they work outdoors in direct sunlight, without glare or dimming of the screen.

  • Rushabh Mehta
    Rushabh Mehta23 dager siden

    Should an iPad air 2020 make more sense ? The remarkable 2 + marker + cover becomes that much.

  • Kenneth D
    Kenneth D23 dager siden

    I can see this being for the same type of people who would buy a simple Kindle for eBooks over a regular tablet. Sometimes you just want something that does one thing well without the extra distractions common in devices today.

  • Codeplayer
    Codeplayer23 dager siden

    Just got a HP Elite X2 Core i5 Gen 7 Windows tablet for 490 with stylus and folio keyboard and thunderbolt. But its a nice toy

  • HYC
    HYC23 dager siden


  • salty fisken
    salty fisken24 dager siden

    I had a pre-order on this one for about 6 months, but canceled it as soon as I saw the first review units. Too me personally, the price isn't a problem, I went with an iPad instead. The problem I have with this product is that I would pay a decent premium since it's niche market, but only get Beta-software. I was hopping to see a big differens in the software compared to the first model, but they are about 98% the same. I would rather pay for software-upgrades on the Remarkable one, then getting the same experience in a slicker looking hardware for a higher price.

  • Tom St Denis
    Tom St Denis24 dager siden

    $150 for a leather case?

  • DunnickFayuro
    DunnickFayuro24 dager siden

    2020, 500$ and still no colored E-Ink. Lame!!!

  • Roberto Venegas
    Roberto Venegas24 dager siden

    Is that Linus being a fool yelling in the background? 4:40

  • Ajo Mathew
    Ajo Mathew24 dager siden

    You haven't reviewed this product well. From other reviewers I can see that the device doesn't have a colour option and touch screen through each page is not the best smooth. Please use the device throughly and just do not post the review for the sake of posting. We trust you and we expect you to check everything and give us and unbiased opionon. Thank you