This Is My FAVOURITE Lens! - Fujifilm XF50

Vitenskap og teknologi

Camera lenses are kinda like car tires, they can come in the same sizes but they all can do different things. Fuji is no different and we're going to check out their Fujifilm XF 50mm F1 lens.
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  • Geth270
    Geth27012 dager siden

    Wuold have been nice to also compare it to the f1.1 Kamlan lense. It's just short of f1 but its waaaayyyyyyy cheaper than both the Laika and the Fuji.

    ALTHDS13 dager siden

    Aperture ring asmr.

  • Eric Fallabel
    Eric Fallabel18 dager siden

    Can I just... The set of people who don't know what f-atops are and who also should be interested in this lens ... it can't be more than zero, right?

  • Rayyan Ashar
    Rayyan Ashar29 dager siden

    lmao i thought this was dennis

  • Darren Lee
    Darren LeeMåned siden

    That's the price of a 3090

  • Ty Feague
    Ty FeagueMåned siden

    Does this lens focus by wire like a lot of Fuji’s lineup? I was looking at leaving my Canon setup in favor of Fuji but after renting a few lenses and an xt3 I was less than impressed with manual focusing. Let’s talk about weight, because it really doesn’t matter. If you’re worried about ounces, there are plenty of lighter options available. If you’re taking this lens over the 56mm f/1.2 then you have a specific need for either slightly more focal reach or slightly wider aperture (both ridiculous in mind). You talked about the noise of the AF. I think you’re really reaching by saying the noise of the lens could scare off an animal. If you’re shooting on a 50mm you’re either already close enough that the animal is aware of you or you’re shooting a landscape with an animal in it and therefore too far away for that minuscule sound to be heard. In your sharpness “test” I think you got your 56 & 50mm images mixed up. That 56mm looked better, but if you’re going to talk about sharpness using wide open apertures, then you have to use a tripod and an inanimate object that doesn’t move between the time you’ve focused and released the shutter. I’d like to see some more in-depth looks for these camera products with less pandering to an audience that doesn’t understand the basic terminology. Before I found LTT I had no idea what any of the acronyms for pc components were, now I can build my own PCs. If viewers are interested, they’re willing to learn on their own. When I see a review or first impressions of a $1,000+ lens I expect to learn something rather than be told what an aperture is.

  • Shayashi of Myth
    Shayashi of MythMåned siden

    Brandon: you can see a clear difference between _f_ /1.0 and _f_ /1.2 Me: Looking at it like it's a _Highlights_ hidden objects book... I'm pretty sure these two are the same picture

  • Andreas Dyballa
    Andreas DyballaMåned siden

    Say what you want, the Leica picture looks like a magazine photograph out of the box.

  • LasstUnsSpielen
    LasstUnsSpielenMåned siden

    I heard this lens is super soft.

  • TB
    TBMåned siden

    The field of view of a 1.0 APSC lens is (in this case) the same as an 1.5 full frame lens. A 50mm F1 lens on a full frame would be a a F0.6 lens in APCS world (if the APSC is a 1.5x), again to have the same depth of field. This is why the full frame lenses are more expensive.

  • david rab
    david rabMåned siden

    The goofy epoxy coherently beam because nepal acly rain failing a abhorrent egypt. tough, icy keyboard

  • AB
    ABMåned siden

    Would love someone who really has knowledge bout photography at ltt team..ofc I don't expect as much as from Gerald undone but this is kinda sad..I love photo content...

  • Abraão Pini - Pini Engenharia
    Abraão Pini - Pini EngenhariaMåned siden

    Pleaseeee non retard unit always !!

  • Vorta
    VortaMåned siden

    Why are you still weighting things in British currency? Give us metric conversion on screen please!

  • KusoWeebGamer
    KusoWeebGamerMåned siden

    Hello my Canadian fellow, I do understand majority of LTT audience are located in the US, but if you weight a portable device of any kind and you want the number actually make sense, please measure it in grams.

  • Nick the Doggy
    Nick the DoggyMåned siden

    you missed focus on the eyes with the 56 and the noct

  • Darko Bonovil
    Darko BonovilMåned siden

    I don't understand most of the stuff but he is presenting it in a interesting way .

  • Emil Visti
    Emil VistiMåned siden

    Wait, how the did you have the shutter closed when changing lenses on the X-T4!? I've been wanting to do that forever.

  • Paul Kremer
    Paul KremerMåned siden

    9:33 you have a higher ISO on the f/1.2, so obviously it's gonna be less sharp. I'm not saying that's the only reason it's less sharp, but for a better comparison you should have used the same ISO, especially when the difference is so small. Also, I'd love to have seen the sharpness of the f/1.0 at f/1.8. First of all, that's a way more realistic aperture for real world use since at f/1.0 even the slightest autofocus inaccuracy will give you a considerable focus plane shift, and also it's most likely way sharper at f/1.8 since that's almost a whole step down from f/1.0. Then again, this is obviously not a photography-focused channel, so I double @Online Alias call for a dedicated Brandon-hosted photography/filmography channel!

  • omaracutie
    omaracutieMåned siden

    what happened to dennis?

  • Tee KH97
    Tee KH97Måned siden

    0.77kg for the rest of the world.

  • Pistachio
    PistachioMåned siden

    Isn't it technically f1.5 because of the crop factor?

  • IBSD Gaming
    IBSD GamingMåned siden

    Brandon is one of the best hosts at LMG I really wish he would do more hosting on the main channel. I couldn't care less about cameras and camera equipment, but I always watch a video with him hosting because he seems to be able to describe and detail what he is thinking so clearly.

  • CubicIronPyrite
    CubicIronPyriteMåned siden

    When people first get a camera, they look for a 35mm or 50mm full frame equivalent. However, Fuji X bodies have a 1.5x crop factor, so that 50mm lens has a 75mm FF equivalent. That said, its still a 50mm lens, and behaves like a 50mm lens (depth of field vs. f-stop, etc.).

  • Doderio Larkisso
    Doderio LarkissoMåned siden

    couple of soft serves

  • diotough
    diotoughMåned siden

    I mean, the 35mm and 50mm options for a first lens are usually aiming for full frame - on APS-C we're talking about 23mm and 35mm. The 50mm f/1 is equivalent to a 75mm f/1.5 while the 56mm is equivalent to ~85mm f/1.8. That's nothing you'd choose as a first lens unless you very much know you only want to do portraits. The additional weight is not really important for hiking or travelling - it's a portrait lens after all, you use it on location or in the studio. It might be a point if you'd need to carry it around all day though. The additional noise is imho not an issue during a wedding - there are more noises around you so whatever. I found the 56mm f/1.2 slightly sharper actually - the focus point was set differently. Just compare the eyebrows. Manually focussing an f/1 lens is ... a challenge. I would not want to do this with modern day cameras unless it's a Leica M with the rangefinder system. It would still be quie a challenge to nail the focus. The actual advantage of the 50mm f/1 is the extra light for the focus system. The bokeh won't change much. I find the focal length to be quite odd though. Personally, I rather stick with the 56mm because of the 85mm equivalency, significantly lower price and less weight. Overall for me it's the more sensible choice.

  • Chris Boursnell
    Chris BoursnellMåned siden

    Check out DPReview's round up for the year. This lens won Worst Lens of 2020 😆

  • hasan ahmed
    hasan ahmedMåned siden

    What about for video?

  • martim sousa
    martim sousaMåned siden

    Brandon, please do more photography videos! Also, you could compare this lens to the Canon 50mm 0.95

  • Nick
    NickMåned siden

    hmmm so its not really f1 then if its apsc

  • Danny Vo
    Danny VoMåned siden

    4:54 I had to hear that twice because I thought someone added in effects with their voice on how loud the lens is...

  • Mindo
    MindoMåned siden

    Omg amateur hour. Not 50mm on full frame jesus

  • Leduc The Canuck
    Leduc The CanuckMåned siden

    Love the quality of your reviews, Brandon and team. Not a Fuji guy, but damn that lens is lovely.

  • twoknife
    twoknifeMåned siden

    The shots will basically match an 85mm 1.4 on a full frame camera. Given the weight of the lens, you might as well just go full frame at that point.

  • Erman Bakhtiar Othman
    Erman Bakhtiar OthmanMåned siden

    Only this guy a real pro when is his thing..he sleeps with his camera, he bath with his camera..he eat with his camera..

  • sucksman
    sucksmanMåned siden


  • CakeyCake
    CakeyCakeMåned siden

    me, someone who doesnt know a thing about cameras: haha yes,very true

  • Yuval Danon
    Yuval DanonMåned siden

    why the the hell he talks about fuji who owns that shitty body?

  • PS
    PSMåned siden

    I own an XT3 and looking to buy this ... but someone mentioned that this lens gives full frame look... then why not buy full frame body and lens with it... I am coming from price point of the lens.

  • jamessmithe
    jamessmitheMåned siden

    This lens is only relevant for Fuji cameras. The Leica will work on any camera and especially on full frame cameras, where the lens will unleash it's full bokeh-potential. In comparison thanks to the crop factor the Fuji is the equivalent of a full frame 77mm F/1.53 lens - still pretty good specs but nothing earth shattering.

  • Moritz Metzger
    Moritz MetzgerMåned siden

    The intro is nonsense. He's talking about 50mm and 35mm full frame equivalent lenses as first lenses for a beginner (which makes sense) and then this Fuji lens, which is a 50mm for a Crop camera which means it's a 75mm in full frame terms. Edit: Okay, I finished watching the video and this guy does not know what he's talking about or he's just winging it. I don't wanna be rude or petty, but a video like this should be well researched and fact checked I think. It's reaching at least a million people. For example, he says there's a color difference between the Leica and the Fuji lens and then continues talking about contrast instead of color. Also isn't the Leica designed for full frame? The comparison is pretty weird in the first place. He is treating the new Fuji lens like it is a 50mm full frame F1.0 lens the whole video. It's a 75mm F1.5 full frame equivalent lens but for Fujis crop system. It's great but not ground breaking or anything like the Leica was in its time.

  • V PR
    V PRMåned siden

    I am wondering about a comparison between samyang 75 1.8 sony and thia fuji 50.., hm.

  • Dhruve Mital
    Dhruve MitalMåned siden

    I thought the noct 0.95 costed that much.

  • Dan Greenwood
    Dan GreenwoodMåned siden

    Please more Brandon camera content :)

  • Gilad Kingsley
    Gilad KingsleyMåned siden

    Because this is an APSC lens, it is effectively f/1.5, which isn't very impressive.

  • Hyunjin's Earring CF
    Hyunjin's Earring CFMåned siden

    I don't even own a camera, but this was interesting.

  • deepestfried
    deepestfriedMåned siden

    ShortCricuit is like Unbox Therapy but less annoying

  • jake weg
    jake wegMåned siden

    Wheres the mouse pads?????

  • Sumner Lambert
    Sumner LambertMåned siden

    It was hard to tell, but it looked a bit like you might have been focused on his nose with the leica lens (and not his eyes). At 1.0 I assume the dof is extraordinarily shallow, and prob hard to nail the focus with- which might explain how "soft" the leica looked. Or maybe I'm off base- hard to tell! The Fuji looks awesome in any case!

  • Keith Chiu
    Keith ChiuMåned siden

    i love the enthusiasm

  • MN NM
    MN NMMåned siden

    Asian review asian product, stereotype!

  • Kelton Johnson
    Kelton JohnsonMåned siden

    Couple things for everyone - That’s a full frame equivalent 75mm lens not a 50mm because it’s on an APSC camera with a 1.5 crop. Also, it’s an f1 on APSC which means it’s the same as an f1.4 on full frame.

  • jake kiedaisch
    jake kiedaischMåned siden

    Oh if anybody wants to know the name of the absolute bop that starts playing when he starts reviewing the photos in light room. it's AGST - Distant

  • M M
    M MMåned siden

    The beginning of the video is misleading. 1. This would be a 75mm equiv. focal length on Fuji Cameras, not 50mm. 2. This lens is definitely not for beginners.

  • Vukašin Maslovarić
    Vukašin MaslovarićMåned siden

    00:30, "nice and safe": reaches the product with scissors

  • Egg-Roll
    Egg-RollMåned siden

    0:29 whoever packed that box needs to go back to packing school 101. Sure lets put something fragile right against a corner shoving all the protection material around the other 2 sides... At least it is properly packed at 1:01, but still.

  • Anthony
    AnthonyMåned siden

    As a Fuji shooter I'm surprised you don't use CaptureOne

  • HrvojeKucic
    HrvojeKucicMåned siden

    I understand, "mil" is shorter word for "milimeter, but you should be aware that "mil" is same as "thou" (1/1000 of inch). Litlle bit confusing for metric users who also know Imperial units, especially when you say "mil" few times and then weigh in pounds :)

  • Luis Liu
    Luis LiuMåned siden

    This is Not 50 mm equivalent on a full frame. You were referring to 23 and 35 mm for Fuji setup as 35mm and 50 mm. It is a portrait lens not the nifty fifty for Fuji. If starting camera and lens review, get the facts right, plz! People might be misled and make a wrong purchase decision.

    SAIFUL NAIMMåned siden

    I don't even have a camera lol

  • Močnik Royale
    Močnik RoyaleMåned siden


  • Sherlock Sinha
    Sherlock SinhaMåned siden

    And in case u need even more aperture get a f0.95 58 mm noct from Nikon for that creamy bokeh.

  • Lantti
    LanttiMåned siden

    There is also Canon 50MM f1.0 L, which is also soft in the max aperture. And also 50mm f0.95 ( ). That f-value is the relation between focal length and front lens.

  • Lantti


    Måned siden

    @Niduroki I know, it was an oversimplification. If the optic is just a front lens, that works. As Wikipedia states: "In optics, the f-number of an optical system such as a camera lens is the ratio of the system's focal length to the diameter of the entrance pupil ("clear aperture")."

  • Niduroki


    Måned siden

    The f-value does not say anything about the front lens element, otherwise most wide angle lenses would have silly f-stops, e.g. the sony 35/f1.8 Fullframe would have an f-stop of

  • Nacho Manzano
    Nacho ManzanoMåned siden

    Fuji should tell us on what 11 locations this lenses are weather sealed.

  • Chima Chinda
    Chima ChindaMåned siden

    9:52 night and day difference in terms of sharpness. Also the 50 f1.0 looks slightly sharper than the 5 f1.2 wide open. I'm really impressed. Great video.

  • TurtleDuck
    TurtleDuckMåned siden

    Hey guys, could you cover more home networking content as well as non-gaming peripherals ? I like your chair reviews as well but feel the're kind of few and far between and focus mostly on superficial impressions instead of more substantive stuff (ergonomics, usability, quality of materials, etc.). Could you maybe cover more of that type of stuff too (chairs, desks, computer risers, foot rests, etc.) and do so more seriously. All the stuff here just feels like fluff content and advertiser sponsored showcases. It would be great if ShortCircuit got an identity of it's own beyond being B footage content from the LTT channel. Maybe non-l33t G@m3r tech could be the way to go? Just an idea...

  • ChevronQ
    ChevronQMåned siden

    only one criticism: nobody outside the US uses imperial.

  • TritonB7
    TritonB7Måned siden

    Are you sure that construction noise wasn't the autofocus motor?

  • Ligh7 Foo7
    Ligh7 Foo7Måned siden

    4:25 I joibed Lius Tech Tips for this moment 4:45

  • Krishna Kumara
    Krishna KumaraMåned siden

    10:58 especially his teeth

  • richardfrieman
    richardfriemanMåned siden

    “Most lenses bottom out at 1.4.” Uhhhhhhhh try 2 or 2.8 for most Fuji lenses under $1000.

  • AtomicMuffin
    AtomicMuffinMåned siden

    "Wow, this Leica is SOFT!!" Me: I totally understand what's going on, totally.

  • costumrobo
    costumroboMåned siden

    I NEED to know the names of the songs used in this video

  • Fieryawesomeness
    FieryawesomenessMåned siden

    Next up, Nikkor f/0.95 Noct. :)

  • XIMGameplay
    XIMGameplayMåned siden

    We need more Brandon-Camera Videos! :)

  • Gavin Cato
    Gavin CatoMåned siden

    There are plenty of Leica auto focus lenses. Just the M series only are manual. If you used a sl2 with the sl 50 1.4 it would blow your mind.

  • MrSomnix
    MrSomnixMåned siden

    Cameras feel like a topic that LMG havent really gotten into apart from spending absurd amounts of money on them. These SC videos about random camera equipment are by far my favorite.

  • Tomás Santos
    Tomás SantosMåned siden

    Hi, Brandon, I want a DSLR for Christmas under 400. I use my father's 14-year-old d70. Thanks

  • Niduroki


    Måned siden

    You could get something like a d7100 for around 400 usd, but depending on what you are doing a more fitting lens might also help/be even more useful. Photographery saying goes: "The camera takes the photo, the lens *makes* the photo" If you often shoot at ISO values higher than 400 a new body will probably help though.

  • Fernando MP
    Fernando MPMåned siden

    Why the hell did you shoot a 400 ISO?

  • SlightlyFrozen
    SlightlyFrozenMåned siden

    What's pounds? Can we please use metric primarily and have it converted to imperial instead? Come on guys, you are based in Canada.

  • Salman
    SalmanMåned siden

    50mm f1 = 75mm f1.5 full frame equivalent. So saying very few lenses are f1.0 is irrelevant

  • Ad Addv

    Ad Addv

    Måned siden

    it is not irrelevant. The lens is an f1.0 lens. And very few lenses are f1.0 . It isn´t even a matter of relevance though... the statement is a fact

  • Onkar Indurkar
    Onkar IndurkarMåned siden

    For the love of God.. Can you please make a video where you compare fuji vs canon vs Sony vs leica vs Hasselblad for colors alone? Please. That would make your channel & all photography reviews better.

  • 94dodgedude
    94dodgedudeMåned siden

    F/1 sounds amazing until you realize that with the crop factor it's basically a 75mm f/1.5 so it's slower than a full frame with an f/1.4 lens. Great optics are great, but if it was a full frame f/1 lens that would be really impressive. The reason the leica looks softer is because it's meant for use with a full frame sensor. With a crop sensor camera you're zooming in on the center of the lens, magnifying any defects. The leica can let in more than a full stop more on a full frame sensored camera thus the crazy high price.

  • MrRom92DAW
    MrRom92DAWMåned siden

    The amazing thing about the Leica is that they got to this point 40 years ago... and they’ve since even gone beyond f/1. The other lens makers are only finally playing catch up with comparably fast lenses. I think it’s important to note that the lenses were never intended to be sharp or even practical at such an extreme aperture... though the Fuji’s improvement in this area is impressive. It was always more of a statement, like. Oh, look what we can do. Total gear-head peen measuring stuff. Sure, you could shoot in lower light, but... the DOF was always SUPER shallow. This is even true on a new Leica f/.95 noctilux. If you focus on the pupils you’ll probably lose the lashes. And don’t you dare breathe while you hit the shutter. Where the comparison might get really interesting is seeing both lenses stopped down to like, f/4. Don’t buy an f/1 lens with the intention to shoot regularly at f/1, maybe even never. It’s a lifeline that’ll help you get that otherwise impossible shot in an unbelievably dark scenario, it’s a last resort. Slow it down a bit and it’s where those lenses will really shine.

  • Ad Addv

    Ad Addv

    Måned siden

    @MrRom92DAW no that is not the whole point... The whole point is, that an f1.0 lens lets in about 3 times as much light as an f1.8 lens

  • MrRom92DAW


    Måned siden

    @Ad Addv well the faster lens stopped down should be sharper at f1.8 than an actual f/1.8 lens wide open, that’s kinda the whole point. But sure, it’s ultimately more practical and you could save a lot of money (and weight) by not going with a statement piece.

  • Ad Addv

    Ad Addv

    Måned siden

    then you might as well buy an f1.8 at that point lol

  • Sauwercraud
    SauwercraudMåned siden


  • Oisin Moore
    Oisin MooreMåned siden

    I went on a Brandon-only camera review YT binge after this.

  • Julian Cantarelli
    Julian CantarelliMåned siden

    90% of people who watch Brandon's videos (myself included) has no clue of what is he talking about, but really admire his passion for the subject.

  • Ronan Waring
    Ronan WaringMåned siden

    1/3 of a kilo that's light

  • Tim Carey
    Tim CareyMåned siden

    If the focusing is so loud then why isn't his mic picking it up?

  • Kajetan Krykwiński
    Kajetan KrykwińskiMåned siden

    Not that Canon had 50mm F/1.0, with autofocus AND for full frame... in 1989! And it's EF so it works with current lineup fine.

  • Jacob Hallberg
    Jacob HallbergMåned siden

    Sharpness isn't everything. Yes the Leica is less sharp but I still think it looks better than the Fuji

  • A. Rawlin Hewitt
    A. Rawlin HewittMåned siden

    So, what's the crop factor in Fuji?

  • StainerTheFirst
    StainerTheFirstMåned siden

    So uh, how about that Canon R5 unboxing eh?

  • NKProductions2014
    NKProductions2014Måned siden

    Construction noise.

  • Baberaham_link1n
    Baberaham_link1nMåned siden

    yet this is in 1080p MAX

  • Tiavor Kuroma
    Tiavor KuromaMåned siden

    F1.0, woah, I have a 1.2 and it's bokeh already insane, can't imagine how small the focus range of a 1.0 is.

  • Jonathan Cousins
    Jonathan CousinsMåned siden

    Canon Prime 50mm f1.8 is my favourite. It's also dirt cheap

  • Gr8Pooba
    Gr8PoobaMåned siden

    “It looks good, despite being soft.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Stuart Slizewski
    Stuart SlizewskiMåned siden

    Linus Sebastian rules the world.

  • Lesley Harrys
    Lesley HarrysMåned siden

    "If you take this on a hike, where every gram matters..." - continues to talk in imperial units...