This is an absolute MONSTER!!! - Ubiquiti Protect G4 PTZ Camera

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Security cameras aren't too glamourous but this one caught our attention with 22x optical zoom and able to stream at 4K! Also, it looks like a Jibo... well maybe at least Jibo's more successful cousin.
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  • Mischa Bommer
    Mischa BommerDag siden

    Nice toy, although there are other manufacturers that make this and better quality cameras for at least 5 years. I have nothing against Ubiquity use their stuff personally but as a professional, we think they're too many updates. And leave the engineering, commissioning and installation to the professionals. The images shown in the television programs to catch offenders are the best of the worst images. otherwise, the was no need for showing the images in the first place.

  • vLAD Sartini
    vLAD SartiniDag siden

    I saw the image and thought it was a earbud

  • DarkChemical
    DarkChemicalDag siden

    I wouldn't use ubiquiti, just because they don't support ONVIF standart. And the Ubiquiti equipment is far to expensive. The camera itself isn't that costly, but when you combine everything, it becomes really pricy. Once they EOL (what they will do in couple of years) you will have to replace them, because the recorder will not pick it up. We are using Hikvision, (Their PTZ cameras are even more expensive :D). It may not be 4K, but I can zoom in further than end of complex Roughtly arround 1 km is fine :D

  • Abílio Páscoa
    Abílio Páscoa2 dager siden

    it looks like a camera to record big events, because of the zoom

  • Alex
    Alex2 dager siden

    A camera is not security. Its literally just visibility and brings tons and tons of privacy issues with it. I don't want to live in a world where I'm filmed everywhere I go.

  • Tt Ss
    Tt Ss2 dager siden

    It amazes me how many people repeat the same lane ass joke “ you’re gonna need a security camera for the camera” i mean seriously does anyone read the comments for sounding like an echo in a cave..... And those saying it would be stolen news flash there is a reason why ptz cameras are mounted HIGH up and on roofs. This is a over priced camera to be honest and not meant for mounting under 15 ft or lower

  • _Nines
    _Nines3 dager siden

    This is the kind of security camera you hire a security guard to protect

  • wfthkttn
    wfthkttn3 dager siden

    Hey, you haven't seen the prices for "Professional" CCTV PTZ cameras yet, they are going for far more than 2k USD and in many cases has worse hardware.

  • Glowies killed Terry A Davis
    Glowies killed Terry A Davis3 dager siden

    good camera for your remote bunker to detect bioluminescent CIA agents

  • Sergio Guzman
    Sergio Guzman4 dager siden

    My most expensive camera is $6500. $1800 cameras are nothing. I manage over 700 cameras.

  • ashley nery
    ashley nery4 dager siden

    this camera needs a security guard, now if it was automated then thats a whole new ballgame

  • TriSamples
    TriSamples4 dager siden

    Don’t bother robbing the house. Just steal the cctv for a pay day?

  • wartem
    wartem4 dager siden

    All good and dandy until someone pokes it with a stick.

  • wartem
    wartem4 dager siden

    All good and dandy until someone pokes it with a stick.

  • carter me
    carter me4 dager siden

    Their ain’t no way this wasn’t meant for a helicopter

  • Howard F
    Howard F4 dager siden

    I hope they lower the price and make it in white

  • J Nyteshayd
    J Nyteshayd5 dager siden

    Top tip...probably pass on the guy who doesnt know what a grommit is as your installer that requires drilling.

  • Akloppie _
    Akloppie _5 dager siden

    A german NOlocalr (Montanablack) has a few if them

  • secureinmyrandom
    secureinmyrandom5 dager siden

    Out of curiosity, does this camera have a preset pan/tilt function that it can run on a loop. For example could you set it to pan from one end of the parking lot to the other at set intervals? For the price I'm assuming you can, it was just only shown used in manual mode.

  • Rocket Moose
    Rocket Moose6 dager siden

    It’s Jibo in a security camera

  • ddwag1
    ddwag16 dager siden

    Whatever song you're playing in the background at the beginning has a very discreet beeping sound that is driving me insane

  • Matt Waffel
    Matt Waffel7 dager siden

    Sold out just like the ps5 can't game or have security with out paying a premium these days over msrp

  • KanJyro
    KanJyro8 dager siden

    Feels like a black GLaDOS

  • Julian
    Julian8 dager siden

    Jake the type of guy to have the license plate "MEME" on his BMW M3

  • Felenov-official
    Felenov-official8 dager siden

    I have a set of Axis Q61 aeries cameras. Now THAT is a real security camera

  • Black Reaper
    Black Reaper8 dager siden

    waaait what's up with Jake's mustache?? am I late to the party or what lol!!!!

  • Jebedia47
    Jebedia478 dager siden

    Only $1800? Sounds like someone has never heard on Avigilon.

  • Not You Again
    Not You Again9 dager siden

    That rubber piece is called a grommet, but I am sure you knew that and just forgot the name in the moment like literally everyone else does too! :P

  • Jonnp99 Tv
    Jonnp99 Tv9 dager siden

    Imagine the city putting those on telephone poles one in every neighborhood they can spy on us from anywhere

  • Rita Surya
    Rita Surya9 dager siden


  • Danny
    Danny9 dager siden

    One word.... DOUCH!

  • Der Nerd
    Der Nerd9 dager siden

    For the price they couldnt add some premium fischer dübel? I see these grey bastards wiggling out of the concrete allready

  • DFD
    DFD9 dager siden

    TBF, not that impressive for that price my man. Any half decent security camera will do that, and more.

  • C Lo Steam
    C Lo Steam9 dager siden

    honestly for what it is and what it can do its not that pricey.. now if only i could convince my boss to get it.. would make identifying gate crashers way easier

  • getyerspn
    getyerspn9 dager siden

    Shame about the last Ubiquiti data breach ...kinda makes it hard to recommend

  • ArufuPonics
    ArufuPonics9 dager siden

    Thief's are gonna be going for the camera instead of the building lol

  • Tim Willan
    Tim Willan9 dager siden

    Jake's been taking lessons in competance from Linus. Hasn't quite master the subject yet he stops just short of disaster

  • elorz007
    elorz0079 dager siden

    Defeated by a paintball :)

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19879 dager siden

    I guess this is the level of awesome you get for 1800. Get what you pay for personified. So clear and that optical zoom capability. I assume the jittering and focus lag when zooming can be addressed in software patches.

  • GamingWithDrelPH
    GamingWithDrelPH9 dager siden

    I think this camera can attach to a Helicopter

  • Fawkyooo
    Fawkyooo9 dager siden

    BUT does it have active tracking mode?

  • humeyboy
    humeyboy9 dager siden

    WDR (Wide Dynamic Range),HDR%20makes%20efforts%20on%20software.

  • Colin Terry
    Colin Terry9 dager siden

    Please do more security related stuff! I’m getting ready to setup my house with a system, and I’ve been wondering about the unifi protect ecosystem!

  • Ali Jani
    Ali Jani9 dager siden

    Didn't pay attention to any of it. That ridiculous moustache is distracting.

  • Gaptastic
    Gaptastic9 dager siden

    if u buy this, u should return, cause they've been hacked and have not secured ur data.

  • Matthew Kesterson
    Matthew Kesterson10 dager siden

    Keep the sticker from the bottom as a template, genius.

  • Stefan Prins
    Stefan Prins10 dager siden

    that thing where the cable goes through is called a gland

  • StariusPrime
    StariusPrime10 dager siden

    I wonder how well it holds up to ice, snow, and extreme temperature changes over time.

  • Matthias Martin
    Matthias Martin10 dager siden

    In Europe that kind of camera set-up that also routinely records cars and their plate numbers outside of your own company property would be illegal.

  • Jonas Umberger
    Jonas Umberger10 dager siden

    WOW is right so what security camera would you recommend ?

  • Taylor Schultz
    Taylor Schultz10 dager siden

    Would be helpful in the cannabis industry! We already have to hold like 30 days of footage for 40 camera angles at 720p and we don’t use any of the visual data for ML. Would be great to zoom in and see problems without having to enter a room.

  • #diyMATT
    #diyMATT10 dager siden

    I think they use these or something incredibly similar on the reality shows like Kitchen Nightmares.

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell10 dager siden

    Maybe the local councils in the UK could look at this and upgrade their 480p crappy cameras. I swear every time the police post a still image it looks like it was taken with a potato.

  • kees N1
    kees N110 dager siden

    This is how you actually get caught in 4k

  • dawson gamblin
    dawson gamblin10 dager siden

    that rubber thing is called a grommet...

  • jconk777
    jconk77710 dager siden

    I used a fancy version of this with a machine gun attached to it in the military. Called a crows nest. You need one of those. It can follow heat signatures.

  • Márton Tichi
    Márton Tichi10 dager siden

    Isn't this what they used in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares?

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide10 dager siden

    Cool! Thanks for this video! You can also check my channel to see my latest video!

  • THEmickTHEgun
    THEmickTHEgun10 dager siden

    Imagine filming all your videos on a security camera.

  • Helushka Loyalheart
    Helushka Loyalheart10 dager siden

    Do more videos like this.

  • Helushka Loyalheart
    Helushka Loyalheart10 dager siden

    This thing is FREAKY. I wonder if it has predator mode (feature).

  • Nat
    Nat10 dager siden

    i found my next webcam

  • Ben Luney
    Ben Luney10 dager siden

    Getting some real BB8 vibes here

  • Wahyu Setiawan
    Wahyu Setiawan10 dager siden

    Now you can "enhance the picture"

  • Connor Oud
    Connor Oud10 dager siden

    There's one thing this camera has and it's PERSONALITY!

  • James L
    James L10 dager siden

    A bumper year for thief and robber.. these cameras are like an advert "rob this house they are rich" steel the camera and everything in the house..

  • Alex Carter
    Alex Carter10 dager siden

    Jesus it’s a UAV gimble

  • Tech Cookie
    Tech Cookie10 dager siden

    Perfect für den Drachenlord

  • Da1ienx
    Da1ienx10 dager siden

    I have basically the same camera on my house, but its a generic brand and only cost $220 lol

  • Robert Hood
    Robert Hood10 dager siden

    That thing is tits

  • TYCS05 Ayush Bobale
    TYCS05 Ayush Bobale10 dager siden

    Security camera Proceeds to remove camera used to guide missiles

  • lil constipated
    lil constipated10 dager siden

    it better come with fbi face recognition

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang10 dager siden

    I think thieves would rather steal your security cameras than your TV's at this point...

  • Eli Lipasti
    Eli Lipasti10 dager siden

    The funny thing is that in the security camera world $1800 isn't even that bad. Axis has several models priced in this range and above

  • mORT cube
    mORT cube10 dager siden

    I've actually had the chance to see much more impressive camera system at the local police station. They have cameras that can accurately scan faces like 5 parking spots away. It's absolutely mind blowing and the stuff that you see in movies, doesn't seem all that crazy suddenly

  • CptnAwsmBalls
    CptnAwsmBalls10 dager siden

    It's AMAZING how quickly i paused to write this comment, then closed the video after the words "eighteen hundred dollars US" were said.

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright11 dager siden

    But that mustache tho.....

  • Matt Wright

    Matt Wright

    11 dager siden

    my bad... those are two caterpillars.

  • Jagar CogHeart
    Jagar CogHeart11 dager siden

    took several hours? When Jake said hammerdrill, did he actualy mean hammerdrill and not rotary hammer? Oh Boyyyy

  • Smaky
    Smaky11 dager siden

    GROMMET !!!!!

  • mcreefer1
    mcreefer111 dager siden

    This is a rebranded hikvision model. Alibi also pays them for the rebrand. Order it off of alibaba under the hikvision brand or brandless for $1000 less.

  • Christian Pönopp
    Christian Pönopp11 dager siden

    With the right software it could automaticly follow people and try to get the perfect face shoot in case it's a burglar...

  • Mahmoud Yahyaoui
    Mahmoud Yahyaoui11 dager siden

    no night test ?

  • ConstanceWhenever
    ConstanceWhenever11 dager siden

    23lbs isn't 40lbs brah. Come lift with me.

  • Youtube Emperor of Mankind
    Youtube Emperor of Mankind11 dager siden

    I got the same for 33€ on amazon

  • Marc Pabel
    Marc Pabel11 dager siden

    If you install thees cameras 🎥 aal over LTT you couled probably save some time by setting up cameras for videos aal the time. It’s probably eaven cheaper then six RED camerasystems or what you use normally and they just hang on the Waal which saves space on the ground and makes it look more tidy.💁🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse11 dager siden

    Unbelievable lens

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse11 dager siden

    A beast

  • Robert Stahl
    Robert Stahl11 dager siden

    "Cameras aren't too useful if everybody knows where they are" - This is not true. While there are use cases where you don't want a visible camera... in general, they are put in visible places because it is much easier and cost efficient to prevent theft/vandalism/criminal activity than it is to identify, find, and prosecute the perp after the crime.

  • Adam Winn
    Adam Winn11 dager siden


    USSEG11 dager siden

    Just for context $1800 for a security camera is average. I was spending $3k-4k per camera for 20mp back in 2015 when I installed them and that was not top of the line. Mounts are typically sold separately for a few hundred and even a $1k on their own. Typically PTZ cams like this are for active monitoring. Meaning there is a person controlling them. The biggest problem with security cameras is having enough of them covering enough. Crime almost always happens were you dont have one. A camera on patrol is typically worthless for recording and thus prosecution. You would usually have what is called situational cameras covering the whole area. Then ID cameras in strategic pinch points. Or have stupidly expensive high MP cameras which then have the problem of data throughput and storage. WDR is one of the most important features that came out a few years back. If done well it allows contrast when the camera has to deal with low and high light situations. Like a camera in a lobby facing an exterior door. Without WDR the person will be too dark for ID as the camera is trying to deal with the light from outside.

  • LAIDAN22
    LAIDAN2211 dager siden

    Holy hell, he almost smashed the mac book

  • Mihail Cholakov
    Mihail Cholakov11 dager siden

    *1800$* *camera* *vs* *10$* *crowbar.*

  • Arne Reistad
    Arne Reistad11 dager siden

    hahaha what an POS! look here, this is mine in darkness with IR on a rainy night, do you see the Catepillar? wait untill I zoom out! Dahua 4K 8MP AI 40X Zoom Starlight IR500 PTZ Camera

  • Stephen Robinson
    Stephen Robinson11 dager siden

    Need to hit the gym mate. Feels like 40lbs, Its less than 20...

  • No Name
    No Name11 dager siden

    Gotten chubby eh😏

  • NOLA26
    NOLA2611 dager siden

    I have this camera and its basically a $2000 fixed camera. It has none of the features a PTZ camera at this price point should have. There is no patrol feature, all you can do is manually move the camera and then it just stays in the same spot. There is person detection, like on all G4 cameras, but the camera wont follow a person. Trying to get Ubiquiti to answer any questions or offer any support whatsoever is next to impossible. Its like Ubiquiti doesn't even acknowledge its existence.

  • Ali Mirza Mohsin
    Ali Mirza Mohsin11 dager siden

    This camera is micromanager's dream.

  • Joseph Lau
    Joseph Lau11 dager siden

    That’s like a Predator drone part.

  • Paul Murgatroyd
    Paul Murgatroyd11 dager siden

    It looks like the tracking optics on a helicopter gunship or something.

  • nycameleon
    nycameleon11 dager siden

    Does it have some kind of motion following mode? it would be cool if it could get clear clips of people/motion in an area (zoom in on subjects automatically)