This Gaming PC has a Dirty Secret - Build Redux

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System builders can sometimes have multiple various levels of fee's but Redux wants to do it differently. No Markup on the PC parts and they'll build + optimize the PC for just $75.
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  • Toadal Thug
    Toadal Thug2 dager siden

    I just got my build and it looks and runs nice. bu im not sure if i have to install any software, drivers, utilities or stuff like that. thank you

  • kardaani vägi
    kardaani vägi2 dager siden

    The somber atm multivariably count because comma timely gather midst a spiteful saudi arabia. two, delirious shock

  • nØe_reternØ
    nØe_reternØ4 dager siden

    Only in USA. It's so hard to buy computer related stuff for other countries. Pain

    EZY CLAPZ15 dager siden

    I recently brought a redux pc

  • Erwin Fangonil
    Erwin Fangonil7 dager siden

    Please address the bad customer service. There PSU is shit. It’s already taking a whole month and still not resolve.

  • Reinaldo Locke-Ortiz
    Reinaldo Locke-Ortiz7 dager siden

    LINUS Im afraid this company is a scam, order a $1660 PC over a month ago, No pc or answers in more than a month and "NO" "NO SUPPORT". "DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE OK WAITING FOR MONTHS!!! very sad you promote this crapy company, PC may be OK but WOW,,,

  • StriX
    StriX8 dager siden

    Is it just me that get scared when Linus handles new stuff.... no? didn't think so :D

  • L J
    L J9 dager siden

    Anyone know what type of Ram they put in the build? I can't find it on the website

  • Jeremy


    6 dager siden

    DDR4 2666 for the i5, 2933 for i7, and 3200 for Ryzen. I had to contact Michael at Redux to find out myself.

  • BetterKeepCalm
    BetterKeepCalm10 dager siden

    Has anyone bought this? I ordered it over 30 days ago and it hasn’t came yet.. is this company a scam

  • P_M_M_R_2


    Dag siden

    I ordered my PC from Redux on Nov 24 2020, and nearly 2 months later the PC still has not arrived. Order #1431, it looks like orders up to around 1400 recently received their PCs after 2 months of waiting, from what I see on customer comments from their social media. What a disappointment this has been, I was hoping to have my PC by the Christmas holiday and now it still hasn't arrived, and after an initial email pushing the delivery date out to late December, I haven't heard anything further from Redux Support.

  • andrewwheeler90


    2 dager siden

    @Jeremy ordered mine nov 1st build #1374 got mine today 1-14-21

  • Jeremy


    6 dager siden

    Ordered on late November and I'm still waiting too. They've changed the ship date 4 times. Just passed 6 weeks this past Thursday.

  • TT0X1
    TT0X111 dager siden

    These guys are a scam i never recieved my pc

  • Jeremy


    6 dager siden

    It seems to be about 2 months from order to shipping because of the parts shortage due to Covid, Scalpers, and the Governor here in California who has limited companies to a 50% work force on any one shift.

  • BetterKeepCalm


    10 dager siden

    Wow... it’s same for you huh... I can’t believer I wanted over 1k and it’s been 30 days and it still haven’t came🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Sir_ Hanky_Panky
    Sir_ Hanky_Panky11 dager siden

    Linus. I bought a pc from this company due to your recommendation. its been almost two months since I placed my order. I have emailed them many times, called countless times. I really am starting to feel like im getting scammed. I feel like this company is avoiding me. Do you have any idea what's going on here? or does anyone else????

  • Jeremy


    6 dager siden

    All we can due is wait or cancel the order. They've admitted that they don't have enough people to build the computers which is a result of our Governor here in California who has limited companies to 50% of their normal work force due to the pandemic. Our Governor has developed an attitude of thinking he's the King of California.

  • Fear ALI
    Fear ALI11 dager siden

    Bruh get the same parts as that pc and build it they charge you 75 dollers for the build and the pc costs 1k

  • Firelight 307
    Firelight 30714 dager siden

    Can you get this computer in canada

  • Jeremy


    6 dager siden

    No, they only ship within the US.

  • Arthur Thaete
    Arthur Thaete26 dager siden

    They are blatantly stating a false fulfilment time, soooo many pissed off customers who were deceived into thinking they would be getting their orders within the stated 10 business days. It's taking an average of 3-6 weeks from what I have seen online. Do not buy this unless you are willing to wait.

  • Arthur Thaete

    Arthur Thaete

    6 dager siden

    @Jeremy sorry to hear that hope u get it soon. This company obviously would function just fine under normal circumstances, but bc of the pandemic they can't and the lowest part is that they are not mentioning any sort of Covid announcement that has to do with delays.

  • Jeremy


    6 dager siden

    It closed to 8+ weeks.

  • deltadrifting tv
    deltadrifting tv27 dager siden

    Should I get this pc and just upgrade the cpu and power supply

  • blah blahblah
    blah blahblah28 dager siden

    i thought build redux only shipped to the us and i thought you live an Canada

  • Wåht3r
    Wåht3r28 dager siden

    Do they ship internationally by any chance 🥺

  • troper
    troperMåned siden

    I bought that case on Amazon

  • Matt Hoeh
    Matt HoehMåned siden

    Can you review the Legion 7i tower ploxxx

  • Avery Smith
    Avery SmithMåned siden

    Linus. Please do a follow up on this. I bought a PC from this company because of the review and their site is a total scam. I ordered in early November and now am hearing my order might not even SHIP until early January.

  • Jeremy


    6 dager siden

    I'm still waiting 6+ weeks later. Because of scalpers and China limiting the export of computer parts, plus the Governor here in California has limiting companies to 50% of their workers on each shift. It's a mess all around.

  • BetterKeepCalm


    10 dager siden

    @Jeremy how long did it take for yours to come? It’s been 30 days and mines hasn’t came yet.

  • Jeremy


    29 dager siden

    Not a scam bro, parts are in short supply right now so even the build boutique sites are having issues with supply. Be patient and it'll arrive. I ordered one too so I know your pain.

  • Joey Cruz
    Joey CruzMåned siden

    Hey Linus you should do a follow up with redux because there has been a ton of issues since their launch they are giving people the run around about their computers and aren’t upholding their supposed warranty so many unhappy customers my self included, I only say this because I know you would want you name attached to a company in there current state and after a little research I’m sure you’ll feel the same

  • Joey Cruz

    Joey Cruz

    29 dager siden

    @Jeremy then just quote the appropriate time then, I check there insta still to see how others are doing l, if it’s going to take that long don’t quote a 5 day build time and then follow it up with an email saying your comp will arrive in feb, be honest was all I was asking but I’m good I got my money back and my new pc all set up 🥰

  • Jeremy


    29 dager siden

    @Joey Cruz you do understand that it's taking longer than normal to get anything done, especially here in California where they are located because our governor has shutdown most business and limited the number of employees a company can have onsite at any one time. Not to mention the part shortages due to the pandemic. Redux is slammed with orders and is being forced to work with only 25% of their employees during each shift... If you want to speed it up, please call or write a letter to our Governor Gavin Newsom.

  • Jeremy


    29 dager siden

    @wheatnation it took me about two weeks to get the receipt. They are being slammed with new orders so it's taking longer than it should to process orders.

  • wheatnation


    Måned siden

    @Joey Cruz wtf I just want my refund at this point

  • Joey Cruz

    Joey Cruz

    Måned siden

    @wheatnation Ibuypower already has a pc arriving tmr with the same specs I have no pity for them

  • BetterKeepCalm
    BetterKeepCalmMåned siden

    How long shipping takes

  • Wave


    Måned siden

    depends how many days you want it to ship, but it will cost you

  • Kc Harrison
    Kc HarrisonMåned siden

    I just bought the mid grade one because of this video

  • muhammad zaky
    muhammad zakyMåned siden

    Boleh saya memiliki pc itu?

  • wyatt hanshaw
    wyatt hanshawMåned siden

    How long did the shipping take

  • Tyler Zwickl

    Tyler Zwickl

    Måned siden

    Just got mine in today and I ordered it on the 11th. But it said it shipped out Friday so take what you will from that

  • Trevor Wolf

    Trevor Wolf

    Måned siden

    Website claims 2-3 weeks, but myself and a bunch of others have been experiencing shipping delays due to parts not being in stock and them being behind on orders. So realistically, more like a month to 6 weeks... still faster than the DMV though.

  • Gordiesang
    GordiesangMåned siden

    What was the dirty secret??? The clickbait?

  • Sir Lancepot

    Sir Lancepot

    Måned siden

    Pretty sure he meant that Redux is basically just Digital Storm in disguise 😂

  • John Bonelli
    John BonelliMåned siden

    Hey linus myself and many others have been getting the run around from this website on when our orders are shipping and what's going on are you sure this company you're endorsing isn't a scam?

  • Caleb Rivera

    Caleb Rivera

    10 dager siden

    @Trevor Wolf Did you ever get your pc? Still seeing a lot of complaints on their instagram.

  • Trevor Wolf

    Trevor Wolf

    Måned siden

    I have seen a few people receive shipping numbers via instragram and twitter. My guess is that they're super behind on orders due the mass influx of orders after their website launched. I was a little worried at first too, but I assume they just had a rocky launch... our orders will come, and when they do, it'll be worth it. And btw, this is the only way I could find to get a hold of a rtx 3000 series GPU, so the wait is worth it imo.

  • ElectroN
    ElectroNMåned siden

    My PC has secrets too, when you wanna play the pc doesn't exist

  • michael chow
    michael chowMåned siden

    If this was sent by the manufacturer, they might have done nicer cable management just for you. You should do a secret shopper to see if it’s real!

  • Jeremy
    JeremyMåned siden

    Can you tell us where Redux is located? I've looked on their website and it doesn't say. It gives you an email address and a phone number, but when you call it it doesn't say it's Redux, it just connects you to tech support.

  • Sir Lancepot

    Sir Lancepot

    Måned siden

    @Jeremy No worries! 🙂

  • Jeremy


    Måned siden

    Thanks 😊

  • Sir Lancepot

    Sir Lancepot

    Måned siden

    They are loacted in Gilroy, CA.

  • Icebear
    IcebearMåned siden

    *seems like 600w still works lmao, and I have a chip thats like 50 watts less than the 10700k, and with a 650w psu I should be FINE

  • NO2
    NO2Måned siden

    It comes with the power system?

  • Wave


    Måned siden


  • Timothy Huston
    Timothy HustonMåned siden

    @2:21 why does Linus do this little noise after he says “look at that”

  • Uchiha002 YT
    Uchiha002 YTMåned siden

    Guys should i buy the second one or first one

  • Shakaama
    ShakaamaMåned siden

    skytech came in cheaper

  • TheOrisya
    TheOrisyaMåned siden

    6:58 finally we can see linus's third arm

  • Raven Gueary
    Raven GuearyMåned siden

    What is that game he play

  • uzekq -
    uzekq -Måned siden

    Im looking for the pc redux (better) can u help me?

  • Toxic Scope
    Toxic ScopeMåned siden

    how fast does it boot up

  • Toxic Scope
    Toxic ScopeMåned siden

    god these are cheap

  • Christopher Conkright
    Christopher ConkrightMåned siden

    My guess they don't pay retail for the parts and make some money there too

  • Person18 18
    Person18 18Måned siden

    The DS is short for DIRTY SECRET

  • unknown user
    unknown userMåned siden

    i watched 2 more videos on this company.. both had the cool tubes at the top

  • WalayatFamily
    WalayatFamilyMåned siden

    Yeh, sure whatever, another Linux advert

  • Crescendo remifasolasido
    Crescendo remifasolasidoMåned siden

    Rtx3080 with 600w psu,my anxiety disorder gonna lv up for sure

  • On Par Reacts
    On Par ReactsMåned siden

    I was thinking of buying this but when I went to do it, it just said pre order. Does this mean it’s not actually out to buy yet?

  • Limerence
    LimerenceMåned siden

    That shipping damage is insane.

  • Sion Jones
    Sion JonesMåned siden

    Would have been nice to see this on secret shopper.

  • Siddhartha Guchhait
    Siddhartha GuchhaitMåned siden

    They are certainly watching GN Steve video for Cabinet choice and Aio mount

  • Colin Smith
    Colin SmithMåned siden

    Is there something similar to this that ships to canada?

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon2 måneder siden

    Courier drop kicked my new amp too, left side had a massive dent whch I had to hammer back into great though.

  • Waheed Holmes
    Waheed Holmes2 måneder siden

    im not sure if this is a first but even the AIO is in the correct position LOL!

  • Friedrich
    Friedrich2 måneder siden

    Linus: -Sees Edge Icon on the Desktop- „we‘ve got edge on here“ -Puts it in the bin

  • Christanoid
    Christanoid2 måneder siden

    The question is if this system is phenomenally made because it was to go on youtube or if it is like every system that is bought from them. Maybe a new contestant for next secret shopper.

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids2 måneder siden

    600w with a 3080? well damn

  • CaseyD
    CaseyD2 måneder siden

    I ordered one from them with the 3070 in it and it’s coming with an 850W ATX 80 Plus Gold power supply.

  • Andrew D YT
    Andrew D YT2 måneder siden

    I call Edge abuse

  • Clorf Worter
    Clorf Worter2 måneder siden


    AYCHMENG2 måneder siden

    😂Linus is such an asshole lol. Man doing a redux unboxing while digital storm is the sponsor haha nice touch man i love it.

  • A YouTuber
    A YouTuber2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who hates cable ties in builds? Getting to cables afterwards is terrible, much prefer using hook and loop fasteners, or if you want to save a buck, a twist tie (I think they're about $9/500 when I last got them, shouldn't fluctuate in price much).

  • Breezy YT
    Breezy YT2 måneder siden

    I just bought this pc but with a RTX 3070 and 32 Gb of ram 👉👈

  • niklosupinfo
    niklosupinfo2 måneder siden

    There web site is great, there work seams great. Too bad they charge you $109 for a Windows we might not need... That is a no go for me only because of that.

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe2 måneder siden

    I paid micro center $100 to build my pc, love to see some competition

  • NicoZay


    Måned siden

    How can it be possible to build your own pc with the parts an intel i3 would be like 100 and the GPU as well could be more than 100 even though it can be cheap or you bought a very trash GPU. Or maybe you bought a hp dell school pc because a cheap gaming pc might be like $400.

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones2 måneder siden

    I checked them out online, when u upgrade say the cpu they charge u full retail but don't credit you the cost of the original cpu. So you pay for 2 CPUs but only get one.

  • Alan Roll
    Alan Roll2 måneder siden

    Awesome as always

  • Bowl Of Coffee
    Bowl Of Coffee2 måneder siden

    Me: Oh thats really cool ima check that out Website: No uk shipping ...

  • Elias Isaac

    Elias Isaac

    2 måneder siden

    Sigh they dont ship to puerto rico either...

  • Ben3dikT
    Ben3dikT2 måneder siden

    I wish I could order one from Germany... :(

  • Mark Perrenoud
    Mark Perrenoud2 måneder siden

    So... I have one of those Geforce anti-sag brackets... and you are missing a piece... the screw end should be fitted into a metal bracket that contains led's and glows the entire bar. Also, they do make those specialized for each specific graphics card, so it can advertise your card in a cool, glowing support bar.

  • Abyssic1
    Abyssic12 måneder siden

    and what was the "dirty secret"? not even kinda clickbait this time. this is actual annoying clickbaitery. FU and have a nice day.

  • How To Make Anything and Gaming
    How To Make Anything and Gaming2 måneder siden

    So guys we've got... nvidia control panel and Microsoft edge, 1 second later throws Microsoft edge in trash. lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ira Jacobs
    Ira Jacobs2 måneder siden

    So what was the dirty secret?

  • Tyler Zwickl
    Tyler Zwickl2 måneder siden

    I've been wanting to get a desktop for quite awhile now, and this sold me. I'll come back and edit this with my thoughts when it comes on. Kinda surprised they have a 3070 to sell with these builds

  • Kay Akum4r4
    Kay Akum4r42 måneder siden

    AIO wrong way around oof

  • Tovyah Wise
    Tovyah Wise2 måneder siden

    Linus what do you think of the M1 chip?

  • Daniel Gardner
    Daniel Gardner2 måneder siden

    Wow what a let down, got really excited. But they don't ship to Canada. What a waste of a video.

  • V
    V2 måneder siden

    Lol all the prices for the parts are marked up.

  • Logan Irdi
    Logan Irdi2 måneder siden

    Or you can not drop kick the bloody box? 3:00

  • Nuke Mecca
    Nuke Mecca2 måneder siden

    600w psu for a 750w recommended psu on ALL 3080's

  • Longmatey 80
    Longmatey 802 måneder siden

    I like how it's windows tradition now to immediately delete edge before it gets a chance to say hi. Every new PC setup mental map process: ~I have to use edge to get chrome... but I don't want the stupid thing to freak out once I start downloading it... aww too late, it's freaking out... yes set as default... yes i'm sure... yes... Okay boys, got chrome again, we are back in business!... ~ 6 months later ~ Ask cortana, what's this??? Edge you sneaky bastard! No means no!~

  • O_ Domo
    O_ Domo2 måneder siden

    50 conto aqui na técnica do seu Zé tu monta o PC e sai com Windows, After Effects, Photoshop, Affinity, Flight Simulator, Pacman, Skyrim 2 e Cyberpunk 2077

  • CMJayx
    CMJayx2 måneder siden

    and they dont ship to canada yay

  • LiquidTech
    LiquidTech2 måneder siden

    Does it come with the monitor on the website??

  • HazewinDog
    HazewinDog2 måneder siden

    ok so this company is just like every webshop ever. coolio

  • Noah Ballard
    Noah Ballard2 måneder siden

    SOOOO, I started geeking a lil when I saw what kind of ssd they were using. i upgraded my razer blade 15 with an Adata XPG SX8200 Pro and its so nice!!!! The 1tb model is only like $110-120 and i love it. Highly recommend

  • DannyLetsplay 0
    DannyLetsplay 02 måneder siden

    Can u buy me a pc 😕😭😭😭

  • Ahmad Amer Al-Jafari
    Ahmad Amer Al-Jafari2 måneder siden

    seems like a sponser

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea2 måneder siden

    Off the shelf components? Like RTX 3080?

  • BejitaConnor
    BejitaConnor2 måneder siden

    If only stuff like this would be available outside of the US...

  • samtheking25
    samtheking252 måneder siden

    9:57 It's a pre built Gaming PC... NOT TOO SHABBY

  • NoScopeFN
    NoScopeFN2 måneder siden

    What are u doing step pc 😉

  • José Aponte
    José Aponte2 måneder siden

    all that for 75$? Captain! a little help, please!

  • Rowan
    Rowan2 måneder siden

    They appear to only ship to the US under normal circumstances.

  • sieb YT
    sieb YT2 måneder siden

    Its not realy 75 bucks right?

  • Hailstormz
    Hailstormz2 måneder siden

    This might be the cheapest High-end Pc builder because I was looking at the website, I choose the Best pc option, Customized for RTX 3080, Ryzen 7 5800x, (New Ryzen series) and 32 GB ram, and it was like 2000$. Other builders cost 2300$ or above for this build! Great new builder and I was just about to buy from CyberPowerPC, so great timing!

  • Arefin Khandaker
    Arefin Khandaker2 måneder siden


  • Rev
    Rev2 måneder siden

    We do actually take around 50 to 100 Euros for Building, always depends on what kind of System it is what needs to be done

  • Will RunRun
    Will RunRun2 måneder siden

    Hi, if possible to review the travel gaming laptop backpack sleeve for ,, shall we be in touch?

  • Wojtek
    Wojtek2 måneder siden

    For 75 bucks it might be worth it. My current build has the worst cable management and software is sketchy at best lol. My side panel is off or I over heat. It works but barely and it is ugly.

  • spam acc
    spam acc2 måneder siden

    i'd be interested in knowing what their parts discount is as well as how long they take to build each system and how long QC takes, bc a $75 build fee (even ignoring the warranty etc.) suggests: 1. corners are being cut (which doesn't appear to be the case) 2. a big discount on parts bulk orders (possible given DS are behind it) 3. low labour cost (typically how low prices are delivered) 4. slim profit margins (not a bad thing if the business is viable, the customers are satisfied and the employees are paid fairly for their work) 5. other SIs have huge margins (possible, though Dell clearly find finance and warranty etc. to be more profitable than the systems themselves)

  • Drew Mullen
    Drew Mullen2 måneder siden

    Tell them to do sfpc. Id like to make one next but am also lazy about all the size / compatibility reading