This EXCEEDED My Expectations!!! - Soundcore Life Q30 Headphones

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Thanks to Soundcore for sponsoring today's video! Get the Soundcore Life Q30 headset on Amazon US:
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Active Noise Cancelling headphones are getting a bit more complicated as there are now modes to suit the environment and even transparency mode. They tend to get pricy, but Soundcore wants to change that.
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  • L M
    L MDag siden

    Are these Over- or On-ear headphones

  • Awesome Bryner
    Awesome Bryner4 dager siden

    Great video but still no on getting ANC yet until they come out with ANC and bluetooth playback at 100 hours.

  • Awesome Bryner
    Awesome Bryner4 dager siden

    One thing these are missing that the Cleer headphones have is the wired cable on Cleer is USB c to 3.5 mm. My first headphones I ever used without 3.5 to 3.5.

  • Awesome Bryner
    Awesome Bryner4 dager siden

    Neither is Cleer Enduro 100, is not bad either. Cleer ones have all the features that someone would need except ANC. Which, to me is not the much a jump into yet. Take the 100 hours playback over ANC.

  • Night Stringers
    Night Stringers4 dager siden

    I mean this with all my love.I have watched you forever . LOSE the beard i,t makes you look oldish

  • Joshua Hendrickson
    Joshua Hendrickson6 dager siden

    Just do yourself a favor and grab a set of these headphones. I really like that you can adjust the EQ setting with the app. The app is very accessible with voiceover and is very easy to use. The noise canceling feature is great and works even if you are using a 3.5 mm cord that is included with your headphones that is very cool in my opinion. I also use youtube music as I own a google home, and let me tell you guys, these headphones sound very good no matter what music you are playing through them. I use these in bluetooth mode with my iPhone 8 and books from audible, or through an app called bard mobile sound really good. Bard mobile is an app that can only be used by the blind. Audio dramas sound extremely good with these headphones. Check out a site called graphic audio. The site is where you can purchase full length books with narration, sound affects and music. The going into transparency mode by just holding your hand on the wright ear cup is something they took from sonies wh1000xm4 headphones that I like these much better then those. I like the included case and the build quality is very good on these headphones. I love that if I went out somewhere, I could just pick these up in there case, throw my phone in my pocket and listen to whatever I wanted and not be disturbed. These are some of the best headphones you could ever purchase for around $80. I also have to mention call quality on these is also very good. Much better then on my Sony headphones which I returned because they felt so flimsy and for paying around $300 on a black Friday deal should have felt more substantial in my opinion. Again, if you have the money, get these headphones and enjoy!!!!!

  • Maurizio D' Aprile
    Maurizio D' Aprile7 dager siden

    ...and if you know how to equalize them correctly, they're just AWESOME. Great review as always!!! :)

  • Bilal Rafael
    Bilal Rafael7 dager siden

    I purchased one 4 months ago. Its not the best. The multipoint Bluetooth doesn't work well and needs manual connecting. I wouldn't recommend this product. Sound quality is average.

  • Mauro Santos
    Mauro Santos8 dager siden

    I've tried this and the Sony 1000XM3 and there is no comparison. Of course one costs 50/60 and the other one 180/200 on offer but sound quality is so much superior, not to mention the key feature, ANC. Sony has no competition as of now. The top padding on this headset doesn't feel robust at all, NFC didn't work for me and the only positive was one fw update

  • SuppaR
    SuppaR8 dager siden

    Maybe you could go for a sound simulation of streets or cafes to test the headphones anc :) would be easier to compare them then ans also your crew would not have to need to turn into payed weird soundmakers xD

  • Marty Hutchings
    Marty Hutchings8 dager siden

    Great review, although I wish that you had said something about the ability to answer calls and the microphone quality or lack there of.

  • JohnDoesTech
    JohnDoesTech10 dager siden

    I have the soundcore q20s

  • GeekdOut
    GeekdOut11 dager siden

    does anyone have an issue connected bluetooth to pc and it makes a electric static noise like it is distorting? I do not have this problem if I am connected straight line

  • This_is_JP
    This_is_JP11 dager siden

    3:00 that's actually a plus for me, because I hate the tight clamp especially for long sessions, i have a big head and am constantly super tense, i don't need something restricting blood flow.

  • SuperSxeMatt
    SuperSxeMatt12 dager siden

    i got mine for $60 and they are really nice and listen to podcast a lot and the battery last forever!

  • Lolo Ledo
    Lolo Ledo12 dager siden

    Sponsored by soundcore hahaha

  • Holger Gold
    Holger Gold14 dager siden

    Very boring... Sorry

  • Dimadawai
    Dimadawai15 dager siden

    Is that a review? Horrible! Watch oluv's gadgets if you want to see good reviews...

  • Дима снимает
    Дима снимает15 dager siden

    bose qc35ii sound quality better? And what about comfort?

  • Khalid Ali
    Khalid Ali15 dager siden

    whomever edits these videos has a weird asmr fetish his forcing through our ears... stop it .. get a room

  • Demoman Gamin
    Demoman Gamin16 dager siden

    *watches video well wearing the headphones* ....interesting

  • Thedrakanmaster 124
    Thedrakanmaster 12418 dager siden

    I'm getting these just because of the bass

  • dranenko
    dranenko19 dager siden

    Years has Pat since I saw a good review from Linus like in the old times when he was all inspired success hungry

  • MacLoving
    MacLoving19 dager siden

    Hey Linus, how about investing in binaural mics and do a proper comparison between these budget headphones and some of the expensive go to solutions like Sony XM4s or Bose 700s? Especially in times when we have the Lock-Down in many countries it is really helpful to be able to somehow get an impression of how they stack up with the competition. Would be awesome!

  • yo
    yo21 dag siden

    I just ordered them. good review.

  • Wigglythegreat2
    Wigglythegreat221 dag siden

    I ordered a pair that should be here in a day or two. They get excellent reviews for the price and my Bose QC 35 II are annoying me ever since I replaced the ear pads. They aren't getting as tight a seal because the new pads are too stiff.

    JOE BITNER22 dager siden

    what size is the desk pad in the video?

  • ItzSebas
    ItzSebas22 dager siden

    Sponsored video xD Anyhow, this Q30 is pretty good

  • Canada Top Goons
    Canada Top Goons26 dager siden

    I've been using $25 Anker earbuds that sound way better than my $400 Bose Quietcomfort 35 and my Logitech gaming headset

  • Narasimha Reddy
    Narasimha Reddy27 dager siden

    I have soundcore q20. i absolutely love their products

    GHOST28 dager siden

    80 bucks they said....

  • raintz randmaa
    raintz randmaaMåned siden

    I just got them few hours ago and I love them. I would describe them exactly the same way as you guys did, word-by-word. I couldn't use your offer code because I live in Estonia. Quality content.

  • Techno_Magnus
    Techno_MagnusMåned siden

    What is the difference between the q30 and the Tune?

  • Mr Cow
    Mr CowMåned siden

    You definitely need to use a good custom EQ to make the Q30s sound great! If anyone is interested, I've recently posted a video on the custom EQ settings I use that give a lovely balanced response!

  • TheCapedCoconut
    TheCapedCoconutMåned siden

    Did he retire the Note 9?

  • For Shizzle
    For ShizzleMåned siden

    Just how many channels do you have????

  • cjxgraphics
    cjxgraphicsMåned siden

    Currently on sale for $65 in the US. (as of December 20th)

  • Keith Miller
    Keith MillerMåned siden

    Not your best review. You seemed to be trying to avoid make any criticisms. Many better reviews available on these headphones. You paid your bills.

  • Δημήτρης Μπαλφούσιας

    Δημήτρης Μπαλφούσιας

    29 dager siden

    Well the very first thing it was said on the video, was that it was sponsored. So I would say that they are fair enough given the circumstances.

  • Sweet Karamel
    Sweet KaramelMåned siden

    Gonna wait until the 5th generation of this.

  • James Macey
    James MaceyMåned siden

    Best thing about them, for me - is the multi-point bluetooth. I use them for SfB/Teams calls all day with my laptop, whilst also having them connected to my personal mobile for music/everything else. I've been pretty happy with them so far. The mic quality was pretty shoddy before the update to v1.80, now it's decent. Now I am no longer tethered to my desk with a USB headset, so can sneak off to make a cuppa in the kitchen during a meeting. :D

  • jose reyna
    jose reynaMåned siden

    Oluv’s Gadgets WAYYYY BETTER review then this. Sorry dude. Just seems like your lost LOL

  • jose reyna

    jose reyna

    Måned siden

    @Mr Cow Great! I’ll check it out. I also keep up with your videos. Awesome job Mr. cow!!

  • Mr Cow

    Mr Cow

    Måned siden

    Oluv is on a whole different level when it comes high quality audio gear reviews. You definitely need a good Custom EQ to make the Q30s sound great! If you're interested, I've recently posted a video on the settings I use which seem to give a lovely balanced response!

  • Infinite speed
    Infinite speedMåned siden

    there jbl headphones they got the same buttons and even the same left and right stitching

  • Z M
    Z MMåned siden

    "size of the driver tells you not much really". Ok I need to grow up lol

  • Niidea1986
    Niidea1986Måned siden

    ... That's what she said

  • Asrig
    AsrigMåned siden

    80 bucks ?! I could get AirPod Max's earcup and extra 11$ with that kind of money.

  • The Chosen Juan Lopez
    The Chosen Juan LopezMåned siden

    Linus: Can you say something again, David David: Uhh... NOlocal Music is great Found that quite humorous I exhaled a little.

  • Jonathan Numer
    Jonathan NumerMåned siden

    Love the Futurama reference... Thank you... Lol

  • ayaan haryani
    ayaan haryaniMåned siden

    Linus needs to shave. This video is sponsored by manscaped.

  • Dritan Kureta
    Dritan KuretaMåned siden

    I just watched the video and it would help me a lot if you could did a microphone test and then the latency delay of it. I'm in need of choosing the right headphones now with ANC on it

  • Douglas Knapp
    Douglas KnappMåned siden

    "...don't use every day, like my phone..." What?

  • Seek Facts Not Fiction
    Seek Facts Not FictionMåned siden

    Hey you sound like Linus! Just came accross your channel

  • Seek Facts Not Fiction
    Seek Facts Not FictionMåned siden

    What you think of Soundcore life Q30 combined with V-MODA BoomPro Microphone VS Mpow 071 USB Headset? Is there a better choice wireless bluetooth headset for virtual meetings with ANC?

  • Carter Vanbeekom
    Carter VanbeekomMåned siden


  • Tools. Electro. DIY
    Tools. Electro. DIYMåned siden

    This is my take: Q30 vs Bose QC35 In-depth review (Part 1)

  • DroidLocks6971
    DroidLocks6971Måned siden

    SHP9500s With BTR3K

  • James Brandon
    James BrandonMåned siden

    You have budget why don't you get decent microphone earpieces so we get to evaluate ourselves any headphones too?

  • AlexifeuLP
    AlexifeuLPMåned siden

    These are like 50-40€ I would've gotten them for that

  • kuugeli
    kuugeliMåned siden

    So how much did Soundcore pay to say everything is amazing.

  • andreskill 16
    andreskill 16Måned siden

    5 min 4 hours playtime DAMMNN!!!

  • Omee T
    Omee TMåned siden

    Do you know if they sell ear cup replacements that fits this model?

  • Luis Pires
    Luis PiresMåned siden

    I use the "Headset Matrics SnowStorm 7.1 USB RGB", more than 10h per day, super comfy long time, absurd volume and base, awesome microfone, they are a Portuguese tho.

  • Willian Tavares
    Willian TavaresMåned siden

    got mine from china, right earpad is visible thinner than the one on the left.

  • Chas Rogers
    Chas RogersMåned siden

    Can you create an automation in the shortcuts app on iOS triggered by the NFC that runs a shortcut to pair the headphones? Thus KINDA making NFC pairing work?

  • Mrawfullgamer
    MrawfullgamerMåned siden

    so you got paid money to "review" the sponsors headphones this is just an advert

  • Stasio Pietrzak
    Stasio PietrzakMåned siden

    My friend has one of these, the audio quality is sub par, you would expect good bass or treble from home sound headphones, but somehow, every frequency on these is equivalent to standing next to an industrial fan while playing music through a walmart ipod nano dock. Don't consider these or any from soundcore

  • h4X0r99221
    h4X0r99221Måned siden

    LMG has basically become a place to buy ad space, sadly

  • samsung 21126
    samsung 21126Måned siden

    There sold out :(

  • Ler21
    Ler21Måned siden

    I have the life q20s, and those are the cheaper version of this, but there really good for the price

  • Burak Arslan
    Burak ArslanMåned siden

    check out the wyze headphones they're $50 and have anc and a bunch of other features, could make a cool video

  • Native Rez Media
    Native Rez MediaMåned siden

    Own these and love em... for under $80.00 bucks good luck finding some Bluetooth cans that can beat these in sound and features. And yes, I've listened to the Bose and Sony's as far as sound goes these sound the same or better if you eq them to you liking (with the soundcore app).

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward KenwayMåned siden

    You look like pewdiepie now

  • Sorin Volintiriu
    Sorin VolintiriuMåned siden

    are u high or bored? not cool

  • Tony Dorr
    Tony DorrMåned siden

    I have yet to have a GOOD pair of soundcore headphones. On my third pair and they're acceptable enough for watching videos, but still very meh for music.

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel JensenMåned siden

    Very convincing transportation noises.

    MR.HACKERMåned siden


  • Laura Whynacht
    Laura WhynachtMåned siden

    Um, how do I order these in Canada?!

  • Pitman First
    Pitman FirstMåned siden

    So this is a 10 minut long advertisment? got it :-)

  • Ailunzza
    AilunzzaMåned siden

    Is Linus using the iPhone now?

  • Rich Tygart
    Rich TygartMåned siden

    I now own them and at the same time I bought the Plantronics BackBeat 2. The Plantronics were double the price and pale in comparison. I was shocked at how bad the Plantronics noise cancelling was and how amazing Soundcore's was. The sound itself is also incredible. Absolutely amazing. If there was only one negative thing I can say about them is that they need more padding on the earcuff. I also own the Boltune 2019 Upgrades and there big fat fluffy ear padding is much nicer than Soundcore. These are worth every penny and sound as good as my top-of-the-line Sonys.

  • Benjamin Nitzburg
    Benjamin NitzburgMåned siden

    I wish there were more on-ear headphones. I find over-ear overheats my ears and in-ear is hard to put in.

    OAB BOAMåned siden

    Linus during the whole video: Interesting

  • Al Harris
    Al HarrisMåned siden

    Do they support ray tracing tho???

  • Aditya Nath
    Aditya NathMåned siden

    Welcome to the future people where seeing an audio jack implies daisy changing and not wired audio

  • Jack Cornwall
    Jack CornwallMåned siden

    I have these and they are pretty good value for money.

  • Stuie Hunter
    Stuie HunterMåned siden

    I own the Q20 and they've been one of my favorite headphones I've ever had. I've owned a wide variety of different headphones (including the audio technica ath-m50x, which were my go to set for years). I got these because I wanted a nice bluetooth set I could wear while walking. I live near a busy road and honestly I don't hear any of it really with these on. Compared to the Bluedio T6s, it was night and day. Bluedio just fills your ears with a staticy sound in hopes of drowning out the background noise. Sure I could tell over my mother in law to drown her out, but when it all becomes a dull roar anyways, there's not a lot of room for fine detail in the music. Anker got it right with this set. Most budget sets go for booming bass....but the other details get crushed. My Q20s, while not perfect, are the sort of headphone that makes you want to listen to music, just because of how nice they are. The microphone is more than acceptable, a first for any budget bluetooth set I've owned. I may not have much experience of the Q30, but when my only complaint about the Q20 was that it wasnt USB C, I don't see any other real contenders that could go against it in the budget segment.

  • Oshadha Bhanu
    Oshadha BhanuMåned siden

    hey linus, can we do the Lenovo Legion 7i? pretty please?

  • Nathan Budd
    Nathan BuddMåned siden

    So... the noise cancellation isn't great then, as you could hear them talking the whole way through.

  • A YouTuber
    A YouTuberMåned siden

    "Do you remember planes" I was on a 3 hour flight when this video was uploaded, and again on the 24th... Rocking a pair of PXC 550's, noise cancelling is great.

  • Nikton Slyp
    Nikton SlypMåned siden

    I was like, yeah okay, just another 200USD headset with basic functionality. OH WAIT 80 USD !?

  • German Bueso
    German BuesoMåned siden

    Hi-Fi lovers wired is the way... Bluetooth lovers save and go for the real deal Sony's mark 4... You're welcome.

  • Arturius
    ArturiusMåned siden

    Interesting, how many times did he say "interesting" in this video?

  • testingbruin
    testingbruinMåned siden

    How's the call quality? I've read very poor reviews for this headphone, is it something they will fix with a firmware update?

  • Real Cillツ
    Real CillツMåned siden

    At e the guy Crome the honey cumershle

  • Matthew
    MatthewMåned siden

    I know this video is sponsored and I know I'm doing exactly what anker wants, but I bought these because of you lmao

  • Booyamakashi
    BooyamakashiMåned siden

    Linus on SC channel: opening a box from sponsor. 100% confirmed. BTW I dont trust this ANC for sheet. It needs to be compared directly to something like Jims review room does it, otherwise its literally 40mm driver.

  • dubstep dubstep
    dubstep dubstepMåned siden

    Wow I guess he's not very popular since he ain't got to use this phone every single day

  • deadmeme 21
    deadmeme 21Måned siden

    Ordered these 3 days ago. Still waiting until the second of next month to get mine.

  • Jackson Hoyt
    Jackson HoytMåned siden

    This was my first dislike because of the freaking stupid title

  • Ry Stanley
    Ry Stanley2 måneder siden

    Futurama Reference....good skills Linus!

  • Riadh Krir
    Riadh Krir2 måneder siden

    please don"t shave, it's stunning.