This camera packs a fully loaded PUNCH! - Panasonic Lumix S5

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2020 has been a little bit iffy, but if you're a camera enthusiast or professional photographer it's been a pretty good year! The Panasonic Lumix S5 offers a ton of options for beginners who want to get into photography or videography, at a reasonable price tag.
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  • AT3D
    AT3DMåned siden

    Brandons camera reviews give me life.

  • Kyle Mellick
    Kyle MellickMåned siden

    How did he not mention the downfall of this camera. The auto focus. It’s all over the place in real world use. It’s tragic.

  • Daddy Tjeuw
    Daddy TjeuwMåned siden

    Auto focus test only a few seconds😅😅😅😅

  • bWWd
    bWWd2 måneder siden

    He should practice being in front of the camera at home, and its gonna be better, its quite visible that hes not really convinced into what hes saying or its just how he is but that will change over time, if he wants to be snarky he needs to be fast and convincing not stutter or look like hes in front of the class telling dates from memory, also dont hit a box with fingers so close to the mic, or just dont do it at all.

  • Nikhil Gajjar
    Nikhil Gajjar2 måneder siden

    Jared Polin: THE L-MOUNT ALLIANCE Brandon: the l-mount Jared Polin: Don't half-ass it!

  • Paolo Giordano
    Paolo Giordano2 måneder siden

    "Who's left?" "Pentax."

  • D-Gauss
    D-Gauss2 måneder siden

    1:08 The S1 is 2499, not 3499. It never was.

  • Astronaut Ninja
    Astronaut Ninja2 måneder siden

    This guy's mannerisms and the way he talks, I find it quite smug and entitled.

  • William Su
    William Su3 måneder siden

    Imma b honest i prefer Pana's MFT options more, the lenses and options are just more abundant, cheaper bodies, lighter packages~ Pana needs to get back on the MFT train imo~

  • Stefan Zubal
    Stefan Zubal3 måneder siden

    Take a look at sigma fp .....

  • Zack Darce
    Zack Darce3 måneder siden

    The GH5 is still king.. it's full size HDMI port and 422 10 bit all intra 400mbps recording capability and of course IBIS still has not been surpassed by a mirrorless camera anywhere near it's price point.. the closet to it is the black magic cameras which you have to rig up to get anywhere close to the functionality. I've decided for sure this time. I'm getting a GH5 it is still the best all around.

  • Zack Darce
    Zack Darce3 måneder siden

    Please please please use the cameras you are unboxing and do an actual review in a month or so.. we would love to hear to opinions after some real use.

  • Zack Darce
    Zack Darce3 måneder siden

    Many people have told me I should write manuals.. I love reading manuals. No joke

  • Gunskimod
    Gunskimod3 måneder siden

    Replace Linus. It's more profitable to put the best looking person in front.

  • Nano Tox
    Nano Tox3 måneder siden

    Is there any reason to use the micro-hdmi (or hdmi in general) over usb-c? I've no clue about cameras, just curious.

  • Will Adams
    Will Adams3 måneder siden

    Can we get reviews on the z cam cameras? Thanks! Love the vids!

  • Ben Korpella
    Ben Korpella3 måneder siden

    I don't give a crap about cameras, but I love Brandon. Can make a guest appearance on Carpool Critics!

  • gameflux
    gameflux3 måneder siden

    Cool !

  • AJ Earlywine
    AJ Earlywine3 måneder siden

    I’m not gay but he’s hot

  • Maaz Altaf
    Maaz Altaf3 måneder siden

    The amount of knowledge this dude has. Omg

  • Gummy Bear
    Gummy Bear3 måneder siden

    Brandon should start his own camera review channel

  • RedSpear Films
    RedSpear Films3 måneder siden

    I get that the camera has full sensor and lots of features but 2k isn't affordable at all especially for a hoppy

  • Antnee
    Antnee3 måneder siden

    I don't think I've seen any of Brandon's videos before, but I really enjoyed this. More Brandon, please

  • Jimmy a Geek
    Jimmy a Geek3 måneder siden

    S1 is selling for $1400 usd new so is it worth over the $1600 S5 ?

  • FantabMedia


    3 måneder siden

    Depends what you want (and you have to pay for V-Log with S1). S1 is a better body, better IBIS, better EVF, better LCD, no recording limits in standard 10-bit modes and full-size HDMI. S5 has 4k60 10-bit (8-bit on the S1), RAW and better AF(coming to the S1). I'd take the S1 any day although I really miss that 4k60 10-bit.

  • TheFoxwiz
    TheFoxwiz3 måneder siden

    The S1 body only is $2500 at Adorama. Not sure why you put $3500

  • gameshoes
    gameshoes3 måneder siden

    The price for the S1 shown at 1:00 is incorrect. The S1 is at $2500 USD. Perhaps they got mixed up with the S1R which is at $3500 USD.

  • Matt Robinson
    Matt Robinson3 måneder siden

    Intelligent people speaking passionately appeals to a larger audience than the subject.

  • MrVipitis
    MrVipitis3 måneder siden

    Got a GX9 earlier this year for compactness. a7C or S5 don't have the compact lens options for me. And I only do stills

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19873 måneder siden

    As usual a good camera overview from brandon. Hope he's free for a full review of this camera.

  • TreeFall Leaves
    TreeFall Leaves3 måneder siden

    Wow. I'm the 666th comment

  • Poffy’s World
    Poffy’s World3 måneder siden

    me who doesn't know anything about cameras and how they work: iNtReStInG

    TRNDSTTRS3 måneder siden

    Uhm @ShortCircuit Panasonic S1 price is not $3499? Think that might be an error

  • martixy
    martixy3 måneder siden

    I'd really love if 2:1 became the universal standard for everything... Its so simple to deal with.

  • Parsclick
    Parsclick3 måneder siden

    Well done Panasonic. ALways best and reliable. Live the colors.

  • Frederik Chr.
    Frederik Chr.3 måneder siden

    What is the best of the best VLOG camera with touch full articulation screen?

  • Сергей Паняев
    Сергей Паняев3 måneder siden

    Will there be a review of Samsung galaxy tab s7 or s7 plus?

  • Tim Scheidler
    Tim Scheidler3 måneder siden

    I feel that micro-HDMI pain. I have them wrapped and zip-tied on my low-budget, stationary setup but I know they're still are gonna break.

  • Erman Bakhtiar Othman
    Erman Bakhtiar Othman3 måneder siden

    That's.....expensive af 😑

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith3 måneder siden

    Love the camera content! a feature review of the mirror-less camera's u mentioned in this vid would b NICE!! pro's cons, yah KNOW

  • Ranjan Manohar
    Ranjan Manohar3 måneder siden

    Got to 1:09 and closed the video

  • Dmitry Krainyk
    Dmitry Krainyk3 måneder siden

    0:09 Pentax...

  • Malte Spielt
    Malte Spielt3 måneder siden

    i dont get why they dont have full size hdmi. my G9 has hdmi and its 1k less lol

  • Malte Spielt
    Malte Spielt3 måneder siden

    S5 is awesome. used them for years.

  • abbadon56
    abbadon563 måneder siden

    Telling to beginners to « throw away » the hood is absolutely insane. Not only it cancel most flare, it also protects the front lens from damages when both in and outdoor. Really stupid.

  • awesome369
    awesome3693 måneder siden

    Please do a camera comparison with Sony Xperia phones... they have like a very enthusiast level camera controls.

  • Aragorn841
    Aragorn8413 måneder siden

    Would you please consider covering the Nikon Z6?

  • LuxShots Films
    LuxShots Films3 måneder siden

    There are a few technical errors in your review. - The saw was never $3499 body only, it was $2499. - The battery is not 7.2mAh, it's 7.2 volts and 2200 mAh

  • Elogical.
    Elogical.3 måneder siden

    Sony ZV1

  • Macuhvelli Gaming
    Macuhvelli Gaming3 måneder siden

    hey, fujifilm released xt4 too

  • Oliver Kruse
    Oliver Kruse3 måneder siden

    I'd love to see the Zeiss ZX1 camera.

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R3 måneder siden

    please review the Nikon z7 2 and the z6 2 when they come out later this month

  • Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber
    Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber3 måneder siden

    That camera costs as much as my pc wtf

  • e21big
    e21big3 måneder siden

    I am a tech localiser, which means I wrote and translated exactly this kind of user manual stuff in this video. I am glad that Brandon at least appreciate my blood, seat and suffering lol

  • I have no clue I am a Hamster
    I have no clue I am a Hamster3 måneder siden

    Cameras are just too damn rxpensive

  • SubVersa
    SubVersa3 måneder siden

    Sigma fp also has these aspect ratios, maybe not all, but plenty.

  • edgefilm
    edgefilm3 måneder siden

    Would die to see him review the Canon R5, weird they skipped over it since it does 8K RAW

  • Brooke Mason
    Brooke Mason3 måneder siden

    Sony still the best

  • bri pertplus
    bri pertplus3 måneder siden

    S1 price is with the kit lens, back when it came out

  • totalepicrandomness2
    totalepicrandomness23 måneder siden

    Delightful as always

  • Sorgenkind
    Sorgenkind3 måneder siden

    I now, take a moment to appreciate the writers of manuals. Thank you guys ! ( :

  • Arty Rich
    Arty Rich3 måneder siden

    OLD NEWS Come on, 4 weeks after everyone has unboxed and revealed the S5 you make this video. Yes, we all know that it’s has a micro HDMI and does not have phase detection focussing, etc and so on. There has been 100 NOlocal videos telling all this. How about doing or showing us something we don’t know?

  • RoystonCreates
    RoystonCreates3 måneder siden

    I'd love to see a matchup of all these cameras!

  • あアァぁー
    あアァぁー3 måneder siden

    Pentax cried in corner.

  • Luu Cam
    Luu Cam3 måneder siden

    Ursa 12k next ?????

  • Luke Silcock
    Luke Silcock3 måneder siden

    "Suitable for people who are just getting in to photography". Camera is $1999...I would say you have to be a bit more that just getting in to photography to be spending that much on a camera in my opinion.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader3 måneder siden


  • George Niksch
    George Niksch3 måneder siden

    @0:53 The S1 body is $2500, not $3500.

  • Chilloveque
    Chilloveque3 måneder siden

    Isn't S1 like 2.5k now?

  • Blake Mustaine
    Blake Mustaine3 måneder siden

    this camera costs more than my car...

  • Odymeister
    Odymeister3 måneder siden

    Can you do a budget camera line-up? Would love to see more vids like this but this is just a bit above my price point...

  • jalabi99
    jalabi993 måneder siden

    Had to give this video a like for the shoutout to all the underappreciated technical manual writers out there.

  • Ruli Manurung
    Ruli Manurung3 måneder siden

    0:59 "a price point that is more accessible to people who are just getting into photography"... as the graphics reveal that price point to be $1999 :-O

  • Xamiakass
    Xamiakass3 måneder siden

    in all honesty... L mount? yes.. why would you need access to thousands of lenses from a whole bunch of diff manufacturers.. have 42 and be happy we even let you change those! :D peasantry... every real photographer KNOWS that the body really is the chum change. lenses is where it's at. meaning, this is a sad joke.

  • MitchOfCanada
    MitchOfCanada3 måneder siden

    Mini HDMI is fine, use a right angle with lock on the thread

  • Ben Zuckier
    Ben Zuckier3 måneder siden

    THE L MOUNT ALLIANCEEEE!!!! (alliance alliance...)

  • Manila Martin
    Manila Martin3 måneder siden

    Beginners are like $2000 is only a beginners camera?! Yikes!

  • Gabriel Rivers
    Gabriel Rivers3 måneder siden

    7.2 mAh battery would probably run out in less than a second.

  • Taígo Pedrosa
    Taígo Pedrosa3 måneder siden

    Make a LTT video comparing the 4 cameras! (Eos R, A7S 3, Fugi and this one)

  • ChronoXShadow
    ChronoXShadow3 måneder siden

    The stabilization feels like an android phone camera lol

  • B sim
    B sim3 måneder siden

    More camera reviews please.

  • Rasoplast
    Rasoplast3 måneder siden

    Try reviewing the Nikon Z5 (full-frame) or Nikon Z50 (APS-C), Brandon. Both of them are relatively cheaper than the S5 and they're great options for people moving from DSLR to mirrorless. I'm thinking of buying one of the two but I'm not sure what to get.

  • Robert Saldana
    Robert Saldana3 måneder siden

    Why are Nikon never in the conversation with this channel and shooting photo and video?

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara3 måneder siden


  • Tim Robertson
    Tim Robertson3 måneder siden

    Mirrorless cameras are great, but what about something like a Canon 90D? Im coming from a 60D I mainly use for wildlife photography but would like to dabble in video. As I love my 60D I've been considering an EOS R as a dedicated video rig but the 90D would offer me backwards compatibility with a lot of my existing gear. A review of either / both of these would be interesting as you have mentioned the EOS R in several videos now. (Edited for spelling)

  • TheFoxwiz
    TheFoxwiz3 måneder siden

    Good review but with the AF not being up to "snuff", I just can't see getting it.

  • Uche Oji
    Uche Oji3 måneder siden

    Err, please use at least 40% of your 18 minute video shooting and testing with the camera. I think you just talked about looks and features.

  • Amara
    Amara3 måneder siden

    "who's next?" Everyone always forgets Nikon lol

  • Jog S
    Jog S3 måneder siden

    I used the S5 now for 2 weeks and the AF on video has same pumping problems as on a G9. Contrast only AF isn't up to date. My camera goes tomorrow back. It's a shame.

  • Léo Savard
    Léo Savard3 måneder siden

    Could we get a review of the Nikon Z lineup? Since I've been shooting Nikon for 11 years now I've amassed a good collection of lenses and it would be awesome to have your opinion on this other contender :)

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)
    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)3 måneder siden

    Who's left? 0:08 Me: Fuji Brandon: Panasonic Fuji: Understandable, have a good day. Panasonic: *opens the door and watches Fuji leave* You still appear in the video later.

  • Allen
    Allen3 måneder siden

    And now Nikon's left?

  • Sameer h Bellad
    Sameer h Bellad3 måneder siden

    Hy....can you do a review on Triton 500 2020 with rtx 2070 and CPU 10th gen a slim bt powerful piece of hardware...

  • Sayuj Raphael
    Sayuj Raphael3 måneder siden

    0:09 who's left? Me : Nikon *Panasonic* Woops

  • coveringfish
    coveringfish3 måneder siden

    R u going to review the BM 12k!!!

  • Ritik tamgadge
    Ritik tamgadge3 måneder siden

    why not buy a6400 ?

  • TheSimschap
    TheSimschap3 måneder siden

    why do you never include nikon z6 in your comparisons? is it that irrelevant in your opinion? cheers!

  • iTryToEatApples&Bananas Ting
    iTryToEatApples&Bananas Ting3 måneder siden

    Sony a6300 s video can kick the ass of all these cameras

  • The_Cosmo
    The_Cosmo3 måneder siden

    Where's the Pentax love on this channel. :( They genuinely have a unique lineup and a way of handling things which is a heaploads more versatile and consumer friendly than the other big players.

  • Aadidev Sooknanan
    Aadidev Sooknanan3 måneder siden

    Do the A7C!

  • legendp2011
    legendp20113 måneder siden

    panasonic s1 is $2500............not $3500