They're FINALLY here!!!!

Vitenskap og teknologi

The desk pads are finally here, so you can order one at and don't forget to get an SC long sleeve shirt while you're at it too at
You've seen them around for months, and now they're finally out. It took a while, but hey, we got there! They come in a wide variety of sizes, and well, you might want to order one now, or you might have to wait a bit until they come back in stock!
The LTT video on testing the mousepad isn't up yet; keep your eyes peeled when it does drop.
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  • AlphAso AttA
    AlphAso AttA4 timer siden

    1200mm*500mm someone who want to put something nicely on my desk. That's me, im that guy 😆

  • Rence C.
    Rence C.20 timer siden

    Please tell me these are gonna be re-stocked. so bummed I missed out on these, they look so good! 😭

  • ErkUrk
    ErkUrk23 timer siden

    I would buy one if it didn't have the ltt logo on it

  • Mason Sherman
    Mason ShermanDag siden

    2:14. Where is the LTT Video?😭

  • Sam MC
    Sam MC5 dager siden

    This is amazing, all of the pads at the same price. Linus could’ve been greedy and charged too much but no; and it’s great.

  • ChewBaccaFlacka
    ChewBaccaFlacka5 dager siden

    When are they gonna be in stock again?

  • Rusty493
    Rusty4937 dager siden

    Please get more in stock!

  • Qwerty-Space
    Qwerty-Space8 dager siden

    Gonna be getting a 900x300mm one! I had a Robert Space Industries desk mat for SO long, until the rubber disintegrated. I haven't been able to find a desk mat the right size, softness, and is pretty enough until this one

  • asianjman
    asianjman8 dager siden

    When are the big Chungus ones coming back in stock?

  • James Pitts
    James Pitts9 dager siden

    Finally got my 900x500. I'm a competitive FPS player. Its very smooth and has been fantastic for me, coming from a corsair mm300. Would highly recommend.

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide10 dager siden

    Glad I found this channel! Your videos are so good!

  • Rui Justino Dutra Marques
    Rui Justino Dutra Marques10 dager siden

    I received mine today ( 1000mm x 300mm / 39.4” x 11.8” ). Ordered at the 20th December. I am very happy with it!! ;) ( Germany )

  • MissSophiae
    MissSophiae11 dager siden

    how sturdy are they when faced with cats?

  • Colin Court
    Colin Court13 dager siden

    Any chance of doing a more minimalist version in the future?

  • Irfan Rahman
    Irfan Rahman13 dager siden

    Can you change the design like create a variation from the next production @LInus ?

  • NizarShows
    NizarShows13 dager siden

    my next video will be with the desk pad from canada to morocco :D i like the quality of it ! good job

  • Nick Parmar
    Nick Parmar14 dager siden

    Why would anyone buy a product branded by the NOlocal personality, and have their logo emblazoned everywhere? I get that LTT employees like the LTT logo, but I don't want it on my stuff.

  • Leaha
    Leaha14 dager siden

    Can we get like a 1500mmx900mm one? I kinda want the whole desk covered

  • Dustin Patey
    Dustin Patey15 dager siden

    Just got mine in, so Impressed , nice piece to my first pc build !

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games15 dager siden

    "a totally unbiased review - lttstore northern lights mousepad" - is this video up yet? Linux plssss

  • Vmt16
    Vmt1615 dager siden

    When will they be re-stocking??? Reeeaaallly want the 1000x300, its so sexy.

  • Jaiden
    Jaiden16 dager siden

    To everyone as of Jan 2021 Linus has stated that they will restock more in March

  • Just a Knight

    Just a Knight

    15 dager siden

    Shouldn't they post it that on actually the website too...

  • Mateus G. Pires
    Mateus G. Pires18 dager siden

    I can't seem to find the video mentioned at 2:14 anywhere :/

  • Jorge Robles
    Jorge Robles19 dager siden

    Anyone else have their mousepad stuck on pre shipment?

  • James Pitts

    James Pitts

    18 dager siden

    Yup. Several days now, 3 weeks after I ordered it.

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith19 dager siden

    Am I the only one who’s confused why they made underwear before this.

  • Kari H.
    Kari H.20 dager siden

    What are these, desk-mats for children? I want a 160x80cm one to fully cover my working desk.

  • YourAverageCrusty Controller.

    YourAverageCrusty Controller.

    13 dager siden

    You want to fully cover it? got dam that would be expensive. You might as well cut your own fabric and do it yourself cause that will cost a ton.

  • Bénó Kristóf
    Bénó Kristóf20 dager siden

    2:16 where is that video i cant find it anywhere 😅

  • Will M
    Will M21 dag siden

    It’s been 2 weeks and we still haven’t got the LTT review

  • Family Friendly Tech Support
    Family Friendly Tech Support21 dag siden

    I can't find the video he's referring to, did LMG private them?

  • Abcputt
    Abcputt21 dag siden

    just found out about the mousepad, all sold out. hope it gets restock :I

  • Ádám Fodor
    Ádám Fodor21 dag siden

    I ordered one one hour later after this video came out. It still didnt arrive rip europe

  • Ádám Fodor

    Ádám Fodor

    20 dager siden

    @Alv1nl And i guess you ordered it like 15+ days ago... Why? I built a pc for christmas and its like damn Jan3.

  • Alv1nl


    20 dager siden

    I haven’t received mine here in Toronto as well...

  • Caitlyn
    Caitlyn21 dag siden

    UMM.. EXCUSE ME? Did you just assume I'm a righty? What about us lefties such as James Strieb?

  • Vertrix
    Vertrix21 dag siden

    3:30 Once again, poor lefthanded people who use their left hand to control the mouse :( Edit: Just came to mind that you can flip the mousepad since the design doesnt dictate a direction

  • Benjamin Dupuis
    Benjamin Dupuis22 dager siden

    I wonder if mine will ever ship...

  • Ujo Bochník
    Ujo Bochník22 dager siden

    When are you planning on restocking? Not trying to be anoing just asking...

  • Peter Easton
    Peter Easton23 dager siden

    So I just received Linus's big package. :0. The quality of the desk pad is really good and exactly as pictured. Looks and feels great.

  • Spectr Gaming
    Spectr Gaming23 dager siden

    You guys should've set up the rgb on the boards to coincide with the colors of the pattern to look like it's bleeding upwards! Slick pad though!

  • Dunamis
    Dunamis23 dager siden

    For some odd reason I have the urge to get the biggest one.

  • Joshua Hesford
    Joshua Hesford24 dager siden

    What? No RGB? This doesn't sound like Linus Tech Tips. Would have totally bought one if it was RGB

  • I. Sorin Jiga
    I. Sorin Jiga24 dager siden

    Man, Linus, you're running out of stock for some sizes bro. What kind of operation are you running there? :) Any info regarding stock updates, please? Thank you.

  • Bugzzzyboy Animation
    Bugzzzyboy Animation26 dager siden

    Dang, my desk is too small for any of them ( I game on a small corner desk ). :(

  • Pyro 11372
    Pyro 1137226 dager siden

    Mine just came in and it barely fit in my mailbox

  • JG music
    JG music26 dager siden

    You guys should make a keyboard and mouse at this point

  • James Pitts
    James Pitts26 dager siden

    Where is the test video?

  • Gabriel Hirsh
    Gabriel Hirsh26 dager siden

    6:34 Thanks, thats actually really nice

  • YOEL _44
    YOEL _4427 dager siden

    A kid could probably use one of the biggest ones as a floor mat...

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis27 dager siden

    That's awesome, I want one

  • Senritsu} {Jumpsuit

    Senritsu} {Jumpsuit

    26 dager siden

    Personally I want one with a custom design of Steampunk so if I can't have the steam am not buying haha

  • Michael Emerson
    Michael Emerson27 dager siden

    Is there a possibility you'll make some smaller ones for some of us that have a pull out keyboard/mouse landing? Mine is 9.5" x 26.5". I'm not certain if that size is standard or not. Be a shame to have to cut down such a nice pad.

  • Dimitar Ristovski
    Dimitar Ristovski29 dager siden


  • woolgatherer
    woolgatherer29 dager siden

    Why are they sooo freaking long. Like seriously what are we supposed to put on the extra 6 inches to the left of the keyboard?

  • Audrey Finigan
    Audrey Finigan29 dager siden

    Am I the only one who can’t find the full LTT video? (If anyone finds it pls link it in ur reply)

  • dunro
    dunroMåned siden

    Dark area on the right sucks if you use your left hand for mousing (guess I'm off to the leftporium 😅)

  • RedPillPotential17
    RedPillPotential17Måned siden

    wow. sold out already :'(

  • Sion
    SionMåned siden

    Are the 900x400 coming back in stock or is this a limited time item? If it does come back when roughly will that be?

  • 朔夜
    朔夜Måned siden

    Made in China……所以中国买的话就是饶了一个大圈?让字幕组组织一波工厂直销吧

  • 三倍速的阿虚
    三倍速的阿虚Måned siden

    Made in China but not sale in China, have to pay tons of logistics fees let the pad have a round trip between Canada

  • 獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ
    獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJMåned siden

    1:48 Welcome to Linus Drop Tips

  • James
    JamesMåned siden

    performing for you!

  • Brian
    BrianMåned siden

    Will these be restocked? I would like to buy the 1200mm x 700mm one

  • Micro Tasker
    Micro TaskerMåned siden

    Lyle needs to review this.

  • 16kqzz
    16kqzzMåned siden ( would make my christmas 😔

  • Hare deLune
    Hare deLuneMåned siden

    Now make fleece throws and blankets! 😆

  • Mannnisp
    MannnispMåned siden

    Sold out - why !?!? If you take pre - orders, is it so hard to earn money..? 100more even with a big delay would be nice to have profit from ?

  • rc6ty
    rc6tyMåned siden

    8:32 - that's me, i hoped for a 1600x80 mm mammoth desk pad

  • Bobo M
    Bobo MMåned siden

    Why haven't you used wireless peripherals?

  • xrainxfallx
    xrainxfallxMåned siden

    When will you guys be restocking?

  • M3h3ndr3
    M3h3ndr3Måned siden

    So, is this like the nvidia chips now? Can we only buy those from scalpers??? I want a 700x1200 :(

  • ajillianmiles
    ajillianmilesMåned siden

    use it as a yoga mat

  • hussen isam
    hussen isamMåned siden

    my disk is 800mmX1200mm 😂

  • calvin
    calvinMåned siden

    Please restock bigger sizes :(

  • Dankengiene Plays
    Dankengiene PlaysMåned siden

    This is basically a 5 minute add

  • Donny Goniwicha
    Donny GoniwichaMåned siden

    I have a tiny desk. I wish there was just a normal size mouse pad.

  • mohanned shipani
    mohanned shipaniMåned siden

    Do u ship to Egypt.?

  • Zoey Bledsoe
    Zoey BledsoeMåned siden

    a 10 minute advertisement?

  • Mikkel Storm Hansen
    Mikkel Storm HansenMåned siden

    Hey Linus or LTT staff, I have a question: would you ever consider opening up a warehouse in Europe for the LTT store? It really sucks when you have products like these for sale but then VAT and especially customs double the sales price. I hope it's something you would consider.

  • Romain Failliot
    Romain FailliotMåned siden

    Oh I feel like I'll never get enough of it... I could even buy several of them with different drawings and change them regularly...

  • Isaiah M.
    Isaiah M.Måned siden

    That price being similar made me respect the hell out of you

  • John adel
    John adelMåned siden

    Its more like a carpet, gaming carpet !!

  • bastol
    bastolMåned siden

    2:08 *realizes linus' hand size vs 30cm depth.* Holy crap, Now i understand the importance of telling us when reviewing hardware.

  • Christian S.
    Christian S.Måned siden

    Will there be a black and white version of this? for the black&white lovers?

  • Squinoogle
    SquinoogleMåned siden

    1200x40mm would replace both of the pads I'm using now. No more mousing over the hump.

  • ExpectDragons
    ExpectDragonsMåned siden

    you're already sold out of the 1200 x 700 :(

  • skylar15123
    skylar15123Måned siden

    They are all bigger than my keyboard tray

  • Maculam
    MaculamMåned siden


  • TILR
    TILRMåned siden

    gotta say, they look NICE

  • Ian Visser
    Ian VisserMåned siden

    6:08 And that is why Linus is an OG.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian VisserMåned siden

    Honestly, I've been waiting for these since LTT Store started. But I'd like 1 with the old LTT logo on (the white with the head and quote) and 1 with the WAN show's couch carry.

  • wardway
    wardwayMåned siden

    No 75 cm :(

  • Camo Yoshi
    Camo YoshiMåned siden

    At what point do you just start calling them tablecloths?

  • Gift0r
    Gift0rMåned siden

    Hey, I like this thing and you are great with all the sizes, but my husband is a gamer and left-handed, even he uses his mouse on the right side (he claims that he learnd it that way), I was courios if you plan to build a lefty version as well?

  • Roman Barczyński
    Roman BarczyńskiMåned siden

    awww, sold out

  • Tim P.
    Tim P.Måned siden

    Is there a way to clean these?

  • Tom Kaidalov
    Tom KaidalovMåned siden

    Is it just me or resin table is kinda shitty. Like I would imagine the middle part be more transparent and less like someone puked

  • Yulti Haif
    Yulti HaifMåned siden

    Did some one really buy the ltt brand? I mean...if buying pc gamer hardware is not nerdy enough you came buy with an ltt brand deskpad...or maybe its me...but...I rather buy a random chinese generic deskpad than a ltt brand one

  • silverisss
    silverisssMåned siden

    Looks great, however $30 seems a bit expensive to me. But thats my issue, since i live in a country where our income is like at least half of yours, maybe less, and our expenses are pretty much the same

  • NetherFlux
    NetherFluxMåned siden

    There is no way your profiting off of this

  • DanTheMan18-
    DanTheMan18-Måned siden

    RIP budget peeps in the Philippines :( you need an official authorized reseller here Linus!

  • Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G.Måned siden

    You should sign those Linus and do a giveaway!!

  • bambuwuzled YT
    bambuwuzled YTMåned siden

    yeah that's cool and all, but does it have a GN-blue underside

  • David Kowaleski
    David KowaleskiMåned siden