The OnePlus 8T is ICE COLD!

Vitenskap og teknologi

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The T line of OnePlus phones has always been known to be incremental upgrades after the model release early every year. The OnePlus 8T shows some strengths to what will be coming for the OnePlus 9!
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  • ORIOLESFan02
    ORIOLESFan02Dag siden

    If the OnePlus 8T had wireless charging, I would buy it.

  • Ivan Sini
    Ivan Sini3 dager siden

    He keeps saying battery won't last, and he fails to realize is 2 batteries charging at 30w 🤦‍♂️

  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke7 dager siden

    Why is Jake not allowed to use knives? Is he not 18? But then if so, why is he working there? Linus, are you doing a sketchy? Lol

  • Samarth Khurana
    Samarth Khurana7 dager siden

    Why is Jake advertising Manscaped?

  • Arvind Jaivel
    Arvind Jaivel8 dager siden

    He surely enjoys unboxing😁

  • kristiyan Kovachev
    kristiyan Kovachev12 dager siden

    I'm using mine 2 weeks now and already has alot of bugs and some lagging 😠I'm really disappointed OnePlus

  • DragonBane Rules
    DragonBane Rules12 dager siden

    I would personnally take the 8t 5g rather than the 8 pro, i mean if you want curved display and wireless charging and triple cam set up with table wobbles which consists of a main, legendary ultrawide, some useless color thing, go for the 8 pro, if you want 65 watt charging and want your phone to wobble less on a flat surface and want a quad cam set up with a main, ultra wide, depth, macro, basicalyy 8t 5g doesn't have wireless charging and color filter camera but with more useful cameras, less table wobbles, more than double the speed of charging, flat screen display, all cheaper than the 8 pro

  • alex wileman
    alex wileman25 dager siden


  • Legionssssss
    LegionssssssMåned siden

    This is not true tho. I charged my phone from 20% to 90%, the phone was literally able to fry an egg. So FUCKING hot and you called it ice cold??

  • SanjeevOriginals
    SanjeevOriginalsMåned siden

    The worst reviewer in the whole damn universe!

  • DarthHeretic
    DarthHereticMåned siden

    Batteries* it has two, so the current is split while charging. Yeah, its 65w, but its closer to 30w thats going to each battery

  • Vignesh Raju
    Vignesh RajuMåned siden

    Idk this feels really half hate for the channel itself....but then instead of just saying multiple times the battery will not last like on a whim adequately explaining why and then providing logic behind the statement makes more sense.

  • Seahorse
    SeahorseMåned siden

    this guy looks like he was forced to review that 8t

  • Davide Roliti
    Davide RolitiMåned siden

    I can't stand this dude

  • esben terp
    esben terpMåned siden

    Great reawiew

  • Pablo Saucedo
    Pablo SaucedoMåned siden

    So am I not supposed to charge with the 65w charger every time?? The website said to only charge with the included charger. I'm confused 😂

  • RegularEverydayNormalGuy
    RegularEverydayNormalGuy2 måneder siden

    The camera in the 8T is really bad. I have the 8T now, I compared it to my old oneplus 3 and my old phone taking way more detailed photos with better colors (same results with gcam).

  • pad21r
    pad21r2 måneder siden

    So you think you are funny??? Next time check the device info before make a review and stop looking the specs from the laptop.. you didn't knew 8t's colors.. and it is only 2..

  • DeWorDeR
    DeWorDeR2 måneder siden

    What do YOU use that internal phone memory? Pictures, Videos? Snapchat and Instagram? How much space would you need or have you had a problem with phone memory? I personally haven't coz theres much of it.

  • Arpit Bhatia
    Arpit Bhatia2 måneder siden

    More of overacting and less of review. And he thinks he's really cool.

  • wiks50
    wiks502 måneder siden

    I imagine the cooling solution used in this phone to keep up with the 65W charging is made primarily to help with the battery longevity, as the temperature is the main factor to battery degradation.

  • Graphene
    Graphene2 måneder siden

    I'm sure they consulted a children's book publisher for advice on the reviewers manual. Great review. Virtual even 😉

  • Vyshu Siroi
    Vyshu Siroi2 måneder siden

    Chinese android phones depress me.

  • Shubham P.
    Shubham P.2 måneder siden

    One Plus 8T = 81

  • yyxy
    yyxy2 måneder siden

    He even some sort of disrespecting the product by just dropping or throwing it away. I get it he did not pay for it, but still. Behaving like that is like disrespecting the effort and the hardwork of the people behind Oneplus.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter2 måneder siden

    Too bad Aussies are essentially shit out of luck when it comes to One Plus smartphones.

  • CheezWiz
    CheezWiz2 måneder siden

    I swear in the thumbnail he looks like CallMeCarson

  • Przemysław Włodarczyk
    Przemysław Włodarczyk2 måneder siden

    0:25 Oh come on, its just reference to My Hero Academy, somebody there must be a fan.

  • C C
    C C2 måneder siden

    I usually enjoy most of the content from Linus and ShortCircuit etc, but come on. Stop whining about the battery not lasting very long if you keep using the faster charger. Are you serious? I've been using my op7 pro with 30w charging for 1.5years, and the battery health is still at 90%. You guys are a tech channel, I expect better comments. I'm pretty sure you could have easily googled bout Oneplus' dash/warp charging and you'd know the phone doesn't heat much up, even when you use the phone while charging. PS: Is Jake still using an iphone with a 5w charger ? Since he seems so concerned about the battery not lasting very long. lol. 5w charging speed would be nice and safe for you :)

  • Gurkis
    Gurkis2 måneder siden

    My pocophone still charges in 40 minutes even after 2 years. Why do you think this phone will break if you use that charger?

  • Rolezki
    Rolezki2 måneder siden

    8T is literally just another shitty oneplus device that nobody should get

  • Johnathan Le

    Johnathan Le

    2 måneder siden

    oof edgy

  • Luis Pires
    Luis Pires2 måneder siden

    7:31 oh nooo the cable!

  • Chuck Rouse
    Chuck Rouse2 måneder siden

    Is it an updated charging system from the 7t? I've used my warp charger for every charge from the beginning it's still great. 🤷‍♂️

  • SicParvisMagna123


    2 måneder siden

    Yes but it's not recommended to use an older charger, it'll take longer.

  • Silot
    Silot2 måneder siden

    Too bad Oneplus 9 is just around the corner and this will get deprecated in 3 months and cost 50% of the current retail price lol.

  • Trever Snyder
    Trever Snyder2 måneder siden

    I actually just bought this phone about a week ago LOL and the charger does not make the phone get hot at all. At least not anymore than the average fast charger does

  • Spyd
    Spyd2 måneder siden

    Why is a bed "over there"?

  • Govind K
    Govind K2 måneder siden

    Why is there a bed over there?

  • jelly72
    jelly722 måneder siden

    phone reviews: turns on, camera ok, speaker ok,... nothing much to say really.

  • Raquia
    Raquia2 måneder siden

    So is Jakes Linus protégée?

  • Jorge Navarrete
    Jorge Navarrete2 måneder siden

    I don't know what the purpose for that noise, first and last video I watched from your channel, annoying sound, big boooooo. Not recommended

  • Joe
    Joe2 måneder siden

    hmm this will be in the next linus drop tips video for sure

  • Kanishk Modi
    Kanishk Modi2 måneder siden

    9:05 the fact that the Oneplus is ICE COLD means the heat dissipation system doesn’t work at all

  • kiran vinay

    kiran vinay

    13 dager siden

    Quite reverse

  • Asad Mirza
    Asad Mirza2 måneder siden

    Man so much drama and less review!

  • Dirtbag DIY
    Dirtbag DIY3 måneder siden

    3:00 I have had the OnePlus 7t since it was released a bit over a year ago. It also uses OnePlus's warp charge. I had the same thought it would affect battery performance over time and I do have to say it is much less so than previous Android and iPhones I've had. I honestly haven't noticed a ton of degredation over time in battery life using the warp charge every night. I have also never found it to get hot, or even very noticeably warm to the touch while charging, unlike my wife's Samsung Galaxy S10 which does get uncomfortably warm at times.

  • Jimmy Lindberg

    Jimmy Lindberg

    2 måneder siden

    I have the 6T McLaren and I've been warp charging it for almost exactly two years now. I don't know how much of a difference my charging habits make but 9 out of 10 times I charge it from ~40% to ~80%. I charge it every evening for about 20-30 minutes and that has so far always gotten me through the next day with 30-50% charge left the following evening, heavily depending on how much action it has seen during the day of course. During weekends with little action it can easily last from Thursday evening to Sunday evening. So far the battery feels exactly as good as the day I bought it. If I leave for work at 8 in the morning with ~80% charge I'll have about 40% remaining at 10 in the evening. A 20-30 minute charge later it's at little over 80% again and good to go for another 24 hours. I might just as well add that my old 3T that my friend bought from me after two years of usage is still working fine after more than four years total as a daily driver. It still easily gets him through more than a day with a full charge and moderate usage. His earlier Huawei phones were not quite as durable. After two years the Honor 7 began having trouble getting through a full day and before the third year the battery had to be replaced. Same with the Honor 8 he bought used. It too had to have its battery swapped during its third year of use.

  • L


    2 måneder siden

    Same with my 7 Pro, these were really great phones

  • Saad Noor
    Saad Noor3 måneder siden

    This is straight up being disrespectful. You should know how much effort goes into manufacturing a device. This is a tech channel. Not a meme page.

  • Chuck Cross
    Chuck Cross3 måneder siden

    Dude sounds like Beavis and Butthead. Both in one. Not a serious review.

  • Chuck Cross
    Chuck Cross3 måneder siden

    The charger comment is ignorant for a reviewer. It charges two batteries at the same time so you need to halve the amps to understand what is happening. It won't overheat or degrade the battery.

  • Benjamin III Abestillas
    Benjamin III Abestillas3 måneder siden

    How to open a box Everyone : use sharp tools Short circuit : light bulb

  • Exultant Alpaca
    Exultant Alpaca3 måneder siden

    Gabe Newall thumbnail

  • Batmen Beyont
    Batmen Beyont3 måneder siden

    Why would the battery degrade faster if the charger is charging two batteries within the phone at the same time. It's not like it's charging one giant 4500 mAh battery...

  • Scenario7
    Scenario73 måneder siden

    Jake is great at this stuff

  • Madeline Cardwell AHZ
    Madeline Cardwell AHZ3 måneder siden

    Not much different from the 8 or even the Nord

  • badmoon908
    badmoon9083 måneder siden

    Highest SAR (read as one word not S A R) stands for specific absorption rate and touting yourself as having the highest is NOT a benefit. In fact, just the opposite. It's really complicated science but suffice to say, OnePlus is off their rocker by putting this in their marketing. For those who are interested: 1. The limits set by the FCC are measured in Watts/kg or the amount of power absorbed by human tissue. 2. Testing consists of using a body phantom using TSL (tissue simulating liquid) which mimics the body's dielectric permittivity. It consists of mostly salt-water. 3. SAR (and RF exposure in general) consists of both a maximum power limit and a time averaging limit (i.e. you can safely be exposed to X field for Y amount of time). 4. Meeting the SAR limits is a balancing act. The lower the transmit power the lower the SAR but the worse reception, signal quality, etc. The higher the transmit power the more likely you'll be overexposed. 5. Most likely, this device is using Qualcomm smart transmit which is an algorithm developed to maximize the transmit power while not exceeding the SAR limits. It leverages point 3. 6. Lastly, SAR is NOT MPE (maximum permissible exposure). MPE is a power density limit (Watts per square meter). SAR and MPE are related but they are technically two different things.

  • Christopher Ranahan
    Christopher Ranahan3 måneder siden

    Really not so keen on this unboxing. Lots of uninformed comments and generally just not super into his attitude overall during the unboxing. Would have much preferred Linus doing the unboxing as he's much more familiar with oneplus technology.

  • Ionut Cosmin
    Ionut Cosmin3 måneder siden

    My oneplus7 pro lost 20% battery health in a year and half charging it every 1 2 or 3 days. never gamed on it. light medium use. so yea i would not use their chargers if u want to use ur phone more than a year

  • itsmedigio
    itsmedigio3 måneder siden

    Don't like this video at all

  • Victor Castro
    Victor Castro3 måneder siden

    $749 usd is significantly cheaper than other flagships that have less ram and worse screens. It's the reason I got a 7t pro. I was skeptical because i didn't believe a good flagship phone could cost $600 but this has been my favorite phone since the last nexus. People with $900, $1000 phones see me watching videos at like work and constantly ask what phone it is. I've had it since release and it's never frozen on me and my phone is basically my computer.

  • Till gloßner
    Till gloßner3 måneder siden

    jake is great,

  • Barbapapa
    Barbapapa3 måneder siden

    No headphone jack, phone worthless

  • Crilan
    Crilan3 måneder siden

    Please, change that shitty table, we can see the bubbles on the resin. Is very distracting.

  • Addy Walters
    Addy Walters3 måneder siden

    How would the 65 watt charger ruin the battery if it's charging 2 batterys at 30 watt, surely it would be the same as a 30 watt charger on most modern phones?

  • dalton wildes
    dalton wildes3 måneder siden

    Actually, little known fact, one plus phones at one point used to have an always on display! Ask floss!!

  • Lance Zimmer
    Lance Zimmer3 måneder siden

    I need 512GB storage at least.

  • Mrdean89
    Mrdean893 måneder siden

    2 batteries charging at 30 watts

  • ijjy ahmed
    ijjy ahmed3 måneder siden

    They should let this guy review more

  • Heng Yuan
    Heng Yuan3 måneder siden

    As for the battery, OnePlus does sell the part separately at a low price ( ). My main issue is really having a repair shop nearby that would do the replacement, rather than shipping the phone to OnePlus.

  • karlwashere123
    karlwashere1233 måneder siden

    Hey guys do us a favor. Don't review phones. There are a million other channels out there that can do that for us. We Care what's in the store when we're buy our upgrade. Other than that leave it to unbox therapy to push new phones.

  • ndrfillmore
    ndrfillmore3 måneder siden

    So do we all know the origin of the word "Jerry Rig"?

  • Justin Hannay
    Justin Hannay3 måneder siden

    Stop blindly saying that fast charging means the battery won't last. You don't know if that's true.

  • Megakoresh
    Megakoresh3 måneder siden

    "The battery will not last if you keep using this" Me, who has been using nothing by the included charger for my OnePlus 8 Pro 5G since I got it: *sweating nervously*

  • Hilmar Ehrig
    Hilmar Ehrig3 måneder siden

    Virtual fistbump für the shirt!

  • Carlos Cervantes
    Carlos Cervantes3 måneder siden

    The Warp Charge technology is kinda cool. Somehow, the cable is designed to use the charger as the heat dissipation, as oppose to the phone, so the charger gets stupid hot after a while, hence it's size.

  • sADYc
    sADYc3 måneder siden

    Mine has a low volume Bluetooth sound connected to AptX HD, AptX and AAC headphones. I never thought that sound might be such an issue on a over 100$ phone, none of the happy receivers of a big OnePlus promo box tested headphone sound. The device is a big specs sheet with what everybody wants from an smartphone, nothing more. No sound, no money from me! Back to store!!!!!

  • Not4K's alt doing with my life
    Not4K's alt doing with my life3 måneder siden

    people talkin abt apple jumping from 8 to 10 but one plus adds 10 then subtracts 9 then repeat every year

  • ben weston
    ben weston3 måneder siden

    256gb is probably enough for the average user lol I don’t ever think about what I’m storing on my phone and I’ve got 68gb free on my 128gb phone and my wife is only using half the space on her 64gb phone.

  • Pradumna Saraf
    Pradumna Saraf3 måneder siden

    Jake In Video - I am Up

  • Lavdi
    Lavdi3 måneder siden

    it charges 2 batteries at the same time at 32.5 Watt

  • yasedky
    yasedky3 måneder siden

    That's one of the silliest unpleasant videos , I have seen in my life. Copying linus No originality. And the worst sense of humour . Non instructive . Video with no character Just a waste

  • yyxy


    2 måneder siden

    He even some sort of disrespecting the product by just dropping or throwing it away. I get it he did not pay for it, but still. Behaving like that is like disrespecting the effort and the hardwork of the people behind Oneplus.

  • Prison Mike

    Prison Mike

    3 måneder siden

    Same thoughts. He tries so hard to be funny but fails really bad.

  • Marvin John
    Marvin John3 måneder siden

    It's really annoying when these people say we shouldn't use fast charge when it's literally two batteries being charged and definitely as safe as normal charging. It barely even impacts battery durability too. Also, One plus 8 and 8 pro has received Always on Display via OTA update... Really poor review..

  • Ajay Sampat
    Ajay Sampat3 måneder siden

  • AdaaDK
    AdaaDK3 måneder siden

    I dont feel like theres been any good reason to upgrade over the last few years, and my s9+ does fine for what i use it for. Maybe next gen, its not like anything needs 5G or 90/120hz yet anyhow. for anyone who dosnt game or semi-pro photo user on their phone, i dont see a reason to upgrade this gen at all.

  • Anum Tahir
    Anum Tahir3 måneder siden

    The guy is more interested in acting like a clown than doing a good job with reviewing the device. Careless demeanour.

  • realism
    realism3 måneder siden

    Actually no, its not as cold as ice

  • Oliver Kruse
    Oliver Kruse3 måneder siden

    The German subtitles are awful! :(

  • SHAPZ Jewelry & Engraving
    SHAPZ Jewelry & Engraving3 måneder siden

    Terrible! 🤮 How would you know if Warp Charge damages the battery? Inacurate & presumptuous statements.

  • SHAPZ Jewelry & Engraving

    SHAPZ Jewelry & Engraving

    2 måneder siden

    @Tom K All jokes aside, this is just an unboxing first look-not a Review-because he hasn't used it, did no homework on the device & knows nothing about it. Also, OP used thermal paste not only around the Battery but also around the Motherboard and Camera as well- most phones don't even come close to that. It's obviously he's biased against the brand - I can only assume it's because they're a Chinese company - because he gives us no other reason for his negative disposition & disrespectful attitude toward the product. Which is sad for a tech reviewer. And if you scroll through the comments you'll see the majority of people here feel the same way. Never seen any of his reviews before & don't really care to after this one. Unless I'm super bored & need a cheap laugh. 😂 Maybe he should start reviewing hamburger joints instead of phones-looks like he may know a thing or two about that.

  • Tom K

    Tom K

    2 måneder siden

    He was laughing when he said it, so I think he was kidding.

  • Erman Bakhtiar Othman
    Erman Bakhtiar Othman3 måneder siden

    But it's 1080p, arghhh Been using 1440p res phone for the last 5 years until now, i can't really go back to 1080p tbh..there really are differences between them

  • Edgar Griñant
    Edgar Griñant3 måneder siden

    So unprofessional. I would be pissed off I were a Oneplus rep.

  • [Cap10323]
    [Cap10323]3 måneder siden

    I like this guy

  • Georg F
    Georg F3 måneder siden

    0:40 Aaand the overhead shot isn't adjusted for the host presenting towards the camera crew ... ah, different editor again. Taran caught that in a previous video.

  • Veselin Marković
    Veselin Marković3 måneder siden

    Man, I'm loving Jake as a host. More Jake, please! 🙂

  • syed najiullah hussaini
    syed najiullah hussaini3 måneder siden


  • that guy
    that guy3 måneder siden

    50% in just 15 min. just effin say a full charge in 30 min.....

  • Mochammad Annas Firmansyah
    Mochammad Annas Firmansyah3 måneder siden

    I neeeeeedd mooreee jaakeee

  • tristen winkler
    tristen winkler3 måneder siden

    Says it's the first one plus phone to have AOD?! Lmao wrong I have the oneplus 8 and it has it so someone got their facts wrong

  • Ollie Saer
    Ollie Saer3 måneder siden

    7:37 "This is the first OnePlus phone to have an always-on ambient display". Did I just imagine my old OnePlus 6 having this or nah?

  • N. Roy Singh
    N. Roy Singh3 måneder siden

    ill buy a phone not supporting china. thanks. VIVA TAIWAN

  • Rohit Singhania
    Rohit Singhania3 måneder siden

    Am I the only one seeing Jake as a 20 year old GabeN in the thumbnail?

  • David Boggs
    David Boggs3 måneder siden

    iPhone 12 - *Same price essentially?* 1:better camera 2:better cpu 3:better GPU 4:Better design 5:stronger glass 6: Lidar, better focus at night 7:record in dolbly HDR 60fps 8:Wireless charging, through cases as well 9:4x telephoto zoom man, seems I'll be switching to iPhone. the price for the huge performance leep just makes sense to me over anything Android currently has, very old tech. I want a phone that will last me for 1-2 years and keep up with all the best games, and iphone is the way to go for that. And I just want a phone that always works. iPhone it is, I've made the right choice :)

  • KELLOGR 27
    KELLOGR 273 måneder siden

    I liked the center camera ;w; I don't like that cameras are on the left and huge.

  • thoriginalSpaceDiver
    thoriginalSpaceDiver3 måneder siden

    Quick note the battery management control had been moved to the adaptor. This is the heat source in other phones when charging. Because of this they are capable of charging at such a high rate without excessive battery degradation. I've got a1plus 7 Pro for 1.5 years now and have no noticeable power drop.