The COMPLETE OPPOSITE of a MacBook - System 76 Oryx Pro

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Doesn't open-source just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Today Anthony takes a look at System76's Oryx Pro laptop.
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  • Danas Anis
    Danas Anis17 timer siden

    Steam seems to be having some troubles lately. Anyway really nice presentation and review

  • igor giuseppe
    igor giuseppeDag siden

    can i change the function of the power button?

  • Fire in the hole
    Fire in the holeDag siden

    Oryx pro? Will it let me take?

  • bad content brt
    bad content brt2 dager siden

    personally i like to pronounce gnome as g-nom-eee

  • Joshua Nathan
    Joshua Nathan2 dager siden

    Do you use Pop OS as your daily driver?

  • Modestas
    Modestas3 dager siden

    Never had a Coreboot device before? Really? All Chromebooks run Coreboot.

  • UnderWeb Silvano Sartori
    UnderWeb Silvano Sartori3 dager siden

    I love this man!

  • Dave Dennis
    Dave Dennis3 dager siden

    Nnnnnice. I like it. But I saw in the intro that they have a mini computer called a Meerkat. That's the computer I want. But I NEED a laptop. And did I understand this is running on Linux? I have been wanting to break away from MS based computers for a while.

  • Michael Jay
    Michael Jay4 dager siden

    Anthony your voice is buttery smooth

  • No Copiright
    No Copiright4 dager siden

    Is Anthony gay? I'd marry him like right now

  • TymexComputing
    TymexComputing5 dager siden

    I dont think that 1700$ is too much for a custom designed i7 HQ laptop with an almost top shelf GPU. TPM would be useful so i could also install corporate Wins, or i cannot?

  • michele landolfi
    michele landolfi5 dager siden

    That's real premium. Not apple's. That's a laptop you can truly and honestly consider yours

  • Sovereign Beak
    Sovereign Beak5 dager siden

    Those USB ports are 3.2!

  • TymexComputing
    TymexComputing5 dager siden

    - no "promo" code from short circuit for a cheaper buy now? - no.

  • dexterdy Krataigos
    dexterdy Krataigos6 dager siden

    Wow that laptop looks EXACTLY like the HP laptop i bought for my gf. The keyboard, the io, the design. Does HP use clevo as an example or something?

  • Gavin Vales
    Gavin Vales6 dager siden

    I only watch for Anthony

  • BeastBuilder TCG
    BeastBuilder TCG6 dager siden

    if some dude stole this laptop hed be too scared to mess with linux cuz hes if hes dumb enough to steal from me then hes not smart enough to use it

  • specialpaul
    specialpaul7 dager siden

    *mhhh* System 76 vs Thinkpad X1 -Series/Thinkpad generaly *mhhhh* ....

  • Collin Baillie
    Collin Baillie7 dager siden

    Great Ad!

  • DIY&Adventure
    DIY&Adventure9 dager siden

    Awesome! More Linux content I can watch from my Pop!_OS computer.

  • Dier Krieger
    Dier Krieger9 dager siden

    I used to like System 76 but they are so overpriced it's painful.

  • undeadbobop
    undeadbobop9 dager siden

    You'd think they would go with AMD cards over Nvidia cards with how open its trying to be, but then again too many nvidia fanboys would boycott the thing if too many options were given.

  • Mac Gyver
    Mac Gyver9 dager siden

    The ceo gives me a Hank Scorpio vibe... and i wanna support that... ps changing to custom keymaps is awesome and i suppose a good example of what you can do with this firmware setup

  • karthik Subramanian
    karthik Subramanian9 dager siden

    Price of well deserved freedom.

  • Chris Roxby
    Chris Roxby10 dager siden

    The "complete opposite" costs the same?

  • Mihnea Stoian
    Mihnea Stoian12 dager siden

    This with an M1-level ARM cpu would be perfect.

  • Yahiko Tagahaki
    Yahiko Tagahaki12 dager siden

    You can change qwerty into abcdef nice

  • Jenny Scott
    Jenny Scott12 dager siden

    I'm running Ubuntu right now.

  • Sushil Rai
    Sushil Rai13 dager siden

    Isn't pop os cancelled?

  • M Logsdon
    M Logsdon13 dager siden

    Are you that guy from the tiger king that rides the jet ski?

  • raggebatman
    raggebatman14 dager siden

    Pop!_OS was my first Linux OS, definitely recommended for new users. Now I run Arch though, the AUR is just awesome

  • Xeroidian World
    Xeroidian World14 dager siden

    What I want to know is does it work with Zoom, WebEx, etc. Can you interact in a normal business environment?

  • Timo Rouw
    Timo Rouw14 dager siden

    watching this on Pop!_OS

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson16 dager siden

    "what is the price of freedom, really." ~ Sir Anthony, Esq., philosopher

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson16 dager siden

    Watching Anthony unpacking

  • PM
    PM16 dager siden

    The fan of my System76 laptop makes a very loud noise. It's a brand new laptop. Anybody else have similar issue?

  • Raheel Dhanani
    Raheel Dhanani16 dager siden

    Dude, I can't thank you enough, I put pop os in two of my older laptops and rejigged them, one as a multimedia center and the other I am playing around with exploring office applications... Love you for this... Keep up the great work, keep it coming...

  • nyc gaybros
    nyc gaybros16 dager siden

    of all people on the L Company, Anthony Probably comes across as the most relaxing voice to hear. well intonated, not jumpy, very therapeutic ... i feel like i am at peace despite using a windows.

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan16 dager siden

    [reads title] Sounds pretty good!

  • Jubaidul Islam Alvi
    Jubaidul Islam Alvi16 dager siden

    what's the name of this man?

  • Roman Ke
    Roman Ke17 dager siden

    you are hilarious

  • Doug Laidlaw
    Doug Laidlaw17 dager siden

    System 7's OS is the complete opposite of every system we know. So for a pretty laptop, we accept a vertical learning curve. No, thanks. "They expect you to open it up." So does every virus.

  • Jeremiah C
    Jeremiah C17 dager siden

    Coreboot is this some amazing new thing I need to pay thousands for? Or is it what we run on old chromebooks so I can install archlinux. Changing key bindings? Sounds again like running arch on an old chromebook.

  • synth15
    synth1517 dager siden

    "I'm allergic to short circuit" lmao love this guy

  • taschen rechner
    taschen rechner17 dager siden

    I mean this respectfully and with admiration: Anthony is the biggest nerd I know.

  • Hunnicut BJ
    Hunnicut BJ17 dager siden

    Nope Pop OS not working for me. 70% of steam games won't install on Linux and PoP Os crashed alot during setup compared to ubuntu

  • Rishabh Mulay
    Rishabh Mulay17 dager siden

    Anthony is the James May of ShortCircuit

  • Graham Nichols
    Graham Nichols17 dager siden

    Anthony is the hero we need. Top presentational skills. Top guy. 👍

  • Anikai Riddle
    Anikai Riddle19 dager siden

    Pop! OS, the fancy version of Ubuntu!

  • MattVega
    MattVega19 dager siden

    Aye Tony !!! We can see the excitement in his eyes

  • Bidwellz9
    Bidwellz919 dager siden

    heres why its nowhere near a mac........its linux.

  • Mound'N
    Mound'N20 dager siden

    The complete opposite?! That means its not an expensive piece of shit with components that are built to last more than a year?! That's good marketing. Fuck crapple

  • Kevin Files
    Kevin Files22 dager siden

    ill still with my Mac

  • Chanie M.
    Chanie M.22 dager siden

    would this be a good laptop to buy for pentesting? i feel like having flashable open source firmware would be a bit of a potential security flaw, maybe you guys could do a video on a range of good pentesting laptops or running parrot or kali? maybe having budget option, small form factor and no compromises? i know Anthony probably has the best knowledge of who makes the best systems for running linux operating systems, would be nice to have a video coming from a source i actually trust unlike the plenty of videos done by people who haven't proven any linux tech knowledge such as the people posting borderline powerpoint presentations with loud music and no commentary

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic22 dager siden

    Underpriced, bad-ish software, great support team, 0 future update support?

  • teklife
    teklife22 dager siden

    I went to school for photography and I've been a lifelong Mac user and working as a photographer so Macs are what everybody uses, however I've recently switched to Linux and bought a system76 laptop and I've never been happier. working with it has been amazing and my switch to free open source software, while it may not be quite as feature-rich as Photoshop and illustrator to name a couple of examples, using GIMP and Inkscape has been great and it's really nice to own my software again oh, it totally gets the job done, no problem. I also use Darktable, which blows me away how good it is. Using the system 76 laptop has been really such a joy, I will never buy or use a Mac again. I actually used my old MacBook Pro which was just collecting dust and not getting used it all and have no more support from Apple to install Ubuntu on it, and it performs way better than it did with Mac OS, where I would get the stupid spinning beach ball thing all the time. It's flying with Ubuntu and running the latest 2020 software. I've since made a donation to The Ubuntu project. Well worth it.

  • redxsage
    redxsage22 dager siden

    So, it's premium? Cool.

  • David Bar
    David Bar24 dager siden

    That fact that I just now realized Anthony has his own youtube makes my decade!

  • T S
    T S24 dager siden

    The only turnoff for this laptop is the keyboard layout. I don't like numpad. I think it's useless, at least for me and forces me to have that awkward position where my hands are aligned to the left of the screen instead of the center. And this is the only reason I have opted out from buying from System76.

  • Diony De Jesus
    Diony De Jesus24 dager siden

    My kind of computers: System 76, Asus, IBM

  • Muhammad Rahadiansyah
    Muhammad Rahadiansyah24 dager siden

    And all of these is interesting because?....

  • Alpay
    Alpay25 dager siden

    never heard from them before

  • Jo Reven
    Jo Reven25 dager siden

    Watching Anthony makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Wang Johnny
    Wang Johnny25 dager siden

    it looks very much alike ubuntu

  • America First Paleoconservative
    America First Paleoconservative25 dager siden

    What is the price of freedom really? -America

  • Christopher Leamons
    Christopher Leamons26 dager siden

    I get upset whenever I hear somebody say ‘Flickr’.

  • David Nichol
    David Nichol26 dager siden

    If only I could map my mouse freely on popos! I miss my razer mouse 😭

  • TK
    TK26 dager siden

    but can I flash arch on to it

  • Spencer Allen
    Spencer Allen26 dager siden

    It's using an Nvidia driver which is proprietary. Everything else may be free and open but that certainly is not.

  • Thejus Unnivelan
    Thejus Unnivelan26 dager siden

    Can change keyboard layout. But can’t change keeb layout 😞

  • Ahriman13
    Ahriman1327 dager siden

    with all respect, that thermal pad is ment to be used on the m.2 SSD. I'm repairing dozens of these devices evry day :)

  • Play Android
    Play Android27 dager siden

    This machine will works great on windows 😁

  • anon
    anon27 dager siden

    >what is the price of freedom really

  • zof game
    zof game27 dager siden

    whats name of Anthony please i dont find it in wiki tnx

    QUSAGE28 dager siden

    Can I install windows 10 on it?

    ABONESR28 dager siden

    what are thunderbolts?

  • F-Rune
    F-Rune28 dager siden

    They are basically a little Apple... everything is unneccessarrily expensive.

  • Tim Hunter
    Tim Hunter29 dager siden

    They make the inside of the box like that so you can flip it inside out and reuse it.

  • Mbeluba
    Mbeluba29 dager siden

    Anthony is such a likeable and knowledgeable lad! I worry about his health a little though it would be great to see him start going to gym with Linus (and maybe even upload vids of this if he would be comfortable about that). Nothing against him here, but I would love him to improve his physique, so it matches his personality!

  • Expensive Technology
    Expensive Technology29 dager siden

    Anthony, you don’t look well in this video. I am a fan. Please consider taking a health break. But by all do you.

  • nortin65537
    nortin6553729 dager siden

    Great concept, but i don't know how to make full use of RTX 2060S (or better) in open-source / linux environment. Powerful GPU in laptop is expensive, I would wait for an AMD-based system.

  • Amit Ezuthachan
    Amit EzuthachanMåned siden

    This man has good knowledge 👍🏻

  • Kuro CK
    Kuro CKMåned siden

    way too expensive for a "linux machine" it's a niche even for a niche community

  • Mbeluba


    29 dager siden

    They actually disable the amd/Intel cpu backdoors, which is rare level of privacy.

  • Enrico Ansaloni
    Enrico AnsaloniMåned siden

    Thanks Anthony for this great review. I didn't know about System76 but it's pretty amazing! I'm a Linux user and developer since '93 and I never had a laptop that was 100% Linux compatible and supported, even though some of them came really close to 100% after a couple of years... Those System76 laptops are kinda pricey compared to "normal" brands but I can understand why. I think my next laptop will be a Oryx Pro...

  • badtz maru
    badtz maruMåned siden

    Been looking for a distro to throw on my old xps 15, I'll have to give this a try. The laptops and systems system76 make look pretty nice as well. Might have to look at them when I finally replace this XPS. Thanks for the review!

  • Victor Kappel
    Victor KappelMåned siden

    Shows an notebook dozens of times better than my desktop... "You got some upgrading to do" Lol

  • Tradie Trev
    Tradie TrevMåned siden

    That's a mad rig!!

  • edbEduard
    edbEduardMåned siden

    I want a relationship as strong as this dudes last few hairs 💀

  • eddyecho
    eddyechoMåned siden

    Anthony: This laptop uses completely open source software. Also Anthony: So, um, what version of the nvidia driver are we using here? 440.100

  • GP33
    GP33Måned siden

    Nobody: Every comment is about how awesome Anthony is. Me: he's been awesome since he started wearing WWII plane shirts.

  • Jacob Howe
    Jacob HoweMåned siden

    very cool laptop but i dont think i am the demographic lol

  • Pooh
    PoohMåned siden

    i have no desire or ability to use linix or github to modify/create firmware. everything in here is way above my paygrade. but i watched it start to finish b/c anthonys knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to eli5. way to go anthony, kudos

  • A C P
    A C PMåned siden

    Is that really what you want? Huh? Ask yourself that...think about it now...😂

  • Rodrigo Lopez
    Rodrigo LopezMåned siden

    You are the best! Thanks for the review!

  • C.E S
    C.E SMåned siden

    I don't get it, what's the point of that notebook? What am I supposed to do with it?

  • Twacks Khadgar
    Twacks KhadgarMåned siden

    I love you Anthony

  • diggi
    diggiMåned siden

    16:9 Screens are unusable for me. Once one tried a 16:10 or 3:2, there is no way back regarding productivity

  • Chris M
    Chris MMåned siden

    why not amd

  • Sky Warrior
    Sky WarriorMåned siden

    the fan just kicked in cause it's running Linux. The OS where EVERYTHING has to be configured. God forbid anyone say anything bad about it or you're a monster. Oh linux never has issues, oh linux never crashes. Honestly, you can have a good experience or bad, but honestly, most distros are only for avid users that know how to use a Linux command line.

  • SaltyWafy
    SaltyWafyMåned siden

    this looks a lot like the MSI GFthin laptop