Sweatproof earbuds for only $80?? - Soundcore Spirit X2

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Who knew that sweat can destroy earbuds?
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  • EdrumSense
    EdrumSenseMåned siden

    Hello. I have a couple of cheap Chinese in ear headphones, but something that I love is that I can pair the left Headphone to my main cell phone and the Right Headphone to my work cell phone at the same time and in a single touch I can pair them both back in stereo. Do you know if I can do that with this headphones?

  • Landon Tucker
    Landon Tucker2 måneder siden

    This is the lowest performing video on the short circuit channel

  • Akmal Danial
    Akmal Danial2 måneder siden

    4:39 Deal breaker for BassHeads sorry, I just accidentally have 20 12s by my backseat :P

  • JKJ Cord
    JKJ Cord2 måneder siden

    I read many rave reviews about the sound quality, and so purchased them. But the ones I have incredibly poor sound, very tinny, much worse than ear buds from the dollar shop. I have tried messing with the settings, and even put it on "BASE" with the equalizer, and still incredibly poor sound. Was wondering if there is a setting I am missing. The sound is really really bad! and No volume!

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera3 måneder siden

    $80? My Bank account sweats profusely.

  • Pave_Way Wiz
    Pave_Way Wiz3 måneder siden

    I love your humour and clarity in reviewing this earbuds,am getting them soon.

  • haru yuzawa
    haru yuzawa4 måneder siden

    Can you do a review on workout earbuds

  • Christopher G. Treadway
    Christopher G. Treadway4 måneder siden

    Probably gonna snag these over the pixel buds because I don't trust any headphone to stay in when I get sweaty.

  • TheKingOfPenguins
    TheKingOfPenguins4 måneder siden

    I have the Spirit Dot 2's. I love them. Soundcore makes great shit

  • R Google
    R Google4 måneder siden

    Thank you for the mic review! I've left enough comments complaining about the lack of them, only fair that I say thanks for it too!

  • Nancy Ruth Brinkley
    Nancy Ruth Brinkley4 måneder siden

    can you wear this with glasses?

  • Michael G
    Michael G4 måneder siden

    I feel like this channel provides some pretty valuable data for LTT. I mean only 90k views? God damn

  • Grace Juracka
    Grace Juracka5 måneder siden

    I ordered these because my brother sent me this video, and they are exactly what I was looking for 🙌 over ear headphones that were still wireless, sweat resistant for working out, great sound quality/battery life 👍 I'm super pleased, thank you

  • 1234 45
    1234 455 måneder siden

    I have been looking at these for the last week

  • Galvanise
    Galvanise5 måneder siden

    Jaybird Vista plz

  • Randip Leon
    Randip Leon5 måneder siden

    Lol James phone case 100% workout I think so Stretched😂😂

  • Cablinsky
    Cablinsky5 måneder siden

    4:48 thats a really good fuckin mic dude

  • GodsGunman
    GodsGunman5 måneder siden

    1:50 I'm disappointed, as I expected more from LTT. James points to the ear tips and says there are a couple styles, including one that is similar to the airpod style. I've been looking for airpod styled non IEM bluetooth earbuds for a while now, so after watching a couple reviews, I decided to buy them due to this part of this video. However, they're not what James led us to believe at all. In fact, those airpod looking "ear tips" require one of the other standard ear tips to be on the end of them to work for these earbuds. You cannot use them on their own. This has now caused me to need to return the earbuds, and the bluetooth adapter I bought for my pc. I'm disappointed that LTT cannot be trusted as much as I thought.

  • gameflux
    gameflux5 måneder siden

    Cool !

  • Diligenc3
    Diligenc35 måneder siden

    I clicked on this after watching MKBHD's review of the new M4 Sony headphones. These earbuds seem to have a better mic quality than the M4 which is very weird considering tbe price difference

  • Samuel Boynton
    Samuel Boynton5 måneder siden

    Not gonna lie, ive been semi looking for ear buds, and im gonna buy the X2s. especially because i get more listening out of 10 minutes of charging for 2 hours. SOLDDDDD

  • Berubetto-sama
    Berubetto-sama5 måneder siden

    Sweatproof but compromises everywhere, I'm beating. This price bracket is already filled.

  • Bruno Feges
    Bruno Feges5 måneder siden

    James you sound like Elon Musk trough these headphones

  • Mateo Crespo
    Mateo Crespo5 måneder siden

    brah james so handsome goddamn

  • ctk4949
    ctk49495 måneder siden

    What is up with that phone case?!?!?

  • Tony H
    Tony H5 måneder siden

    Honey doesn't work in the UK, and the promo code isn't accepted here either! :(

  • J A
    J A5 måneder siden

    Is there a way to remap the asymmetric volumes buttons? I really don't like the idea of that...

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed5 måneder siden

    Hi James, bought these after seeing your review, thanks for pointing me to a great new set of earbuds for the gym 🙂 Keep up the great work over there 🙂 👍

  • Bob Killa
    Bob Killa5 måneder siden

    James bud... I am sending you $20 so that you can buy a new case for ya phone. Please do keep the change for a McDonald for your family...your wife will love it!!!

  • Josep Kim
    Josep Kim5 måneder siden

    “Thicc unibrow” Zooming in shows two very distinct eyebrows.

  • Nicholas Yuricic
    Nicholas Yuricic5 måneder siden

    Aren't any sports related earbuds around $80 sweatproof??? I feel like thats kind of a basic feature at that price point especially if it's being marketed towards active people

  • khrom
    khrom5 måneder siden

    "Spoiler alert I've already tried these on" THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF SHORT CIRCUIT THEN!

  • jjolmyun
    jjolmyun5 måneder siden

    where's dennis?

  • lalo reta
    lalo reta5 måneder siden

    5:03 James with the broken dbrand grip. passive aggressive much?

  • Paul Boulter
    Paul Boulter5 måneder siden

    Decent unboxing but bad audio analogy. All Anker did is add a port to earbuds. By moving your speakers off the wall you're creating more comb filtering(sound wave cancelation in segments). Put them near the wall and it will do this to higher frequencies but it's not as drastic overall since higher frequencies are very directional and bass frequencies are very omnidirectional. By adding a port into a speaker you get more air flow and bass reflex.

  • Mohammed Aadeel Bobat
    Mohammed Aadeel Bobat5 måneder siden

    The overhead camera looks like garbage.

  • Alex Becker
    Alex Becker5 måneder siden

    Thx for this review, I was looking for new earbuds, and I bought it through you link. I hope this helped your chanel. Altough I had a bad experience with my first pair of Soundcore earbuds, I will give them another try.

  • Dillan Turner
    Dillan Turner5 måneder siden

    Lmao, this man gets stuck reviewing every wireless headset. I'm surprised he hasn't snapped yet.

  • Bot _0815
    Bot _08155 måneder siden

    These things look like high volume hearing aids... Except the hearing aids usually fit better and you can customize the sound a lot

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom5 måneder siden

    Extended advertisement Man, i liked short circuit in the beginning

  • ADuckOnQuack
    ADuckOnQuack5 måneder siden

    I got to beta test these headphones. They're really good. 10/10 would recommend for general use as well as working out.

  • Gogito
    Gogito5 måneder siden

    Nobody big talks about Mpow products smh, the M30 Plus are better than these imo, and their H12 headphones are great too

  • Daniel Rouw
    Daniel Rouw5 måneder siden

    James seemed a little skeptical about the corrosive nature of sweat. Its urea and salts. From personal experience with fertilizer, i can tell you that stuff burns and will rot most metals in a heartbeat.

  • Gregory Phillips
    Gregory Phillips5 måneder siden

    I wouldn't be worried about him zooming in on the uni-brow, I'd be more worried about him zooming in on that phone case.

  • Ovrlrd Unknown
    Ovrlrd Unknown5 måneder siden


  • Aidencreamy13
    Aidencreamy135 måneder siden


  • Brandon Beckius
    Brandon Beckius5 måneder siden

    Davie when he sees this video. B A S S

  • daftm0nk
    daftm0nk5 måneder siden

    Don't fall for this. I got suckered by their last soundcore video and the earbuds were absolute crap. Terrible connection, constant hum in the sound, no bass to speak of and really tinny highs. Soundcore is a crap brand, really too bad that ShortCircuit needs money so bad they're shilling them.

  • PBales
    PBales5 måneder siden

    Alright! Linus' earbud channel has returned.

  • Michael Mehta
    Michael Mehta5 måneder siden

    Look like hearing aids, probably will annoy people

  • Matt Weiner
    Matt Weiner5 måneder siden

    I would add that the biggest feature of the spirit x was that they were so cheap you could abuse the heck out of them.

  • Shayan Karim
    Shayan Karim5 måneder siden

    This is the most honest sponsored review I’ve seen in a while.

  • LightbeamZ
    LightbeamZ5 måneder siden

    I use Soundcore Life P2 and they are with IPX7 more then enough waterproof for almost half the price. And swimming with Bluetooth headphones is not a great idea because I'm pretty sure that Bluetooth will cut off every time you are under water.

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis5 måneder siden

    Cover the Soundcore Q20 Life ANC wireless headphones too, surprisingly good ANC, would love to see it compared to Bose and Sony

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose5 måneder siden

    cant ship to australia

  • Nixon Jones
    Nixon Jones5 måneder siden

    Sponsored reviews wit it

  • Mattman993
    Mattman9935 måneder siden

    What ever happened to the human headphones?

  • Sneaker Peter
    Sneaker Peter5 måneder siden

    $80 seems like a lot to pay for sweatproof earbuds

  • Pete Walton

    Pete Walton

    5 måneder siden

    80 is seriously reasonable for true wireless earbuds from a bigger brand

  • Snow


    5 måneder siden

    not really if its good. most wireless earbuds are more than $80.

  • Saksham Jain
    Saksham Jain5 måneder siden

    whats wrong with the phone case ?

  • Charles De Wit
    Charles De Wit5 måneder siden

    If a bald guy would use those he'd look like Lobot (starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Lobot)

  • Stefan de Jong
    Stefan de Jong5 måneder siden

    I don't really like sponsored unboxings because you know from the start only positive things will be said.

  • DeadHawk
    DeadHawk5 måneder siden

    "Idk about these..." *holds a box of them able to tell us*

  • Beef Ingot
    Beef Ingot5 måneder siden

    I thought these said showcase

  • Legend Hoffman
    Legend Hoffman5 måneder siden

    Sellout?/ bias option cause have to say stuff

  • Lu Kas
    Lu Kas5 måneder siden

    That code doenst work amazon in for germany -_-

  • Vedansh Jaipuriya
    Vedansh Jaipuriya5 måneder siden

    binodbinodbinod binodbinodbinodbinod binod binod binodbinodbinod binodbinodbinod binod binod binod binodbinod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binodbinodbinod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binod binodbinodbinod binodbinodbinodbinod binod binod binod binodbinodbinod binodbinodbinod

    ALEXANDERKIFF5 måneder siden

    I have the Soundcore Liberty 2 pro, and for 100$ they're the best headphones I've ever had.

  • BahamutBBob
    BahamutBBob5 måneder siden

    I thought the point of this channel was first impressions? There have been a few videos where whoever is hosting mentioned that they've already tried the product...

  • Kojy
    Kojy5 måneder siden

    come on with the logitech HM chair already already have it ordered :D

  • Vedansh Jaipuriya
    Vedansh Jaipuriya5 måneder siden

    James: SPONSORED OK Linus: BEHAVE, my child........... Did not your parents teach you how to give smooth segaways to sponsors like Alex's parents did ???!!!!!?!?!?!?!?

  • Mike Steeves
    Mike Steeves5 måneder siden

    I've been rocking the spirit x for ages now, the ONLY thing I don't like about them is when they get below 15%, there's a little tone that plays every like 30 seconds, and it's so annoying that it makes the bottom 15% of the battery life basically unusable. Otherwise, awesome. I'll probably get a pair of these once I'm back to work.

  • Catson
    Catson5 måneder siden

    I have liberty 2 pro. Ones linus reviewed while ago

  • That Aakarsh
    That Aakarsh5 måneder siden

    Only 80 friking $! *Me with my 80$ Phone speakers...*

  • Othniel Jonathan
    Othniel Jonathan5 måneder siden

    Circuitry get it....SHORT CIRICUIT 😎

  • Othniel Jonathan
    Othniel Jonathan5 måneder siden

    Don't zoom in Andy Andy: * zooms in anyway *😎

  • Daisuken
    Daisuken5 måneder siden

    There are waterproof earbuds for $50...

  • CK 26
    CK 265 måneder siden

    2:30... not to be rude but 36/9 is 4 so wouldn’t u get 4 additional charges instead of 3. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • youtubeuser1990
    youtubeuser19905 måneder siden

    ugh sponsored? can't trust the opinion on this one

  • Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans

    5 måneder siden

    Yeah it seems its forced like he wants to say more but doesn't want to be too harsh.

  • Electricnick
    Electricnick5 måneder siden

    You can get bloody amazing IPX8 True Wireless earbuds for $50. My Taotronics Soundliberty 79 (fucking hell that's a mouthful) earbuds are fricking awesome, and they're 30 bucks cheaper than these. I can't speak for the sound quality of the Anker Soundcore earbuds because I haven't used them, but I can say they beat literally every other sound system I've personally ever used or heard, not just earbuds, but sound systems in general, including speakers, headphones, etc. You guys really should check them out. The battery life is incredible. I charge the case once a week and I've never had them go dead on me. There's no ANC, but the passive cancellation is so good I rarely notice. Also the microphones, as per usual it seems, do have Active noise cancellation that works perfectly. You guys should check them out. Taotronics is highly underrated in my opinion.

  • A Mazz
    A Mazz5 måneder siden

    anyone have any recommendations for custom gaming PCs? or websites in Canada to check out on the topic? Thanks

  • daggern15
    daggern155 måneder siden

    $80 or an absolute bargain at £100 if you're in the UK. Makes perfect sense

  • ApexPredator_
    ApexPredator_5 måneder siden

    This is just stupid. Add 20 bucks and you get a JBL Reflect Flow which is much better than this garbage.

  • Danny Aakjær

    Danny Aakjær

    5 måneder siden

    Cause they look the same rigth..

  • Rafael Marcellino
    Rafael Marcellino5 måneder siden

    damn that case look like it got through a lot

  • Thomas Duke
    Thomas Duke5 måneder siden

    I doubt you can use it swimming, Bluetooth doesn't like to transmit through water.

  • SleepyPanda
    SleepyPanda5 måneder siden

    The only thing that prevents me from buying this budget eaphones is the aggressive branding. It’s like when you wear this, you’re a walking logo. If they can make a unique design without putting huge ass logos or not making the logo stand out too much. I’d rather buy this things than the Big name ones. Like, at this one, not only that the logo is white, it’s also huge and at the middle. You’ll know an Airpods when you see one, same as galaxy buds, Sony’s etc

  • corruptsouls
    corruptsouls5 måneder siden

    Where can I buy my own Dennis shirt

  • corruptsouls


    5 måneder siden

    Nvm I couldn't find it

  • corruptsouls


    5 måneder siden

    Wait lttstore.com

  • Elijah Van De Stroet
    Elijah Van De Stroet5 måneder siden

    I wish you guys didn't do sponsored reviews/unboxings. I watch these videos to see if I'm interested in the product, and if you guys are getting paid by the manufacturer, I can't trust the review, even if you say that "it's an honest review". I'm okay with quick 15 second sponsors at the beginning of videos, but not videos of companies putting words in your mouths

  • Amal Dev
    Amal Dev5 måneder siden

    Man that branding looks so ugly! I love Anker though. It just looks shit.

  • Amal Dev
    Amal Dev5 måneder siden

    The bud looks good and I trust Anker, but why do you have to stick that stupid ugly brand name on the pod, just because of that it looks like cheap Knock off pair of headsphones! Ye that is ugly!

  • lightberricsHDHD
    lightberricsHDHD5 måneder siden

    usb c on it ummm yah its a deal

  • Jacob Pranger
    Jacob Pranger5 måneder siden

    The code doesn't work for Canadians :(

  • Danny the Dan Man
    Danny the Dan Man5 måneder siden

    Your phone case aaa

  • Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne
    Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne5 måneder siden

    How cool is putting your friends face on your t-shirt

  • Rusty’s Channel of Random Things Both New and Old
    Rusty’s Channel of Random Things Both New and Old5 måneder siden

    I own these. They sound great! Long battery life. Stay in place well. Just wish they would go a click or two louder. They block out background noise pretty well. He’s right. They are like wearing ear plugs. I use them as ear plugs at work even when not using them for music.

  • Shadie Emiah
    Shadie Emiah5 måneder siden

    Where can I get a Dennis face shirt!?

  • Erik Lopez
    Erik Lopez5 måneder siden

    I suggest fiio utws1

  • alwaysasn
    alwaysasn5 måneder siden

    I've had decent success with the Sounscore subbrand. But my new favourite budget TWS is the SoundPeats TrueShift 2. It's IPx7 resistant and it's case, while super bulky holds 100 hours worth of charge for the buds. The sound quality is also more than passable.

  • mustard roshi
    mustard roshi5 måneder siden

    Dbrand should really STICK to skins, thay clearly can't make good cases

  • Peter Abogado
    Peter Abogado5 måneder siden

    Looks like he's bored with life

  • Vitor Machado
    Vitor Machado5 måneder siden

    The Soundcore Spirit X advertised AAC, but I could never get it to work (neither on Android, iPhone or Mac). Other people on the internet report the same. I don't trust Anker/Soundcore with headphones anymore.