Should Samsung be worried? - Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Vitenskap og teknologi

Samsung touts having a 108MP camera through their Ultra line but Xiaomi has had the same tech too for a while now. Should Samsung be a bit concerned?
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  • Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle
    Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle20 minutter siden

    i remember i unsubbed after this incredibly biased video

  • forgiven
    forgiven2 dager siden

    whats linus's phone? the couple years old flagship

  • Zeus Almighty
    Zeus Almighty2 dager siden

    you just have disgusting hands.

  • RTC
    RTC3 dager siden

    5000W??? Really???

  • TeaLeaf
    TeaLeaf4 dager siden

    Has anyone come across fake of this phone?

  • Gaming Shocker
    Gaming Shocker4 dager siden

    people starting to realize how Samsung and Apple is overpricing their phones. Thanks Xiaomi 🎉🎉🎉

  • THX 1138 B.B.
    THX 1138 B.B.4 dager siden

    5:12 xD

  • Disappointmant
    Disappointmant4 dager siden

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  • Nima Arg
    Nima Arg4 dager siden

    got my mi 9T Pro back in 2019 and it is still a beast with a great camera and due for an Android 11 update for 400 bucks. what else can I ask for? Xiaomi rocks.

  • Primusdragon
    Primusdragon4 dager siden

    still not as good as the zenfone 7 or the zenfone 7 pro

  • Liam Maher
    Liam Maher4 dager siden

    This guy reminds me of that Linus dude

  • Achmad Arsyil Wiradinata
    Achmad Arsyil Wiradinata4 dager siden

    1:57 unlocked bootloader? How it can possible unlocked without having mi unlock tool?

  • Mursalin Sadnan
    Mursalin Sadnan4 dager siden

    Wait a minute, why their bootloader is unlocked out of the box??

  • Pufferfish
    Pufferfish5 dager siden

    he's trying to hate on this really badly...

  • Nivram Somar
    Nivram Somar5 dager siden

    me hoping that as a credible tech youtuber, anus i mean linus can give some respectable review. boyo i was wrong. title should be "How to be a douche in 9 minutes" dude, we get it. It's not your cup of tea but damn, at least acknowledge the facts that it has a lot more to offer than some flagship phones out there. dude's doing a mkbhd mentality. If it's not from apple, it's trash.

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias6 dager siden

    Immediately disliked when you made your "jokes" about the case and so.. Not the way to treat a company that's offering free stuff to its costumers, some people can appreciate saving those 5/10$. Something that should be marked as an example, and you make fun of it, what a bad image.

  • SaimonSSL
    SaimonSSL6 dager siden

    don't ever buy Xiaomi. starting from 2020 they lock their phone tighter then Apple. Android users don't use apple because of the freedom they get from Android phone. for Xiaomi to do what Apple does with tight control and no freedom, no unlock they seems to miss the point. Go buy any other Android phone if you want to go with android.

    UDIN KING906 dager siden

    At first: oh Linus niceee. subscribe After 1 minutes: unsubscribe all linus account.

  • VBone's Gaming
    VBone's Gaming7 dager siden

    Something nice about that cheap case you overlooked, If you put your phone in it, it levels out the camera bump perfectly. I like that

  • el cumbion
    el cumbion7 dager siden

    no fortnite test unsubing

    NIKUL TAYDE7 dager siden

    After this i want him to unbox iphone 12 se how much features that "crappy stuffs" it's missing*



    7 dager siden

    First the charger........................

  • Saurabh P
    Saurabh P7 dager siden

    0:53 That's manhandling. This isn't how you unwrap the phone. 😭 You do it with grace and respect.

  • jay kay
    jay kay8 dager siden

    isn't 500 nits weak?

  • aspire
    aspire8 dager siden

    xaoimi fanboys are crying wtf

  • RaJohn In Europe
    RaJohn In Europe8 dager siden

    Using Samsung S9 for last few years, I must say Samsungs Exynos is just bullshit. Worst Battery performance and gamimg performance is also not good.

  • Razib Slayer
    Razib Slayer8 dager siden

    Lol content

  • Arnas N
    Arnas N9 dager siden

    No, samsung shouldn't be worried. Because Linus doesn't address durability at all.

  • Fergusius
    Fergusius9 dager siden

    Linus, not everyone in this world has access to the finest in electronics and smartphone technology. Xiaomi may be a small brand in your eyes, but I'd sooner go for them than for Apple, Samsung or any other overpriced phone brand out there. Greetings from a ruined country that had a lot of potential for greatness and advancement. By the way, proud owner of a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro here (Octa-core Max 2.32GHz; 6GB Ram; 128 GB of internal storage) - nothing special when it comes to specs, but it was within my budget and comes with decent camera module with video stabilization.

  • Forty 4
    Forty 49 dager siden

    Im unsubscribing from everything related to you you act like a douchebag you must appreciate xiaomi they push the limits make awesome phones and force other companies to do better!!

  • Forty 4
    Forty 49 dager siden

    This video is very embarrassing for linus... I just got this phone and its awesome also the case is very good and covers all the corners + its free and with silver in it which make it antibacterial they literally give it to you for free and screen protector ready installed on the screen also for free!! Every phone should have ir blaster its very useful! The phone is not chunky but even if its for you its way better to have 2 days battery so what's the purpose of ultra thin phones. What do you mean stuck with xiaomi launcher/skin? Isn't every phone like this? At least xiaomi launcher is the best but you can ofcourse change it.

  • dabio
    dabio10 dager siden

    if u can lock it on 30fps i will do that cuz i dont care about framerate on a phone and my phone will last like 3 to 4 days lmao

  • YunGunIT
    YunGunIT10 dager siden

    Iphone Sucks bro. Also China > USA.

  • YunGunIT


    6 dager siden

    @Fırat Can'ın Boku China is Apples largest client. LOL

  • Fırat Can'ın Boku

    Fırat Can'ın Boku

    6 dager siden

    USA> China. Also Even iPhone SE Beats This phone

  • Stefan Modigh
    Stefan Modigh11 dager siden

    I remember having the HTC M7 that had the IR blaster on the power button. It was awesome. I worked as a photographer and the hotels I stayed at had such shitty remotes to the AC units (no battery left, power button not working ect). No problemo..used my phone and looked up the brand and boom! 15C in my hotel room!

  • Nix DIYguy
    Nix DIYguy12 dager siden

    A bias review. Just because Linus has everything he wants right now or a sponsor from a certain brand. He can afford to buy things like those super expensive phones that does the same thing like this phone. But im pretty sure this phone is a flagship killer. Anyway, he doesnt care about this comment though. I just dont like his attitude in this video.

  • Navaneeth PS
    Navaneeth PS12 dager siden

    Apple scraps charger from the box Linus: thats bad , but reasonable.. Xiaomi includes an antibacterial case thats surely better than having nothing Linus: cheap crappy case

  • MinePlayersPE


    10 dager siden

    he literally said on an HONOR review 3 years ago that he prefers a free crappy case so you can wait for a better one something is very off

  • __________________
    __________________12 dager siden

    Linus you are out of touch with the situation right now in this space :)

  • Xhed Pidlaoan
    Xhed Pidlaoan12 dager siden

    So biased, stop reviewing xiaomi devices Lol

  • Immanuel hermon
    Immanuel hermon13 dager siden

    My Dad got a Mi 10T. He loves it!

  • kk k
    kk k13 dager siden

    Purchased the phone a couple of days back. Simply put "monster of a phone"

  • WiseOldMan
    WiseOldMan14 dager siden

    IR blasters aren't dead they are just not widely adopted by some stupid reason. every tv home cinema settopbox etc. all still work on IR and since you've got your phone in your pocket 9/10 times it's THE BEST thing smartphones bring to you in the daily life that's actually useful. keeps your setups clean too without like 3 remotes laying around and no logitech harmony isn't a good thing for that, it doesn't work with all and this DOES.

  • Cosmin
    Cosmin15 dager siden

    A lot of people seem to miss out on the fact that miui is more bloated than any other device, also ads inside the OS imo are a pretty major concern for privacy. Now that doesn't mean you can't disable xiaomi's ad service and uninstall their apps, but how many people want to deal with that. I do use a cleaned Redmi Note 9 and I am impressed with it tho

  • Heart Voice
    Heart Voice15 dager siden

    your unbboxing is too bad

  • Monarch
    Monarch15 dager siden

    Little did they know. Samsung is in it.

  • OpenShores
    OpenShores16 dager siden

    and that is why Marques Brownlee is my go-to phone reviewer

  • Risin
    Risin16 dager siden

    the whole time he is under estimate on how Xiami phone, the funny part is the phone is impressing his doubtful mind. Free case is better then none to protect your phone straight outside of the box.

  • G Pras
    G Pras16 dager siden

    thanks for amazing review

  • G Pras

    G Pras

    16 dager siden

    I mean..... 😆

  • Big Smoke

    Big Smoke

    16 dager siden

    You mean very bad review ?

  • Hedayat SM
    Hedayat SM17 dager siden're such an arrogant prick these days. You really shouldn't be doing unboxing of smartphones. Regret subscribing to you. Unsub done. Oh the irony, his wife is made in china.

  • Yanec Philipp
    Yanec Philipp17 dager siden

    The greater the peace, the greater the suffering.

  • Kevin Quinn
    Kevin Quinn17 dager siden

    You could ask how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

  • KhanTechnical Belali KTB
    KhanTechnical Belali KTB17 dager siden

    I will be unmarried for the rest of my life if, Xiaomi MI11 series is not released in Bangladesh.

    DAWADUDE17 dager siden

    He doesnt know what he is talking about lmao

  • Lets Be Woke
    Lets Be Woke17 dager siden

    I got a mi 10t pro and its amazing🔥

  • Lets Be Woke

    Lets Be Woke

    2 dager siden

    @forgiven It shoots some amazing footages 🔥

  • forgiven


    2 dager siden

    how is the video performance really

  • Villiam Hansen
    Villiam Hansen18 dager siden

    Both filled with bloatware. Samsungs advantages though, is that the bloatware can be turned off without the need for computer connection. Xiaomi needs a computer, just like Apple did before. None of them are worth my money.

  • airtroopers 365
    airtroopers 36518 dager siden

    shiaomi, no its siaomi :-)

    GEGEZ19 dager siden

    Totally wrong.. stabilizer just for 1080p

  • Jani Kumlander
    Jani Kumlander19 dager siden

    That camera bumb and everything else just vanish when you put it to your basic wallet cover or anything what covers your phone so it dosn't really matter

  • David Hovhannisyan
    David Hovhannisyan19 dager siden


  • Kashif Iqbal
    Kashif Iqbal21 dag siden

    To be very honest I didn't like the attitude of this guy.

  • Ean Naven
    Ean Naven21 dag siden

    I'm mining up some btc to buy a new phone

  • thatweird
    thatweird23 dager siden

    The difference in Linus with even the Mi 10 ultra doesn't make sense

  • Micro Tech
    Micro Tech23 dager siden


  • Ola Lilliehöök
    Ola Lilliehöök23 dager siden

    A free case is a free case, you don't even get apples worthless pice of shit 5w charger when you buy an iPhone. Most stores only sell Samsung and apple cases.

  • Ronin Steel
    Ronin Steel24 dager siden

    i actually want one of these , looks great was swithering between S20 and Oneplus8 i think this leads , cant beat the price , wanna have a good deep review of the UI

  • JuMbO ShRiMp69
    JuMbO ShRiMp6924 dager siden

    Does this phone support 5g in the US or no?

  • Syamil 7690
    Syamil 769024 dager siden

    Been using this phone for 2 months by now, main MAJOR problem with this, frame started getting choppy on 144Hz mode when on socmed apps (snaps ig and etc). Happen quite often, need to clear the cache and re open the apo, kinda annoying. Xiaomi need to fix this ASAP

  • Anti Ponzy
    Anti Ponzy24 dager siden

    anyone should tell linus that xiaomi has its own Ir blaster remote app

  • sahil dangol
    sahil dangol24 dager siden


  • петър йорданов
    петър йорданов24 dager siden

    I am Sammy fan but damn this is a damn good phone a complete package!!!!

  • Oblivion Music
    Oblivion Music24 dager siden

    You 5000 mAh battery, not 5000W 😂

  • M L
    M L25 dager siden

    This video made me unsub.

  • Manoj kumar kaibarta
    Manoj kumar kaibarta25 dager siden

    I think he got paid by big phone companies to belittle small ones.

  • Aapka Waasif
    Aapka Waasif25 dager siden

    When You become Millionaire or Billionaire ... SHIT PEOPLE TRANSFORMS INTO A FULL EGO FREAK Just Like This Shit

  • Jeeval Jolly
    Jeeval Jolly25 dager siden

    Really wierd how tech reviewers call it cheap when brands include all the accesories including case very cheap and praise when Apple ships without any calling it's very premium! 👎🏻

  • Dorian Man
    Dorian Man26 dager siden

    Linus constantly confusing fps with Hz, watts with miliamps. Wow.

  • ambarish hs
    ambarish hs26 dager siden

    Stop telling cheap and all you must acknowledge what they give. Or just shut up

  • Jan Vollgod
    Jan Vollgod26 dager siden

    Put a bitten apple sticker on the back and let him do this review again. Don't forget to pull out the Apple Bullshit Bingo Cards and wait until things happen.

  • Vesselin Krastev
    Vesselin Krastev27 dager siden

    Honestly, the pixel density difference can is noticeable. I switched from the Nokia 8 to the Pixel 5 (which I ended up returning). The Nokia has a smaller 1440p display with a density of around 550 while the Pixel's screen is 1080p with a density of a little over 400. I honestly thought I wouldn't notice the difference at all because of what I'd been hearing form many reviewers but it was immediately noticeable to me. To be clear, it's not a deal-breaker or anything. From a normal viewing distance it's perfectly fine and I did get used to it. It had nothing to do with why I returned the phone. But I could definitely see some pixelation if I tried to look for it whereas on the Nokia I simply can't no matter how hard I squint.

  • Rodrigo Santos
    Rodrigo Santos27 dager siden

    Linus you sad little Apple fan boy... Just stop.

  • grapy
    grapy27 dager siden

    I have been on Mi A1 for 3 years now just because I don't have enough cash to upgrade. And still... that phone rocks! Just wanted to say I'm tired of these famous youtubers bashing everything that they can get for cheap. Apparently they can't accept that we can get awe-fucking-some phones for under 300$.

  • CosmicMicron
    CosmicMicron27 dager siden

    Damn... i can power my Tesla with a 5kW battery....

  • pual martin
    pual martin27 dager siden

    Ok. unsubscribed. this guy is really having mid-age crisis.

  • 7es py
    7es py28 dager siden

    شاهدو مشكلتي مع الهاتف ارجوكم لاسترجاع حقي لان الشركة لا توافق علي الاستبدال (please watch my problem for xiaomi mi 10 t the company dont want replace it by new one)

  • Aditya
    Aditya28 dager siden

    Linus has changed completely Just look at his attitude



    26 dager siden

    He is not impressed with this chinese phone. Should he act as impressed to make you feel better

  • Aditya
    Aditya28 dager siden

    It's like he doesn't know the price of this device

  • I o n u ț D r a w s
    I o n u ț D r a w s29 dager siden

    Yeah he says that but he will still use a Samsung . Am i the only one waiting for him to use a Xiaomi for daily driver?

  • Andrie M
    Andrie M29 dager siden

    Also Samsung with 600 mp in 2021

  • YANG, Paul Brian
    YANG, Paul Brian29 dager siden

    Why find 24 fps when you don't even need it

  • Johmar Campechano
    Johmar CampechanoMåned siden

    Is this phone the successor of the mi 10 ultra or another line?

  • Matej Mikloš - Vegan For Life
    Matej Mikloš - Vegan For LifeMåned siden


  • prinz
    prinzMåned siden

    It doesn't matter how good the phone is if it's made in china they will criticise it

  • Skymachida Hero Gaming
    Skymachida Hero GamingMåned siden

    This was a crappy review.. - Learn from this guy >

  • Aless Camara
    Aless CamaraMåned siden

    Why is he like sarcastic when he reviews xiaomi stuff?

  • Edward Snowden
    Edward SnowdenMåned siden

    let's gooo Xiaomi fanboy

  • Steven S
    Steven SMåned siden

    Why is linus everywhere

  • BlackSpyda1000
    BlackSpyda1000Måned siden

    News flash linus, not everyone wants a samsung or a apple because the price doesnt justify the premium of the phone.

  • BlackSpyda1000
    BlackSpyda1000Måned siden

    Its official, linus became too spoil for anything thats below apple, samsung or his tiny dick. Imagine shitting on a company where they try to make high-end flagship phone with half of the price of overly charged iphone.

  • harvey adora
    harvey adoraMåned siden

    If it's not apple, samsung or pixel it's automatically crap to this guy. This phone is much better than any pixel.

  • Ala Bala
    Ala BalaMåned siden

    Definitely takes better pictures than your Samsung or iPhone .....

  • Mohamad Syahfie chan
    Mohamad Syahfie chanMåned siden

    Stop judge that phone and i challenge you make your own phone if you are very professional

  • Arvin Salazar
    Arvin SalazarMåned siden

    Very biased review Very sarcastic Border line racist.. Trash