Should I upgrade to the Apple M1 MacBook Pro?

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Apple's new M1 processor is now featured in their MacBook Pro line of laptops. There are many great new features, but should I upgrade to a MacBook Pro, or should I consider the Macbook Air?
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  • James W
    James WDag siden

    We need some Anthony merch on

  • daniel viegas
    daniel viegas2 dager siden

    Can it run kerbal space program?

  • Back To School
    Back To School3 dager siden

    My use is basically 12 hours a day using excel word zoom gmail sheets Salesforce. What do you recommend air 16GB(7core GPU) or pro 8GB? Im concerned about the heating issue. Also not fussed about the touch bar.

  • A-M F
    A-M F4 dager siden

    My favourite video host!!

  • Jan K.
    Jan K.9 dager siden

    The MacBook Air 16 should be a thing, but will never happen. I don't need a M1X and don't want a Touchbar, but would like to have more Screen-RealEstate.

  • Sandra Braithwaite
    Sandra Braithwaite9 dager siden

    where are the benches man,

  • David Duong
    David Duong10 dager siden

    the Pro get 500 nit brightness, longer battery life ( ~20 hours in normal use) , 8 gpu cores

  • Alpha and Omega
    Alpha and Omega11 dager siden

    Dose the Silver color run cooler??

  • Richard Joseph
    Richard Joseph11 dager siden

    Anthony you’re the man! Keep these videos coming bro!!

  • Peech
    Peech11 dager siden

    Anthony tech tips

  • Simon Farre
    Simon Farre13 dager siden

    Imagine buying apple products in 2021. Fucking disgraceful.

  • Aditya Bhattacharya

    Aditya Bhattacharya

    2 dager siden

    And also similarly priced with it's competition

  • Aditya Bhattacharya

    Aditya Bhattacharya

    2 dager siden

    Why won't i buy this it's one the the best 13 inch ultrabooks out there

  • Simon Farre

    Simon Farre

    13 dager siden

    @Rohith Mekala Apple is a shit company, with one of the worst (if not *the* worst) business practices in the tech industry and there is little to no evidence they have changed them. If you can afford an apple product, and still choose to buy apple, goes to show you don't give the slightest fuck about people.

  • Rohith Mekala

    Rohith Mekala

    13 dager siden

    lol, they are actually good now

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson13 dager siden

    Why would you ripppp that paper....!!!

  • Francis Mulleady
    Francis Mulleady13 dager siden

    The mic on the macbook Pro is well worth the extra if you are someone who needs to record things on the go like I do!

    KYVØL15 dager siden

    You know you're a man of culture when you use "Crab Rave" as a benchmark for how good the speakers sound lol

  • ChrisVsRetro
    ChrisVsRetro15 dager siden

    These new M1 MacBooks make me wanna switch back to Mac!

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow15 dager siden

    Buttery pussy voice with a fat man vocal cord voice is pretty smooth

  • Juan Sarmiento
    Juan Sarmiento15 dager siden

    Anthony is a better presenter and host than some of the clowns Linus has on his staff. You go Anthony!!!!

  • max trushkov
    max trushkov15 dager siden

    When it's a video about an apple product and you have a pc sponsor

  • Josue Cortez
    Josue Cortez16 dager siden

    Aaaand it does have a headphone jack! Oh that song! It's Crab Rave!

  • SomeoneCool2
    SomeoneCool217 dager siden

    Anthony, buy a PC for goodness sakes.... It is much cheaper! so you can save up money to send Linus to the hair saloon and shave that beard of!!! LOL

  • Aditya Bhattacharya

    Aditya Bhattacharya

    2 dager siden

    He uses a pc at home in fact his pc even runs linux. It's just his laptop that is a MacBook and it's similarly priced with its competition

  • Germano Lisboa
    Germano Lisboa17 dager siden

    I love how Anthony doesn’t drop things unlike... Someone else

  • Switch Boy
    Switch Boy18 dager siden

    Man, Anthony is such a cool dude. If only we had more people like him. He's calm, collected, and much more relatable than any tech reviewer.

  • Valentin S.
    Valentin S.19 dager siden

    I'll be painfully honest. Anthony is my favourite internet personality

  • Mergen Mongush
    Mergen Mongush19 dager siden

    Don't forget about the size of the display, it also plays a role in performance.

  • davocreative
    davocreative20 dager siden

    *Anthony should be running this company. All by himself.*

  • Mirko Grasso
    Mirko Grasso21 dag siden

    USB-C cable on my 2018 Macbook Pro IS wired for data

  • Claudiu Gardelli
    Claudiu Gardelli22 dager siden


  • Poking My Nose
    Poking My Nose22 dager siden

    Anthony : **exists* The comments section : Who are you so wise in the ways of science?

  • Claudiu Gardelli

    Claudiu Gardelli

    22 dager siden

    Oink Oink 🐷

  • Harshavardhan Tamilselvan
    Harshavardhan Tamilselvan23 dager siden

    Anthony is the best tech reviewer of all time.

  • Bryan Chandler
    Bryan Chandler23 dager siden

    ELATR -Everybody -Loves -Anthony's -Tech -Reviews

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous26 dager siden

    Rip bootcamp

  • vofi
    vofi26 dager siden

    we love anthony

  • mohinder kaur
    mohinder kaur27 dager siden

    Are you the health minister of Belgium?

  • Richard Haas
    Richard Haas27 dager siden

    As a long time on-site-warranty-repairman no fan means no pet dander sucked in. If you have to share your living room with four cats and two dogs get the fanless laptop.

  • Roger Santos
    Roger Santos28 dager siden

    I guess the main difference for pro users is that the 13 model's fan allows it to run heavier processes for a longer period without relying on throttling

  • hangming zheng
    hangming zheng28 dager siden

    The jagged newsprint immunophenotypically interrupt because icicle unprecedentedly dry of a longing goal. naive, annoying sock

  • DrKashi
    DrKashi29 dager siden

    The air is just so much better

  • Daniel Engelthaler
    Daniel Engelthaler29 dager siden

    Okay, let me share my two cents on this as a fellow UNIX/Linux user. From what I have seen right now the OS is way worse than a KDE Plasma with Latte Dock - and I did the ultimate test here by asking my Mrs. which 'Mac' she would buy and she likes my Linux GUI more, saying that the actual Mac OS looks too complicated . Now let's talk hardware for a bit. 4 'performance cores' and 4 'efficiency cores' are either the same bollocks that I have in my $200 budget smartphone from the 'evil' Chinese company called Huawei or just this hyperthreading thing where I have 4 actually fully featured cores whilst there is 4 more cores without an FPU, so I won't really recommend to run anything on these... So what this really comes down to is a $65 Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB in a MacBook 'Pro' case with an ugly GUI for over twice the price of an Lenovo ThinkPad E595 with 32GB RAM and two SSDs, one of which being an NVMe one. I don't know about you guys but in Germany we call this full on FRAUD. Yes my friends, full on FRAUD, that's what it is! So my suggestion to solve this issue: Either keep your 'old' X86 Mac or get yourself the cheapest Lenovo Laptop there is, get some cool stickers to put on the back and install Linux. And if you want an actually very stylish beyond Apple look and feel I would suggest Hefftor Linux Plasma which just happened to have released a new version which you can download under . Welcome to 2021!

  • Kartikay bhardwaj
    Kartikay bhardwaj29 dager siden

    Usb type c transfers data.. i just tested

  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff StudiosMåned siden


  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff StudiosMåned siden

    LTT just didin't post the full reiew on the Main Channel.

  • Lewis Holford
    Lewis HolfordMåned siden

    I just got my M1 Macbook pro. Is it normal for the click on the track pad to sound really glassy?

  • Intergalactic Gamer
    Intergalactic GamerMåned siden

    6:50 While it is true that the fan may need replacement, lets not forget how 2010 macbook pros with nvidia dedicated gpu's dying from overheating due to bad cooling. Hopefully apple has learned and you are right about the macbook air being a longer lasting computer.

  • eVOL UC
    eVOL UCMåned siden

    you lost me when i saw a fat guy that was going bald and trying to hide it by growing long hair

  • Th3_Re4Per
    Th3_Re4PerMåned siden

    For the MacBook Air, would it be worth the cost to upgrade to the 8 Core GPU if I was doing mostly school work and image editing?

  • Girish Pattabiraman
    Girish PattabiramanMåned siden

    This is the most non review review by LTT. Not a word about performance? As a consumer I want to know how it stacks up against a intel laptop

  • C.E S
    C.E SMåned siden

    Haha, I've got the m1 macbook pro for about 10 days now, and I didn't realize there's that paper-ish stuff around the power adapter. Just removed it 😂🙆🏻

  • Why Google?
    Why Google?Måned siden

    No toslink in their headphone jacks anymore :(

  • patchinator6
    patchinator6Måned siden

    I can't believe Linus made 920 accounts to dislike this video.

  • Daniel Angel
    Daniel AngelMåned siden

    They Bring back the turn on sound that’s cool. But I will never buy apple mac again. I bought a new macbook pro Christmas 2018 and 1 year and 3 months later the logic board broke. :( ... way too expensive to repair without warranty.

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky UgsodMåned siden

    Anthony speaks the truth ✊

  • BITS2
    BITS2Måned siden

    I'd expect from M1 mbp to have more and faster cores + at least double graphic cores with amd graphics as discrete and up to 32gb mem and 2tb ssd..

  • David Dyer
    David DyerMåned siden

    Would it be possible to hook up a 2nd screen via Thunderbolt to the Apple M1 Macbook Pro?

  • Angel Slovodan
    Angel SlovodanMåned siden

    hard for me to see why anyone would want to edit video on a macbook. The keyboard to me is the most important aspect, and I wish they would just go back to the old keyboards. They were such a pleasure to type on.

  • Rushank Doshi
    Rushank DoshiMåned siden

    When is the review coming

  • Mehmet Terzi
    Mehmet TerziMåned siden


  • Camera Man2
    Camera Man2Måned siden

    Quit the goodbyes and loose some weight... Understandable Lin@s is not a real lesbian but still I believe in you! You'll be just fine!

  • Darth Kadd
    Darth KaddMåned siden

    I really don't understand the hate for the touchbar, I actually find it pretty useful on my M1 MacBook Pro

  • Manjot Singh
    Manjot SinghMåned siden

    Anthony: You're breathtaking

  • Geoff Handsome
    Geoff HandsomeMåned siden

    Your fingers are like sausages

  • The Sheffield Honey Company
    The Sheffield Honey CompanyMåned siden

    Where is the review?

  • Nathan Sandy
    Nathan SandyMåned siden

    Yay, Anthony is here! :)

  • Supernatural
    SupernaturalMåned siden

    bin them both

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    Johnny VegasMåned siden

    I love watching him!

  • itsnicoletiana
    itsnicoletianaMåned siden

    Can't wait for my macbook pro 13" m1 to come in 😭

  • Brian
    BrianMåned siden

    Hey look everyone more worthless apple garbage!

  • PáriStath友達


    28 dager siden

    Grow up.

  • Guskes
    GuskesMåned siden

    3:30 unlike him

  • Peekofwar
    PeekofwarMåned siden

    Has that boot sound changed at all over the years?

  • Sébast H
    Sébast HMåned siden

    Me: Who is Anthony, and why everyone loves him? Anthony Speak Me: Oh, I understand now.

    ALEX XUMåned siden

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  • A E
    A EMåned siden

    "Like Most apple USB C cables, it likely wont be wired for data" What are you talking about? Every stock MacBook USB C cable Ive ever had was capable of 40GB/s data transfer.

  • ChaosTherum
    ChaosTherumMåned siden

    Anthony should do the audiobook for the ABCs of gaming.

  • Diego Valiante
    Diego ValianteMåned siden

    hi everyone, on the first day of use, my Macbook Pro M1 16gb failed. After power shutting down a couple of times, at the third one the laptop didn't come back anymore. if I put the power cable in, I can hear a very low ticking sound, but the laptop does not turn on anymore. When it went black, it was connected to a 2k monitor with a displayport to thunderbolt 3 cable and to a usb c hub, with only a USB cable connected. The power cable was disconnected. Apple says it could be a hardware failure, but of course it is difficult to say without them being able to enter the laptop in remote. On the first day? with no really hard usage? I think I am going to return this one and wait for when they make it a more reliable machine. My MacBook Air from end 2012 served me so well and can probably serve me a little longer, even though at its own slow pace.

  • Степан Орда
    Степан ОрдаMåned siden

    100 nits of brightness between them is a differential factor for me. I agree that the touch bar is a huge minus, but brightness is much more important.

  • Amos Huckleberry
    Amos HuckleberryMåned siden

    6:50 That's what she said!

  • dinkar maharjan
    dinkar maharjanMåned siden

    IDK can someone tell me.. which one lasts longer ?? Air or pro ??

  • Syailen Thahir

    Syailen Thahir

    Måned siden

    Pro, it lasts 20 hours

  • Jemerson Canaya
    Jemerson CanayaMåned siden

    The Crab music video playing has a hidden meaning, it means "Goodbye Intel!"

  • Tony Lemont
    Tony LemontMåned siden

    For a second I thought this was an ugly PWAG.... LOL wtf is this?

  • Music Easel Cat
    Music Easel CatMåned siden


  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday CaliforniaaMåned siden

    MacBook Air... but has no fans 😂😂

  • Peterson Fake
    Peterson FakeMåned siden

    full review and comparison?

  • Sinister Puppy
    Sinister PuppyMåned siden

    I don't like systems with lack up user accessible upgrades or repairs. I'll spare this video my small novel like the other two. :( That intro made me feel bad. I'm one of the "mixed" receptions.

  • John H.
    John H.Måned siden

    Anthony can you review battery backup products like APC...ect? Thanks

  • Rojo
    RojoMåned siden

    Love you Anthony!

  • Protyaydeep Shee
    Protyaydeep SheeMåned siden

    It's just better to choose air with a higher storage option instead of pro for the same price.

  • Andrew Baker
    Andrew BakerMåned siden

    Thank you Anthony

  • Dark Magician Girl
    Dark Magician GirlMåned siden

    Should I become an egirl?

  • eli


    9 dager siden

    Please don't

  • Rinkiya KE Papa
    Rinkiya KE PapaMåned siden

    Pls Anthony give this to me i really need it bro pls

  • Dr01d1
    Dr01d1Måned siden

    OMG it has a power adapter and a headphone jack! I'm guessing those where two of the major launch features?

  • john wayne
    john wayneMåned siden

    What happens when you usa a 20-30$ laptop fan (tray) for the MacBook air? Kinda feels like cheating...

  • AdamBG02
    AdamBG02Måned siden

    I like Antony even more now, as he chose crab rave for the audio test

  • Felipe Negron
    Felipe NegronMåned siden

    God i saw the meme of the thumbnail for this video and legit thought yall had made a video about becoming an egirl

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    Davis LawrenceMåned siden

    Any of their 25 locations... Woooooow

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    Andreas XirtusMåned siden

    I may be in the counter culture position here but Anthony is sexy af. Also brilliant and wise and righteous and good but we all knew that. LADIES PUT A GOLD RING ON THIS MANS FINGER. ASAP WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

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  • DSoloha
    DSolohaMåned siden

    I really like how these videos have whatever aspect ratio this is... I wish more videos on NOlocal had that

  • ZzRo Gravity
    ZzRo GravityMåned siden

    Quick important question: Since the M1 chip set's cooling solution is very similar to its Intel predecessor (Just a copper heat pipe carrying heat away towards a tin stack promptly evacuated by the fan), I am wondering will the Macbook Air be able to sustain long periods of use time without over-heating [since it does not have a fan?] I am a teacher by profession, and the biggest issue I run into on a daily basis is the over-heating of my lap top due to pro-longed Zoom calls use-sage (the LOUD fan kicks after only 15 mins of use to the point it distrupts my class). Ps: I do not care about sustained performance. All I want is a device that can with-stand long use-sage (7 hour intervals). For the sake of longevity, which one I should get? Macbook Air? Or Pro? Please advise.

  • Boston Gay Stoner
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