Robot Linus Reviews a Keyboard - Deepfake - Cleave Truly Ergonomic

Vitenskap og teknologi

Linus checks out an ergonomic keyboard....... but something doesn't look right... he shaved!
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  • Stanley Alvarez
    Stanley Alvarez6 timer siden

    couldve worked on the audio a little bit more

  • Panzer Schramme
    Panzer Schramme8 timer siden

    linus hands grew

  • Grinzzo
    Grinzzo18 timer siden

    He just made me to go into deep sleep.

  • Atalocke
    Atalocke21 time siden

    Why did this look so good the first time I saw it, but now (six months later) it looks so fake? Tech moves fast.

  • JimL
    JimLDag siden

    This was like an ASMR version of Linus. More relaxed, smooth, charming even.

  • Erratic Director
    Erratic Director2 dager siden

    I forgot how cursed this video was

  • Loominare
    Loominare3 dager siden

    You know what? I watched the Behind the Scene after watching this video. What a unfortunate.

  • Marcos Prins
    Marcos Prins3 dager siden

    They must have use Riley Murdock instead

  • 1 Playstookin
    1 Playstookin3 dager siden

    Yeah we can see its fake and not actually papa Linus Edit:ty for -1 likes

  • Alex S
    Alex S5 dager siden

    The most impressive part of it for me is the lip sync. You guys did a good job!

  • UwU KingDiscord
    UwU KingDiscord5 dager siden

    LInus is a cake... a lie.

  • Wòofy Wòoflez
    Wòofy Wòoflez5 dager siden

    It's all so off,it looks like you gave me a script and asked me to read it poetically but I did it in one go and didn't read it once before that point

  • NotAgingGD
    NotAgingGD6 dager siden

    Craigslist Siri linus

  • where is gaming
    where is gaming7 dager siden

    This is a robot voice

  • Big Ben Games
    Big Ben Games7 dager siden

    You can definitely tell something is up, it sounds like if linus decided to volunteer as a Google assistant

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost8 dager siden

    by 3/4 way thru i forgot it was derpferk

  • SP1CY D31TA
    SP1CY D31TA9 dager siden

    The sound expression are bland. Sounds like I'm listening to a history document. Or an infomercial. There need to be more liveliness in the voice

  • rgparadox
    rgparadox9 dager siden

    look how they've massacred my boy

  • Mayank Agrawal
    Mayank Agrawal9 dager siden

    when you realize this linus is fake

  • Fiery Games
    Fiery Games10 dager siden

    personality and the voice is missing

  • TravelLove
    TravelLove10 dager siden

    haha it only gets better as the video progresses.

  • Najmin Ara
    Najmin Ara10 dager siden

    Fake linus!!!!

  • Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma11 dager siden

    This Is The Only Video Of Linus In Which He Doesn't Have A Sponsor..... Oh Wait......

  • Seaweed


    11 dager siden

    he also didn't drop anything

  • Rockstar Raheem
    Rockstar Raheem12 dager siden

    He’s the imposter... vote him out

  • Shnuk
    Shnuk12 dager siden

    Something about his face is really off putting

  • FreshDiaper
    FreshDiaper12 dager siden

    Me: I want Linus My Mom: We have Linus at home Linus at home

  • Shx The Dust Pan
    Shx The Dust Pan12 dager siden

    why does "Look! I bent the keycap." sound funny

  • Seaweed


    11 dager siden

    *literally holding the switch*

  • RetroScreen
    RetroScreen12 dager siden

    watch it with 144p and you will see magic

  • joaquin beltran

    joaquin beltran

    10 dager siden

    I cant see

  • John Doe
    John Doe12 dager siden

    Wtf I know the voice sounds robotic but damn that sounded fairly real. I could even hear the Canadian aspect of the Linus

  • da boi stalebreadsticks
    da boi stalebreadsticks12 dager siden

    I knew this wasnt linus not from the title but I know his hands arent that big

  • Litsmite
    Litsmite12 dager siden

    Anybody commenting on the actual keyboard?

  • Firecat the potato
    Firecat the potato12 dager siden

    This is Linus with lossy compression on lol

  • yewy yew
    yewy yew13 dager siden

    Robot reading script with no emotion nor facial expression xd

  • The Agamer
    The Agamer13 dager siden

    I am sure in a year if they fix the voice and the transition from face to body, it would be hard to tell the difference

  • Nikon_Dev Gaming
    Nikon_Dev Gaming14 dager siden

    I can hear the robot version of the voice a little bit.

  • River Hardman
    River Hardman14 dager siden

    I saw this before the deep fake video so I’m so confused

  • GenoDoesStuff
    GenoDoesStuff14 dager siden

    Not Linus, no sponser or segway into one.

    NETOROUS XSODUS14 dager siden

    its crazy how much body language matters to identify a person

  • Pratyush Kumar
    Pratyush Kumar14 dager siden

    why he sounds like a robo? here for the review worst ever why everyone is liking though

  • trash content
    trash content14 dager siden


  • Bibin Graceson
    Bibin Graceson14 dager siden

    he looks like a terminator

  • bleachy
    bleachy14 dager siden

    The new and improved Linus

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio15 dager siden

    I saw the video of you guys making this video, first. But Deepfake isn't something I'd fall for due to one thing. As a child all the way until I was 10, I had such terrible vision, and never was given glasses. So the part of my brain that learns mannerisms, is extremely higher the average. But even though now that I'm 50, with perfect vision. You can cover a person face and dress them in all black and I'll know who they are once they move.

  • isaac smith
    isaac smith15 dager siden

    I looked at it and red lights start firing in my head

  • Tyler Diaz
    Tyler Diaz15 dager siden

    Am I the only one kind of scared by how advanced this is going to get in a couple years

  • J.F. Donut
    J.F. Donut16 dager siden

    "Mom, can we get Linus?" "We have Linus at home." Linus at home:

  • Geo Power
    Geo Power16 dager siden

    Honestly and sadly, Linus can be replaced now... :(

  • Giovanni Chieffo
    Giovanni Chieffo16 dager siden

    Fake, Linus didn't drop anything

  • The Wizard In The Sky
    The Wizard In The Sky16 dager siden

    Great review, thinking about picking one up

  • Luke McEllin
    Luke McEllin17 dager siden

    When u get the poundland linus

  • Andrewik
    Andrewik17 dager siden

    If I haven't heard about Jordan B. Peterson voice deepfake I'd assume the sound quality of the original recording was so shitty they had to replace it with an on desk $5 microphone recording of Linus reading out the script 5 minutes before the upload.

  • HyperMario
    HyperMario17 dager siden

    The eye gestures are definitely very disturbing lol

  • Vishrut Kumar
    Vishrut Kumar17 dager siden

    Linus looks and sounds wierd

  • Daniel Kewitz
    Daniel Kewitz18 dager siden

    Waiting for him to sing: DAISY, DAISY GIVE ME YOUR ANSWER DO

  • Mew Cat
    Mew Cat18 dager siden

    hmmmmmmmm......linus sounds like robot......probably because it wasnt him. it wasnt him if u dint realise by the voice and face and that the voice isnt realy in sinc with the movement of 'linus' and also the movement itself........

  • J2gross
    J2gross19 dager siden

    Linus in 2077

  • Rainbow The Pony
    Rainbow The Pony20 dager siden

    is it me or what, why does Linus sounds a bit off and his fact is like one of those Deepfake thing?

    GUN FIRE XoSs20 dager siden

    You can recreate facial expression and voice of linus but not his personality tho

  • Jke Fines
    Jke Fines20 dager siden

    The size of the face and the arms are hilarious. Tiny head and gigantic hands.

  • Amd please fix my card
    Amd please fix my card20 dager siden

    Dollar tree Linus

  • ismail studios
    ismail studios21 dag siden

    His voice sounds so unatrul

  • salil hiremath
    salil hiremath22 dager siden

    When you buy Linus from wish and tell him to do a review.

  • ElectroBrocoli Felix
    ElectroBrocoli Felix23 dager siden

    deepfake linus detected

  • yosharian
    yosharian23 dager siden

    This product is a scam. It's never going to arrive.

  • DeftestAphid20
    DeftestAphid2023 dager siden

    That voice tho

  • diana wong
    diana wong24 dager siden

    The lighting on the face isn't quite right.

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson25 dager siden

    When you get entertainment from wish

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson25 dager siden

    Imagine someone actually wants to find a review of this keyboard

  • Stickman
    Stickman27 dager siden

    This freaks me out

  • Sokkimhay Um
    Sokkimhay Um28 dager siden

    Damn, Linus looked and sounded so weird!

  • Someone
    Someone29 dager siden

    AI lipsync exists now so this would be alot easier now

  • Pavao Mrazek
    Pavao MrazekMåned siden

    Cringeus tech tips

  • Jimmy Dilks
    Jimmy DilksMåned siden

    Linus if he was ordered from

  • Punkzs
    PunkzsMåned siden


  • fly
    flyMåned siden

    Hm. Somethings seems a bit, odd about linus today.

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girlMåned siden


  • Bru98o Gaming
    Bru98o GamingMåned siden

    Walmart Linus

  • TheLoxionKasie
    TheLoxionKasieMåned siden

    Not exactly a new company. Maybe they rebranded but I've had the predecessor keyboard to this one for years.

  • Velian Velikov
    Velian VelikovMåned siden

    Who is watching at 360p and does not find a difference?

  • Rainer Tristan
    Rainer TristanMåned siden

    Linus sounds like a robot lmao

  • David Scaricamazza
    David ScaricamazzaMåned siden

    This is hella trippy

  • yash garg
    yash gargMåned siden

    is that a deep fake or something ? linus sounds and looks veryy weird in this one and the eye contact is just uncomfortable 🙄

  • Trevors Tech Corner
    Trevors Tech CornerMåned siden

    DeepFake Linus lmao

  • Preyan Mehta
    Preyan MehtaMåned siden

    This deepfake would've turned out really good, if only the audio part was handled well. The audio replication A.I. is the slowest right now, everything is based on visuals. Hence, if you use the real audio for this script and just play this video..the video would look 10x better! Yet, great job! :D

  • Rita Mondal
    Rita MondalMåned siden

    Real James came out in the middle of the video

  • TidyCoder
    TidyCoderMåned siden

    LiNUs iS a RoBOt

  • Billy'sRandom Stuff
    Billy'sRandom StuffMåned siden

    Who came here from the LTT deep fake video?

  • Zelda Menefee
    Zelda MenefeeMåned siden

    Fake: he didnt drop it

  • John McLellan
    John McLellanMåned siden

    This is like watching Mark Zuckerberg give a tech review

  • Tall Order
    Tall OrderMåned siden

    I can tell its fake. The facial hair is too blurry and he barely emotes his voice.

  • BoomBrush
    BoomBrushMåned siden

    linus when he takes a ritalin pill and turned into a non adhd zombie

  • Vid Zgonc
    Vid ZgoncMåned siden

    Now do different camera angles on the face. I dare you.

  • Ray14
    Ray14Måned siden

    at-least robot linus wont drop everything

  • Video Nomad
    Video NomadMåned siden

    Was here

  • MunchkinMiester
    MunchkinMiesterMåned siden

    999k views :o

  • Matt Sipe
    Matt SipeMåned siden

    two words: Silicone Mask

  • Mark Barkell
    Mark BarkellMåned siden

    CTRL key in the right place for GNU/Emacs :). Just like some of the old Sun computers.

  • Mark Barkell

    Mark Barkell

    Måned siden

    Well, I can see 300$ if it is better than the one I already use -- but I like my two different keyboard pads in my KinesisGaming keyboard. (Which 300$ is a bit much.)

  • Mark Barkell

    Mark Barkell

    Måned siden

    Way too much money at 300$!

  • zyx gaming n tech
    zyx gaming n techMåned siden

    Linus Lite

  • Mc Christian Bernas
    Mc Christian BernasMåned siden

    What happened to Linus? He looks weird in this video.

  • Mc Christian Bernas

    Mc Christian Bernas

    Måned siden

    @Abhinav Gothwal Oh im fucking blind.

  • Abhinav Gothwal

    Abhinav Gothwal

    Måned siden

    Its not Linus its a deepfake look at the freaking title

  • Nuckle head Drummer
    Nuckle head DrummerMåned siden

    the voice is too low