Real Life Mario Kart First Impressions

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It feels like Nintendo is almost like Apple in the console world. They make amazing products that everyone loves but be prepared to invest a lot of cash into it! Mario Kart Live is no different.... but man it's a ton of fun!
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  • XDShade
    XDShade3 måneder siden

    Poor Luigi Gets replaced by a sponsorship

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer


    2 måneder siden

    No one likes Luigi anyways.



    2 måneder siden

    Green Mario suffers

  • Adem Sofilić

    Adem Sofilić

    2 måneder siden

    @FaZe Justin *your. You're means you are.

  • Mocha Blue

    Mocha Blue

    3 måneder siden

    I made this 1k likes

  • FaZe Justin

    FaZe Justin

    3 måneder siden

    @insane Stop self promoting you’re videos

  • Absolution
    Absolution2 dager siden

    "I would add Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi" I NEED BOWSER!!!

  • Marco Morin
    Marco Morin6 dager siden

    my son has one!!!

  • Soo Sarcastic.
    Soo Sarcastic.7 dager siden

    Id like to see them release princess peach. And oh i had to buy both luigi and mario to make the experience more fun.

  • must not fap
    must not fap8 dager siden

    ok is it just me or does this not feel that expensive? like a rc car is 40$ sure they're not the fastest but I feel like it's an rc amd a video game which is 60

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19879 dager siden

    They designed trading for nerds like me 😥

  • soup soul
    soup soul11 dager siden

    personally I WANT TOADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StuFFed
    StuFFed14 dager siden

    Not only 1 cart... it's one cart for one nintendo switch, so you need to buy another switch to play 2 players, what a joke.

  • Cristina Campbell
    Cristina Campbell22 dager siden

    wat is your rating

  • Jojojunior Utsey
    Jojojunior Utsey22 dager siden

    I would put toad instead of yoshi

  • Sarva
    Sarva26 dager siden


  • NintendoGuy67
    NintendoGuy6728 dager siden

    Yeah I’ve never knew anyone that was into Nintendo games like I was when I was kid/ teenager, so it was always impossible to play games that required multiple copies of the game or multiple systems unless I was the one that owned them all lol.

  • koalaking 009
    koalaking 009Måned siden


  • Wang Thao
    Wang ThaoMåned siden

    Hopeful in the future Nintendo will add features where you can play multiple players in just one Nintendo switch.....because I ain’t buying 4 cars and fours Nintendo switch just play multiplayer.

  • Brad Strawn
    Brad StrawnMåned siden

    I aint buying until I can buy Wario

  • Isaiah Narraway
    Isaiah NarrawayMåned siden

    I feel bad for all game makers

  • Peter Oliveira
    Peter OliveiraMåned siden

    I know a lot of people are complaining that it's $100 for "just a car" and some cardboard but even though the software is free on the Nintendo store you need the kart to use basically 99% percent of the software so you are essentially paying for that too.

  • Travis Boyko
    Travis BoykoMåned siden

    I got 4 of these because friends are to cheap to buy there own

  • Ikee
    IkeeMåned siden

    how many channels does this guy have

  • Jake Eric Kevin CAVINATO-LOCKE
    Jake Eric Kevin CAVINATO-LOCKEMåned siden

    Should I buy this ? Can anyone convince me if I should buy and the reasons to do so or should I just continue to use mariokart 8 deluxe

  • stickman qi
    stickman qiMåned siden


  • Idk a good name Walk
    Idk a good name Walk2 måneder siden

    I would of Added one extra character Toad

  • Jamie Loppy
    Jamie Loppy2 måneder siden

    Come on now, enthusiasts and collectors would love to spend the money.

  • ThatGamingGuy
    ThatGamingGuy2 måneder siden

    Tbh mario party does do that way too much

  • haechi21
    haechi212 måneder siden

    I'm looking forward to it if they can make with other car design and characters. At least, adding OG characters like Toadstool and Bowser.

  • McNea
    McNea2 måneder siden


  • Yincimaster
    Yincimaster2 måneder siden

    Linus: *Augmented reality game that actually matters.* Minecraft Earth: Sad background noises.

  • W
    W2 måneder siden

    FPV with a shirty RC car. No thanks.

  • noname583
    noname5832 måneder siden

    basically these are for kids

  • Ken Bergeron
    Ken Bergeron2 måneder siden

    666k views! Man this is cursed

  • Ken Bergeron

    Ken Bergeron

    2 måneder siden


  • Criminy Cricket
    Criminy Cricket2 måneder siden

    99 dollars seems like a great deal to me.

  • Daniel Kintigh
    Daniel Kintigh2 måneder siden

    One thing I like about Nintendo is they aren't afraid to try things out and attempt to "push the boundaries" with stuff like this. They tend to flop, but I'll give them credit for attempting it nonetheless. I wasn't very fond of their cardboard line LABO, but it was interesting, and my younger nephews love that shit. This is probably something they'll love to.

  • Dixlexxik
    Dixlexxik2 måneder siden

    they will probably sell racer separately eventually

  • enkrypt3d
    enkrypt3d2 måneder siden

    when are Yoshi and toad and other characters coming out?!?!

  • mralapenosarespicy
    mralapenosarespicy2 måneder siden

    Just played it. It’s pretty awesome. I have two switches, one kart and one copy of mariokart. So another 160$ish on top of the 780$ish I spent and I’m done, just need to find a copy of the Luigi kart. I can borrow the other copy of Mariokart deluxe

  • David Wales
    David Wales2 måneder siden

    The pokemon trading thing was clearly for siblings... isn't that obvious?

  • Yuhara
    Yuhara2 måneder siden

    Linus please stop hitting the table

  • David Kanes
    David Kanes2 måneder siden

    Nintendo are the kings of selling you expensive shit that you use once and then it ends up in a cupboard or under your sofa

  • falco830
    falco8302 måneder siden

    Yeah I think this is still an alpha like game that Nintendo wants to test the waters for future updates and future GAMES. Imagine playing legend of Zelda or Smash Brothers in an mixed reality like Mario circuit game.

  • falco830
    falco8302 måneder siden

    Mario Kart home is actually Mixed Reality, not Augmented Reality.

  • Maulik Pant A9-59
    Maulik Pant A9-592 måneder siden

  • ContraG
    ContraG2 måneder siden

    You got my like at the Nintendo rant for excessive explanation! Lol

  • Daniel Pérez Domínguez
    Daniel Pérez Domínguez2 måneder siden

    Alright man, can you stop dropping the kart like if it costed 50p? It is annoying, seriously.

  • Daniel Pérez Domínguez
    Daniel Pérez Domínguez2 måneder siden

    I dislike when I see someone in a review video treating such an expensive piece of hardware so carelessly, almost throwing them. I find it disrespectful for all those people who can’t afford a thing like this. He handles the toys like if he dislikes them.

  • Quayle Man
    Quayle Man2 måneder siden

    All my friend played Pokémon and we all always got different versions. And played n trade and everything. Js

  • Quayle Man
    Quayle Man2 måneder siden

    Lmao Cc caught linus saying fucking even though it was bleeped

  • Fantastic Chaos
    Fantastic Chaos2 måneder siden

    Ok so its expensive, fair enough i guess. But where am I supposed to find FRIENDS TO PLAY WITH ?!

  • Pratik Dhamapurkar
    Pratik Dhamapurkar2 måneder siden

    Linus's last question about who are these games made for. Well, you need to see the level of dedication towards these things among the Japanese.

  • Geneprogamer 39
    Geneprogamer 392 måneder siden

    Oh snap son @4:35 raytracing on the floor.......DAMN!!!👌🏿

  • mako kimoto
    mako kimoto2 måneder siden

    "noone watched the firetruck video" linus... its your 3rd most viewed video on tha main channel...

  • qAdriaNp
    qAdriaNp2 måneder siden

    $100US $299CAD. wow

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke2 måneder siden

    im surprised that linus actually knows the real rc terms and shit

  • Pixel Craft
    Pixel Craft2 måneder siden

    Wait... you’re Linus from Ltt?!?!

  • matthew williams
    matthew williams2 måneder siden

    people are selling reselling them for upwards of 250 each

  • Alonso Elenes
    Alonso Elenes2 måneder siden

    I can’t believe grown men are buying this 💀

  • Jolfer 13
    Jolfer 132 måneder siden

    This would get boring real real quick

  • Ajie Afianto
    Ajie Afianto2 måneder siden

    his right hand is so small, like a baby hand,

  • Parkman29
    Parkman292 måneder siden

    nintendo is the apple of games

  • BlueTarantulaProductions
    BlueTarantulaProductions2 måneder siden

    $100 United states $130 Canadian

  • GreenCatTV
    GreenCatTV2 måneder siden

    they should’ve done only waluigi

  • John Doe
    John Doe2 måneder siden

    7:40 Waluigi be like "GIMME A BIG FAT BREAK !!!"

  • Yu Narukami
    Yu Narukami2 måneder siden

    Has this guy talked about the joycon drift

  • Abe Giesbrecht
    Abe Giesbrecht2 måneder siden

    I'm buying one

  • KenchBro
    KenchBro2 måneder siden

    He looks like Linus tech tips

  • sLaMz1o1
    sLaMz1o12 måneder siden


  • DogeCheck
    DogeCheck2 måneder siden

    Mario Kart in Real Life. Spaghetti!

  • Clown World
    Clown World2 måneder siden

    You haven’t tried Minecraft earth yet

  • Audi Malvin
    Audi Malvin2 måneder siden

    There are $100 figures that does nothing so

  • Chris Zimmer
    Chris Zimmer2 måneder siden

    Donkey Kong? Didn't Mario & Donkey Kong start it all? Mario, Luigi, Peach, & Donkey Kong for us purists.

  • Shinomori Ryuichi
    Shinomori Ryuichi2 måneder siden

    I’m sorry Linus but that Pokémon analogy was wayyyyyyyy off dude. The GB to GB Colour series sold about 45 million units and the Pokémon games sold about 10 million for RBY and about 15 million for GSC in the us in their first/original run. Maybe Canada had an issue but in Florida and New Jersey when I grew up, there were absolutely no problems trading and playing Pokémon.

  • Robert Stimmel
    Robert Stimmel2 måneder siden

    Fun Fact: The Linus fire truck review video that "no one watched" has over 11 million views

  • Verified
    Verified2 måneder siden

    It doesn't feel right. Linus messing toys? I prefer Linus exploring tech. Other than that this content felt more like waisted Linus energy. Just a thought.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan2 måneder siden

    Lol Pokémon go!

  • the cool guy 123
    the cool guy 1232 måneder siden

    They should have all the characters from the original Mario kart ei mario, Luigi, toad, peach, yoshi, koopa, bowser, and donkey kong

  • ADjustinG2013
    ADjustinG20132 måneder siden

    great! all i have to do now is remove all my carpet!

  • Kurtis Spade
    Kurtis Spade2 måneder siden

    Waluigi or bust

  • Only Zay
    Only Zay2 måneder siden

    And C: the sun messes up the lighting for the in game tracks

  • u.c.m. Rich
    u.c.m. Rich2 måneder siden

    Toad!!!!! he's the vest!!! ^_^

  • u.c.m. Rich
    u.c.m. Rich2 måneder siden

    give us the fire truck unboxing link xD

  • Cormac Montague
    Cormac Montague2 måneder siden

    Are you going to do a ps5/xbox unboxing?

  • Twentyfourtythree
    Twentyfourtythree2 måneder siden

    Actually, I think I DID watch that Firetruck video. Seems vaguely familiar.

  • Andyilmatto
    Andyilmatto2 måneder siden

    Linus: "I probably would have gone Mario-Luigi-Peach-Yoshi". Toad: *cries in a corner* Waluigi just hangs himself at this point.

  • Hans5958
    Hans59582 måneder siden

    > First Impression > played it earlier

  • Havan Sun
    Havan Sun2 måneder siden

    people who make rc cars real life mushroom

  • Biggins McSauce
    Biggins McSauce2 måneder siden

    dat unibrow, eh

  • im_booty ___
    im_booty ___2 måneder siden

    They have to do what they did with the first Chanel super fun video.

  • Roman Vitucci
    Roman Vitucci2 måneder siden

    1:19 ummmmmm what’s that white stuff on the table

  • Akmal Danial

    Akmal Danial

    2 måneder siden

    I think it might be a reflection

  • Chris Rob
    Chris Rob2 måneder siden

    Add toad to the mix and you're good

  • Jazz, The Fat Lad
    Jazz, The Fat Lad2 måneder siden

    Cant wait for them to release the Funky Kong version so i can start speedrunning my own house

  • karremania
    karremania2 måneder siden

    Friends got the kit, i was amazed the gates are just simple cardboard for a heavy $99.. and not even a hour later, the start/finish pillars were already torn.

  • Nathan Budd
    Nathan Budd2 måneder siden

    Surpsied they didn't make the colouring on the kart removable, and go with an amibo style character, so you can swap then out... if you pay more! Eg, buy the "Peach" pack, and replace the red M with the peach panel, and put a peach character in the seat.

  • Silh S
    Silh S2 måneder siden

    Wow that thumbnail beard is so fab 🥰

  • Dave Perks
    Dave Perks2 måneder siden

    They need to have Toad

  • Ne Xo
    Ne Xo2 måneder siden

    wheres the gameplay vid????????

  • Dora Sapien
    Dora Sapien2 måneder siden

    Yeah! Nintendo is giving us so much drift!

  • Zachary A. Hampton
    Zachary A. Hampton2 måneder siden

    This is almost better than the firetruck. And then they mentioned it. I'm unoriginal...

  • Dante Brizzi
    Dante Brizzi2 måneder siden

    Next step is vr

  • Dragonking 4829
    Dragonking 48292 måneder siden

    I wish there was a mode where you can do whatever you want

  • Pat Mullen
    Pat Mullen2 måneder siden

    Um... Like a ton of kids in the 90s/00s had pokemon, link cables and were super into the game. Meeting up with your friends to trade for Pokemon you couldn't normally get was kind of a major component of the game. I will agree with you about the high cost of this Mario kart thing though.

  • Guy The Demon Boi
    Guy The Demon Boi2 måneder siden

    what about toad?