PS5: it's here. And it's huge.

Vitenskap og teknologi

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We finally got our hands on the PS5 and yes it's big. It's almost as big as Linus.
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  • Alex Marti
    Alex Marti5 timer siden

    This idiots never seen line on a console before

  • Stomp killer
    Stomp killer2 dager siden

    The only huge thing in this video is your head.

  • Slit Bodmod
    Slit Bodmod2 dager siden

    No shame if you like it, but I think the PS5 design is so stupid. It’s trying to reinvent the wheel of designing a console and tries too hard to look futuristic. The Xbox isn’t trying to do that, and I think it looks far more appealing.

  • I like Vocaloid
    I like Vocaloid3 dager siden


  • Farewell, good Hunter
    Farewell, good Hunter6 dager siden

    Linus just manhandled that PS5 lol.

  • PickledParsleyParty
    PickledParsleyParty7 dager siden

    I have to play contrarian to the "not torx, should be phillips" feeling that keeps popping up on this channel. Phillips are even worse than flat head. You can strip a phillips easier than you can pick one up. Torx is virtually impervious to stripping. When we're talking about expensive hardware you may want to take apart now and then, stripping a screw is the absolute ass. Work on stuff for any length of time, and you definitely have torx driver heads in your tool box. It's not the major inconvenience some say it is.

  • Kris
    Kris7 dager siden

    Anyone know what kinda god screwdriver he had

  • KidGhostly
    KidGhostly8 dager siden

    Linus *beats the shit out of ps5* Linus at the the end: "Of course there's a short circuit.."

  • J Passgo
    J Passgo9 dager siden

    It wouldn't have shocked me if the console just didn't start up after Linus got his paws all over that thing.

  • Satan Lover13
    Satan Lover139 dager siden

    10:20 d'u know if the usb option works with portable library?

  • Pedro Otero
    Pedro Otero11 dager siden

    Loud and proud because the kids grew up

  • Chunky Mario
    Chunky Mario12 dager siden

    He said the triggers have “haptic feedback” 🤣🤣 Its adaptive triggers linus....

  • ErnestJ
    ErnestJ14 dager siden

    Can it run linux ?

  • Lovie Brownlow
    Lovie Brownlow18 dager siden

    this dude is lame!

  • Lovie Brownlow

    Lovie Brownlow

    4 dager siden

    @------------ nothing like having a cheerleader lol!

  • ————————————


    4 dager siden

    Lame? But he has a net worth higher than everyone in your family combined

  • Shiven Kothari
    Shiven Kothari24 dager siden

    All of you guys are idiots. You guys should support a US company. Not one from Japan. If you're from the US and you support your country then why buy a PS5!?! Microsoft is a US-based company. Made and built by Americans. They know you guys more!

  • Shiven Kothari

    Shiven Kothari

    3 dager siden

    @------------ It kinda does. As you can see. Playstation is from Japan. They make their commericals first in Japanese andd then translate it to English. And vice versa for Xbox.

  • ————————————


    4 dager siden

    I’d doesn’t mean they’ll know you more

  • Intravenous Burger meat

    Intravenous Burger meat

    24 dager siden

    Shitty bait

  • Preme Plug
    Preme Plug26 dager siden

    The quarrelsome slice arespectively form because reward superiorly help past a violent furniture. spiky, sordid overcoat

  • Fathin
    Fathin28 dager siden

    This is torture. Butt still a great video tho!

  • Codename Johnny
    Codename Johnny29 dager siden

    It's almost disrespectful the way he handles tech. Becoming kind of irritating tbf. Don't get me wrong I love Linus...but, y'know?

  • Judas Iscariot
    Judas Iscariot29 dager siden

    How many channels does linus really run just find out this channel lmao

  • Drakethe legend
    Drakethe legendMåned siden

    Linus please be careful you always drops things 😂.

  • PiousMoltar
    PiousMoltarMåned siden

    "A collector!" How can you be a collector if you only buy digital copies of games?

  • thomas krol
    thomas krolMåned siden

    My switch pro controller right joystick has a down drift

  • Blobdod
    BlobdodMåned siden

    When is he gonna find out PlayStation lied about how it has 8k

  • ————————————


    4 dager siden

    8k upscaled on extremely basics games

  • John Plissken
    John PlisskenMåned siden

    I've never heard of console gamers being considered "poor gamers". I have heard console gamers considered "dumb gamers", and I think that is mostly fair. Very few exclusive console gamers understand really anything about the tech they are using. Even most PC gamers know very little about the tech they are using, but a lot more than console gamers do.

  • John Plissken
    John PlisskenMåned siden

    That double-sided fan should be an AIO, with fans on each side.

  • John Plissken
    John PlisskenMåned siden

    I think the difference between resistive triggers and haptic feedback is that haptic feedback just uses a rumble function very precisely to create the illusion of some kind of resistance or texture to the input, while resistive actually uses motors to put pressure on the trigger against your input.

    LEAF GREENMåned siden

    3:54 Why does this part makes me feel a meme is coming.

  • Jack Harpe 3rd
    Jack Harpe 3rdMåned siden

    And I'm here thinking all the Dualshock Controllers felt comfortable in my opinion. Also good luck building a Digital Library with the small SSD Storage on that thing.

  • Michael Hill
    Michael HillMåned siden

    A monument lol, it does kinda look like one, they a gould have made it shaped like an obelisk

  • IsoDeivys
    IsoDeivysMåned siden

    Y’all really hating on the console’s look it’s not about how they look it’s about the games.

  • Tyson D
    Tyson DMåned siden

    Phillips is garbage too should be Robertson

  • Natos
    NatosMåned siden

    "play has no limits" except stock. 1 month later and you still cant buy it lol

  • Tony Banks
    Tony BanksMåned siden

    So lucky to click the Dumpsmajesty appreciation from Julian on the site, I got a new CC from him @dumpsmajesty on telegram, so happy.. Thank you sir........

  • FlemishBloke
    FlemishBlokeMåned siden

    linus is getting that dad bod right there

  • Zatracenec
    ZatracenecMåned siden

    Man, if You would handle my console like this, You will be dead before the console hits the ground. XD Just kidding, but I usually handle new electronicst like 2000 years old scroll.

    ILOVEALGARVEMåned siden

    Cadillac? Yes, it is cool. Sorry, I owned one. A 1974 Coupe de Ville. That was cool. Really cool. But ... since then ????? Today I definitely prefer a Maybach. Although I can afford only a 10 year old one

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher WilliamsMåned siden

    TORX! someone always uses the wrong size driver and then you have a stripped screw.

  • Francisco Trujillo
    Francisco TrujilloMåned siden

    Linus tech tips

  • Ausy austin gaming
    Ausy austin gamingMåned siden

    Bruh the Xbox controller still uses batteries

  • ————————————


    4 dager siden

    So doesn’t the PS5 controller. Every controller uses batteries

  • George4All
    George4AllMåned siden

  • Tj Morris
    Tj MorrisMåned siden

    just waiting for linus to drop the ps5

  • The Tech Loft
    The Tech LoftMåned siden

    David is a 'collector'? Of what .... vapor?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Thechainlard
    ThechainlardMåned siden

    I love everything about the Series X (1440p mode just like my One X has) except the lacklustre controller 'upgrade'.

  • what the
    what theMåned siden

    that's what she said

  • Ramen
    RamenMåned siden

    welcome to: watching this every day until mine arrives

  • FishTankMan
    FishTankManMåned siden

    it has more ram than my laptop lol

  • ————————————


    4 dager siden

    It has more than most, I’d say 8gb is average

  • GuduZeGoat
    GuduZeGoatMåned siden

    I’m going digital because I’ve only bought 1 game on ps4 that is for disc

  • Daniel González Cervantes
    Daniel González CervantesMåned siden

    The base is important because if you don't use it the PS5 doesn't have any rubber feet so that it won't slide so it may slide of the table of media center

  • Allan Makkink
    Allan MakkinkMåned siden

    pulls its apart but dont even turn it on or play a game wtf lame

  • homunyan
    homunyanMåned siden

    2005-era router hit with an embiggening ray

  • Pablo R
    Pablo RMåned siden

    you can save the games to a hard disk after buying them?

  • lunatic amadeus
    lunatic amadeusMåned siden

    huge.? don.t worry they will release slim ver.

  • LoopTheSheep
    LoopTheSheepMåned siden

    Sony has allowed upgradable storage via non-proprietary means on their consoles ever since the PS3. Microsoft has always been the one to charge you exorbitant prices on proprietary hard drives. Somewhat ironic given how, at the same time, Sony hobbled both the PSP and PS Vita by demanding propriety storage (and arguably killed the Vita via that insistence).

  • Joe C.
    Joe C.Måned siden

    I dont mind the chonky hdmi cord if it means its high quality and not gonna rip or break.

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money NowMåned siden

    Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!

  • Randall Davis
    Randall DavisMåned siden

    A thrown together budget computer from a company that has bailed on making computers and bears the total responsibility for these shortages (covid my ass), OR build the gaming computer I've always wanted and deserved. I've been a devoted SONY customer for decades, Bravia TV's, VAIO computers, stereos, and every version of PlayStation, but NO MORE. SONY has really screwed the pooch on this one.

  • casselskeep
    casselskeepMåned siden

    If I get a PS5, the first thing I do definitely won't be to take it apart! Lol

  • John Abrahamsen
    John AbrahamsenMåned siden

    Philips over torx? Wtf... Did you hit your head Linus?

  • Ryan Fitzgerald
    Ryan FitzgeraldMåned siden

    Is it here though?? Lol

  • Anders Schulze
    Anders SchulzeMåned siden

    It's so ugly

  • Sliced Lettuce
    Sliced LettuceMåned siden

    The best part of the PS5 is their engineers used a liquid metal paste for better cooling. FTW

  • Auso Supreme
    Auso SupremeMåned siden

    New PlayStation Commercial ! @vVgY

  • musicfromakido
    musicfromakidoMåned siden

    Why does xbox X look like a ps2 and the ps5 like an xbox 360?

  • Peter Pan
    Peter PanMåned siden

    It looks cheap

  • Kent Savick
    Kent SavickMåned siden

    Why do they always seem to TRY to break new hardware right out of the box. Have some respect! You are way too spoiled. FYI, I think the playstation looks way better than the box M$ always uses.

  • Micolash
    MicolashMåned siden

    Sony has always been the more accessible console in terms of hardware.

  • ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*
    ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*Måned siden

    The anoying thing is weres the headphone jack, so i dont need to turn on my loud speakers to play

  • Alpharius Omegon
    Alpharius OmegonMåned siden

    I actually got a mod mic wireless (my first mic) its good

  • Aaron Salenga
    Aaron SalengaMåned siden

    Linus didn’t even put the PS5 sideways and notice the genius of the stand design. PS5 stand designers: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Ddraig Gaming Channel
    Ddraig Gaming ChannelMåned siden

    😢😢😢😢 Did not get one. From lunch day till now. Scalpers are taking all of PS5

  • evu lee
    evu leeMåned siden

    why do people buy consoles when you can buy a pc and get more than 100 fps lol ? genuine question btw

  • Nicofye
    NicofyeMåned siden

    It looks like a washing machine

  • Adrian lambert
    Adrian lambertMåned siden

    Ps3/4/5 all are Sony's ONLY product that doesn't use special storage created for just that device...

  • holowichigo1
    holowichigo1Måned siden

    does the ps5 controller work with pc?

  • remotevirus
    remotevirusMåned siden

    Torx FTW!

    GAME BROMåned siden

    hi david

  • Leviair King
    Leviair KingMåned siden

    Why he’s so rough like dang

  • Adrian Cabrera
    Adrian CabreraMåned siden

    Loud and proud brother, loud and proud - Country Mac

  • Fernando Fortunato
    Fernando FortunatoMåned siden

  • XxDeadlyShadowsxX
    XxDeadlyShadowsxXMåned siden

    The covers of the console "insides" looks simple and easy to detach, so you can design and 3D print your own ps5 "armor", like PC cases so then, some of ps5 users will create new race, becoming some kind of hybrid Ps5Pc Race?

  • goodboi
    goodboiMåned siden

    When is the review gonna come out

  • blub
    blubMåned siden

    Pc master race sounds racist

  • MAX tech tech
    MAX tech techMåned siden

    The escalade is the top Cadillac today

  • Kayla Parr
    Kayla ParrMåned siden

    I love the huge gaming mouse pad. Where can I buy it??

  • M R
    M RMåned siden

    “The PS5 is just an iPad without a screen.” - Linus

  • TotalPr0st
    TotalPr0stMåned siden

    why the heck is there a crappy german title placed q.p

  • Claudia Funez
    Claudia FunezMåned siden

    you should put the stand.

  • Claudia Funez
    Claudia FunezMåned siden

    to be frank, i have never worried too much about how my systems look.

  • Rat
    RatMåned siden

    The stand is there because without it the ps5 slides around on smooth surfaces. Lol.

  • Hijacked Bot
    Hijacked BotMåned siden

  • Edgardo Garay
    Edgardo GarayMåned siden

    How the fuck does this ftm has so many subscribers this guy or woman is not even trying to make good content, he sounds and behaves like he or she is suffering form pms.

  • Matthew Romlewski
    Matthew RomlewskiMåned siden

    XboneS 'pulled off' an internal PSU too!

  • Elias Davalos
    Elias DavalosMåned siden

    My PlayStation account got banned after someone hijacked it so I'm definitely getting the one with a cd drive. I was already against digitally downloaded games, but this just cemented it even further. I had all the dlc to beat saber :'(

  • Karlo Marinčić
    Karlo MarinčićMåned siden

    by far the worst video about ps5 on youtube...this dude should just build PCs and stay away from xb series and ps5...

  • ————————————


    4 dager siden


  • Zack
    ZackMåned siden

    Waiting for a black ps5 and ps5 pro. No rush for me to get one.

  • Shane Jared Berezowski
    Shane Jared BerezowskiMåned siden

    This is the most boring review ever. Do not waste your time on these clowns. Unfunny people trying to be funny. Stupid

  • Glorious 240fps
    Glorious 240fpsMåned siden

    13:19 that DID NOT age well. Hahahaha.

  • DumbGuy65
    DumbGuy65Måned siden

    That's what she said!

  • Davaskye DeBique
    Davaskye DeBiqueMåned siden

    PS5 wait is incredible. I'll wait until 2021.

  • TheBrazilRules
    TheBrazilRulesMåned siden

    Reselling games is too much of a hassle. It is just for broke teenagers