Pro Earbuds for only $130?? - Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

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Thanks to Soundcore for sponsoring today's video! Check out the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro on Amazon US at
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Soundcore releases their new ANC true wireless earbuds that trying to take some market share away from the larger brands at almost half the cost.
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  • Evan Ballou
    Evan Ballou18 timer siden

    Is the giveaway live yet?

  • mmbcbs
    mmbcbs3 dager siden

    when does the giveaway go live?

  • mclingo
    mclingo3 dager siden

    I bought these based on this basic review, and that i generally find anker products pretty solid. The bass is great no doubt and the top end also pretty good but the mids are awful, just nothing there out of the box and I just couldnt seem to get a nice flat mid range that I was happy with, with the EQ. I was comparing them to my first gen samsung buds which still sound great, with this in mind I send them back as they just werent better enough.

  • Rydog !
    Rydog !4 dager siden

    when will the give away be happening

  • Refael Gez
    Refael Gez4 dager siden

    Looks awesome! I would love to win the ltt one!!!!

  • Basba
    Basba4 dager siden

    I received the buds yesterday. I have a high pitch sound on the buds when i place them in the ear. does anybode else has expierenced this problem?

  • Chance Collins

    Chance Collins

    Dag siden

    I noticed that too, when i kinda applied too much pressure putting them in. Other than that, putting them normally, i don't get that sound.

  • Alex Tamarinde

    Alex Tamarinde

    4 dager siden

    No problem with them, did you install the Soundcore app on your phone and check for updates?

  • Ian Stoll
    Ian Stoll5 dager siden

    Aww man. It looks like the discount code to get 30 bucks off ran out :( I was just about to order these

  • Blank5115
    Blank51156 dager siden

    Need dem LTT ones...

  • Don 1 Design CEO
    Don 1 Design CEO6 dager siden

    where is the link for the giveaway of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro LTT version ?

  • atl3630
    atl36306 dager siden

    He’s right, the transparency mode isn’t nearly as natural as on the AirPod pros. The music is much better though. And the ANC is very good. I like the case too.

  • Chance Collins

    Chance Collins

    Dag siden

    @Tema Not really. They fit in my useless pocket just fine.

  • Tema


    4 dager siden

    it's tooo big

  • Devin Shields
    Devin Shields6 dager siden

    Mentions a giveaway, no giveaway link still, hmmm.... when?

  • PCSA
    PCSA6 dager siden

    Got them yesterday. Good stuff. No Hiss. Decent ANC. Great sound. Case battery still not empty, so good.

  • Michael Duntz
    Michael Duntz6 dager siden

    Info on the giveaway?

  • BassSlaughter
    BassSlaughter6 dager siden

    is there an info when the giveaway is coming? :D

  • Anoop Antony
    Anoop Antony7 dager siden

    Which one is the best, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro or the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro?

  • ImTheDoctor
    ImTheDoctor7 dager siden

    Wow 2 in a same day?

  • Raymon Drost
    Raymon Drost7 dager siden

    Is the giveaway live yet?

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips7 dager siden

    The pocket makes no sense, if you put the case in the small pocket you can't get into your actual pocket comfortably.

  • LuckyBoyo
    LuckyBoyo8 dager siden

    wheres the giveaway link

  • Techbasics
    Techbasics8 dager siden

    Waiting for a review

  • Paul Lord
    Paul Lord8 dager siden

    but where's the give away

  • Edgematic
    Edgematic8 dager siden

    i don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith8 dager siden

    Still no giveaway link

  • LemonNinja900
    LemonNinja9009 dager siden

    is there anywhere to buy these in Australia?

  • Ch4rmander
    Ch4rmander9 dager siden

    0:19 so how about that giveaway? Any details?

  • Filip
    Filip9 dager siden

    they are cool

    PARTH PATEL10 dager siden

    When is the give away or I'm late?

  • originalpaul21
    originalpaul2110 dager siden

    I bought a cable from anker and it broke somehow,when i tried their customer support they ignored me completely so anker products are a no no for me...

  • Jeremy Phillips
    Jeremy Phillips10 dager siden

    Will ltt edition go on sale or just in the giveaway?

  • Karan Phull
    Karan Phull10 dager siden

    This dude is mad annoying and Cringe to watch.

  • Lark Alfen
    Lark Alfen10 dager siden

    for who is 130 "only"

  • Maik Stemmann
    Maik Stemmann10 dager siden

    You really made a phone call and don't share the results with us? :D Noice! How are we gonna assume what the quality was?

  • Faraz
    Faraz10 dager siden

    No giveaway link???

  • Kash Iqbal
    Kash Iqbal10 dager siden

    Respect to Linus for listening to The Humpty Dance

  • Crudo
    Crudo10 dager siden

    Are you trying to be cool now? Because you are not lol

  • Navi Zurc Al Ed
    Navi Zurc Al Ed10 dager siden

    More garbage reviews by Linus....

  • Tarun R
    Tarun R10 dager siden

    Review "The Realme Buds Air Pro", it's got ANC and is also under $68!!!!!!

  • Peter PB
    Peter PB11 dager siden

    I'm trying to think which of my earbuds or wireless headphones have a brick included and I can't come up with any.

  • Marius K. Kwadyo
    Marius K. Kwadyo11 dager siden

    I'm gonna wait for the next Liberty Pro with ANC

  • Dioppio
    Dioppio11 dager siden

    how many channels does linus work in

  • KevoZebo
    KevoZebo11 dager siden

    I like the plan old air pods. They are the only headphones to this day that are comfortable to me.

  • VerteilerChief
    VerteilerChief11 dager siden

    5:08 I was looking for my Teams notifications while working from home until I realized it was in the video. :D

  • zen strata
    zen strata11 dager siden

    pink LTT beanie incoming?

  • magnoman
    magnoman11 dager siden

    How do we win it hehehe

  • zyx gaming n tech
    zyx gaming n tech11 dager siden

    Xiaomi has 25 dollar wireless earbuds in Asia atleast they get the job done they're almost noise canceling but in a good way u can hear someone if they are calling you name but otherwise they block out all noise

  • kc8omg
    kc8omg11 dager siden

    I have one of their over-the-ear bluetooth headphones with ANC that I've been using for about 8 months now, been really happy with it. Are they as good as Bose or one of those guys? No. Are they 85% or 90% as good for about $45 on sale? Yes, absolutely.

  • OneWordTroll
    OneWordTroll11 dager siden

    I don't get the whole ear tampon look.

  • Jordan Gogov
    Jordan Gogov11 dager siden

    So much advertisement and hype, probably shit sound, just bass nothing more like the Raycons

  • Chance Collins

    Chance Collins

    16 timer siden

    @Jordan Gogov Wow. You are so ignorant, its unbelievable.

  • Jordan Gogov

    Jordan Gogov

    Dag siden

    Compared to dirty buds which came with phone maybe better but lets compare them to user recommended headphone not sponsored video recommendation.... Linus is still Linus and he still promotes cuz he is human like us and needs money so I still stay on my word about them being the same as Raycons

  • Chance Collins

    Chance Collins

    Dag siden

    You can not be more wrong. The sound great, and they certainly have a little bit more bass, but it doesn't overpower the mids, or highs.

  • Adham Abousalem
    Adham Abousalem11 dager siden

    The boring frame comparatively grease because postage reversely settle between a obeisant wheel. uptight, past giraffe

  • ModernDayHouseCat
    ModernDayHouseCat11 dager siden


  • Chance Collins

    Chance Collins

    Dag siden

    They certainly aren't on the level of Airpod Pro, but the noise canceling is actually decent at $130.

  • Ian Stoll
    Ian Stoll11 dager siden

    Man these look really cool and great price, but not being able to pair to two different devices at once is a killer :/

  • Hoppebold
    Hoppebold11 dager siden

    Except for junk food and alcohol, I think that the Liberty Air 2s was the worst money I've ever spend in my life. *The initial pairing process:* Only one bud would connect. Had to do a factory reset. *the Pairing process afterward* It would randomly choose what device it would connect to and not just the last device that it was connected to. *white noise* They claimed that it was only a badge of headphones that had that issue. They pretty much all had it. Including mine. *the fit* They didn't fit in my ears. Tried all 5 sizes of ear tips. Either it fell out, or there was so much pressure inside the tip, that you couldn't hear the sound properly So I bought Galaxy Buds+ a few months after, since these were almost unusable, and I gave the Air 2s to a friend, in case he could fit them. He had the same issues, also with the fit. He kept using them for a month until they simply wouldn't connect to his phone anymore. He tried everything. They didn't even last for 10 months since I got them. I'm never buying another product from Soundcore. I've had so many earbuds: Pamu Slide Mini, Soundcore Liberty Air 2, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+ and since yesterday, AirPods Pro. I don't have an iPhone, but still... They are worth every penny. There's just no bullshit with them. Both my Galaxy Buds pairs failed me after a few months since a bit of ear junk got stuck in the speaker, which you can't remove. Long comment I know, but if anyone reads this, I hope this will help you

  • Trey Hanson
    Trey Hanson11 dager siden

    You should collab with dankpods when it comes to headphones/earphones!!! Man is an absolute legend!!

  • Yourty
    Yourty11 dager siden

    It seems like they found suspiciously little to praise about these earbuds considering this is an ad... Unfortunately, they look quite cheap, too.

  • Dr_Expresso
    Dr_Expresso11 dager siden

    Title change

  • EpicShelter Studio
    EpicShelter Studio11 dager siden

    Linus' mouse pads took the GPU approach to stock

  • Nafiz Imtiaz
    Nafiz Imtiaz11 dager siden

    All different Sizes. Classic Linus!

  • Patrick Berthold
    Patrick Berthold11 dager siden

    Let's hope that there'll be an update for the ANC, otherwise they look awesome.

  • s7even j
    s7even j11 dager siden

    Buy these if u want to get roasted

  • Christian
    Christian11 dager siden

    Could you Guys also test the Huawei Buds Pro? Would be so awesome.

  • Synth Snail
    Synth Snail11 dager siden

    I want some wireless earbuds with a flat sound signature so I can actually shape the eq in a meaningful way :( I was pretty interested until I saw how much you had to decrease the low freqs

  • Mr.Potato 2023
    Mr.Potato 202311 dager siden

    You should send me one...😜

  • TJL
    TJL11 dager siden

    The Airpods Pro goes for just 40€ more on sales, so I'd rather go with that if you are a Iphone user.

  • Omar M Khalil
    Omar M Khalil11 dager siden

    was the call that bad that you decided not to include how it sounds lol

  • Bird Lopers
    Bird Lopers11 dager siden

    *coloUrs (heh)

  • David Moore 66
    David Moore 6612 dager siden

    Did you just call your change pocket your buds pocket ?

  • Arthur Tully
    Arthur Tully12 dager siden

    Airpods 2 were 130 last year, should be even cheaper now

  • J A
    J A12 dager siden

    where is the giveaway link though?

  • John D
    John D12 dager siden

    the "shhhh" sign makes it look like Linus is going to tell us to steal a house.

  • MALO
    MALO12 dager siden

    Use Dennis voice as sub for Linus profanity. Nobody would notice it.

  • Lucas White
    Lucas White12 dager siden

    Linus seems off in this vid

  • Julian
    Julian12 dager siden

    Shout-out to Andy for making those high quality random noises

  • Overdose
    Overdose12 dager siden

    Maybe I missed it but when does the contest start?

  • Parker Bradley
    Parker Bradley12 dager siden

    Love that Anker sponsored this video but Linus stayed honest

  • atis basak
    atis basak12 dager siden

    AirPods Pro are much better than these fucking cheap buds

  • Chance Collins

    Chance Collins

    Dag siden

    No shit Sherlock. They're $120 cheaper. The hell did you expect?

  • Curtis Dizon
    Curtis Dizon12 dager siden

    Is he using an s9?

  • ILLAngel101
    ILLAngel10112 dager siden

    In case people didn't know. The Liberty Air 2's are effing incredible. They could cost $200 instead of $100 and i still would love them. I ordered these with the discount code. thanks Linus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • king wolf
    king wolf12 dager siden

    bought a pair, ever since i lost my galaxy buds plus been waiting to get something new, hopefully ill keep these longer lol

  • DifinityRelin
    DifinityRelin12 dager siden

    I own their previous 2 versions, which are great; but I'm not buying anything that makes it look like my ears are leaking.

  • Youtube Cult Destroyer
    Youtube Cult Destroyer12 dager siden

    wheres the link scammer

  • Bine Sršen
    Bine Sršen12 dager siden

    Can't stand the earbud design, don't like my ear-holes getting penetrated.

  • Sutton Griffin
    Sutton Griffin12 dager siden

    These surprised me with the price and the quality.


    3:24 transport mode 🤯🤯

  • Max Goldberg
    Max Goldberg12 dager siden

    Posted 1 day ago?? Huh?? I just found these on soundcore's website for $80. (edit) never mind I was looking at the non pro model. Still a good deal and lots of features.

  • animefreak5757
    animefreak575712 dager siden

    hey man, axing wallwarts in every phone\accessory package is good for the environment. I've got half a dozen kicking around as it is.

  • hasan kharfan
    hasan kharfan12 dager siden

    Yo the urbanista has "true wireless anc bud" called "london" can you review them too? Compare them vs these and a couple more, do like a true wireless start of 2021

  • Nelson Stack
    Nelson Stack12 dager siden

    only reason i dont like earbuds is cuz they have a mic in them. and if im walking around with a phone in my pocket i dont want to have extra mics all over. i would rather lift the phone from my pocket and talk speaker phone/headphones than wear 3 mics. especially cuz all i want them for is fm radio. yo

  • ShowXTech
    ShowXTech12 dager siden

    Is True Wireless Earphone not more James' area of responsibility?

  • TriggerThat
    TriggerThat12 dager siden


  • cicalinarrot
    cicalinarrot12 dager siden

    I was actually very curious about these things so... farewell, crappy sponsored video, I'll go looking for an actual review by somebody who takes his job more seriously.

  • Darko Stojkovic
    Darko Stojkovic12 dager siden

    They look like a dilldo for your ears! 😂😛😛😛😂😂😂

  • Simpson
    Simpson12 dager siden

    seriously how is it bad that we don't get a charger with every god damn product out there? at this point we don't even need extra charging/data cables, it's just waste. i don't even own a single apple product and i agree with them.

  • Behnam Keshavarz
    Behnam Keshavarz12 dager siden

    I have a big question: What good is it to have 8K cameras, 100GB of internet, super-fast network, and SSD servers for all Hi-Res movies and editors and so on? But the end result is not well focused, or the film is cut at the wrong time, or the video is in a place where it should not be, or does not show what the audience should see properly?

  • SizzLorrr1
    SizzLorrr112 dager siden

    My Deskpad arrived two days ago and it's amazing. I used to use a magic the gathering playing mat and having a proper deskpad for an insanely good price has been a true life changer.

  • Mohammad Harb
    Mohammad Harb12 dager siden

    what is the point of having a wireless charging, you have to put the case on it and the charger comes with a cable

  • Shivoy Arora
    Shivoy Arora12 dager siden

    Nobody used to include charging brick with wireless can’t blame this one on apple

  • Martin Elsigan
    Martin Elsigan12 dager siden

    So are those actually good? Cause I am thinking of buying them. 130 bucks for ANC buds is a really good price. Linus's face tells me that there is sth off that he does not want to tell, I have the feeling. Is this cause the video is sponsored? Will there be a more in depth Review?

  • Ziffer777
    Ziffer77712 dager siden

    Where is the damn giveaway link?

  • Buddha
    Buddha12 dager siden

    we all knew you were gonna go for the pink linus.

    GRANDOS12 dager siden

    But do they HISS ?

  • Cyrilcynder


    3 dager siden

    @Hose2wAcKiEr aye... So jsut regular microphone noise? I feel like the hiss people talk about it differnent than that. Which the Life dot 2 NC (or A2 NC, same thing, differnt name, slightly different looks too) don't have, they just have a very mild mic noise, like when ya turn on a large speaker, or plug in a blue yeti mic.

  • Hose2wAcKiEr


    4 dager siden

    @Cyrilcynder hissing is from the low power DAC modifying the power from the battery through to the headphone buds. Almost all Bluetooth Earbuds have a hissing sound from this and is almost unavoidable. It's like white noise floor.

  • Serg


    5 dager siden

    I heard they fixed the hiss

  • PCSA


    6 dager siden

    No HISS on my pair. Good stuff :)

  • Cyrilcynder


    6 dager siden

    I have the Soundcore Life dot 2 NCs (good luck finding a whole lot of reviews.... For some really really weird reason, they are the same as the Life A2 NCs and I have no idea what it's so hard to find info on these two) and I have no idea what people mean about "hiss". These came out right before the Libirty Air 2 Pros, probably got overshadowed if I had to guess, idk. But they are fantastic. Not stem style headphones, but exellent noise cancelation