Nothing else is even close - Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

Vitenskap og teknologi

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The Samsung G9 Odyssey is something exciting, and currently, nothing comes anywhere close to the performance, looks, and even future-proofing
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  • Sebastian-Benedict Flore
    Sebastian-Benedict FloreDag siden

    Not 4K smh

  • joseph Bone
    joseph BoneDag siden

    this bish bigger than my desk

  • Nitro
    NitroDag siden

    Hey... activate windows

  • Jikun Wang
    Jikun Wang2 dager siden

    Note to whoever is watching this: Don't ever put a curved monitor facing down on the table like Linus. It will crack. It's the worst. Don't ask me how I figured this out. :)

  • Steve Lanier
    Steve Lanier2 dager siden

    how am i supposed to fit that on my desk

  • Coal Akida
    Coal Akida4 dager siden

    it was so much smaller than I thought it would be , so disappointing I realize now that a 60 inch Wrap is what I am looking for.

  • Varsha Karande
    Varsha Karande4 dager siden

    The whole time I was scared that the moniter might fall down and break

  • Jason Victor
    Jason Victor5 dager siden

    That thing is sick! You gotta love samsung 😍

  • Egghead1818
    Egghead18185 dager siden

    0:55 "Do you wanna know how I got these scars? My father was a gamer...and a fiend. And one night, he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the monitor to defend herself. He doesn't like that. So, me watching, he takes the monitor to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me, and he says, "Why so serious?" He comes at me with the monitor - "Why so serious?" He sticks the monitor in my mouth - "Let's put a smile on that face!" And... why so serious?"

  • x Haunter
    x Haunter5 dager siden

    imagine playing csgo 4:3 stretch res on this

  • Bravo
    Bravo5 dager siden

    Hey there!, May I know which 49-inch Curved monitor would be the best for MacBook Pro 13 & 16 inch? Both of them have no external graphics card. Your response would be highly appreciable.

  • ClifffSVK
    ClifffSVK6 dager siden

    1:55 Damn, he put it on the edge of the table

  • HARNESS84 _
    HARNESS84 _6 dager siden

    bro i only use this for spreadsheets

  • Playboy beakMesh
    Playboy beakMesh6 dager siden

    I ordered the G5 a few days ago and im excited, tbh the g9 is overkill but my friend already ordered it

  • Jonel Bondying Nuesca
    Jonel Bondying Nuesca7 dager siden

    Curves are notorious for backlight bleed.

  • Prince Nelson
    Prince Nelson7 dager siden

    Can I run this monitor on my ps5 ?

  • Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生
    Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生7 dager siden

    Literally wider than my desk

  • F. Morello
    F. Morello7 dager siden

    ok gaming is nice, but what about productivity with office softwares, or with creativiy packages like adobe illustrator or phothosop ? and what about coding ? how readable is with visual studio or eclipse or netbeans ?

  • Thegameplayonlyman Gameplay
    Thegameplayonlyman Gameplay7 dager siden


  • Dave young
    Dave young7 dager siden

    Will this monitor run ok with a RTX 3090?

  • MrSporkster
    MrSporkster7 dager siden

    'A thousand centimetres That's one metre!' LOL, spot the North American. Linus you should know better, you're a Canuck.

  • Ronald Ong
    Ronald Ong8 dager siden

    He has so manny pc while im still on a 2004 del laptop

  • Vitarama 177
    Vitarama 1778 dager siden

    doesnt even have an m4a4 howl

  • swamponions
    swamponions8 dager siden

    don't you realize that a curved monitor distorts the camera projection for a first person game

  • ItzAwsum
    ItzAwsum8 dager siden

    he has the epic games launcher 3:49 lol

  • Loke


    7 dager siden

    yea what's funny about that

    TRIGGERED INSAAN8 dager siden

    Ya mom this ll run google classroom

  • grayScaLe918
    grayScaLe9188 dager siden

    overcompensating for something?

  • John Machado
    John Machado8 dager siden

    linus's monitor reviews by aspect ratio: r=0.875

  • Ames Gamache
    Ames Gamache8 dager siden

    I have a Curved monitor too... BUT you have a bigger curved monitor than me.

  • Bruhify
    Bruhify8 dager siden

    Nobody : Literally Nobody : Linus : unboxing in kitchen

  • Emre Erdavran
    Emre Erdavran8 dager siden

    16,000 turkish lira in Turkey thats redicilously expensive :D

  • Igor Kharlamov
    Igor Kharlamov8 dager siden


  • E A.
    E A.8 dager siden

    For a sec, I thought he was holding a bumper

  • TheSimoon12
    TheSimoon128 dager siden

    Me: technology has come so far. Wallet: you must live 5 years in the past.

  • Editzツ
    Editzツ9 dager siden

    i have a Question can you use a monitor with keyboard and mouse without a pc

  • Kevin Alberto
    Kevin Alberto9 dager siden

    Looks like a monitor made by Gutamaya, white and blue (Elite Dangerous reference)

  • RaanDy
    RaanDy9 dager siden


    I7IESEL9 dager siden

    This monitor is trash. The Gsync does not work and is not compatible with Nvidia. Also the panel is absolute garbage. Has major QC issues and continues to be a hot mess since launch. Avoid at ALL cost.

  • Damian Burton
    Damian Burton9 dager siden

    Imagine connecting to of these together

  • Platon Nikitin
    Platon Nikitin9 dager siden

    He looks like man in TV add

  • Mrfancy Pineapple
    Mrfancy Pineapple9 dager siden

    how to get fortnite stretched resolution back:

  • Silver G
    Silver G9 dager siden

    This looks retareded

  • Guilherme Caiado
    Guilherme Caiado9 dager siden

    Meanwhile, in the third world, me as an unemployed engineer, am struggling with my 2012 Dell core I5, 3G RAM...

  • Flynn Connelly
    Flynn Connelly10 dager siden

    look-at-able = look edible. I dont want to eat it when it's that bright either!

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez10 dager siden


  • Nachtigall
    Nachtigall10 dager siden

    It looks like something straight out sci-fi movie. God damn the future is here.

  • Milky FX
    Milky FX10 dager siden

    Alright this is cool and all but will my wallet survive this or not?

  • MrJuJuice
    MrJuJuice10 dager siden

    Only 3k$! i'll stick to my two curved monitors LOL. I get you're being sponsored and are trying to sell for them. But this is not worth 3k$

  • Candy Woman
    Candy Woman10 dager siden

    In a while we`re gonna need four eyes to keep up with the newcomers

  • gaZe-
    gaZe-10 dager siden

    activate windows bro

  • spokiee2000
    spokiee200010 dager siden

    LOL umm... no ty

  • jkman10
    jkman1010 dager siden

    1:14 wouldn't this not be true considering that every member of the audience would not be in that position and wouldn't be equidistant?

  • john smith
    john smith10 dager siden

    nice camera work...

  • Retro Guru
    Retro Guru10 dager siden

    The G7 you mentioned in a previous video is QLED too, why didn't you mention that?

  • adam. k0kt
    adam. k0kt10 dager siden

    activate windows

  • 프로 댓글러 g. g
    프로 댓글러 g. g10 dager siden


  • Young Limz
    Young Limz11 dager siden


  • Geo CrusherGaming
    Geo CrusherGaming11 dager siden

    Can you have it split screen as though you have several?

  • Pvp My rpg
    Pvp My rpg11 dager siden

    So when does a monitor become a TV? cuz that things huge lol

  • LOTI9 IM
    LOTI9 IM11 dager siden

    If anyone buys that monitor you are a madman... point blank. Plus if you buy two, woah.

  • Joseph Villafranca
    Joseph Villafranca11 dager siden

    Expensive monitor but no controller 😒

  • Dan Mc
    Dan Mc11 dager siden

    These monitors look cool if you want to pretend like you're a fish playing FPS

  • jhcg jnb
    jhcg jnb11 dager siden

    ayo ps5 themed monitor????

  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis11 dager siden

    i hate these lowkey ad videos like dude I get it its super good

  • ImAshXMisfit
    ImAshXMisfit11 dager siden

  • Gabriel Boo
    Gabriel Boo11 dager siden

    Activate windows

  • Boogaloo
    Boogaloo11 dager siden

    Can’t wait to use this monitor only on Minecraft

  • Rato BR
    Rato BR11 dager siden

    The biggest monitor in the world and I gonna use COUNTER STRIKE to test it up..... Folks, I'm out!

  • cemmll
    cemmll11 dager siden

    i got msi g241 for 1600 TL

  • Rapportus5
    Rapportus511 dager siden

    This thing will have to be covered in a concrete sarcophagus when it suffers a core melt down and the control rods don't insert properly.

  • Walkinet
    Walkinet11 dager siden

    1000cm is 10 meters

  • ᗒ.ᗕsoWhatIFiAmInMatrixAtleastIknowIamInMatrix
    ᗒ.ᗕsoWhatIFiAmInMatrixAtleastIknowIamInMatrix11 dager siden

    Wtf short-circuit ??

  • caotts
    caotts12 dager siden


  • Ddreadster
    Ddreadster12 dager siden

    "1000 centimeters, a whole meter." *Uni Engineering teacher in my head:* Nasa lost a whole spacecraft for failing at unit conversion. MINUS 50% CREDIT!!!

  • Bobbi james
    Bobbi james12 dager siden


  • Max Ryan
    Max Ryan12 dager siden

    Linus is a meme- sad guy at computer with headphones meme

  • speedster427
    speedster42712 dager siden

    What's a centimeter? My rulers measure inches and yards.

  • Zoe Summers
    Zoe Summers12 dager siden

    1000cm = 10m. Americans just can't handle base 10. CENTI-METRE => CENT = 100 - the clue's in the name.

  • claudio balestrini
    claudio balestrini12 dager siden


  • claudio balestrini
    claudio balestrini12 dager siden

    I was about to get that but then I got a 24 four inch

  • liam johnson
    liam johnson12 dager siden

    iss this fake linus

  • Berkcan Zanbak
    Berkcan Zanbak12 dager siden

    Useless for gaming

  • Rok Cesar
    Rok Cesar12 dager siden

    Me with a 10 inch curved moniter 👁👄👁

  • Maximus
    Maximus12 dager siden

    This would look amazing on Microsoft flight simulator 2020

  • Mergen Mongush
    Mergen Mongush12 dager siden

    In my opinion, on this monitor, you can play with toy cars.

  • Mergen Mongush
    Mergen Mongush12 dager siden

    Hopefully he treats his child better than this monitor.

  • Mergen Mongush
    Mergen Mongush12 dager siden

    This video is wide too,lol.

  • 「Yunk」
    「Yunk」12 dager siden

    I feel like this is simply just Glados faceplate..

  • AetheralMeowstic
    AetheralMeowstic12 dager siden

    The Mario 64 PC port.

  • Юрий Хахлев
    Юрий Хахлев12 dager siden

    marketing trash

  • BolshevikBadger
    BolshevikBadger12 dager siden

    "1000 centimeters" "one meter" _pain_

  • N River

    N River

    2 timer siden

    @Ragna Rok Anyone thinking about buying an Odyssey G9. In other words, most people watching this video.

  • Ethan Freeman

    Ethan Freeman

    4 timer siden

    @N River lmao i understood the forst message, some people can be rlly difficult

  • Ragna Rok

    Ragna Rok

    14 timer siden

    @N River Man, really, who cares?

  • N River

    N River

    6 dager siden

    @Bisma Nugroho That was a typo, but I fixed it. I THINK EVERONE IS MISUNDERSTANDING ME, SO I'M GOING TO MAKE THIS AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE. What he SAID IN THE VIDEO: R 1000 means 1000 cm, or 1 m what he MEANT TO SAY: R 1000 means 1000 mm, or 1 m what he DIDN'T MEAN TO SAY: R 1000 means 1000 cm, or 10 m

  • Bisma Nugroho

    Bisma Nugroho

    6 dager siden

    @N River 1000 mm is not 10 m dude tf wrong with u it's very basic... 1000 mm = 1m ..... 1000 cm = 10 m... he also clearly said 1000 cm is 1 m which is totally wrong. I have played this vid 4x and i didn't hear him said it's 1000 mm

  • Andrew Pushkar
    Andrew Pushkar12 dager siden

    1000 centimeters 😄😄

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman12 dager siden

    Can someone tell me if u can use it without a pc

  • DragonBane Rules
    DragonBane Rules12 dager siden

    imagine your mom buying this and using and hdmi to type c cable and play candy crush

  • trondmg
    trondmg12 dager siden

    This looks sick as hell! I do not know if I have the room for this monitor though. I currently own a 21:9 (3440*1440) monitor, and sadly there are tons of games that do not support ultrawide correctly, if at all. All though I favor ultrawide monitors, I kind of miss my 16:9 monitor just because I did not have to find a hack for the games to work with the resolution. I hope we get over this "ultrawide is a niche" attitude and make it the new standard, because gaming on a ultrawide is far more satisfying than on a standard 16:9 monitor.

  • C A
    C A12 dager siden

    Handles monitors like a man

  • Tonček
    Tonček12 dager siden

    Linus: 1000 cm is 1m. The other 9 meters: Am I a joke to you?

  • wellington Junior
    wellington Junior12 dager siden

    man...imagine playing among us on this

    IMMA KUNKEL12 dager siden

    which game is the 2end game?

  • prison mike
    prison mike12 dager siden

    Nothing can look so real Samsung: hold my beer