Not Unboxing the Xbox Series X

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So the Xbox Series X seems like it's a big deal but when compared to the Playstation 5, it feels a bit lackluster. Maybe Xbox is trying to do something differently....
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  • Binod Sarkar Ram
    Binod Sarkar Ram19 timer siden

    ps2 64mb card gang

  • Alex
    AlexDag siden


  • Andrew Blonski
    Andrew Blonski3 dager siden

    No display port, really?

  • Chess
    Chess20 dager siden

    Where’s the stock Microsoft?

  • kasmi aymen
    kasmi aymen21 dag siden


  • MR_shaorma2313
    MR_shaorma231327 dager siden

    nice fingerprint magnet

  • Wally Bobby
    Wally BobbyMåned siden

    u look good with the beard. keep it. its what a man was designed to be

  • Brlaw117
    Brlaw117Måned siden

    I do wish that they didn’t remove the HDMI in because I found it useful for hooking up another console, such as a switch. Now you need a monitor or tv with two HDMI inputs.

  • IGOR_ The_Slav_
    IGOR_ The_Slav_Måned siden

    Linus: I Was Expecting It To Be Bigger. Man: Thats What She Said! Linus: B R U H

  • Geeth Sal

    Geeth Sal

    Måned siden

    @IGOR_ The_Slav_ :)

  • IGOR_ The_Slav_

    IGOR_ The_Slav_

    Måned siden

    @Geeth Sal bruh. I have forgotten his name at moment of making that comment

  • Geeth Sal

    Geeth Sal

    Måned siden

    His name is james

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money NowMåned siden

    This video is worth watching! More of this, please!

  • SuperVegitoFAN
    SuperVegitoFANMåned siden

    0:45 despite having done the math with a measuring tape (sp?) i had the same reaction yesterday when i got mine.

  • Bleed The Sheep
    Bleed The SheepMåned siden

    Playstation 2 had that little logo you could turn on it too

  • Dan Seilheimer
    Dan Seilheimer2 måneder siden

    "No media center with cooling? We'll design one." Linus, you already did that in 2014, lol.

  • Krish Agrawal
    Krish Agrawal2 måneder siden

    "That's what he said" You know he as in gay.

  • Unstoppable
    Unstoppable2 måneder siden

    nice fridge. how much do you want?

  • Fetal Carnage
    Fetal Carnage2 måneder siden

    The logo on the PlayStation 2 was rotatable 90°

  • ZiK
    ZiK2 måneder siden

    Make it so I can run W10 on it with keyboard and mousee and win the world MS.

  • Olive Blanchard
    Olive Blanchard2 måneder siden


  • Nicholas Stathos
    Nicholas Stathos2 måneder siden

    0:43 yes

  • void_Presence
    void_Presence2 måneder siden for the looks, I love the design; I want to get an arrangement of ape figures and make a little '2001: A Space Odyssey' diorama with it--I get monolith vibes from it :D

  • void_Presence
    void_Presence2 måneder siden

    according to Digital Foundry (I think, I maybe mistaken on source), 'old gen' games (from Xbox One, 360, etc) do not use the high speed velocity architecture and will only benefit from the innate speed of SSD. So imho, it would be better to reserve the SSD storage (and the memory card if you get it) for only XBox Series X/S games.

  • 4stringbloodyfingers
    4stringbloodyfingers2 måneder siden

    how come he doesn't throw this thing around like the ps5?

  • Jedielder
    Jedielder2 måneder siden

    Dude, it's a recon unit for the Borg armada that's on it's way to earth 😉

  • clément S
    clément S2 måneder siden

    the PS2 had a logo you could turn to adapte standing position

  • everope
    everope2 måneder siden

    jesus stop touching your face and wash your hands. not because of the rona but because so greasy ugh

  • Gator
    Gator2 måneder siden


  • Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone2 måneder siden

    In the marketing videos it looked box’y. In real life now I’ve got it here the word you are looking for is BOX’Y

  • Pierston Salinas
    Pierston Salinas2 måneder siden

    LTT Desk 👀

  • Midhun V Murali
    Midhun V Murali2 måneder siden

    The wiggling table irritates me so much.....

  • Not a Weeb
    Not a Weeb2 måneder siden

    The amount of time he said like

  • moby1kanob
    moby1kanob2 måneder siden

    XBOX sooo ugly.

  • Cat Cool
    Cat Cool2 måneder siden

    how come he isn't allowed to unbox it

    THE CREW2 måneder siden

    any one know any good monitor that will run good with the xbox series x?

  • BĀN
    BĀN2 måneder siden

  • CoroaEntertainment
    CoroaEntertainment2 måneder siden

    4:40 Really? You work with servers/racks, and you don't remember the rack mountable fan panels that come with 1 to 4 fans on them? They've been available for decades. --> :rolleyes: Btw, they do make smaller dedicated media cabinet fan/cooling kits.--> And don't you worry about uploading those plans to make your own DIY kit, because many other's have already done so. 8:41 And sorry to break it to you David, but the term "minilithic" has been around for a while. ... (notice my use of TinyURL links?) ;-)

  • WWII Vet, John Taco
    WWII Vet, John Taco2 måneder siden

    I feel like Xbox is becoming like the apple of gaming consoles, but in a good way. They're becoming more simplistic, while Sony is heading in the opposite direction with the PS5

  • Michael Flores-Cuevas
    Michael Flores-Cuevas2 måneder siden

    Please please please at least upload those plans lol I will definitely pay for the LTT media cabinet but the plans would be for sure be amazing

  • Dennis Lu
    Dennis Lu2 måneder siden

    “It’s way more bigger” Linus tech tips 2020-

  • TheDeathmail
    TheDeathmail2 måneder siden

    Design one... and sell it Linus... you'd make a decent profit...

  • MegaKirb28
    MegaKirb282 måneder siden

    “that’s what she said” linus: eyebrow wiggle

  • mullet bubbles
    mullet bubbles2 måneder siden

    I don't really like Xbox but I'll try to get a go at one day.

  • XHenzX
    XHenzX2 måneder siden

    What tv/monitor do you recommend for the series X?? ❤️👍

  • rhodes
    rhodes2 måneder siden

    $200 for a 1tb SSD?

  • Krise9939
    Krise99392 måneder siden

    I honestly wouldn't be able to fit that in my tv-stand, i can fit the PS5 easily because it's thinner, but i don't have chance with the Xbox. Even if i could, it won't fit into my living room at all as everything at least has some sort of fancy design to it nowadays, while the Xbox is just a big black box.

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork2 måneder siden

    Would love if pc ditch 2.5" sata ssd in favor of that form factor. Just 1 cable from the mobo for both power and data and a standard connection hub (x2, x4, x8 depending of your pick) for the ssd's. Could even up the speed to 1GB/s for a kinda semi nvme/sata4 candidate.

  • Richard Metzger
    Richard Metzger2 måneder siden

    small and compact? it ll be LOUD and running HOT as fk.

  • Dylan Brower
    Dylan Brower2 måneder siden

    bro your gonna get god smacked by xbox

  • Electrodude
    Electrodude2 måneder siden

    Why so much channels with same type of content?

  • Josh Jewitt
    Josh Jewitt2 måneder siden

    The ps 2 had a rotational logo

  • BushidoKi
    BushidoKi2 måneder siden

    they have 15u racks for gaming , and some 27u racks with built in fans, building your own sever/media rack is the best way to go. Id still watch him build a rack though

  • Kingdecca
    Kingdecca2 måneder siden

    So should I keep it horizontal or vertical because I never have my consoles standing up straight but this time both consoles look like they should be stood up so I don't really know

  • cosmic's story
    cosmic's story2 måneder siden

    its " pay T.M "

  • ProgressiveG
    ProgressiveG2 måneder siden

    Ps2 memory cards were only about $50 at launch

  • Rajnrib Saikia
    Rajnrib Saikia2 måneder siden

    The BOX

  • Nyha454
    Nyha4542 måneder siden


  • P B
    P B2 måneder siden

    unrectangleing the xbox

  • Marcus Daniel
    Marcus Daniel2 måneder siden

    Microsoft checkmated Sony

  • ShoutingStone
    ShoutingStone2 måneder siden

    Bit of a fingerprint magnet init?

  • James Finnerty
    James Finnerty2 måneder siden

    BDI Furniture sells high end AV media cabinets. My Cavo has an open back.

  • Chris D
    Chris D2 måneder siden

    XBox series X design is very plain and boring, And there controllers are no different. Sony always brings something new to the table every launch and you always see a jump in innovation and a leap in technology.

  • JustViggo 64

    JustViggo 64

    2 måneder siden

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I think the xbox shape fits way better in peoples interior at home, the xbox is also smaller than the ps5, this is why I’m switching to xbox

  • B L
    B L2 måneder siden

    what phone was that?

  • Hybrid Prince.
    Hybrid Prince.2 måneder siden


  • Chinnu Danturi
    Chinnu Danturi2 måneder siden

    I have a Xbox 360 and it has some 2-4 GB of internal storage so external Hard drive was required . But I just played games with sticking in a USB stick and save it on that . I don't play with it anymore thought.

  • skyflysky1919
    skyflysky19192 måneder siden

    sorry, new here, why is he not allowed to unbox the Xbox series X considering he has several big tech channels?

  • Daniel Alexander
    Daniel Alexander3 måneder siden

    so no mention of it being a fingerprint magnet

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T3 måneder siden

    I wanna see a tear down so bad

  • Munky Munky
    Munky Munky3 måneder siden

    Sony dropped the ball so hard this gen. The only real problem I have with the new Xbox is the name. X1, X1X, that was okay enough. What do we shorten this one too without confusion? XX? XsX? They should've just called it Xbox 2020 or something, maybe Xbox Two. I feel like they just don't want to have a lower number than the PlayStation does but is it really worth having such a confusing naming system?

  • NintendoHead
    NintendoHead3 måneder siden


  • Bernardo Pais
    Bernardo Pais3 måneder siden

    Linus with beard looks like my uncle

  • Page001B
    Page001B3 måneder siden

    Oh that would be amazing ! Please do develop a tv unit!! Make it so we can have different heights as well because my next update has to be an ultra short throw projector. ( and also the uhd50x for gaming)...

  • Bald & Bearded
    Bald & Bearded3 måneder siden

    How often do you pair controllers to a console? I pressed that button maybe a dozen times during the 6 yrs I've had an xbox one

  • chris styles
    chris styles3 måneder siden

    So egg box has no removable stand & those egg box fan boys laughed at the ps5 stand well least it can be removed & keep it looking slick

  • Anthony


    3 måneder siden

    thats what u took away from this? lmao it doesn't really need to be removed cuz the stand is thin. the ps5 one is a round BLOCK propping up some weird abstractly shaped modern art internet router so of course it would be removable. honestly if i was a console gamer id much rather own this thing than a ps5. at least i wouldnt be constantly beaten over the head with anti consumerism from microsoft like sony does to their playerbase.

  • RG_Studios
    RG_Studios3 måneder siden


  • anonymoose
    anonymoose3 måneder siden

    But how do I plug up my tv 😭

  • anonymoose
    anonymoose3 måneder siden


  • StarzRiser
    StarzRiser3 måneder siden

    Just reading the description makes me sick. I can only assume the million of dollars (easy money) you make like this. Working 42 hours a week wont be enough to buy myself a new console this autumn. Enjoy your easy money on NOlocal while it lasts. I miss the days were people were making videos out of passion, or for fun. Promoting your s**t again in the first minute video (and again around 5mins mark), like the description wasnt enough.... Enjoy your xbox series X that you got FOR FREE. Disgusting The least you could do is shave, and do your hair properly. You look like a homeless dude.

  • Andrew Suiter
    Andrew Suiter3 måneder siden

    omg once you notice the shaky table you can't unsee 10:13

  • Jasper Tullett
    Jasper Tullett3 måneder siden

    I can’t stop looking at his greasy fingerprints on the Xbox

  • LokiTeeVee
    LokiTeeVee3 måneder siden

    i thought it was gonna be a corsair one sponsor

  • Dan
    Dan3 måneder siden

    The one thing that catches my eye is all those finger print smudges

    PINOKIO3 måneder siden

    "220 dollar is really nothing for extra storage". Its almost half the price of the xbox x. I rather buy another xbox series s for almost the same price lol

  • dnbmania


    2 måneder siden

    I am waiting for the usb HDD Vs SSD expansion videos. I don't think I'm that bothered about quick resume and jumping between games quickly

  • Oriba


    2 måneder siden

    The series S is cheaper because it is less powerful, it also has less storage so you’ll probably end up having to buy an ssd anyway, the thing is you don’t have to buy it at all, just have an external hard drive and when you want to play a game on ssd just move it over from the hat drive to your xbox storage

  • Joe Chinchar

    Joe Chinchar

    3 måneder siden

    Yeah but it's SSD, not an old hard drive meaning you benifit from a lot faster load times etc. You could just plug a 3rd party hard drive in the USB as well but it's gonna be a lot slower loading games (and swapping between) that are installed on the older hard drive. Plus the price is very comparable to external pc SSDs, they're not overpriced at all. And I'm sure they'll be half the price in a few years, so hopefully every game doesn't take 100 gigs like Modern warfare are we can be content with 1 TB till the prices drop.

  • Hayden Frank
    Hayden Frank3 måneder siden

    OMG the disappointment on his face... "that's whaT SHE SAID", i died

  • Sean TDS
    Sean TDS3 måneder siden

    I see Tommy Jarvis in the thumbnail

  • Ride the Gamer
    Ride the Gamer3 måneder siden


  • Deckard
    Deckard3 måneder siden

    I can't buy any of the next gen consoles because they are missing optical out connection. My PS 4 Pro is connected to 4K gaming monitor via HDMI and my Bose 5.1 surround system gets optical cable from PS4 Pro. Bose Lifestyle V20 only takes in Optical cable as a input for sound. My monitor - LG 27UK650 and it does not have Optical Out or HDMI out. There is no way I will be able to use my 5.1 surround system with the next gen consoles. Great job Sony and Microsoft! Now, I have to buy/build a new PC just because you did not include S/PDIF out in your consoles! I won't be buying any HDMI extractors since I do not want an additional input lag/ problems with chroma subsampling, etc. I don't think any of the converters support 4K@120 Hz with 4:4:4 10 bit. Even if I buy LG CX, the sound from the next gen consoles will have to make an extra trip from the console to TV and then from TV back into my Bose system via Optical out and might introduce an additional lag, provided I will even get a 5.1 surround.

  • Christopher Rivera
    Christopher Rivera3 måneder siden

    So was there a video for the cabinet build????

    SNK NEO-GEO3 måneder siden

    Most people won't be able to afford those memory cards 👎

  • Sam McKinney
    Sam McKinney3 måneder siden

    I added some exhaust fans to the back of my audio cabinet to pull hot air out. As a result, it pulls cold air through the front, works really well.

  • Meep
    Meep3 måneder siden

    took box 2 another level

  • Meep


    3 måneder siden

    o god ps5 looks so dumb

  • DontrelleRoosevelt
    DontrelleRoosevelt3 måneder siden

    I feel like I'm set for a few years. I have a PS4 Pro and an XBOX One X. Once the baseball games start rolling out with far better visuals, we'll talk.

  • Klixx_Yt
    Klixx_Yt3 måneder siden

    at least he isn't Austin Evans. I meant he doesn't feel forced to test the Xbox

  • Blend20 08
    Blend20 083 måneder siden

    PS5 it maybe has better games (spider man) But xbox is more powerful like they used up space XD

  • Honest Reviews
    Honest Reviews3 måneder siden

    Xbox still sucks in 2020 🙄😒

  • nexuseclipse
    nexuseclipse3 måneder siden

    They do make that gear. Check out (small company on the west coast). Installed a bunch of noctua fans in the back panels of my AV cabinet to keep all my consoles cool. link to the cabinet cooling kits:

  • lightzoutshack
    lightzoutshack3 måneder siden

    I love Linus' attention to button mechanics and tactile feel. Mushy is not good for a power button.

  • Lil Ty
    Lil Ty3 måneder siden

    She playstation users can I join y’all please😭💀

  • lightingman117
    lightingman1173 måneder siden

    Where's my LTT cabinet CAD drawings?

  • FlynnTheRedhead
    FlynnTheRedhead3 måneder siden

    I appear to have been trolled

  • houseofaction
    houseofaction3 måneder siden

    you can always put a sticker on the circle.

  • Glitched_ Jayden ッ
    Glitched_ Jayden ッ3 måneder siden

    But why