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USB-C or Thunderbolt hubs are getting increasingly popular due to laptops having fewer ports on the laptops themselves to make them more compact, but there's a ton out there to select from. Caldigit sent us a few of them to check out.
Dell XPS 13" 2-in-1 Laptop
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  • Owura Yaw
    Owura YawTime siden

    Why do I keep hearing dongle.... Dongle this Dongle that

  • Random Bullsh!t Go!
    Random Bullsh!t Go!Dag siden

    That is some extreme Dongulahongalous

  • M Asad Ali Khan
    M Asad Ali Khan2 dager siden

    That's what I said

  • Supremacy
    Supremacy10 dager siden

    Nice dongles

  • Tivian
    Tivian10 dager siden

    8:09 Matrix is glitching again...

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide10 dager siden

    Your videos are splendid! Thank you for giving me a new perspective to contemplate!

  • R Johnsson
    R Johnsson10 dager siden

    Linus makes someone else clean up after his reviews? D:

  • TheRedScourge
    TheRedScourge10 dager siden

    DongleGate 2, Linus gets cancelled by some "offended" tech "journalist"

  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif10 dager siden

    8:08 is that a youtube glitch?

  • Jacob Wonder
    Jacob Wonder11 dager siden

    You should make an LTT box opener and give me a dollar for every you sell!

  • kcgunesq
    kcgunesq11 dager siden

    I know nothing about Apple products, but my oldest is going to have to have one for school next year. Would either of the docks featured here work for an M1 macbook?

  • JesusDied ForYou
    JesusDied ForYou12 dager siden

    Clean your laptop dude. Nasty

  • Rahul Sarkar
    Rahul Sarkar13 dager siden

    NOlocal needs to come up with monetizing likes on Linus' videos. Some of these comments probably has more Likes than the likes on the video itself. lol

  • Raiden Derp
    Raiden Derp14 dager siden

    as someone whos about to make the jump from a thin and light gaming laptop(gigabyte aero 14, 2018) back to an ultrabook(integrated graphics are just nuts all of a sudden) all in the name of saving 3 lbs and a bit of space in my bag, i love this video. id 100% buy one of those xps 13s if they offered the 1185 in a 2 in 1. but as of now the lenovo 9i is the one im picking. ofc waiting till CES to make my final decision or decide to wait a bit longer. really gonna be watching amd as i dont think i care about thunderbolt and the 5800u is looking like it could be very good.

  • Aygent_hk7
    Aygent_hk714 dager siden


  • LinuxDragon57
    LinuxDragon5715 dager siden

    Also that thunderbolt hub is useless to me tbh. My one device that has thunderbolt already has 2 USB 3.1 Ports, a full size SD card reader, HDMI (actually I don't know which version it uses), and an RJ45 jack. The only other device I have that could actually benefit from a dongle doesn't have thunderbolt...

  • LinuxDragon57
    LinuxDragon5715 dager siden

    If it doesn't work on Linux I'm not interested.

  • OneJenBead
    OneJenBead15 dager siden


  • Григорий Орлов
    Григорий Орлов15 dager siden

    I bet his wife is happy with his dongle

    SAITAMA15 dager siden

    You know that Linus is already a veteran on dropping things that he drops those dongles casually.

    SAITAMA15 dager siden

    Linus : "Is that a 4K monitor?" Jono : "No, it's 1080p, 360 Hz." You got me in the first half.

    SAITAMA15 dager siden

    "I wanna show you my dongle"

  • boatSthAtnoD
    boatSthAtnoD15 dager siden

    Anyone know which laptop this is?

  • Ingo Cernohorsky
    Ingo Cernohorsky16 dager siden

    So a dongle is nothing like a usb/thunderbolt external network card?

  • The Great Bambino
    The Great Bambino16 dager siden

    You guys should really colab with Basically Homeless, he's the king of dongles... and double barrel shotguns.

  • Chance K
    Chance K16 dager siden

    “Sorry, I just wanna know more.” Is why we like you Linus. Ask the questions that we crave for.

  • mayur kulkarni
    mayur kulkarni16 dager siden

    I would prefer the caldigit USB C pro dock over the TS3. Though I love my Dell WD19TB personally

  • Connor C
    Connor C16 dager siden

    I never thought I would say I am excited to see Linus's Dongle... but here we are.

  • himura128
    himura12816 dager siden

    The SOHO doc looks like it can run a Nintendo Switch... right?

  • Techni World
    Techni World16 dager siden

    Dongle it up!

  • Piers
    Piers16 dager siden

    I'd love to know what percentage of optical audio ports on motherboards, soundcards etc have ever been connected to anything...I'm guessing it's a number that you'd lose in a rounding error.

  • Naman Chauhan
    Naman Chauhan16 dager siden

    *_that's what she said_* 😳😳😳😳😳

  • VinceBGameDev
    VinceBGameDev16 dager siden

    ".... , but my wife said it isn't"

  • solomioist
    solomioist16 dager siden

    "The company wants us to feature the more practical dongle" Us, the viewers: "Screw this dongle, we want to see 9:23 of 10GBit/s Benchmarks"

  • grant johnson
    grant johnson16 dager siden

    Excuse me while I whip this out.

  • Quicky
    Quicky16 dager siden

    I cringe everytime he says dongle

  • theElemDragon
    theElemDragon16 dager siden

    It's not the TS3 Plus. It's the TS3 Plus(plus)

  • noblej 7
    noblej 716 dager siden

    Why is the bottom of the videos glitched out. My eyes hurt from it

  • Nicholas K
    Nicholas K16 dager siden

    damn linus you spent a lot of money on a hub

  • Kittenz Rulz
    Kittenz Rulz16 dager siden

    "My dongle is huge" Everyone: *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • jablue
    jablue16 dager siden

    With that final chonker, could we see an update on the cleanest setup?

  • vegancube
    vegancube16 dager siden

    every time he said dongle i died of laughter

  • the Hopeandfear
    the Hopeandfear17 dager siden

    Honestly, I've not looked at any other docks since buying my HyperDrive Gen2 12 and 18 Port USB-C hubs, ( using one upstairs on my main work laptop and the other in my partners work laptop

  • Samuel Emmett
    Samuel Emmett17 dager siden

    “You can tell a lot about a company and how much they care by how fast their download is,” I guess this speaks volumes for all of the major system integrators.

  • Rodrigo Dewes
    Rodrigo Dewes17 dager siden

    Anyone knows how to make the keyboard connected on the dock turn off if the computer is not on?

  • FulgoreMKII
    FulgoreMKII17 dager siden

    Remember when those guys got fired in 2013 for making a Dongle joke because some dumb broad was offended by it? Tread carefully Linus.

  • VolTek
    VolTek17 dager siden

    "It just works" - Linus. I mean, It really should do for a £200 usb dock lmao.

  • therene
    therene17 dager siden

    Any international shipping for the DONGle? Amazon ships only US

  • The Last Again
    The Last Again17 dager siden

    I was helping this old lady and she kept calling it a doober without being able to explain it. When I finally realized, I laughed and said, “oh you mean dongle”...she said, “well that sounds just as stupid!”

  • Vishwajeet Babbar
    Vishwajeet Babbar17 dager siden

    1:08 Linus still using Windows laptop after bashing Microsoft arm Surfacebook2 against M1 Macbook. Its clear that he loves windows more than apple, even if macbook beats everyone!!!🤣

  • 獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ
    獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ17 dager siden

    Take a shot whenever Linus says "Dongle."

  • N1KL8S KR
    N1KL8S KR17 dager siden

    0:26 - it's called the CalDigit *THICC BOII* like the Asus ROG *LONG BOII*

  • Benedek Tóth
    Benedek Tóth17 dager siden

    The CalDigit TS3 Plus can be great for my PC-Windows laptop + macbook setup. Right now I'm using a lowend thunderbolt hub, and its already great to switch all of my devices between the computers with one cable change.

  • Dit ben ik
    Dit ben ik17 dager siden

    Could someone clear up to me why optical audio is not desired on a hub? (I'd send it straight through to my surround receiver, assuming the DAC is any good)

  • Andy T
    Andy T17 dager siden

    I really like, the second one you checked out, the USB type C one. Kind of disappointed it didn't have a CF port, but I'm using SD cards at the moment anyway. And all the other features are awesome.

  • DalJumailyKing
    DalJumailyKing17 dager siden

    Anyone else have an issue on the video on the right hand side at 8:10 ? At first run over it thought I missed some correction text, but no, footage wasn't ingested properly?

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz17 dager siden

    this kind of usb-c docks don't work fully with workstation laptops like Thinkpad x1 Extreme or the P series, because they consume more than 100 watts of power, they come with a 137 watt charger. Lenovo made 2 thunderbolt 3 gen 2 docking stations 1 for less than 100w thinkpads and another for workstation thinkpads. Of course you can plug the laptop charger and use every port in the docking station, and it will work.

  • bradOZ
    bradOZ17 dager siden

    Possible a happy side effect of the slowed charging with the usb-c dongle is yournot smashing your battery at 100% all day.

  • neutrope
    neutrope17 dager siden

    Dammmmmn the laptop screen!

  • Jackal
    Jackal17 dager siden

    Idling they laid you to say dongle, but you said it wayyy too much, and I weirdly like it ;)

  • sasassin123
    sasassin12318 dager siden

    8:08 top right

  • Jean Samyr
    Jean Samyr18 dager siden


  • Mystic
    Mystic18 dager siden

    One of the few LTT videos where Linus says A at the end of a sentence

  • Vasted
    Vasted18 dager siden

    mine is small

  • iRdMoose
    iRdMoose18 dager siden

    Hey Linus, nice dongle. ;)

  • Excelerator
    Excelerator18 dager siden

    I'm only hear to listen to Linus insult my dongles inadequacies for the next 10 minutes.

  • Kyle Stubblefield
    Kyle Stubblefield18 dager siden

    I have used the TS3Plus at work to drive 2 external monitors off my LG Gram 17 for several months. Works like a champ I get single cable connectivity, I run Ethernet, Audio, and 2x Dell 24" 1920x1200 displays. I did notice that a couple of the 5gbs usb ports share lanes with the displays so I get mouse chatter unless I pick the right port for the mouse. Works so well for me I have outfitted several other people here with similar setups. Running Elementary OS if anyone cares, recently switched to the Gram from a 16" MBP because Catalina sucks so bad for power users.

  • Muscleduck
    Muscleduck18 dager siden

    Hey Linus, can you stop referring to type C as a technology rather than what it is, a connector?

  • LockpickingParamedic
    LockpickingParamedic18 dager siden


  • Reba S. Jersey
    Reba S. Jersey18 dager siden

    He... he really whipped his Dongle out too.

  • Sjouke Yntema
    Sjouke Yntema18 dager siden

    What is the name of the song playing from 6:50 ?

  • Tom Pepper
    Tom Pepper18 dager siden

    I think you oue CalDigit a 2nd video of why a person would use this product.

  • Mark Jaques
    Mark Jaques18 dager siden

    Linus has turned into the "Home Shopping Channel" and completely sold out.

  • UpstreamNL
    UpstreamNL18 dager siden

    Why does Linus look like a hobo in this episode?

  • Hawk Talon
    Hawk Talon18 dager siden

    There was a glitch in the Matrix...

  • Miime _
    Miime _18 dager siden


  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller18 dager siden

    Caldigit make really excellent tb3 products and that hub is exceptional, use one at work for high data workflows

  • Ânderson Peroty
    Ânderson Peroty18 dager siden

    Will this HDMI (or DP) work on a Macbook m1?

  • micah
    micah18 dager siden

    I wish there were more usb-c thunderbolt braided cables. Also display ports on the dongle to output to higher res, higher refresh-rate monitor

  • david swann
    david swann18 dager siden

    did he just wip out his dongle

  • Rownakul Haque
    Rownakul Haque18 dager siden

    sounds like sssponsored

  • Malte Spielt
    Malte Spielt18 dager siden

    Take a shot every time he says dongle

  • Dave Angelo Obico
    Dave Angelo Obico18 dager siden

    Where's the dongle

  • Abhinav Dey
    Abhinav Dey18 dager siden

    dongle is huge. hahahaa

  • V SUXS V
    V SUXS V18 dager siden

    Love how linus just throws all the stuff on the floor to the right of him.

  • atopeconlatxabaleria
    atopeconlatxabaleria18 dager siden

    Paging Adria Richards! Care to comment?

  • kumquat447
    kumquat44718 dager siden


  • Soupy noodles
    Soupy noodles18 dager siden

    That's what she said.

  • SuSified
    SuSified18 dager siden

    Yes it is

  • Ben Agten
    Ben Agten18 dager siden

    Linus: "You can tell about a company and how much they care by how fast their downloads are." Me: Tries to download HP support assistant. "I trusted you HP"

  • J K
    J K18 dager siden

    That's what she said

  • w/Game:w/Life
    w/Game:w/Life18 dager siden

    Hey Linus! If the title says, can you prove it to your wife?

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones18 dager siden

    Gnome with "Huge Dongle" stops virus entering system

  • SaNdOr NeGoLs
    SaNdOr NeGoLs18 dager siden

    I was going to study but the title made this more important.

  • tdchewy
    tdchewy18 dager siden

    Defeats the point of having a tiny computer. So stupid that people tolerate this nonsense.

    HIFIJACK18 dager siden

  • wr0ng4R4bb1t
    wr0ng4R4bb1t18 dager siden

    Is it just me or did the editing of this video feel a bit weird?

  • Jesse Kramer
    Jesse Kramer18 dager siden

    You can use the 10GBit adapter to use the M1 Mac Mini's as intake stations.

  • TS Games
    TS Games18 dager siden

    Need. To. See. More. Dongles!

  • Team Trucc Nekomaid Mia
    Team Trucc Nekomaid Mia18 dager siden

    "My Dongle Is Huge" thats what she said