My consoles have NEVER looked THIS GOOD! - Open Source Scan Converter

Vitenskap og teknologi

What the heck is an Open Source Scan Converter and will it make console games actually work on new TVs? Anthony is going to find out!
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  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis4 dager siden

    This should have been a techquickie, never knew that amount about those cables... damn Anthony tells it so well as well!

  • Dark Dragon1142
    Dark Dragon11427 dager siden

    not a huge investment only 110$+....i agree the quality is up. but ill stick with my 20$ upscaler, good to know about skirt havent seen something like that since older animes.

  • Jay Thompson
    Jay Thompson10 dager siden

    This guy is such a good host and is super knowledgeable, love him.

  • George Robson
    George Robson11 dager siden

    I was today years old when I found out the US didn't have SCART.

  • Nick Worrell
    Nick Worrell13 dager siden

    Blowing air on cartridges does work. Thank you for the scientific break down anthony. Hahaha

  • JayVBear45
    JayVBear4521 dag siden

    Anthony needs his own channel called Mad Retro Tips & Skills. Just sayin'...

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus23 dager siden

    More of this, please! Cool, quirky, extra nerdy (possibly some fringe level) - stuffs... All hosted by Anthony. He seems to really enjoy this type of thing, and I like watching him present it.

  • John Jones
    John Jones24 dager siden

    Anyone notice the fly? 7:23

  • 1st_Luis
    1st_Luis27 dager siden

    5:18 Is this a totally different game audio track? I don't think it matches with what I´m seeing...

  • Alex Amato
    Alex AmatoMåned siden

    I like how calm your voice sounds. Very relaxing to watch.

  • mandarin125
    mandarin125Måned siden

    SCART is still used in almost every TV box in my country...

  • The Eyles
    The EylesMåned siden

    My TV actually has a SCART socket as well as HDMI.

  • Dennis Rivers
    Dennis RiversMåned siden

    Need a Anthony reads ltt baby book please

  • Alx Stan
    Alx StanMåned siden

    Great guy, I follow his Twitter. Muscles and full bald my brother. You’ll get there soon🤜🏼🤛🏼🙂

  • evan Reed
    evan ReedMåned siden

    Jurassic park by Blue skies everyone.

  • Tartellu
    TartelluMåned siden

    Why would I listen to you when you don't even know what a model 2 is 0:21

  • sdmayday
    sdmaydayMåned siden

    It is really nice that it has many different connecting options, even though I wish it had three times of each minimum. One issue with similar (and cheaper) devices I bought is that they have a lot of trouble with games that change resolution or that would mux together different resolutions for foreground and background, which is especially true for the Saturn. The image will suddenly turn black for a few seconds and that is absolutely intolerable when playing shmups, fighting or racing games. As a result, I still feel forced to use my old 1080p plasma that still has scart, vga and component input. A Framemeister is too expensive for me. So if there is someone who could confirm that there are no such issues on the OSSC I would be very thankful. And yes, rgb-scart is the best!

  • Trazer350
    Trazer350Måned siden

    scart germans old fashion connector xD since i was little this scart was the horribele shit ever and anthony is the best

  • Juliano Vinícius
    Juliano ViníciusMåned siden

    PLZ compare with GBS control

  • bulkchart 32
    bulkchart 32Måned siden

    a qtip and alcohol work better than blowing in the cartridge.

  • Keith Terry
    Keith TerryMåned siden

    Can we get an Anthony tech tips channel

  • Johnnie Simpson
    Johnnie SimpsonMåned siden


  • Mike
    MikeMåned siden

    SCART Master Race

  • Jordan Gogov
    Jordan GogovMåned siden

    Anthony, would AV receiver do the same job and even do some more stuff like upscaling and audio output to 5.1 ot 7.1 and even connect to it your modern consoles like PS3/4/5 and Xbox 360/one/s/x and everything on one click away with the AV receiver remote

  • JCS
    JCSMåned siden

    OSSC works really well out of the box but once you start to tailor the timings and settings to each console the results are really amazing. I have one connected to my LG OLED TV and dang it looks good!!!! BTW make sure to get good quality cables! The cheapo ones from eBay are not going to cut it.

  • Diggnuts
    DiggnutsMåned siden


  • Vincent de Leon
    Vincent de LeonMåned siden

    my childhood was a big lie.. I blow that card as much as I can!!! Thanks Anothony.. you Ruin it.. lol :D

    P4RADIGMMåned siden

    if your TV already has Component or Scart input as well as HDMI, you probably wont get any improvement from this box, but for all else it sure is great. I guess one benefit of HDMI might be able to plug a capture device in between there, although that might or might not work with this thing.

  • Ben L. Jackson
    Ben L. JacksonMåned siden

    I used to lick them. No joke, and it works! 😭

  • RedLogic
    RedLogic2 måneder siden

    Linus Tech Tips is known for wasting money, so why didn't you install hdmi's into your retro consoles?

  • Nao Interessa
    Nao Interessa2 måneder siden

    Dislike is because anthony is a terrible Mario player

  • Vector
    Vector2 måneder siden

    i have lots of devices that support scart and lots of scart cables. back in the 200's when i was a small child my dvd player used scart. Its been a long time since i have seen it.

  • Joseph Mewse
    Joseph Mewse2 måneder siden

    Americans will never know the pain of being a kid in 90s Europe trying to get that huge ass connector to plug into the back of a TV deeper than your arms are long. Fuck SCART man.

  • RestoPesto
    RestoPesto2 måneder siden

    Seems like a lot of chromatic aberrations in filming. I think i'd stick with hard mods and true digital rip from the board.

  • Malek Sadek
    Malek Sadek2 måneder siden

    5:56 Hey Somebody else Plays Sonic 3

  • Damarsh
    Damarsh2 måneder siden

    I'm genuinely blown away the USA didnt have Scart connections. WTF. My brain is melting

  • PJPF
    PJPF2 måneder siden

    So... how do you play Rainbow Island?

  • FU YT2020
    FU YT20202 måneder siden

    I got myself a year or two ago, a 25 inch Sony Trinitron CRT with dual SCART sockets (I'm in the UK), and I'd rather play my retro consoles on that TV than a flat screen TV. I only play modern consoles on the flat screen TV.

  • James Z
    James Z2 måneder siden

    Anthony is a national treasure. He must be protected at all costs.

  • Master Of Light
    Master Of Light2 måneder siden

    Ditch Linus your the real star

  • James Halliday
    James Halliday2 måneder siden

    I miss SCART Wasn't just that it could carry RGB, but it also had a sync pin (so you could make your shonky European console run at 60Hz) once you'd messed with some internal jumpers in your Megadrive. Also had another 'look at me pin' we didn't see again until HDMI. Basically you could plug in a load of SCART devices, and when you powered one on, your TV would switch to that input.

  • martin beaver
    martin beaver2 måneder siden

    I want Anthony to explain every complicated subject to me.

  • MStrange88
    MStrange882 måneder siden

    6:10! Well if you spit on it instead of blow drying it, there wouldn’t be as much friction 😉

  • MStrange88
    MStrange882 måneder siden

    This dude is good but that damn hair.

  • Δημήτρης Βερλής
    Δημήτρης Βερλής2 måneder siden

    I hate scart connectors...................

  • Bollockmetwotimes
    Bollockmetwotimes2 måneder siden

    I found a Display port to SCART at a computer fayre. Wish I'd have bought it.

  • Bruce Bateman
    Bruce Bateman2 måneder siden

    this guy is my favorite, need more videos from him

  • Zaubermaus
    Zaubermaus2 måneder siden

    7:23 look! the fly above/behind anthony has fun too ^^

  • Zaubermaus
    Zaubermaus2 måneder siden

    omg it was SO hard to plug scart in back in the days, because you had to do it basically blind (scart was always on the back of the TV and the TV normally was not really movable, too big, clunky and heavy).

  • St. John One
    St. John One2 måneder siden

    Anthony, thanks for this presentation and info :)

  • Geister 85'
    Geister 85'2 måneder siden

    Anthony does Retro? Can he possibly accumulate any more respect points ?

  • Shawn Quinn
    Shawn Quinn2 måneder siden

    Always a joy to see Tech-Saint Anthony.

  • thepotterwitch
    thepotterwitch2 måneder siden

    Oh, Anthony, you smart boy, you are doing this because you were going to buy this anyway, nice way to put it on expenses, and at least get extra content out of it. 👍 to see it in the set up

  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart2 måneder siden

    Damn! That's expensive but totally worth it if you've got a retro console collection. I never thought we would see something this good. Would love to see the latency difference.

  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart2 måneder siden

    Is that the final form of Sega Genesis?

  • Felipe Salvador
    Felipe Salvador2 måneder siden

    first time watching this channel, i like your voice dude

  • Patrick Fitzpatrick
    Patrick Fitzpatrick2 måneder siden

    Anthony. Best geeky techie on NOlocal. Thanks!

  • Matt Bickel
    Matt Bickel2 måneder siden

    I've got a retrotink pro. I think it looks great. Whats the comparison between this and the retrotink pro?

  • Oswaldo Cuevas
    Oswaldo Cuevas2 måneder siden

    No lie but if I can't seem to sleep at night, I load up a video of Anthony talking about tech

  • Mr Pendekar
    Mr Pendekar2 måneder siden

    thanks are the best

  • TheAlukard85
    TheAlukard852 måneder siden

    go anthony go, more retro

  • Sheriff MayorTV
    Sheriff MayorTV2 måneder siden

    Anthony RULES

  • László Szerémi
    László Szerémi2 måneder siden

    DON'T BLOW CARTRIDGES!!! Use some contact cleaner instead!

  • mrk107
    mrk1072 måneder siden

    1:52 Donkey Kong can jump over those barrel plugs. 🛢🛢🛢🐒

  • David Fisher
    David Fisher2 måneder siden

    Thank god someone finally made an open source solution for this that isn't jacked up in price. It was about time that happened.

  • Please Drive Faster!
    Please Drive Faster!2 måneder siden

    The subtitles are ATROCIOUS

  • Silverturky
    Silverturky2 måneder siden

    I wanna see more Anthony retro game videos!!

  • Jim Finch
    Jim Finch2 måneder siden

    THE TOWER OF POWER is a system worthy of ANTHONY, KING OF ALL GEEKS!

  • voltz15
    voltz152 måneder siden

    Remember VideoGamePerfection is where Marqs gets his support from for this project. Sites like Kaico and others only copy it and don't offer any official support the way he does. Marqs also has the OSSC Pro upcoming. Like I said, support him and don't be a cheap-ass with others knocking off his work!

  • neosrt10
    neosrt102 måneder siden

    Anthony the hardware guru of LTT we all love the big guy retro gaming bring it ftw!

  • Thomas Henden
    Thomas Henden2 måneder siden

    These times, it is important to not be misunderstood about rainbows. :-b

  • nin6246
    nin62462 måneder siden

    No thanks, I'd rather just buy a CRT.

  • AbswithFlabs
    AbswithFlabs2 måneder siden

    Love the bgm

  • stuaxo
    stuaxo2 måneder siden

    Can this add scan lines? It's the one reason I might use it over directly plugging in a SCART cable.

  • Jared T
    Jared T2 måneder siden

    It doesn't go up to 4k is the issue I have with it, holding out for one for those displays. When it goes up to 9x I'll Invest.

  • DEVUNK88
    DEVUNK882 måneder siden

    blowing always works

  • Norms Alley
    Norms Alley2 måneder siden

    Please produce audiobooks

  • guillaume gad
    guillaume gad2 måneder siden

    So long since I've seen a "PERITEL" plug !

  • Philip Worthington
    Philip Worthington2 måneder siden

    Ha! Loved watching Anthony explain SCART to North Americans! Yes, SCART is a great connector - it carries composite, s-video or RGB signals, plus stereo audio and a control signal usually used to switch inputs (so when you turn on the device the TV switches on/switches input and switches back again when turned off). I couldn't believe it when I first went to the US in 2002 and found TVs had no SCART, no digital teletext, no digital TV, not even teletext - and they were 4:3! Imagine my surprise when I had to delve into the world of learning remotes just to make input switching less painful, something that was automatic with SCART. It shattered my image of the US being ahead in tech! Many people still use SCART in the UK for their older DVD players, as it was the standard here for decades and works well. I used to check people's DVD player and set-top box settings when I first visited, as chances were they'd have it set to the defaults of composite output and 4:3 ratio; I'd set it correctly (TVs here have been RGB and 16:9 for about 20 years) and they would be amazed at the jump in sharpness! RGB SCART leads were also my first purchase for all my consoles back in the day: Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, Wii, Xbox, PS2 - I never used the cables in the box! HDMI is better of course, although with a 576i signal it can be hard to tell the difference. Last year I got an HDMI adapter for my Wii when I bought my first TV without SCART sockets, and it looks fine, but not really any better than my Wii with SCART. The one thing I will say against SCART is it is a bit bulky, find if your equipment is all together, but hard for long cable runs that go through walls. You could take the jacket off and feed the cable if you knew what you were doing, but was a bit painful. Also it never carried progressive scan signals, not that it couldn't have, but TV and device manufacturers took the route of just adding component to devices in the UK. Aside from that SCART was, and is, a great connector. A pity the US never got it.

  • HulkHogan
    HulkHogan2 måneder siden

    Dude, shave your head. It annoys me seeing men who refuse to let go of their hair when it's obvious they are going bald and they just end up looking like crap in the process.

  • P Riley
    P Riley2 måneder siden

    I've been using an OSSC for years now, its well worth the investment.

  • Wotans Cry
    Wotans Cry2 måneder siden

    i cannot watch him.. it saddens me.. I see a dead man. This overweight is killing him. 5 Years in the futur he will be 10 years older.. or more.. But criticising it is "bodyshaming" .. but a drug adikt will be called out, right... harsh Words are often reason for change. And change is needed in that body. This is neccesary instwead of cuddling him and support him in his freedom to eat 3times as much as a normal human..

  • F. S.
    F. S.2 måneder siden

    I'd love to see Anthony getting his own series on LTT (or any of their channels lol). Just ... Doing stuff like that.

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson2 måneder siden

    Uh, they look better on emulators. Have for 15 years or more with more modern interpolation.

  • R1D9M8B4
    R1D9M8B42 måneder siden

    I love this guy's energy.

  • FfandD Condragh
    FfandD Condragh2 måneder siden

    Did it work because he blew on it, or because it did so slow and sensually?

  • Dominique Cevat
    Dominique Cevat2 måneder siden

    I just learned that that the us and canada don't know what a scart is, in europe everything was scart before hdmi, even my playstation 1 came with a scart.

  • Fevos Man
    Fevos Man2 måneder siden

    Well, nothing in this video really concerns me, but listening to this guy made my stress go away

  • MWKRider
    MWKRider2 måneder siden

    So when are we getting more Anthony videos?

  • millgiass
    millgiass2 måneder siden

    I have never needed to blow into any carts beyond the original NES.

  • InnerFrei
    InnerFrei2 måneder siden

    There is something special about how Anthony explains something. Extremely clear and calm, very nice videos with him speaking.

  • latt.qcd92
    latt.qcd922 måneder siden

    Obviously the real answer is to just get a Sony BVM.

  • kenabi
    kenabi2 måneder siden

    eh, the friction vs blowing thing; just doing the friction thing can lead to the dust wearing down contacts in the cart faster. hard pass. i'll stick with using my actual cart cleaning kits.

  • Charlie_ F0xtr0t
    Charlie_ F0xtr0t2 måneder siden

    If you want it to go. You have to blow 😅

  • benzy blenaru
    benzy blenaru2 måneder siden

    Emulators rof pc games 🔫be great

  • Sisonpyh M
    Sisonpyh M2 måneder siden

    does this work on the N64?

  • Alex Gallardo
    Alex Gallardo2 måneder siden

    Is this Anthony's Channel?

  • Ivan
    Ivan2 måneder siden

    How does one get this fat?

  • Ace D
    Ace D2 måneder siden

    Superb presentation. And I love the blowing of the cart actually worked hahaha It MAY have been that you cleaned the port on the snes with the cartridge and the cart had some dust stuck to it as a result? Either way it just feels good blowing on them lol

  • Jaymz X
    Jaymz X2 måneder siden

    Dat thumbnail.. Great content though!