MAINGEAR is NOT getting this back - MAINGEAR Turbo

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Today we're taking a look at MAINGEAR's no-compromise small form factor gaming desktop called the Turbo. This unit was loaned to us... but I don't think it's going to be making its way back to them.
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  • EposVox
    EposVox4 måneder siden

    Now THIS is what I want for my gaming PC if I go small

  • Arturo Tabera

    Arturo Tabera

    28 dager siden

    Now THIS is what I want for my account going small.

  • coffee ._.

    coffee ._.

    Måned siden

    666.ℓιкєѕ нммммм🤔



    3 måneder siden

    @M1ndblast it all depends: do you want to game? Or do you want to show off? Or both? The show off factor is very very cheap if compared with cars :)

  • Cyberstorm64DD


    3 måneder siden

    Then get one If you have the Money

  • ShortCircuit


    3 måneder siden

    Go Sub to EposVox if you want to make your stream to look good - Jono

  • Nicolas2465
    Nicolas246515 minutter siden

    You'd get better temps on air cooling..

  • Sniper Shotzz
    Sniper ShotzzDag siden

    The Segway turned me on.

  • Jason Buck
    Jason Buck2 dager siden

    Is Linus wearing an Apple Watch? Does anyone else feel the earth shaking? What happens when he starts using a Mac next year? Full-fledged earthquake?

  • philly philly
    philly philly3 dager siden

    What monitor are you playing on ? In this video

  • Alexander Welborn
    Alexander Welborn5 dager siden

    Why is doom eternal the state of the art You could run that shit on a tomogatchi

  • Varun Soni
    Varun Soni5 dager siden

    $6500? Well fuck me

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name6 dager siden


  • James J.
    James J.9 dager siden

    For people with more money than sense...

  • Welipe


    6 dager siden

    wdm? the pc is really dope

  • hello there
    hello there14 dager siden


  • Wendell Funtanilla
    Wendell Funtanilla17 dager siden

    Maingear got my respect after this.

  • Darren Lee
    Darren Lee20 dager siden

    5:12 is what you guys came for

  • marus mendoza
    marus mendoza26 dager siden

    Does somebody know the model of case?

  • Alexxf35
    Alexxf35Måned siden

    What monitor is Linus using in this video???

  • ThatOneIrishDudeFromHenryStickman 1
    ThatOneIrishDudeFromHenryStickman 1Måned siden

    5:14 L I N U S S E X T I P S

  • Luke Morrow
    Luke MorrowMåned siden

    I just want to know what fans these are

  • 1 1
    1 1Måned siden

    2:21 in and I'm sold! 4:07 and.....I'm out xD

  • Sahej Sawhney
    Sahej SawhneyMåned siden

    Linus more and more looks like Jake Paul Now......

  • Cestvraiment Horrible
    Cestvraiment HorribleMåned siden

    Is it really the smallest?

  • Aryan Sivamaran
    Aryan SivamaranMåned siden

    Do they have the 3080 or 3090 now

  • J
    JMåned siden

    This or the R131???

  • Dilanka Kasun
    Dilanka KasunMåned siden

    Yeah linus, i do most of the living just through you guys. Please just keep making more videos. Otherwise i am gonna have no life to hope for.

  • Mugurel Teodor Andrici
    Mugurel Teodor AndriciMåned siden

    This is the reason why you never pay your heating bills on time.

  • Quentin Smith
    Quentin SmithMåned siden

    Wow looked up how much it would be with a ryzen 5 and 3080 everything else stock still over 3200🤦‍♂️

  • Masked
    MaskedMåned siden


  • samir jan faqiri
    samir jan faqiriMåned siden

    Heh I wonder why maingear thinks sending a expensive computer to linus would make us buy it to We clearly know that we won't

  • Bez nazwy
    Bez nazwyMåned siden

    Cool Link

  • matthew poirier
    matthew poirierMåned siden

    It looks like a mini version of my case, the Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic.

  • Lean
    LeanMåned siden

    so this is where they got the meme lol 5:11

  • G Ge
    G GeMåned siden

    This is sexy

  • Arjun Gandhi
    Arjun GandhiMåned siden

    That pc looks so good! Now all I need is like 7grand usd

  • alslinet
    alslinetMåned siden

    Had to unisntall Aura as it was eating up most of my performance.

  • eadfg ergf
    eadfg ergfMåned siden

    Me when Linus said it's only $1,500: 😀 Me when he said "for this configuration": 😧

  • Thanasis Anagnopoulos
    Thanasis AnagnopoulosMåned siden

    1499 gets you a water cooled AMD 3600 with 8GB 3200 ram a 512Gb intel 660p and a GTX1650 . A far cry from this one xD

    OVERBOARD DMMåned siden

    I want one

  • Taylor Hill
    Taylor HillMåned siden

    Yo what's that monitor tho

  • Jack Love
    Jack LoveMåned siden

    Ive got the govee led strips there pretty bad unless ur using them for a tv thats in a shroud

  • Kaisenberg
    KaisenbergMåned siden

    What is the case it's in?

  • Stevan Christyan
    Stevan ChristyanMåned siden

    damn i'd like to one day buy a Pc like this that would be awesome for me who don't even own a pc

  • xybp942
    xybp942Måned siden

    Man these specs and pricing did not age well! haha

  • Uniq Media
    Uniq MediaMåned siden

    You can buy the Chassis and waterblock youself from maingear and build your own custom system!

  • Bienvenue98
    Bienvenue98Måned siden

    is anyone getting anxious with linus just casually slaming and dragging the unit? Maybe its just me, i would not handle anything that expensive that roughly, basically because ive never held anything that expensive before

  • robloxxer 124
    robloxxer 1242 måneder siden


  • ajrjkmj
    ajrjkmj2 måneder siden

    Anti static wrist strap

  • Zetraxes
    Zetraxes2 måneder siden

    How do you upgrade that without having to completely dismantle thee lords set of armor? For instance they charge a pretty ridiculous amount for the ram and I would like to upgrade the storange aswell.

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T2 måneder siden

    The hardline is a $1500 option on the main config which I would say is not extraordinary for the amount of work involved.

  • William Walker
    William Walker2 måneder siden

    Well this didn't age well

  • ommepul
    ommepul2 måneder siden

    Imagine this as a system from the Secret Shopper Series. I wouldn't want to be the tech support guy trying to get a total noob to reseat a ram stick in this. While i totally love that cooling loop, it kinda kills the accessibility, i would imagine...

  • A W
    A W2 måneder siden

    Wish they would send LTT a skew that normal people could actually afford... during a pandemic.... in an economic downspiral....... c'mon people, this is ridiculous. How about some budget focused videos more than once a year, you have like 3 channels now lol make one more that for us normal people!!

  • Alex van Wyk
    Alex van Wyk2 måneder siden


  • Dave Cook
    Dave Cook2 måneder siden

    Once again a video a avg person cannot relate too... Sorry its just makes me want to stop watching

  • destroyer806
    destroyer8062 måneder siden

    1:20 anti static wrist strap LOL Still poking at the verge video I see

  • Vincenzo Vieri
    Vincenzo Vieri2 måneder siden

    digital storm does this crap all the time. look at our pretty pictures, do u see the cool water coolers? the pretty lights and fancy glass case? starting at $1499 you can have one... but wait till u add all the fucking upgrades and by the time u get to water coolers, ur rig is already at the minimum, $2800 and then adding wats portrayed in the pictures, it's over $4000. fuck that!

    LUCID TENSION2 måneder siden

    It looks like a mini fridge like the xbox

    NBW DOUGHBOY2 måneder siden

    Sucks when 5900X and 3090 just game out. it'd be a beast in this PC

  • Microsoft Tech Support
    Microsoft Tech Support2 måneder siden

    5:12 linus sex tips

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader2 måneder siden

    I know y'all came for 5:12

  • Gamerfan2000
    Gamerfan20002 måneder siden

    This is the coolest looking PC I have ever seen in my life.

  • Jake Kisiel
    Jake Kisiel2 måneder siden

    DO NOT ORDER FROM MAINGEAR! Build/Ship times take WAY to long. You will be disappointed.

  • CaptainFatBat
    CaptainFatBat2 måneder siden

    Imagine having to change RAM or update SSD and going through all of these pipes to do that

  • Creepy Potato
    Creepy Potato2 måneder siden

    Not getting this back like ? You keep it for you ?

  • Jitkundough
    Jitkundough2 måneder siden

    But can it run Flight Simulator 2020 at anything over 60fps?

  • not norse
    not norse2 måneder siden

    yeah i want it on chrismas and its 21 k

  • David Dawood
    David Dawood2 måneder siden

    lol linus your still like me , still using MPC-HC player , knowing it retired years ago :D

  • Maurus Luctum
    Maurus Luctum2 måneder siden

    Guys.. I'm being serious for a minute. Why would someone who could spend 6000 bucks for a pc machine watch Linus Tech Tips?

  • Kristian Urfano
    Kristian Urfano2 måneder siden

    Does anybody know what that external ssd linus was using?

  • Evan Griffith
    Evan Griffith2 måneder siden

    Now THIS is what I want for my gaming PC if I go small

  • RenchesAndSords
    RenchesAndSords2 måneder siden

    That looks beautiful

  • MP Green
    MP Green2 måneder siden

    Can it run crysis

  • Anon Cerb
    Anon Cerb2 måneder siden

    Let have this, y’all don’t need it. My pc is a piece of shit.

  • Kbstickgobrr LMAO
    Kbstickgobrr LMAO2 måneder siden

    To get it water cooled it would cost more than my whole current setup

  • Viktor NW #H
    Viktor NW #H2 måneder siden

    Proceed to Checkout Its perfect

  • Phrame
    Phrame2 måneder siden


  • Aryan Sivamaran
    Aryan Sivamaran2 måneder siden

    If u got he money it a good pc

  • Aryan Sivamaran
    Aryan Sivamaran2 måneder siden

    Does this now come with the new rtx cards

  • Andrew the official cat videos
    Andrew the official cat videos2 måneder siden

    Kinda looks like a small digital storm prebuilt

  • Brian Mirante
    Brian Mirante2 måneder siden

    I was really turned on by that segway.

  • DatNapk1n47
    DatNapk1n473 måneder siden

    Who's "Who's Dis?!"? lol

  • The-Sauce-God
    The-Sauce-God3 måneder siden

    hay do only i hear a strange breathing noise from 00:00 to 01:00 ???

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore3 måneder siden

    We all know you are here for 5:11

  • Youri Take
    Youri Take3 måneder siden

    5:12 THE MEME

  • because
    because3 måneder siden


  • Donnie Ray
    Donnie Ray3 måneder siden

    wow.. this looks so cool. wish I can get one of this or anything similarly cheaper. I'm still rocking an AMD a10-8750 and im just using it for work but would like to be able to do a bit of gaming on the sideline..cant afford one of these newer because responsibility is holding me back. Nice review btw..

    ILOVEALGARVE3 måneder siden

    Linus: please also add a short chapter on video editing or photo editing with such a machine

    ILOVEALGARVE3 måneder siden

    how much MacPro would you get for this money?

  • User Name
    User Name3 måneder siden

    "Bloatware free" * runs windows *

  • BigBlueRecruit
    BigBlueRecruit3 måneder siden

    I just bought it

  • Allen Malatek
    Allen Malatek3 måneder siden

    Love the jab at The Verge about the anti static wrist strap.

  • MasterS
    MasterS3 måneder siden

    I get so scared everytime Linus tips or angles this thing... Feels like he's gonna drop everytime

  • Mint Paste
    Mint Paste3 måneder siden

    can it run warframe on max settings tho?

  • Dee Loc
    Dee Loc3 måneder siden

    I always use the play on words 😂 pro gaming

  • Mr. MooJ
    Mr. MooJ3 måneder siden

    hey ltt. to avoid surface rubbing like at 2:37 put paper under the rubber feets off camera

  • Polar Sage
    Polar Sage3 måneder siden

    something like this

  • Bears Are bae
    Bears Are bae3 måneder siden


  • Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO
    Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO3 måneder siden

    What will i do now that i don't know who edited the video

  • emmanuelja02
    emmanuelja023 måneder siden

    👀 5:12

  • SoullessScythe
    SoullessScythe3 måneder siden

    how do you hit 85 degrees on that kind of liquid cooling? i have a similar setup andd my water only gets to 65 at worst

  • Kuntal Ghosh
    Kuntal Ghosh3 måneder siden

    6500$! ... & He is comparing it to xbox or playstation 😂

  • Demertech official
    Demertech official3 måneder siden

    Put It In here then put it in here then put it in here and take it out here

  • Hexxagone
    Hexxagone3 måneder siden

    Dont ever buy a Maingear computer, those people are shady as fuck.